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Preview: iMedia Connection: Marketing Channels

iMedia Connection: Marketing Channels

iMedia Connection


How to optimize your email for mobile devices
There are multiple strategies for optimizing your email for mobile devices. Here's how to decide which is right for you and, more importantly, your subscribers.(image)

3 often-overlooked elements of websites
Does your brand website have the basics covered? Without these simple functional features, you might be losing out on conversions.(image)

How media will change in 2011
In this New Media Minute, Daisy Whitney talks with David Pescovitz, co-editor of, about media transformation and what we can expect moving forward.(image)

The good and bad of iAd
Marketers are struggling to grasp the long-term implications of Apple's iAd for mobile marketing. Consider the pros and cons that have emerged.(image)

Best and worst practices for building branded apps
It might sound like sacrilege, but not every brand needs an app. Let's take a look at reasons why some branded apps flourish while others flop.(image)

The death of list rentals and email appends
In light of recent changes by Gmail and Hotmail, learn why certain list-building practices could doom your campaigns.(image)

10 steps for a great welcome email series
Welcome email messages have the highest open rates of all email campaigns. Follow these steps to build customer lifetime value.(image)

Questions to ask before selecting a mobile marketing agency
Finding the right agency for your brand is the most important step in crafting your mobile marketing campaign strategy. Here are the questions to ask -- and the answers you want to hear.(image)

What does a non-neutral internet look like for marketers?
When the net neutrality dust settles, what effect will it have on marketers? Here are some potential outcomes.(image)

4 disruptions changing email marketing
How can marketers make smart choices about deploying limited resources among nearly unlimited digital messaging and content channels? Here's how to stay ahead of the game.(image)

4 questions to ask before developing a mobile app
There are risks associated with releasing an app that misses the mark. Here are some pointers to consider before taking the plunge.(image)

The unique benefits of 5 marketing platforms
As a marketer, you must match your content to the benefits of each platform. Let's take a look at the strengths of five popular marketing vehicles.(image)

The email and SMS features you're forgetting to use
Email and SMS each have such deep functionality that many marketers barely get beyond the most obvious capabilities. Take a look at simple tactics that so many brands fail to try out.(image)

How to master the domain name game
With very little time and energy, the right domain name can increase organic search rankings, capture type-in traffic, and support product marketing. Find out how the process works.(image)

The prime time to audit your opt-in process
Are you ready to greet the holiday influx of new customers and subscribers? Here's how to test and tune up your opt-in and new-subscriber programs.(image)

Will apps really kill the web?
Email, graphical web browsing, streaming media, social networking -- these all changed the game in their own way. Here's why the app ecosystem belongs on that list.(image)

Breaking into the world of niche content
Want to know the best strategies for reaching a target audience through the power of video? Take a cue from an expert on what it takes to share content that entertains the 18-34 male demographic.(image)

3 strategies for leveraging the mobile content explosion
The mobile industry is fast reshaping itself. Consider these strategies for taking advantage of the evolving on-the-go content market.(image)

Pitfalls that could derail your branded apps
Your first app will set the precedent for all your brand's future efforts in the space. Avoid these crucial mistakes, and you'll make a great first impression with your consumers. (image)

How to turn casual connections into passionate customers
Take a look at some great ideas for merging email marketing and social media to form a stronger engagement platform for your brand.(image)

Hot landing page optimizers to watch
Don't waste countless hours and dollars just to throw hard-earned traffic away on an ineffective landing page. Consider these options instead.(image)

Location ROI: The relevance of interruption
Despite the perceived perils of privacy, location-based interruption is not necessarily the epitome of all evil. Here are just some of the benefits to leveraging location.(image)

The DIY white-label video hub
With video engagement consistently rising, it's a great time to launch a community hub, create content, and promote your brand while generating revenue. Here are some tips to get started.(image)

New rules for sexy subject lines
Check out these examples of brands nailing their subject lines -- and others that need some work. We can learn from both.(image)

How social sharing is working for SMBs
Unconvinced that "unproven" social media marketing tactics will benefit your small- or medium-sized business? Get the facts on why you can no longer afford to be anti-social.(image)

Is an iPad app the right choice for your brand?
The iPad has become a powerful new platform for brands, but it's not the right choice for everyone. Watch as a handful of brand marketers debate the relevancy of this influential tool.(image)

