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Preview: iMedia Connection: Research & Metrics

iMedia Connection: Research & Metrics

iMedia Connection


Best ways to acquire user data
There are five viable ways for marketers to collect the contact information of interested consumers in a way that is respectful of their privacy. Take a look at how you can bring them into your fold.(image)

The first simple steps to integrating your marketing data
Merging data fragments to get a more robust picture of campaign success is still a complex -- and daunting -- undertaking for most. Find out where you should start.(image)

Useless online metrics you might be tracking
Are all those numbers you're collecting really giving you a sense of the success of your campaigns? Read on to find out why your measurements might not matter.(image)

A primer for marketers who are scared of analytics
Feel like you need a better grasp on your data in order to refine your overall digital strategy? Find out how to maximize your website investment.(image)

OPA study sheds light on why environments matter
Where are consumers more likely to interact with advertising, and how should the connections they forge impact the brand's message? Take a look at some recent data from the Online Publisher's Association.(image)

Counting what counts
It's time to define engagement in terms of what is measurable. Take a closer look at how to provide an insightful comparison of key creative executions, technologies, and media types.(image)

Better brand marketing through attribution analytics
Tools that translate brand messages into positive performance statistics are now readily available. Here's how to start using them.(image)

Dead internet ideas: Optimizing click rates
Interactive marketing is full of traditional concepts that are no longer practical. At the iMedia Agency Summit, Doug Weaver outlined a dozen ideas currently killing imagination.(image)

Fight ad agency obsolescence with SaaS
Outdated processes mean key agency data aren't yielding all the value they can. But software as a system can help agencies achieve renewed relevance by quickly turning information into insight.(image)

How to find the best research tool for your campaign
Marketers have access to a plethora of research tools that can yield useful, actionable data -- provided you use the right ones. Here's how to decide which tool is best for you.(image)

Do your tests measure for success?
Testing site improvements enables continual learning about your visitors. Here's how to evaluate the effectiveness of your testing program itself.(image)

3 offline tools that can teach us about online data
Most online marketers are still relying on outdated analytics technology. Find out about a trio of analytics innovators that can help address modern marketing challenges.(image)

A call for leaner, meaner data
In today's New Media Minute, Daisy Whitney discusses two companies that are offering more-targeted video data for brands.(image)

3 metrics for evaluating site performance
Knowing which metrics to focus on can help you make simple changes to your site that can have a big impact on conversions. Get started with these tips.(image)

5 new things marketers should know about analytics
Web analytics continues to evolve with the digital space, and if you're not paying attention, you're falling behind. These points will bring you up to speed.(image)

How iAds will revolutionize advertising
The contextual possibilities for iAds are significant, and while it will take some time for the industry to adapt to the new format, the online world has experienced a radical shift. Here's why.(image)

The missing link in online metrics
Optimistic marketers are embracing digital channels while demanding better measurement. Here are the gaps the industry desperately needs to fill in.(image)

A solution for managing multiple campaign elements
Interactive's many channels can lead to massive fragmentation. Here's how to develop a model that leads to fast, cost-effective campaign deployment and fewer headaches.(image)

How web analytics can help you avoid a PR disaster
Social media gives every irate consumer a platform to rail against a brand. Learn how to merge web analytics with user data to respond in real-time and avoid potential fiascoes.(image)

Lessons learned from using targeted data
In this episode of Marketing Obsessions with Kevin Lee, Sam Yagan, CEO of OKCupid, discusses how marketers can gather more usable, actionable data.(image)

6 ways to implement more accurate metrics
Smarter metrics and cross-channel attribution technologies are finally available to marketers with budgets both great and small. Follow these steps to reboot your analytics.(image)

The click is dead; long live the click
Is digital's subordination to traditional a matter of misaligned metrics, or is it just a diversion from a focus on the bigger problem? (image)

How to overhaul online brand measurement
Marketers serving bogus data stand to tarnish the reputation of online advertising. Avoid that trap by using these approaches.(image)

