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Preview: iMedia Connection: Consumer Strategies

iMedia Connection: Consumer Strategies

iMedia Connection


A consumer-driven mindset in a big media package
NBC Universal's Lauren Zalaznick knows it's not just websites or cool apps that are driving some of the biggest trends in technology and media. It's about the alchemy of rabid consumers, great content, and a powerful marketplace.(image)

Learn to leverage the social-search connection
How should marketers be increasing their site traffic through the connection of social and search? Start with these four "musts" of on-site social optimization.(image)

Your social media disaster kit
When disaster strikes a brand, social media channels are the front lines. Find out what you need to know to win the battle.(image)

Why mingling with millennials is vital for your business
Tapping into this lucrative demographic and its significant purchasing power is an essential part of marketing in today's climate. Here's how to do it.(image)

The next frontier for blogging
The blog is as old as the internet itself, but has never waned in popularity. What's in store? We ask Technorati's Richard Jalichandra to give us the lowdown.(image)

Taking a new look at social media
In this episode of Marketing Obsessions, Kevin Lee talks with Doug Loots, online marketing manager for Wells Fargo, about the ways in which many companies are going wrong with social media.(image)

Is audience data more valuable than advertising inventory?
We are entering a new era in which aggregated audience data outweighs advertising inventory. Let's look at the mechanics of how this happened and what you should do about it.(image)

How to be the cool kid at the social media party
If you're a brand, think of social media as one giant get-together. With that in mind, here's how to position yourself as the party-goer everyone wants to meet.(image)

Is social media making you anti-social?
True friendship is key to forging online relationships in social media. Use these ideas as a foundation for building lasting brand loyalty.(image)

How to grow your Twitter following
What's the best way to expand your social media influence and increase your base of Twitter followers? Consider these insights.(image)

How to amp up your multi-channel content plans
Overwhelmed by the task of developing a content strategy that works across digital touchpoints? See how many of your current strategic mainstays can be invaluable to your plans to expand your reach.(image)

5 signs your social media guru is a quack
Many social media consultants come with impressive credentials and experience, but some are more fraud than friend to your brand. Find out how to tell the difference.(image)

Home Depot vs. JetBlue: Who engages better on Facebook?
The true test of your brand's social mettle is in how you steer the conversation when a consumer complains. Learn how to fashion your interactions based on the online behavior.(image)

3 location-based advertising myths
At this week's iMedia Brand Summit in Coronado, Calif., iMedia Connection's lead video editor presented common misconceptions surrounding the location-based marketing frenzy. Check them out here.(image)

5 approaches for more relevant marketing
While interest-based advertising is gaining momentum, many marketers have yet to discover and test these powerful ROI-boosting tactics. Here are a few suggestions for easing into the process.(image)

4 must-have Facebook platforms
Whether you are a small brand with zero social head count or a large brand with a social army, it's wise to use one or more Facebook marketing platforms. Here are a few solutions that can ease your social burden.(image)

Social media marketing mistakes
In this episode of Marketing Obsessions, Kevin Lee talks with Tim Schigel, CEO of ShareThis, about some missteps that brands and agencies make when dealing with social media.(image)

The real reason consumers are creeped out by online ads
Ultimately, consumers will decide what is and isn't acceptable when it comes to online ad targeting. See how marketers are currently misinterpreting their wishes.(image)

Social media: What lies ahead
In this episode of Marketing Obsessions, Kevin Lee talks with Deborah Swider, eMarketing manager for the ASPCA, about the influence of social media on the future of digital marketing.(image)

The truth about consumers' targeting fears
To formulate proper behavioral targeting policies, our industry must understand what consumers want and need. Check out the latest insights into this important question.(image)

3 reasons your brand doesn't have more Facebook fans
Face it: You can't afford to fail at Facebook. But with a solid strategy in these key areas, you can build a substantial marketing channel through the power of your most devoted consumer base.(image)

The best way to predict brand affinity
Micro-content -- web pages consumed by small, socially connected groups -- holds surprisingly strong signals for brand preference. Find out how to harness it.(image)

The fundamentals of real-time bidding
Behold the online display advertising revolution. See how RTB enables advertisers to more efficiently and effectively achieve four common campaign objectives.(image)