3 rules for collecting site visitor feedback
Companies often forget their manners when approaching visitors online. Here are the main points to consider when collecting visitor feedback.(image)

Make your site stand out in a crowded web
The internet is a lot like a grocery store, with several products vying for consumer attention. Here's how your site can be more fun, engaging, and appealing.(image)

How to integrate mobile into all your campaigns
In the next year, marketers and consumers will see mainstream brands making mobile a regular part of all their campaigns. Here's why mobile will soon emerge as a standard marketing spend.(image)

The new definition of premium content
Is broadcast-quality content really the smartest way to reach mobile consumers? Here are the factors determining the new ad-buying paradigm.(image)

Is it time to ditch your website?
Burgeoning platforms like social media and mobile have led to a change in how we perceive websites. Find out if a URL is still a necessity for your brand.(image)

Reasons email campaigns become irrelevant
Are your emails pertinent to your end users? Learn how to avoid some of the common mistakes that brands make.(image)

4 ways "shiny new toys" can be profitable
Playing with our new toys can lead to inspired marketing ideas that translate into meaningful business success. See how.(image)

5 ways to win with mobile couponing
Mobile coupons can increase sales for your business and create more meaningful relationships with your customers. Consider these useful tips.(image)

Things that go Boing Boing in the night
Journalist, researcher, and's mad scientist of sorts, David Pescovitz talks to iMedia about weapons of mass persuasion, the programmable world, and hacking reality.(image)

Build a better branded app
Digital application success is about finding a way to take your brand's biggest ideas on the go. Use these great tips to create utility and a more lasting connection with your consumers.(image)

6 slick news aggregators you should try
As a marketer, staying on top of your industry and your clients' industries is imperative. Consider giving one of these well-designed aggregators a whirl as your new homepage.(image)

5 brand blogs to learn from
Blogs are a great place to engage with consumers and share your story. Take a look at a few brands that are kicking it up a notch.(image)

When it's right (or wrong) to have an iPhone app
Is an iPhone app the right choice for your brand? Watch as a handful of marketers explain what they are doing with Apple's smartphone.(image)

How to improve the email experience
Successful email campaigns are filled with personalized, relevant content that appeals to consumers. Here's how it's done.(image)

5 mobile megatrends (and how to prepare)
In a few years from now, the mobile world as we know it will be drastically different. But fear not -- here are a few basic ways to survive the coming revolution.(image)

Live streaming: The video ad opportunity of the future
Live internet video is on the verge of exploding. Learn how you can capitalize on this fast-growing medium.(image)

Augmented reality: King of emerging media
As the capabilities of augmented reality expand, so does the platform's popularity. In today's New Media Minute, Daisy Whitney looks at how a handful of brands are utilizing the technology.(image)

My favorite email and its marketing lessons
Are there emails you look forward to receiving on a regular basis? Consider these lessons from one marketer's favorite inbox arrival.(image)

Website design: 12 sites dissected
In website design, "pretty" simply doesn't cut it. Check out the following case studies to find out how your site could be causing -- or costing -- you sales.(image)

The 6 stages of email engagement
We all know that mass mailings are a thing of the past. See what it takes to optimize your email strategies and interact with your subscribers in a meaningful, individualized way.(image)

Hot topics in email deliverability
If you want to ensure optimal email deliverability, be sure to stay abreast of these issues that ISPs consider their top priorities.(image)

So you have an app. Now what?
Your mobile app is bound to fail if you don't have a solid strategy to leverage it for optimal consumer engagement and ROI. Here are the next steps you need to take.(image)

7 emails you should never send
Given how long email marketing has been around, it's amazing how many bad messages still get sent. Do you see your emails on this list? If so, it's time to change your approach.(image)

3 common mistakes when choosing a web design agency
Selecting the right web design agency is tricky. But by avoiding a few common mistakes, you can drastically improve your odds of picking the right firm.(image)

Social media tips for affiliate marketers
If you're not already using video, you could be leaving a lot of revenue on the table. Use this quick guide to get started.(image)

Dear Mr. Jobs: Still think mobile advertising "sucks"?
Despite what the Apple CEO might have to say, mobile advertising really works -- with or without the iAd. Consider these promising statistics.(image)