The growing importance of consumer data
It's easier than ever to understand which half of your advertising is being wasted, provided you have the right information. Find out how to use your data to avoid waste and lift campaign performance.(image)

Corporate responsibility: Good for the soul, great for the brand
At ad:tech, Sir Martin Sorrell declared that corporate responsibility has become a vital function of brand building. Watch as Sorrell outlines how companies can give back without sacrificing their brands.(image)

A CMO's guide to picking the right market research
Overwhelmed by research reports, studies, and white papers? You're not alone. Find out how to cut through the clutter to isolate meaningful insights for your brand.(image)

A foolproof formula for repeating campaign wins
Campaign success doesn't have to be like capturing lightning in a bottle. Find out how frequent testing can uncover valuable insight into each element.(image)

5 tips for tracking beyond the click
Looking to improve your online marketing analytics and stop chasing the almighty click? Employ these strategies.(image)

Why your conversion rates no longer matter
This metrics standard has a fatal flaw that could misdirect your site optimization efforts. See what alternative paints a more complete picture of your site visitors. (image)

Why it's too soon to give up on counting clicks
Online marketing draws a lot of heat for emphasizing clicks over sales, but don't abandon that metric just yet. Here's how you can combine clicks with other variables for more accurate analytics.(image)

Ending the marketer-agency tug of war for data
The argument over which party controls what data can be settled by integrating the ad serving and analytics platforms. See how this move can provide more actionable web intelligence for all parties.(image)

Why digital needs better competitive tools
As digital professionals, we must figure out how to tell marketers what their competitors are doing online and achieve acceptance of a universal model.(image)

5 reasons marketers hate web analytics
Some marketers make excuses for why their analytics aren't up to par, but these defenses are flimsy at best. Here are the real reasons behind -- and solutions to -- these common complaints.(image)

Structuring your metrics for cross-campaign comparisons
Measurement methodologies for different marketing programs often speak different languages. Here's how to get all your analytics on the same page.(image)

Web analytics for marketers who hate numbers
Is the vast sea of available metrics making you go cross-eyed? Check out this simple strategy for selecting the numbers you need and putting them into context.(image)

How Twitter is confounding predictive modeling
Thanks to dynamic social media, marketers now have to capitalize on customer behavior that spikes, evolves, and vanishes in completely unpredictable ways. Find out how the best of the best manage the task.(image)

Tips for boosting the value of existing customers
Has your acquisition budget been slashed? Fear not. Here are three metrics that can help you identify opportunities for growth among current customers.(image)

Why you shouldn't fear custom analytics
Personalized metrics solutions aren't as complicated as you might think, and they can provide a far more detailed picture of your online efforts. Find out how.(image)

10 signs you don't understand web analytics
Metrics are powerful marketing tools -- but only if you understand what to do with your data. Here are common indications that your organization is behind the curve.(image)

How to gain greater insight from analytics
Analysis of site traffic and visitors' resulting actions can help you determine the value being delivered by each publisher. Here's how you need to refine your strategy.(image)

4 costly metrics misconceptions
Web analytics is central to doing business online, yet we have a very poor understanding of how the industry actually works. Take a look at some common fallacies, as well as the state of analytics today.(image)

Web analytics: How to avoid a wild goose chase
In this interview, comScore's co-founder discusses why marketers need to stop counting clicks and start focusing on offline behavior drivers, social media initiatives, and online video advertising.(image)

Unified audience measurement is closer than you think
Audience measurement in interactive media continues to be a moving target with plenty of promising potential. Here's why it still stands as the first step to better engagement and brand connection.(image)

3 solutions to common web analytics problems
Web analytics is an incredibly important practice for every company, and yet so many get it wrong. These three tips will help your company solve a host of problems that spring up all too often.(image)

Understanding changes in your web analytics options
The field of web analytics is being transformed by acquisitions and rapid technology advances. Here's what these trends mean for marketers.(image)

Hitwise: Celebrity Baby Photos
Hitwise tracks searches relating to celebrity baby photographs that were recently published in People magazine.(image)