What you need to know about Generation Z
Marketers should be engaging with Generation Z in ways that are not only authentic and meaningful, but also highly downloadable and socially uploadable. Here's why.(image)

How to boost site traffic with social media
Social media has helped businesses of all sizes expand their audiences. Here's how social nets can help boost the number of visitors you draw.(image)

A formula for finding social media fans
Social media is unlike any other medium, simply because you start with an audience of zero. Follow this guide to build a contingent of engaged consumers.(image)

10 questions to ask a potential social media partner
The selection of a social media vendor should not be taken lightly. Use this checklist when screening potential candidates.(image)

How are marketers really using social media?
Based on results from Networked Insights' SocialSense analytical platform, here's a look at how marketers are integrating social media into their digital marketing strategies.(image)

Fixing online advertising's privacy woes
Personalization is the key to boosting overall ad spending and, with it, the economy. Here's how to ensure the privacy debate doesn't get in the way of a rebound.(image)

7 tips for choosing a social media provider
There are a lot of options out there when deciding who should oversee your social media efforts. Find out the right questions to ask potential partners.(image)

The lucrative market your brand can't neglect
As the economy creeps back from recessionary levels, no market holds greater potential than the SMB market. Follow these tips for targeting this coveted group.(image)

The new email list-building rules
The changing landscape of digital communications means you need to think on a broader scale about how to increase your mailing list. Consider these points.(image)

5 reasons why the marketing team should own social media
Social media can touch several pieces of a brand's business model, leading to confusion over who is in charge. Here's why you should hand the keys to the marketing department.(image)

What it takes to discover your social star
Looking to hire a social media specialist? Here's a list of key skills to look for, and the tasks your social media manager should -- and shouldn't -- be expected to tackle.(image)

A 3-month plan for adding social to your marketing mix
There's no need to abandon search, display, and email just yet. Here's how social media can complement traditional digital tactics and boost ROI in a few short months.(image)

Best practices for a killer corporate blog
Company blogs serve as living, breathing reflections of a brand's mission, objectives, and overall character. Here are some guidelines for doing it right.(image)

The data advertisers are dying for
In this week's New Media Minute, Daisy Whitney asks Break Media CEO Keith Richman about the key metrics that advertisers are looking for.(image)

5 outside-the-box marketing jobs
Forget job titles like "executive" and "guru." Meet five professionals who are putting a new spin on the role they play in the marketing equation.(image)

How Facebook is failing the mom demographic
Real dialogue is the key to a successful mom-focused campaign, so why aren't marketers using Facebook the right way, before it's too late?(image)

5 ways your Twitter strategy can be better
How do you keep your Twitter presence engaging and memorable as more companies step up their game? Here are a few ideas from the Twitter frontier.(image)

How to deal with the privacy problem
If our industry wants to have compelling ad targeting offerings to rely on, we need to at least give self-restraint a try. Here are some questionable data practices.(image)

How well do you know BT?
Behavioral targeting is a catch-all term that is actually comprised of vastly different methodologies. Use this guide to help you decide which strategy will best suit your campaign.(image)

Transmedia: It's not just for geeks anymore
See how the mainstream adoption of "geek" concepts is taking the world of entertainment to new participatory heights -- that is, if "viral media" doesn't stand in its way.(image)

Is a social media bubble ready to burst?
Are we in the middle of a social media bubble? A blog at the Harvard Business Review says yes. Let's see what marketing specialists have to say.(image)

Brands make an open call for innovation
Consumers' insights are more valuable than ever, but novel options for tapping into this resource are hard to come by. See how some top brands are injecting new life into participatory media.(image)

Digital versus traditional: Where's your money going?
Watch as a handful of brand marketers explain how their marketing spends have shifted in order to better capitalize on the ever-growing array of digital opportunities.(image)

Social networking for recruiting: Gold mine or land mine?
Use common sense and tread carefully when screening your digital job candidates online. Though a helpful practice, mining the social landscape can have some hidden legal entanglements.(image)

How to recognize and reward your brand's top fans
Your key influencers can influence 30 percent or more of your sales just by recommending your products or services to their wider social networks. Here's how to romance them.(image)

Meet the new regime of powerful digital demographics
Moms, millennials, and matures -- three influential markets that are shaping the way brands communicate with consumers. These podcasts, taken from the iMedia Brand Summit in Miami, Fla., will help you adapt your campaigns to meet their needs.(image)

