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Published: Fri, 21 Oct 2016 17:23:49 EDT

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Dos and don'ts of posting about your kid online

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 17:14:38 EDT

Posting about your children on social media can have some benefits, but there are many potential harms too, researchers caution.(image)

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Please stop falling for this Facebook privacy hoax

Wed, 19 Oct 2016 13:08:26 EDT

We've been debunking this hoax for SEVEN YEARS now, and yet, here we are doing it again. No, Facebook hasn't changed its privacy settings.(image)

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Detailed new Milky Way map released

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 17:14:58 EDT

Scientists have used two of the world's largest telescopes to produce a new, super-detailed map of our galaxy.(image)

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Mars lander lost during descent

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 17:06:09 EDT

The European Space Agency (ESA) has confirmed the Schiaparelli spacecraft, which was expected to land on Mars on Wednesday, has been lost.(image)

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Meteor shower peaking overhead

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 17:06:59 EDT

The sky will put on a heck of a show tonight.(image)

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Meet the baby who was born twice

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 17:07:45 EDT

Margaret Boemer went for a routine ultrasound 16 weeks into her pregnancy with her third child. She quickly found out that things were far from routine.(image)

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Bicycle lock that fights thieves -- by making them sick

Fri, 21 Oct 2016 17:23:19 EDT

It looks just like a regular bike lock, but the SkunkLock packs a secret weapon: a noxious chemical that makes any would-be thief vomit.(image)

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