Are web metrics telling you the truth?
How effective are your main content pages if someone were to assess them in only a few seconds? Here's how to truly measure engagement.(image)

Don't settle for any old ROI
Click-throughs and conversions are easy measurements, but they're not the most accurate way to determine true ROI. The Atlas Institute's senior director offers solutions for measuring your ads more precisely.(image)

The lingering value in display ads
The relationship between display and search is becoming more evident. Here's how a successful bridging of the two media will help move consumers from awareness to conversion.(image)

Why customer retention trumps new business
Companies that survive these lean times will be the ones with strong bases of loyal customers. Here's why you should rethink the way you address returning visitors in your marketing strategy.(image)

The data debate: Why agencies need to listen closely
Here's an industry-insider look at what the coming data economy means for the future of advertising agencies.(image)

Look beyond basic analytics
Don't rely on analytics that examine the past to increase your ecommerce conversions and sales in the present. Implement a self-learning system that delivers relevant content to customers in real time.(image)

How web analytics can cripple your campaign
It's easy to get lost in the overwhelming amount of data that online campaigns generate. Here's how to determine what metrics really matter.(image)

How analytics can protect your budget
Lean times mean you want to get the most out of your campaigns while spending the least. Here's how to easily monitor what isn't working and trim the fat accordingly.(image)

4 startups you can't ignore
In the crowded field of web analytics, it's not easy for new companies to break through the clutter. Here are four that the industry should be watching.(image)

4 wish list items for improving digital reach
What does digital need in order to get to parity with broadcast reach and frequency metrics? Here are four areas where we come up short.(image)

Are you failing to mobilize your metrics?
Contrary to what you may have heard, measuring the mobile medium is not impossible. Here's how to get started.(image)

The X Factor: What you don't measure will hurt you
Does metrics mean watching the clicks and hoping for the best? It doesn't have to. Find out how a few simple steps and a little math can make you a marketing monster.(image)

How valuable is engagement for marketers?
It's one thing to engage customers; it's another to measure the success of that engagement. Marketers offer their suggestions for determining its true value.(image)

Agency arsenal: what you need to increase performance
Full-service ad agencies have a lot they're accountable for. Follow these steps to measure success -- from concept to execution to reporting.(image)

Uncover an easier way to hit your numbers
A well-executed marketing dashboard can help you analyze your web data. Take a look at six reasons why you need to create yours today.(image)

How Google's TV analytics will change the industry
As Google launches analytics for TV and radio ads, the industry moves closer to a state of integration. MIVA's marketing and communications director explains.(image)

How much do the numbers matter?
Do you find that website traffic numbers don't always match up? Our media strategies editor explains how to handle these discrepancies.(image)

Competitive secrets: is the truth out there?
If knowledge is power, digital media buyers may be falling behind their traditional predecessors. While a slew of products aim to arm buyers with better intelligence, will any of them fire the magic bullet?(image)

Measuring engagement is not the same for all
When it comes to defining certain online measures, we need a consensus. But when it comes to defining engagement, one size does not fit all.(image)

3 new services to help streamline your life
Red Door Interactive's president explains how Xobni, LinkedIn and RescueTime can make your work and life more efficient and effective.(image)

Before you abandon that click…
Here are four reasons why marketers should still look to CTR first when evaluating a campaign's success.(image)

Give web analytics the human touch
Getting the right web analytics tool is only half the battle; the real focus of your web analytics program should be the people who work with it.(image)

Metrics: your mileage may vary
When measuring your online campaign's success, keep in mind that your brand has a unique set of objectives. The appropriate metrics may differ from what you expect.(image)

Spin visitor feedback into site gold
For loyal, satisfied customers, stop thinking of site visitors in terms of clickthroughs and page views. Here's what to focus on instead.(image)

Dear Dawn: metrics make me crazy
Our experts help a reader make sense of online marketing metrics and the companies that provide them.(image)

The rise of performance-based advertising
Performance-based metrics offer both advertisers and publishers greater value than impression-based ones. Here's the inside scoop on this new model.(image)