Email preference centers: A new way of thinking
Marketers rely on preference centers to gain insights into what consumers want from their email relationships with a brand. Consider these points to avoid common errors.(image)

6 ways mobile advertising is like your love life
In both the dating and advertising worlds, it's all about the relationship. Glean some marketing lessons from the similarities between our cellphones and our mates.(image)

Why marketers need open-source CMS solutions
Open-source CMS solutions give marketers control over their website content -- without spending a bundle. Consider these three options when shopping for a system.(image)

6 tips for building better iPad apps
In today's New Media Minute, Daisy Whitney hits up the iPad Game Summit in San Francisco and shares key considerations that can help content creators succeed on the device.(image)

Playing the app game on your own terms
Tired of trying to strike carrier or handset manufacturer deals in order to have access to mobile consumers? Learn how to take back the control.(image)

The culprits of email marketing noise
Irrelevant email messages quickly become irritating noise in a consumer's inbox. Find out how to prevent your subscribers from tuning out.(image)

Marketing implications of a truly mobile internet
With internet access being incorporated into trains, planes, and automobiles, marketers have new opportunities to reach consumers en route. Here's what you need to know.(image)

How to stand out on LinkedIn
For those looking for their next job or job hire, the competition is cut-throat. Don't get lost in the shuffle. Here are some tips on how LinkedIn can help you be great.(image)

5 often-overlooked email rules of thumb
Not every element of email marketing is covered by tried-and-true best practices. Thus, let's take a look at some guidelines that aren't quite rules.(image)

Location-based marketing 101
Location-based marketing is finally receiving the attention it deserves. Let's look at how your brand can get in on the action.(image)

Challenges in mobile video monetization
Turning mobile video into a revenue generator is no easy task. Here's how publishers, advertisers, and vendors can transform this promising opportunity into a reality.(image)

The smart way to spread your digital assets
When consumers reuse your campaign materials, those materials become much more valuable. Here's a plan for managing your assets in a cost-effective fashion.(image)

Why HTML5 will win out over Flash
Apps and iAds might be the trends du jour, but with increasing channel segmentation, mobile web campaigns might be a smarter choice. See how the HTML5 standard can help you cover your bases. (image)

12 killer websites worth watching
Which brands are staying on the cutting edge when it comes to their fundamental online presence? Our industry panelists provide their picks for the most inventive and well-executed sites on the web.(image)

How to inject interactivity into your video
Video's soaring popularity and ubiquity make it the perfect format for reaching consumers. Try these tips for creating immersive experiences.(image)

Dead internet ideas: The silver bullet
Interactive marketing is full of traditional concepts that are no longer practical. At the iMedia Agency Summit, Doug Weaver outlined a dozen ideas currently killing imagination.(image)

How to make your emails more endearing
Email -- it's not just for selling anymore. Follow these steps to nurture your email relationships with your customers, prospects, and subscribers.(image)

7 brands with bad-ass email programs
Do your subscribers crave your emails? Be inspired by these brands that are marketing in ways that move audiences and drive results.(image)

5 steps to consider when making long-form video
In a world where anyone can knock out a short YouTube video in less than a day, long-form video may be that rare beast that allows advertisers to do something really different online.(image)

Are agencies ignoring the iPad?
Apple has sold more than 2 million units, but are brands ready to embrace the new device? Top digital marketers tell us what their clients have been doing with the iPad -- if anything.(image)

5 ways to increase user registration
The first step to improving registration rates is to make it apparent that the site wants visitors to register. Here are some tricks of the trade to make that process as simple and seamless as possible.(image)

The iPad: Searching for answers to the wrong questions
Apple's latest product is already impacting the worlds of consumers, brands, and marketers. Take a look at the core issues and concerns regarding the device.(image)

Agency annoyances: 5 things that must change
Agencies often struggle with client woes, but the relationships don't have to be rocky. Watch as today's top digital agencies discuss what needs to be done to bridge the gap between agencies and clients.(image)

Dead internet ideas: Microsites
Interactive marketing is full of traditional concepts that are no longer practical. At the iMedia Agency Summit, Doug Weaver outlined a dozen ideas currently killing imagination.(image)

How to make email an effective branding channel
Email remains one of the most engaging marketing channels, even after all these years. Here's how to use it for superior brand engagement at far less cost.(image)

