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The "Two Trumps" surface in president-elect's transition

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 22:47:54 GMT2016-12-02T22:47:54Z

NEW YORK (AP) -- Donald Trump's skeptics hope the presidency will reveal a serious side of the brash businessman. His supporters want him to keep the freewheeling style that rattled Washington....

Panel urges better cybersecurity to President-elect Trump

Sat, 03 Dec 2016 00:08:43 GMT2016-12-03T00:08:43Z

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A presidential commission on Friday made 16 urgent recommendations to improve the nation's cybersecurity, including creating a nutritional-type label to help consumers shop wisely and appointing a new international ambassador on the subject - weeks before President-elect Donald Trump takes office....

A Cabinet of generals? Trump's choices get mixed reviews

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 21:40:01 GMT2016-12-02T21:40:01Z

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Donald Trump's move to pack his administration with military brass is getting mixed reviews, as Congress and others struggle to balance their personal regard for the individuals he's choosing with a broader worry about an increased militarization of American policy....

Trump speaks with Taiwan's president, risking China tensions

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 23:46:44 GMT2016-12-02T23:46:44Z

NEW YORK (AP) -- President-elect Donald Trump spoke Friday with the president of Taiwan, a move that will be sure to anger China....

Trump voter lost home, blames incoming Treasury secretary

Fri, 02 Dec 2016 21:16:09 GMT2016-12-02T21:16:09Z

WASHINGTON (AP) -- When Donald Trump named his Treasury secretary, Teena Colebrook felt her heart sink....