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Rights group, worried about HIV, urges Philippines action

Thu, 08 Dec 2016 03:40:54 GMT2016-12-08T03:40:54Z

MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- A human rights watchdog says the Philippines is facing one of the fastest growing epidemics of HIV in the Asia Pacific, fueled by government policies that restrict intervention, including access to condoms by men who have sex with men....

Duterte says OK to bomb fleeing militants and their hostages

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 15:07:59 GMT2016-12-07T15:07:59Z

MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says he told his Indonesian and Malaysian counterparts that their forces can bomb fleeing Philippine militants and their kidnap victims at sea because the hostages "are not supposed to be there."...

Duterte defends cops accused by gov't probers of murders

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 11:19:00 GMT2016-12-07T11:19:00Z

MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has defended a group of policemen who were accused by the government's main investigation agency of murdering a jailed town mayor linked to illegal drugs and added that he is ready to go to jail for them....

Philippine rebels threaten to end monthslong cease-fire

Wed, 07 Dec 2016 10:33:31 GMT2016-12-07T10:33:31Z

MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- Philippine communist rebels warned President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday that they may be forced to end their monthslong cease-fire and resume fighting if he does not suspend the government's counterinsurgency program and withdraw troops from rebel-influenced areas....

Philippine vice president to quit Cabinet, stay on as VP

Sun, 04 Dec 2016 13:20:35 GMT2016-12-04T13:20:35Z

MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- The Philippine vice president says she will resign her Cabinet post, citing "major differences in principles and values" with President Rodrigo Duterte and an unspecified plot to remove her from the vice presidency....

Duterte says Trump wished his drug crackdown 'success'

Sat, 03 Dec 2016 06:49:07 GMT2016-12-03T06:49:07Z

MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- President Rodrigo Duterte said Saturday Donald Trump wished his deadly crackdown on illegal drugs would succeed during a telephone call, and he assured the U.S. president-elect the Philippines would maintain its ties with America - a departure from Duterte's hostility toward the Obama administration....

At site of 1986 revolt, Filipinos protest Marcos burial

Wed, 30 Nov 2016 13:27:36 GMT2016-11-30T13:27:36Z

MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- Thousands of Filipino protesters have returned to the site of a 1986 revolt that ousted dictator Ferdinand Marcos, this time to condemn his burial at a heroes' cemetery....

Russia eyes supplying military hardware to the Philippines

Tue, 29 Nov 2016 07:54:51 GMT2016-11-29T07:54:51Z

MANILA, Philippines (AP) -- Russia's ambassador says his country is not discussing a military alliance but partnership and friendship with the Philippines, with Moscow interested in supplying arms, weapons and transferring technology to the United States' long-standing ally....

Duterte to go near battle scene despite wounding of 7 guards

Tue, 29 Nov 2016 07:52:16 GMT2016-11-29T07:52:16Z

CAGAYAN DE ORO, Philippines (AP) -- The Philippine president says he will proceed with a scheduled trip to a southern city against his security men's advice after an advance team of presidential guards were wounded by a roadside bomb....

Poverty, despair breed new generation of Philippine rebels

Mon, 28 Nov 2016 06:28:01 GMT2016-11-28T06:28:01Z

SIERRA MADRE MOUNTAINS, Philippines (AP) -- In the late-night hours and amid the chirp of crickets, Katryn welcomed a huddle of exhausted Filipino journalists in cheerful spirits like she was home. "Coffee?" she asked with a comforting smile....