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Best Syndication - Exercise


Aerobic Exercise is best at Fat Burning and Weight Loss

Sun, 16 Dec 2012 23:37:29 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - Duke researchers found aerobic exercise offered optimum fat burning and weight loss compared to weight lifting (resistance training), or a combination of the two exercises. The study results were reported in the December 15, 2012 issue of the Journal of Applied Physiology.

To investigate, researchers conducted a randomized trial with 234 overweight and obese adults. The participants were randomly assigned to a resistance group, an aerobic group, or a combination of resistance and aerobic exercise group.

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Anytime Fitness achieves 2,000 Club Location Milestone

Tue, 04 Dec 2012 06:59:51 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - Anytime Fitness achieved a milestone when a new club in The Netherlands opened today. The chain now has a total of 2,000 locations. The 2000th club location milestone was achieved in only one decade.

Chuck Runyon, Anytime Fitness CEO and co-founder, said that they have accomplished quick growth while earning customer loyalty.

The 2000th club location was opened in Neede, which is 90 miles east of Amsterdam. This is the eighth Anytime Fitness location in The Netherlands. Anytime Fitness clubs can be found in 12 different countries, including locations in Canada, the United Kingdom, Qatar, Japan, Australia, and Spain.

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Trampolines sold at Sports Authority are being recalled for Repair

Thu, 29 Nov 2012 04:17:41 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - Around 23,400 trampolines that were sold exclusively at the Sports Authority are being recalled for repair. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the voluntary recall of the trampolines that were manufactured by Sportspower Ltd., of Hong Kong. To remedy the problem, the company is offering a free repair kit.

The recall was announced after one incident; one of a legs on the trampoline separated from the frame while being used. The problem caused a leg to puncture through the jumping area. The company is not aware of any injuries related to this recall.

The concern is that other trampolines that the company manufactured might have the metal leg move out of position. This can cause the jumping area to be punctured and could lead to a person using the trampoline being seriously injured with penetrating wounds, cuts, and bruises.

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Teenagers need exercise to build Strong Bones

Mon, 19 Nov 2012 05:47:52 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - Sedentary teenagers are at an increased risk for low bone-mineral density and developing osteoporosis later in life, according to a new study published in PubMed.

Researchers studied both adolescent boys and girls and found that different sedentary activities put them at the greatest risk for thin bones. Studying put girls at the greatest risk for low bone density, while boys were at the greatest risk because of leisure Internet use. Girls bone density could be improved by participating in a minimum of three hours of sports, such as football, basketball, netball, or running.

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Water Aerobics just as good as other Cardio Workouts

Tue, 30 Oct 2012 23:17:35 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - Exercising in the water has just as much aerobic benefit as working-out on land, suggests a new study. The researchers found pedaling an exercise bike in a swimming pool had a similar aerobic effect to a typical stationary bike workout. The study was presented today at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress.

The immersible ergocycle, which is a stationary exercise bike that can be put in a swimming pool, was studied. Many people might assume that moving in water is not as difficult as moving on land. The researchers compared land and water bicycling workouts for effectiveness.

Healthy participants perform exercise tests in the water and on land. The water level was up to their chest level. The intensity of the workout was increased every minute until the riders were exhausted. The researchers found that the land-workout was almost the same when they compared the maximal oxygen consumption rates.

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COPD Patients doing Tai Chi improved Exercise Capacity

Thu, 09 Aug 2012 03:27:14 +0000


(Best Syndication News) – Patients diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) showed improvement after doing Tai Chi, according to a new study. The research results were published in the online edition of European Respiratory Journal and will later be published in the print edition.

The researchers suggest that Tai Chi exercise might be just as beneficial as pulmonary rehabilitation for COPD patients.

Previous studies have demonstrated that moderate forms of exercise were helpful for COPD patients to improve their symptoms of breathlessness and generally improve their quality of life. The researchers wanted to see if Sun-style Tai Chi exercise would also be beneficial for COPD patients.

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Watching too much TV in Early Childhood could lead to a Bigger Waist Size and Lower Fitness Ability by Age 10

Mon, 16 Jul 2012 05:17:16 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - Researchers from the University of Montreal and Saint-Justine Mother and Child University Hospital found that children between the age of two and four that watched more hours of TV had a higher chance of having a bigger waist circumference by the end of fourth grade. Additionally, the children that watched more TV as toddlers had a reduced ability to perform sports activities when they were 10 years old. The study was published in today’s edition of BioMed Central's open access journal International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity.

Lead author Dr. Caroline Fitzpatrick and senior author Dr. Linda Pagani reported on the findings. Dr. Pagani explained that they interviewed the parents about the TV viewing habits of the children, measured the children's waist, and had them do a standing long jump. They found that for each weekly hour of TV viewing a child had at the age of 29 months decreased the child’s long jump distance about one-third of a centimeter.