Why stories matter, and technology doesn't
Utilizing a laundry list of buzz words does not an effective campaign make. Before you start talking "mobile social this" or "viral app that," you need to figure out what your story is.(image)

2010: A marketing odyssey
Innovative marketing isn't for the meek. But a few bold campaigns are exploring the outer limits of technology to spectacular effect -- and audience impact.(image)

How to separate the social media studs from the duds
Finding the right mix of social media talent can be tough, even in the current job market. These tips can help.(image)

The digital segment that is hiring
New industry segments are creating job opportunities for digital marketing professionals. Learn how candidates can put themselves in the driver's seat.(image)

How to reach those crazy college kids
Many brands think they know what college-age consumers want, but are clueless about the demographic's social media practices and priorities. Find out how to relate to them on their own terms.(image)

3 surprising social media lessons
In this episode of Marketing Obsessions, Kevin Lee talks with Doug Frisbie, the national social media and marketing integration manager for Toyota, to get his thoughts on how to do social media right.(image)

The Facebook haters who "like" your brand
Not all of your Facebook followers are actually supporters -- some of them truly despise your brand. Let's dissect the opportunities and challenges within the group of people who "like" you.(image)

Earn your badge for social and gaming success
The power of combining social media and gaming has never been clearer. Take a look at some winning examples of companies that are mixing marketing business with consumer pleasure.(image)

Social media: The in-house vs. outsourced debate
When it comes to social media marketing, who knows best, the agencies or the brands themselves? Take a glimpse into the biggest issues from experts on both sides of the fence.(image)

The unprecedented potential of Millennial marketers
It's impossible to effectively target Generation Y without including them in the process. Here's why these "super consumers" are the future of our profession.(image)

How to create ads that consumers trust
"Targeting" is incredibly useful -- but it just sounds creepy. Here are the resources we need to give consumers so they feel safe and empowered online.(image)

Social media: The next generation
Facebook and Twitter are constantly evolving, but a wave of Facebook-like social networks is gaining steam. Here's a look at the social media landscape as it stands right now.(image)

Dead internet ideas: The "right" to target
Interactive marketing is full of traditional concepts that are no longer practical. At the iMedia Agency Summit, Doug Weaver outlined a dozen ideas currently killing imagination.(image)

"I declare war on viral media"
Media scholar and "Convergence Culture" author Henry Jenkins speaks his mind about the transmedia revolution, internet buzz, and an alarming marketing trend.(image)

It's time to do something about privacy
Privacy talk bores many people, but this is an area where you need to be well informed to make smart choices. Here's a guide for getting started.(image)

Brand survival in an insurgent world
Can military innovation be applied to how marketers approach social technology? See how some key counterinsurgency operations could help improve brand relevance and strategy.(image)

How big brands can harness the group-buying craze
Collective couponing is exploding in popularity, and it's not just local businesses that can take advantage. See why this is a lucrative opportunity for brands both large and small.(image)

Looking for a job? Highlight your personal brand
Competition for jobs is fierce right now, so you need to differentiate yourself anyway you can. Try these three methods that other employment-seekers are likely overlooking.(image)

Take a tip from your B2B brethren's emails
Different audiences usually require different strategies, but there are still some valuable approaches B2C marketers can learn from their business-focused counterparts.(image)

4 movie campaigns with awesome digital
Great digital campaigns should become extensions of the movies they market. Check out these recent noteworthy examples.(image)

The problem with "going viral"
Advertisers looking to make the most of their marketing dollars often seek campaigns that will "go viral." Let's examine what that word really means and why it isn't a strategy.(image)

5 tips for hiring the right social media manager
The market is saturated with so-called social media experts, but you can leave the "gurus" for teaching yoga. Follow these tips to find the best fit for your brand.(image)

Facebook's new functions (and how to leverage them)
If you only look at Facebook as a place to have a fan page, you're missing the greater opportunity. Here's how to prepare for the future of this robust platform.(image)

Social referrals: How to attract this vital currency
Socially referred traffic is taking its place alongside search as a critical area of marketing analysis and investment. Learn how to jazz up your site to benefit from the trend.(image)