7 ways to improve your homepage
Now more than ever, your site's homepage might be the first and most persistent contact your customer has with your company. Follow these guidelines to ensure you make the most of this pivotal asset.(image)

Why digital threatens cable companies
A new study finds that one in eight consumers plans to cut back or ditch their cable TV service. In today's New Media Minute, Daisy Whitney outlines the future of this troubled sector.(image)

Lessons from a mobile marketing rock star
With change being the new constant in the mobile industry, basic tenets often get lost in the shuffle. See how is getting it right.(image)

Dead internet ideas: Moving people around the web
Interactive marketing is full of traditional concepts that are no longer practical. At the iMedia Agency Summit, Doug Weaver outlined a dozen ideas currently killing imagination.(image)

Dead internet ideas: The web of pages
Interactive marketing is full of traditional concepts that are no longer practical. At the iMedia Agency Summit, Doug Weaver outlined a dozen ideas currently killing imagination.(image)

7 tricks email can steal from social media
Integrating social media into email can help you increase reach, keep customers engaged, and acquire new subscribers. Take some creative inspiration from these brands that are doing it right.(image)

Why iAds will fail
Here's why the iAd will die, and how Steve Job's strategy for the iPhone and iPad will make Apple a marginal niche player -- at best.(image)

Why emails need "like" buttons
Currently there are plenty of ways for subscribers to say they don't want your messages, but very few ways to say they do. Let's take a look at the evolution of the customer voice in the fight against spam.(image)

The fine art of video PR
Savvy marketers are looking to maximize their exposure by leveraging video sites, social media profiles, email newsletters, and more. Consider these ways to differentiate your brand through online video.(image)

Foursquare: It's popular, but is it prosperous?
Location-based services are hot right now, but will the demand ever lead to dollars? In today's New Media Minute, Daisy Whitney explains why advertisers continue to dabble with Foursquare but won't dive in.(image)

Why an email "drip" might be your best bet
Few email campaigns appeal to a mass audience. Try these behaviorally triggered messaging strategies to maintain contact and increase brand engagement with your subscribers.(image)

Savvy solutions for mixing video with email
The demand is there, but email marketers still face challenges in effectively incorporating video into email campaigns. Here are a few current solutions that will help you work around the stumbling blocks.(image)

What marketing newbies hope to learn at conferences
iMedia and Catalyst:SF teamed up to see what today's marketers hope to get from industry events. Watch what they had to say.(image)

Cable giants expand test for "TV Everywhere"
In today's New Media Minute, Daisy Whitney evaluates how cable companies are responding to demand for online cable and gives a forecast for the future of online TV.(image)

Interactive marketers get on their soapboxes
iMedia and Catalyst:SF teamed up to see what was on the minds of this year's ad:tech attendees. Hear more about the show's newest content improvements and attendees' forecasts for the overall industry.(image)

Marketing drawbacks and opportunities on the iPad
The iPad provides new opportunities for brands to offer compelling and useful content to consumers. Let's take a closer look at the platform's marketing implications.(image)

Why tablets are unbeatable at audience measurement
In today's New Media Minute, Daisy Whitney talks with Chris Anderson, editor-in-chief of Wired, about why tablets have an unfair advantage when it comes to tracking clicks.(image)

The new job description for email marketers
Today's email expert needs to blend old-school knowledge with an appreciation for the ways in which the landscape has changed. Here are the essential skills of a modern marketer.(image)

9 ways to incorporate video into your ad plan
If you're not using video, you're already chasing the competition. Use this guide to find the best video methods and get going in no time.(image)

Secrets for taking the lead in mobile search
We're finally reaching mobile's tipping point. But what's the best way for marketers to capture and capitalize on all the search traffic set to explode onto the mobile web?

The iPad's video marketing implications
The iPad could very well change a lot of aspects of digital marketing. Here are the reasons online video will most certainly be one of them.(image)

How big brands approach online video
In today's New Media Minute, Daisy Whitney talks with Jaime Cohen Szulc, CMO of Levi Strauss, about how brand executives determine where to invest their digital video dollars.(image)

Social media marketing in 10 minutes a day
Social media marketing doesn't always demand large time and money investments. See how your small business can benefit with minimal effort.(image)