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Calorie Burning Brown Fat is Beige in Adult Humans

Fri, 13 Jul 2012 05:07:59 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - Researchers from Harvard Medical School have identified a third type of fat cell which is beige and has characteristics of brown fat. The brown fat burns calories to create body heat, while white fat stores the energy. The researchers reported their findings in the July 12, 2012 issue of the journal Cell.

Bruce Spiegelman of the Harvard Medical School explained that the new third type is found in most or all humans.

The beige fat discovery gives researchers a new avenue to investigate different ways to give these cells a boost to burn off more energy. This could lead to new ways for a person to shed excess body fat.

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Tai Chi Exercise increased Brain Size in Elderly

Wed, 20 Jun 2012 05:14:04 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - A study found that Chinese elderly people were able to increase brain volume and improve their memory and thinking skills when they did Tai Chi three times per week over an eight month period. Researchers from the University of South Florida and Fudan University in Shanghai, China reported their findings in the Journal of Alzheimer ’s disease.

The study was inspired from previous research that showed increased brain volume after people participated in aerobic exercise programs. These researchers conducted an 8-month randomized controlled trial that assigned one group to practice Tai Chi and the other had no change. During the same trial, the researchers found that the group that was part of lively discussions three times per week, also showed increased brain volume and mild cognitive improvements.

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Bowflex Dumbbell set recall announced for needed Repair

Sat, 09 Jun 2012 03:44:33 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the voluntary recall by Nautilus for their Bowflex dumbbells because the weight-setting dial could stop working correctly causing plates to fall off when lifted up from the stand. The company is offering a free repair kit to remedy this problem.

The Bowflex® SelectTech® 1090 Dumbbells are involved in the recall. Nautilus is recalling around 17,000 of these units after they have received 16 reports of the weight dial not working correctly. Three people reported being injured on the foot or leg.

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Microsoft unveils the “Nike+ Kinect Training” Workout Program for the Xbox360

Tue, 05 Jun 2012 04:01:56 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - Microsoft Corp. and NIKE Inc. unveiled the “Nike+ Kinect Training” home fitness program that will only be available on the Xbox 360 using the hands free Kinect controller. The announcement was made today at the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3), which is going on in Los Angeles this week.

The home fitness-training program is able to track a person’s movement and the program will analyze how the body moves and look for areas that could be improved upon. The fitness program is tailored to each person to improve strength and athleticism.

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Recall announced for Child Sized Fitness Trampoline sold exclusively at Toys ‘R’ Us Stores

Thu, 17 May 2012 19:40:12 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - First Fitness Trampolines are being recalled because the metal on the support bar could break off and could cause laceration injuries on the child. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the voluntary recall being issued from the manufacturer, Aqua-Leisure Industries Inc.

Around 40,000 of the First Fitness Trampolines with handlebars are involved in the recall. The child sized fitness trampolines were sold exclusively at Toys ‘R’ Us stores nationwide between September 2010 and April 2012 at a price between $45 and $70. The manufacturer received four reports of the metal handlebar breaking away from the connection while it was being used. The company has not received any reports of injuries.

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Skechers to offer Consumer refunds for Shape-ups after agreeing to $40 million FTC Settlement

Thu, 17 May 2012 02:55:02 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - The Federal Trade Commission today announced that Skechers USA, Inc. agreed to pay $40 million for promising more than what their Shape-ups shoes could actually do. Skechers decided not to fight the FTC charges. The goverment agency said the company made unfounded claims that the shoes could aid in losing weight, and for toning and strengthening their bottom half.

The good news is consumers who have purchased the Shape-ups can submit a claim to get some amount of a refund. The website is where consumers can apply for reimbursement. The refunds are being offered for consumers who purchased the Shape-ups, Resistance Runner, Shape-ups Toners/Trainers, and Tone-ups starting on August 1, 2008 to present day. The consumer settlement refunds will vary depending on the number of participants in the claim and depending on the shoe model ranging from $20 up to $80.

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Inflatable Pool Slide Recall announced after reports of Death and Severe Injuries

Thu, 10 May 2012 18:18:40 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the recall of around 21,000 Banzai inflatable in-ground pool water slides because they have caused death and severe neck injuries. The slide could become deflated enough that a person could hit their head. Another safety concern is that the slide could fall over and cause injury.

The CPSC said that they know of a 29-year old mother who died after hitting her head at the bottom of the slide. She fractured her neck. The injury occurred when the slide was partly deflated. The retailers received reports of a 24-year old man who became a quadriplegic and a woman had fractured her neck from using the slide. The injuries occurred in a very similar way where they hit their head on the cement at the bottom of the slide.