Online customers: how we are failing them
Online CRM requires a delicate balance between efficient automation and personalized service. eStara's CEO discusses two cases where the brand crosses the line.(image)

The counting controversy: a user's guide
The mainstream press has thrust the metrics debate between publishers and advertisers into the limelight, but the story being told is incomplete. Here's the lowdown.(image)

Enhance marketing research with netnography
Doing a netnography search as a first step allows companies to streamline their research efforts and analyze the sentiments and opinions expressed by online consumers.(image)

Improve your campaign's results in 5 steps
Follow this process outlined by [x+1] to make data and analytics work for you.(image)

Analytics standards set, sort of
The WAA has released much needed web analytics standards, but are they sufficient? Read ThinkMetrics' CEO's evaluation.(image)

Google Analytics changes tack
Calculating time on a site is a thorny issue in web analytics. Let's hope Google's documentation and support can raise standards.(image)

Call Tracking for Campaign Longevity
If advertisers and agencies are only tracking the success of online campaigns through clickthrough rates or online conversions, they are missing out on the true value of advertising.(image)

How to Avoid Overpaying Affiliates
Tracking the activity generated by affiliates isn't as simple as it seems. Zanox' U.S. country manager describes what can go wrong.(image)

3 Key Skills for Web Analysts
The role of web analyst is critical to a successful internet presence and maybe even the success of entire organizations.(image)

How Long Tail Economics Will Improve Web Analytics
Acceleration's online analytics director describes the evolution of web analytics, predicts where it's going and makes the case for standardization.(image)

Make Imperfect Metrics Work for You
Sharpe Partners' CEO outlines five ways to successfully measure results.(image)

Web Analytics Nightmare
Can you identify the single biggest threat to your site's metrics? The answer might surprise you.(image)

A Step-by-Step Guide to Data Integration
Data integration should start with definitions. Acceleration's technology director walks you through the process.(image)

Take Action with Interactive Data
Jed Meyer explains how Nielsen DigitalPlus' new set-top box measurement initiative will benefit interactive advertisers.(image)

Worst Website Measurement Mistakes
Web analytics guru Brandt Dainow explains why he doesn't bother reporting total page views anymore, and why you shouldn't either.(image)

How to Fix Your Traffic Measurement
Because log analysis figures are misleading, ThinkMetrics' CEO advises switching to page-based tracking, and helps you through the process.(image)

Why Google AdWords is Always Right
In his third article on the "accuracy" of Google's AdWords, ThinkMetrics' CEO explores the company's explanations for discrepancies.(image)

Google AdWords Under the Microscope
In his second article on Google's AdWords, ThinkMetrics' CEO explores the company's responsiveness to its clients.(image)

Setting the Standard in Web Analytics
Red Door Interactive's analyst explains the importance of web analytics in making sense out of chaos.(image)

The Best Website Metrics Are...
Check out this approach for a smoother analytics process that will boost your site's ROI.(image)

Get Web Analysis Fundamentals Right
Keep an eye on the game and avoid social media strategies that go beyond rational return on investment.(image)

Web Analytics Pitfalls to Avoid
Web analytics tools can focus your web strategies in many useful ways, but they can also lead marketers down the wrong path.(image)

Use Data to Influence the Future
Hitwise's CMO discusses key objectives to leverage and manage your new data points.(image)

Analytics-- Not Just for E-Commerce
Red Door Interactive's president explains how B2B companies not engaged in e-commerce still should be using analytics to measure their site's online success.(image)

The Score: Home Furnishings
Traffic to retail sites in this category has grown dramatically during the past year. Find out who's going where.(image)

Measurement: A Tale of Two Adages
Some say that if you can't measure something, you can't manage it. But Carat Fusion's director of "client services" says this old adage isn't the answer when it comes to metrics.(image)

2004 Ended on a High Note
The recent IAB/PricewaterhouseCoopers report shows record revenue for interactive marketing, with search still leading the way.(image)