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Published: 2018-04-27T08:55-07:00


Insiders' Guide to Evaluating Remote Control Software


This whitepaper outlines the key factors involved in selecting the right remote control software solution that increases productivity and customer satisfaction, as well as enhances the flexibility of the IT organization while reducing risk.

Best-Practice Automation of Invoice Delivery from SAP(R) Solutions - Keeping Customers Satisfied While Making the Move


Virtually all businesses running SAP solutions want to move to electronic delivery of customer invoices and proof of delivery documents. The advantages of e-invoicing are clear: It's faster, less expensive and more reliable. And by increasing the speed and accuracy of billing, organizations can collect cash faster.

The Learning Organization Goes Digital


This white paper details why managers in training and development, learning, HR, and knowledge management are adopting on-demand digital libraries to support their efforts in creating a corporate culture for learning and innovation. Contents: Cultivating a Learning Culture, The Role of the Knowledge Management Professional, Harnessing Web Content: No Easy Task, Rising to the Challenge, About Safari Books Online.

10 Tips - IT Training Support


Effectively meeting the needs of IT professionals is no easy task. It requires responsiveness and a proactive approach to their training and development needs. The payoff for proper selection and delivery of programs for this segment of your workforce is significant - easier recruiting, better retention rates and lower turnover-related costs, and greater productivity for both your IT staff and the non-IT professionals that they enable. DOWNLOAD NOW - To assist you, we at Safari Books Online have developed the 10 tips as material to refresh and augment your ability to deliver real value to your IT workforce.

How to Make Your IT Staff Smarter


On-demand digital libraries support the development of technical knowledge and business acumen. This white paper explores how this 'always on' resource can facilitate technology professionals' ability to increase productivity, pursue professional certifications, improve collaborations and communication. Contents: Finding highly sought after information that?s not available on the free and open Web, and the need for e-reference evangelists.

Improving Application Development with Digital Libraries


How on-demand access to trusted information is used to overcome costly delays and rework in the application development process - through timeliness and accuracy. A white paper for technology managers, highlighting common challenges in application development and troubleshooting and how digital libraries can help development teams to overcome these. The following topics are addressed: Application Development: Challenges and Needs, Keeping Development on Target, The Solution: Digital Libraries, Advantages for Workgroups.

Working Green with Digital Libraries - How it Can Help


How online tools and content support a green work environment and how technology professionals are working green every day. Living "green" is a way of life for millions of people around the globe. And, businesses are learning that not only are consumers demanding green products and services, but that there are also benefits associated with adopting green practices in the workplace. Check out this white paper to learn how you can easily and quickly begin implementing green habits at work, including: Green Tips From Tech Professionals, More Way to Work (and Learn) Green With Digital Libraries, Easy Ways to Work Green, Working Green at Safari Books Online.

Minimizing Technology Project Delays with Digital Libraries


The Critical Path to Delivering On Time and Under Budget. Created for project management professionals (PMPs), technology professionals, product managers, and business initiative sponsors. This white paper outlines how to minimize project delays by supplementing best practices and popular project management software with on-demand digital libraries. The following topics are addressed: Information Gaps: The Root Cause of Delays, Filling the Gaps with Digital Libraries, Digital Library User Perspectives, In Their Own Words, Determining Applicability to Projects and Programs.

How VMware Virtualization Right-sizes IT Infrastructure to Reduce Power Consumption


VMware solutions help customers safely consolidate these machines onto much less hardware, both through initial consolidation efforts and dynamically as computing requirements change. This white paper explains how innovations in virtualization technology from VMware provide a foundation for a dramatically more efficient and greener IT environment.

Reduce Energy Costs and Go Green with VMware Virtualization


Energy consumption is a critical issue for IT organizations today. VMware virtualization gives you the power to right-size your IT infrastructure through server consolidation and dynamic load balancing across a pool of physical servers. Your IT organization can dramatically increase server utilization and reduce energy costs with VMware solutions.

Introduction to The Most Popular Commercial Open Source Backup Software - Amanda Enterprise


This paper provides a technical overview of Amanda Enterprise. It describes design and operations of Amanda Enterprise and how it is unique in its ease of use, flexibility and scalability.

How Can I Back Up MySQL Database Without Killing Application Performance? NetApp and Zmanda Have the Answer.


Description: This document describes how NetApp Snapshot and Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) can be used to do hot backup and point-in-time restore of MySQL databases. Specifically, this report covers the infrastructure required for integrating ZRM with a NetApp storage system and backing up and restoring a MySQL database using ZRM.

Comparing Data Center Batteries, Flywheels, and Ultracapacitors


Most data center professionals choose lead-acid batteries as their preferred method of energy storage. However, alternatives to lead-acid batteries are attracting more attention as raw material and energy costs continue to increase and as governments become more vigilant regarding environmental and waste disposal issues. This paper compares several popular classes of batteries, compares batteries to both flywheels and ultracapacitors, and briefly discusses fuel cells.

Automation: Key to Business Service Improvement


IT departments are automating their data centers, but not as effectively as they would like. Learn how to effectively automate your data center.

Data Centre Transitions: UNIX to Linux


Red Hat open source solutions provide the flexibility and value that the modern CIO needs to transform today's business into tomorrow's successful enterprise. Read what drives companies to migrate to the open source stack.

An Innovative Approach to Managing Software Requirements


Studies point to a more than 60% failure rate for software projects in the U.S., with poor requirements as one of the top five reasons. Managing requirements must be an integral part of an organization's overall development process, and is vital to mitigating risk on large development projects. This paper reviews the current state of the requirements management tools landscape and introduces MKS Integrity for Requirements Management. Learn how with MKS Integrity, requirements are authored, captured and traced through the downstream application lifecycle, and how companies can utilize best practices such as parallel development and reuse to advance their requirements management practice.

Monitoring the Computer Room's Physical Environment


This paper addresses the greatest environmental threats to the functionality of small to medium computer rooms and presents the time and cost savings associated with the integration of a remote monitoring system, limiting the impact of service interruptions organization-wide.

Why Every Data Center Needs Automation


Data center automation (DCA) solutions allow IT organizations to automate a variety of workflows that support configuration and change management processes across IT infrastructure. Automation is a major contributor in the ongoing battle to drive down costs through increased automation. In this whitepaper Forrester?s provides a detailed evaluation of DCA vendors.

The Value of Virtualization


Virtual machine and hypervisor software technology aboard x86 servers has quickly become one of the most talked-about new technologies in IT infrastructure. Virtualization delivers compelling business value today, improving availability of servers, enabling application scalability and reducing costs across the board. This White Paper presents a detailed analysis of the value proposition associated with moving across different virtualization adoption maturity levels.

A Look into Datacenters of the Future


A true datacenter transformation is taking place and IT organizations will continue to consolidate the number of sites and number of supported systems and will increasingly place greater emphasis on energy efficiency. This will consequently have a great impact on the operations and economics for the datacenter of the future.