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Recall of Trampolines sold at Walmart announced for Safety Net Breaking

Thu, 10 May 2012 04:55:49 +0000


Best Syndication News

(Best Syndication News) - Trampolines sold exclusively at Walmart are being recalled because the safety net surrounding it could fail causing serious injuries. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission, along with Sportspower Limited of Hong Kong, China, announced the voluntary recall.

The manufacturer, Sportspower, received 17 reports of the net breaking. Eleven people sustained injuries including broken bones, back and neck injuries, and contusions.

About 92,000 of the Sportspower BouncePro 14' Trampolines were sold exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide between February 2009 through February 2012 at a retail price around $275. The trampolines have a 6-feet high brown mesh netting and are 14’ in diameter. The UPC codes 68706404210 and 68706404244 were displayed on the trampoline box packaging.

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Bicycle Child Carrier Seat recall announced by Todson for needed Repair

Thu, 05 Apr 2012 19:16:03 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - Todson, Inc. has voluntarily recalled around 40,000 of the Topeak Babyseat™ II Bicycle Carrier Seats because the child could cut and possibly amputate their fingertips. The company received two reports of children catching their fingers and suffered a near amputation and a crushed finger.

The problem is when a child places their finger in the opening by the grab bar’s hinge equipment. The adult could lift the grab bar and this could cause the child’s finger to become caught in the hinge, which could cause injury including fingertip amputation.

The carrier seats were sold at J&B Imports, REI, Action and Hawley, other independent bicycle dealers, and other retailers nationwide. They also were sold online at The baby seat carrier were sold between January 2009 and April 2012 between $140 and $180.
Model number TCS2100, TCS2101 and TCS2102 of the Topeak Babyseat II bicycle carrier seats are involved in the recall. The model number can be found on the product's packaging.

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Women’s Cruiser Bicycle recall announced by Fuji for Free Frame Replacement

Wed, 22 Feb 2012 05:09:12 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the voluntary recall of Fuji Saratoga Women’s Bicycle because the frame could break and cause the rider to crash. The company received 12 reports of the bicycle frame breaking with two people being injured – one with a head laceration getting 20 stitches and the other receiving scrapes and bruises.

Around 10,500 bicycles are involved in this recall. They were sold at specialty bicycle stores nationwide between November 2007 and December 2011 at prices ranging between $300 and $500.

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Striiv Pedometer goes High-Tech with Fitness Coaching

Tue, 10 Jan 2012 22:06:18 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - For those people that are striving to be fit and slender for 2012, the new Striiv pedometer might be a fun way to stay motivated. The Striiv pedometer has incorporated even more tools to motivate users to walk 60 minutes a day.
The pedometer idea has been a common method promoted for individuals to walk and get fit. Doctors recommend 30 minutes of exercise or walking each day. The pedometer goal is to get 5,000 steps a day to keep people moving. Most pedometers just track footsteps and that is all. The Striiv has worked on incorporating an interactive tool for motivating the user.

There is a special way Stiiv helps to motivate walkers; The company will donate to charitable causes depending on how much time you have walked. They are donating money from sponsors to supply clean water in South America, give out polio vaccines in India, and saving the rain forest. It does not cost you anything for your walking efforts to donated to the cause of your choice; however you do have to walk and then connect the Striiv to a PC to participate in the program. Other than that, a PC computer is not required for using the Striiv.

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Schwinn Elliptical Trainer Recall - Requires Foot Plate Repair

Tue, 06 Dec 2011 18:47:28 +0000


(Best Syndication News) - The US Consumer Product Safety Commission along with Nautilius Inc. announced a voluntary recall for the Schwinn Ellipitcal Trainer exercise equipment because the foot plate could come off and cause the person to fall off. Owners of the elliptical trainer that is being recalled should not use the machine until the footplate has been repaired.

The company had been informed of nine reports of the foot plate coming off the machine or breaking when being used. One person had the machine hit their knee.

Around 10,000 of the recalled model number 460 of the Schwinn Elliptical Trainers were sold between July 2008 and May 2011 for about $1,000. They were sold online at, and at retail stores including Dick's Sporting Goods, AAFES. The elliptical also could have been sold at other retailers that specialized in fitness equipment or sporting goods.

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Trek Bicycles recalled for Seat Bolt Repair

Fri, 28 Oct 2011 00:31:36 +0000

(Best Syndication News) - The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced along with Trek Bicycle Corporation the voluntary recall of 27,000 Trek 2012 FX and District brand bicycles because a bolt that holds the seat saddle needs to be replaced. The bolt that is currently installed on the recalled bicycles could unexpectedly break causing the rider to fall off and possibly be injured.

The Model Year of the recalled bicycles are the 2012: Trek 7.2 FX, 7.3 FX, 7.4 FX, AND 7.5 FX. The District, and 9th District bicycle models being recalled are the: WSD, Livestrong and Disc. The bicycles were sold at bicycle retailers nationwide for a price of $550 - $1,100. They were sold between May 2011 and September 2011.

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