A call for more accountable social media marketing
It's time for truly integrated marketing that leverages social media with the metrics from other tactics. Strike the right balance between social media and other channels with these ideas.(image)

How to harness mob rule in your brand's favor
See how and why social proof -- the increased likelihood of doing something when you see others doing it -- can turn up the heat on your marketing power.(image)

I'm done checking in... for now
Foursquare has nailed its growth strategy, now it's time to add a component that makes the product more compelling and adds a revenue stream to boot.(image)

10 signs it's time for a social media makeover
Is your brand wasting its social media marketing opportunity? Read on to see if you've bought into these common misconceptions and counterproductive strategies.(image)

Banishing CPMs forever
The cost-per-thousand measurement doesn't translate into the online channel, where every medium enjoys a greater ability to target than old mass media. Let's look at the use of data to enhance targeting.(image)

New ways your online community can pay off
Community platforms are not only petri dishes of innovation, but also testing grounds for new jobs, technologies, and methodologies. Learn how to leverage them.(image)

What separates the best branded social networks
A strong niche social network is built on dynamic discussion and shared consumer interest. Here's what your network needs to attract the right audience.(image)

Case study: Doubling sales through social media
Need to drive product buzz -- and fast? See how one small brand leveraged the full social media spectrum to drive huge awareness and sales increases.(image)

Using offline data to find your online customers
Digital media channels are converging, and you need to combine data from various sources to find your desired audience. Use these tips to get started.(image)

Rules for an air-tight social media strategy
If your company has started even just one Twitter account, you'll want to check out these pointers for building a safe, and seamless, social plan.(image)

Social media war rooms (and why you need one)
How do you keep a million posts and retweets from doing irreparable damage to your brand? Follow these five steps to stay ahead of the bad news.(image)

The pros and cons of Facebook "likes"
Not everyone who clicks a button on Facebook actually likes your brand. Here's why you need to be prepared to be thrown under the bus.(image)

Facebook-savvy brands that might surprise you
Not all brands belong on Facebook, but some that might initially seem like bad fits are making great connections on the platform. Check out their inspiring success strategies.(image)

Is it possible to over-invest in social media?
Like every other marketing channel, social media requires the right strategy, effort, and budget to be truly successful. Follow these tips to make sure your efforts aren't in vain.(image)

Why we need to kill "social media"
The social media conversation needs to shift away from setting up profile pages and instead focus on the transformative nature of this channel. Here's why.(image)

6 experimental social media campaigns
Even though most brands are delving into social media, bold moves in this space are few and far between. Take a lesson from these innovative endeavors.(image)

Implications of Twitter's new (and obvious) ad model
Twitter's new ad model changes the game for users, marketers, and the company itself. See why this is likely just the beginning of a larger evolution.(image)

Fight your fear of social media
Though there aren't any hard and fast rules for social media success, these guiding principles will help your brand go boldly where none have gone before.(image)

5 steps to more-relevant marketing
Customers are demanding precision marketing. Follow these guidelines to ensure your message resonates, rather than repulses.(image)

8 brand personalities Facebook and Twitter users hate
Looking to develop your brand's voice in the social sphere? Save yourself some trouble by avoiding these annoying social media stereotypes.(image)

Before you make that social media leap...
Use these five simple tips to avoid some of the common pitfalls associated with integrating social tools into your business initiatives.(image)

The new advertising metrics
Word of mouth. Earned media. No matter what you call it, social connections are becoming important data points for marketers. Check out the technologies that are driving the future of online metrics.(image)

The essentials of marketing to moms online
If you're looking to connect with moms online, you need to play by their rules. Find out what this coveted demographic really wants from brands.(image)

Social media campaigns that moms love
Looking for a direct line to the 82 million moms across the U.S.? Take a lesson from these brands, which have done a great job connecting with moms in the social space.(image)

Extend your connections with social targeting
If you're a brand with lots of seemingly unmonetizeable social media fans, you might want to test to see if social targeting is for you.(image)

3 case studies in social media crisis management
When faced with a crisis, many brands have successfully used social media to put out the fire. Read on for the right way to use these invaluable tools when disaster strikes.(image)

How not to fail at going global
Will your brand be seen as an "ugly American" when it launches a campaign in a foreign market? Follow these plans to ensure that you won't get stopped at the border.(image)