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Preview: Fighting for The Right To Miracle Marijuana Fighting for The Right To Miracle Marijuana Fighting for The Right To Miracle Marijuana. Article thread 19811.


John Tyler & FoM (afterburner)
"Why can't we all just get abong?" --another web site, John Tyler "That's the one thing that makes CNews so special to me. People really try hard to get along even if we don't think the same on every issue. That's the only way change can happen." --FoM "Power has to be shared: that is the key to survival." --Trance Gemini, "Pieces of Eight," Andromeda

E Johnson (Hope)
Excellent letter. I hope it get's ink.

Sukoi (Hope)
I read that sickening article, too. That "perfume" Pete fantasizes about was actually on the market about thirty years ago. I still have a bottle that I kept for a conversation piece. It was made by Jovan and was called simply "Grass". It was a mixture of musk and cannabis scent. Dumb me didn't have a clue what sort of "grass" that "Grass" was until I got suspected of smoking in the bathroom at work because of it. The supervisor announced that "Someone has been smoking marijuana in the restro...

Max Flowers, Ya got me! (Hope)
You really got me for a minute there! You're words lay exactly right on the page. I was alarmed for a moment and was thinking..."Max...", and the next line and next word...bong...made me laugh out loud. I had to read that to my husband and share some of the responses you got. That was a really good one. Thanks for the laugh. And yes...we are indeed angry. Very angry. Righteous anger doesn't often get much notice. I'm glad someone finally mentioned it in print. Angry, indignant, peaceful, and ...

AOLBites - RSS news feed for cannabisnews (observer)
That was exactly what I was looking for AOLBites, I'm glad you can use that! This page (html) explains the way the feeds work. One feed is like the home page , another feed is like the page and so on. What is RSS? from : RSS is an...

Related Published Letters To The Editor (FoM)
Reading The Smoke Signals on Medical Marijuana Use The U.S. Supreme Court case Ashcroft vs. Raich is an important one in the effort to help America's young people understand that smoked marijuana is not medicine ("The Plaintiff," by Carol Mithers, Nov. 14). Although the drug legalizers have successfully convinced a vast number of Americans that marijuana is good, parents and grandparents who have watched their children fall prey to this myth will tell you otherwise. There are currently 182,00...

AOLBites (FoM)
I'm glad that is what you were looking for. I'm sure in time I will understand it I just don't right now.

Exactly =P (AOLBites)
That was exactly what I was looking for .. . RSS allows you to use a news aggregator such as any of these is what i use every day for stock stuff so i tossed it into that

John Tyler (FoM)
I've seen that before too. That's the one thing that makes CNews so special to me. People really try hard to get along even if we don't think the same on every issue. That's the only way change can happen.

Get abong (John Tyler)
Why can't we all just get abong? I saw that on another web site.

AOLBites (FoM)
I don't know if this is what you are interested in. observer posted this link but I don't know what it means. I guess I'm kinda low tech.

FoM (AOLBites)
on the subject of features... a RSS feed would be nice as well as the edit page =) oh, and Max Flowers Please hold me at bongpoint as well =P

ANGRY? pro-cannabis movement (Patrick)
Angry? You bet. Personally it has been 25+ years since I discovered this phony 80 year old prohibition of cannabis. My hats off to my senior peers who have tolerated it longer than I. We live in a country inherently based on freedom and democracy yet we watch and rally against the millions of lives and dollars that continue to be wasted in a feeble attempt to prevent you, me, and others from either self-medication or recreation with a God given herb? Id say angry is putting it pretty damn mi...

Sukoi (FoM)
Thank you. I did read that article. Very sad that things have gone this way in our country.

Off Topic - The Dangerous Odor (Sukoi)
From New York Newsday,0,45393.story?coll=sns-ap-nation-headlines [Security guard] Tomika Thomas told police she smelled marijuana when she spotted the 16-year-old boy standing alone under a tree outside Booker T. Washington High School when other students were in class or the cafeteria. Thomas said she approached the student and tried to detain him, but he became aggressive, pushed her, then reached under his shirt....

Bravo, E_Johnson (Max Flowers)
That LTE was great.

as if she needs any more problems (goneposthole)
chronic severe pain nausea life-threatening weight loss seizures fibromyalgia an inoperable brain tumor Besides that, she's a criminal.

Here's my letter to them (E_Johnson)
Dear editors, The reason why Carol Mithers believes that "scientific examination of these competing claims has failed to issue the definitive blessing or curse both sides would like" is because her scientific reference is five years out of date. The IOM report no longer represents definitive cannabinoid science. It was completed in 1999. That was five years ago. Cannabinoid science has made rapid progress since then. But the LA Times has sadly failed at communicating that progress to the publ...

Editing (AlvinCool)
I type my responses or LTE's here, then cut and paste to a word processor. At that point I run my spell checker and view it then cut and paste it back. By doing it this way I'm good to go on any message site

FoM (Max Flowers)
I'm holding you at bongpoint... are ya scared? :-)

Max Flowers (FoM)
I liked what you said about looking down the barrel of a 4 foot bong. That was funny and it also shows how non violent we are.

Max Flowers (FoM)
Maybe if people ask Matt Elrod he might make an edit feature. I wish we had one too.

oops (Max Flowers)
"Helath" is good too, but I meant "health" Boy I wish this site had the edit functionality...

That's right (Max Flowers)
- California likely has the most medical cannabis patientssurprisingly, no one keeps official records, but estimates run from 30,000 to 100,000as well as an organized and angry pro-cannabis movement. - That's right, we're organized and angry! Just TRY and stop us!! You'll be looking down the barrel of a 4-foot bong. But seriously, we're angry as anyone would be when their rights to helath and freedom are infringed. Just as angry as members of the other culture would be if we tried to take t...