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Arnold spent $21K to defend city in legal battle over widow’s pension benefits

Fri, 24 Nov 2017 13:51:52 EST

Arnold spent about $21,000 to defend itself in an extended legal battle over pension benefits paid to the widow of a city police officer, according ...(image)

Water main break flooding Rt. 982 outside Latrobe

Fri, 24 Nov 2017 10:42:51 EST

(image) " src = "$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYspT6rg88DkDSqyROAOL_vOWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
A water main break was flooding Route 982 just north of Latrobe, though its impact on customers and traffic wasn’t immediately available Friday morning. The ...(image)

Westmoreland County manufacturing firms find success in specialization

Thu, 23 Nov 2017 21:39:53 EST

(image) Machinist and technician Randi Kmieciak works with a computer-aided filament winding machine Friday, Nov. 17, 2017 at C-K Composites in Mt. Pleasant. The company was started in 1956 and changed names to C-K Composites in 1985. The part Kmieciak and her colleagues were constructing is a test tube for high voltage equipment." src = "$AwB_rCXIGdQDqg6M$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYvo5XVGPRFtJ$YkVy1gZQHAWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
Thin, anise-flavored pizzelles are a traditional Italian treat — and one that may not have caught on in all corners of America if not for ...(image)

PennDOT pares list of structurally deficient bridges

Thu, 23 Nov 2017 20:39:06 EST

(image) The bridge spanning Sewickley Creek on Mt. Pleasant Road on Thursday, Nov. 23, 2017, in Mt. Pleasant Township. PennDOT is planning work to replace the bridge beginning Dec. 4. The work is expected to be finish in May. Temporary traffic signals will be put in place to direct traffic." src = "$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYuGUvo2hN9ogPhLI4uhBZ4JWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
As far back as the early years of the Gov. Ed Rendell administration, PennDOT District 12 Executive Joseph Szczur “knew we had a tidal wave ...(image)

Service restored to Columbia Gas customers in Rostraver

Thu, 23 Nov 2017 09:57:51 EST

(image) Above, the area in Rostraver affected by a natural-gas service interruption on Wednesday evening, Nov. 22, 2017. Service was restored to most customers by 4:30 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day." src = "$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYvxKJjrMUEZZu1rCpRFvgBpWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
Columbia Gas crews have restored service to nearly all of the estimated 400 customers in Rostraver whose service was shut off after a loss in ...(image)

Franklin Regional school board gets a look at preliminary Sloan renovation design

Thu, 23 Nov 2017 10:54:50 EST

(image) Above, conceptual drawings for the renovated front of Sloan Elementary School in Murrysville." src = "$Q8XRWturJS1Pys$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYsRKNw5tP_bk5aLfdBoWmAAWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
While the design work is still in the early stages, Sloan Elementary staff will likely be looking forward to an expanded cafeteria and additional administrative ...(image)

Need, generosity rise during holidays, Westmoreland County nonprofits report

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 23:00:02 EST

(image) Westmoreland County Food Bank volunteers (from left) Tiffany Piper, Joni Mattei and Julie Shields sort food Wednesday for the Military Share Program. The food will be distributed to Mt. Pleasant-area veterans and their families during the holidays. Fifty-three members of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants volunteered to sort and pack the food, some of which came from the Giant Eagle Fall Food Share food drive." src = "$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYsORUhbM54AqtfoPxLJfF7lWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
Although Norman Rockwell’s painting “Freedom from Want” shows a richly laden Thanksgiving table, the reality for many people is closer to Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas ...(image)

Operation Santa Claus helps to put holiday meals on tables of neighbors in need

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 21:15:56 EST

(image) In this 2015 photo, senior Natalie Sarnese (left), 18, and a group of Derry Area High School students in the Interact Club, volunteer to pack grocery bags with food items during Trib Total Media's Operation Santa Claus project inside the Westmoreland County Department of Public Works garage. The groceries, enough for a complete holiday meal, will again be given this year to needy families throughout the county." src = "$fKFjdPwc$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYu79tpgntZWqdKIv5$gbOGpWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
As it has for 33 years, Operation Santa Claus will again make sure that thousands of needy Western Pennsylvania families enjoy the gift of a ...(image)

Greensburg restaurant owner abandons business, leaves mess behind

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 21:12:55 EST

(image) The front of the former location of restaurant One Eleven on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017, along South Pennsylvania Avenue in Greensburg." src = "$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYuIJQap3PAANIdAgI4NQw$WWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
When One Eleven restaurant on South Pennsylvania Avenue in Greensburg abruptly closed in the spring, it left a mess, both literal and legal. “They just ...(image)

Columbia Gas working to restore service to 400 Rostraver customers

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 19:00:54 EST

(image) " src = "$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYtZC_UP$rhmlj9xa0SmvQBtWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
Columbia Gas Co. crews began restoring gas services to about 400 customers in Rostraver Township late Wednesday night and should be able to turn back ...(image)

Salvation Army of Greensburg officials set $100K red kettle goal, seek bell ringers

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 15:39:53 EST

(image) Raymond Coshey, right, wishes a happy Thanksgiving to a mall shopper as she places a donation in a Salvation Army collection bucket outside of Macy's at the Westmoreland Mall in Hempfield on Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2017." src = "$dYiVD_wIRdyPXUD3uakJs$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYs4Yc6lUrHNxJuwPiMDWboWWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
Salvation Army officials are hoping that Black Friday portends good things for the red kettle. Donations during the Christmas shopping season — driven by the ...(image)

Hawks, Jayhawks sustain Jeannette’s long history of winning football

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 13:06:52 EST

(image) Members of the Jeannette Hawks, a midget football team for 11- and 12-year-olds, were recognized Wednesday, Nov. 22, 2017, at a high school pep rally along with the Jeannette Jayhawks, who will play Saturday in the WPIAL championship. The Hawks will compete in the upcoming Pro Football Hall of Fame National Youth Championship in Canton, Ohio." src = "$vE4$4nmBef0MiZc$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYsz0BhdY1bbPFZ0ZiPs9E4RWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
Roy Hall’s Jeannette Jayhawks compete for the WPIAL Class A football championship this weekend, and a win would tie the league record for all-time high ...(image)

PennDOT to hire 11 snowplow operators in Westmoreland County

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 11:57:51 EST

(image) Operator instructor Pat Kadilack (left) gives driver Jim Brumley advice, as PennDOT District 12 drivers go through 2016 training for snowplow operators in the use of wing plows. District 12 officials are seeking 38 more winter operators for temporary positions throughout the district." src = "$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYvntDhlrdQvmPZ3s1qEa7p_WCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
If you have a commercial driver’s license, PennDOT District 12 officials want to put you behind the wheel of a snowplow. The department hopes to ...(image)

Car carrier fire in Mt. Pleasant extinguished

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 07:30:47 EST

(image) " src = "$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYs$WfffSJ7ho5GEGYZ3AvMYWCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
At the start of a busy pre-Thanksgiving travel day, firefighters responded to a car-carrier fire along the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Mt. Pleasant Township. A Westmoreland ...(image)

Scottdale woman accused of fleeing Hempfield crash

Wed, 22 Nov 2017 05:35:00 EST

(image) " src = "$daE2N3K4ZzOUsqbU5sYtXEla9TK1eUmfAS0XMXHL7WCsjLu883Ygn4B49Lvm9bPe2QeMKQdVeZmXF$9l$4uCZ8QDXhaHEp3rvzXRJFdy0KqPHLoMevcTLo3h8xh70Y6N_U_CryOsw6FTOdKL_jpQ-&CONTENTTYPE=image/jpeg">
A Scottdale woman faces charges after fleeing a crash in Hempfield, state police said. As Toyota SUV headed west about 3:10 p.m. Monday on Route ...(image)