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Published: 2018-04-26T03:55-07:00


Insiders' Guide to Evaluating Remote Control Software


This whitepaper outlines the key factors involved in selecting the right remote control software solution that increases productivity and customer satisfaction, as well as enhances the flexibility of the IT organization while reducing risk.

Improving Application Development with Digital Libraries


How on-demand access to trusted information is used to overcome costly delays and rework in the application development process - through timeliness and accuracy. A white paper for technology managers, highlighting common challenges in application development and troubleshooting and how digital libraries can help development teams to overcome these. The following topics are addressed: Application Development: Challenges and Needs, Keeping Development on Target, The Solution: Digital Libraries, Advantages for Workgroups.

Introduction to The Most Popular Commercial Open Source Backup Software - Amanda Enterprise


This paper provides a technical overview of Amanda Enterprise. It describes design and operations of Amanda Enterprise and how it is unique in its ease of use, flexibility and scalability.

How Can I Back Up MySQL Database Without Killing Application Performance? NetApp and Zmanda Have the Answer.


Description: This document describes how NetApp Snapshot and Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) can be used to do hot backup and point-in-time restore of MySQL databases. Specifically, this report covers the infrastructure required for integrating ZRM with a NetApp storage system and backing up and restoring a MySQL database using ZRM.

Achieving the Impossible- Unlimited Application Scalability


For applications that need to scale to stratospheric levels, the prospect of maintaining 100 percent application availability while simultaneously growing a system to handle an ever-increasing load is very daunting. This paper focuses on one specific approach that can help an organization achieve predictable, scalable performance for their applications? the use of clustered caching to provide applications with significantly higher throughput and lower latency for data operations while retaining the appropriate levels of data quality that the applications require.

Data Centre Transitions: UNIX to Linux


Red Hat open source solutions provide the flexibility and value that the modern CIO needs to transform today's business into tomorrow's successful enterprise. Read what drives companies to migrate to the open source stack.

Data Grids and Service ? Oriented Architecture


When choosing an SOA strategy, corporations must rely on solutions that ensure data availability, reliability, performance, and scalability. They must also avoid ?weak link? vulnerabilities that can sabotage SOA strategies. A data grid infrastructure, built with clustered caching, addresses these concerns. This paper looks at the challenges of selecting an SOA strategy, how an SOA can improve data availability and reliability, and how clustered caching can improve SOA performance and ensure scalability for very large-scale transaction volumes.

An Innovative Approach to Managing Software Requirements


Studies point to a more than 60% failure rate for software projects in the U.S., with poor requirements as one of the top five reasons. Managing requirements must be an integral part of an organization's overall development process, and is vital to mitigating risk on large development projects. This paper reviews the current state of the requirements management tools landscape and introduces MKS Integrity for Requirements Management. Learn how with MKS Integrity, requirements are authored, captured and traced through the downstream application lifecycle, and how companies can utilize best practices such as parallel development and reuse to advance their requirements management practice.

Using Virtualization to Maximize Your IT Environment


This working paper presents CA's corporate and technology strategy behind appropriate virtualization management positioning and commitments as an important element in preparation for the move toward that model in your IT environment. It also discusses the specific CA products and efforts that can help you respond to and harness the power of virtualization management to ensure customer value within your own "Cyber Monday."

Why Every Data Center Needs Automation


Data center automation (DCA) solutions allow IT organizations to automate a variety of workflows that support configuration and change management processes across IT infrastructure. Automation is a major contributor in the ongoing battle to drive down costs through increased automation. In this whitepaper Forrester?s provides a detailed evaluation of DCA vendors.

The Value of Virtualization


Virtual machine and hypervisor software technology aboard x86 servers has quickly become one of the most talked-about new technologies in IT infrastructure. Virtualization delivers compelling business value today, improving availability of servers, enabling application scalability and reducing costs across the board. This White Paper presents a detailed analysis of the value proposition associated with moving across different virtualization adoption maturity levels.

A Look into Datacenters of the Future


A true datacenter transformation is taking place and IT organizations will continue to consolidate the number of sites and number of supported systems and will increasingly place greater emphasis on energy efficiency. This will consequently have a great impact on the operations and economics for the datacenter of the future.

Oracle ONE Product Guide


Oracle delivers software to help organizations meet the complexities and challenges of operating in today?s business environment, supplying organizations of all sizes with a rock-solid data infrastructure to support flexible operations within dynamic markets. In short: reliable solutions for agile businesses. These solutions are built on over 30 years of data management experience and focus on three imperatives for modern organizations: protecting valuable data, delivering actionable insight, and establishing flexible processes. The benefits this brings to your business information systems are clear: Security, stability, accessibility, flexibility, transparency, scalability, value, easy, rapid deployment, low maintenance and affordability complete the offer. With additional specialist support from a network of local partners, Oracle provides a uniquely attractive alternative to expensive, inflexible and insecure proprietary solutions.

Splunk for Operations: Silos of instrumentation and tools slow the discovery of and recovery from problems...


Splunk searches across all the components of your services from one place to find and fix problems fast. All your IT data in one place speeds recovery: Index every type of IT data from every source and search, alert and report in real time across your entire IT infrastructure. Splunk consolidates data from multiple tiers, technologies and architectures. And with real-time indexing and search keeping up with virtualization and dynamic virtual machines isn't a problem. Finding and fixing problems faster means less down-time and improved service levels and performance.

Multiple agents are costly to deploy and still leave you in the dark...


Splunk simplifies Windows monitoring, troubleshooting, security and compliance: Apply powerful searching, alerting and reporting to the challenge of managing Windows. With Splunk you can collect and index all IT data generated by your Windows desktops, servers and applications. Search everything in one place. No more logging into each server to see what?s happening. Searches can be saved and scheduled as proactive alerts to improve monitoring coverage over time. Reports and dashboards let you keep watch across the servers you manage. Splunk slashes the time to find and analyze problems and eliminates the need to install and manage redundant agents.

Top 10 Reasons Hackers Use the Web for Attacks


Blue Coat Systems outlines the top 10 reasons why hackers use the web to attack including desktop and server vulnerabilities, the widespread adoption of "always-on" broadband Internet access and more. Read this white paper to learn more.

Application Performance Brief: Oracle


Blue Coat appliances can optimize and accelerate all Oracle Applications traffic - reducing latency and increasing WAN throughput for users, while maintaining control, visibility, and security for network administrators.

How SaaS-Based Tools Provide A Superior End-User Service


Businesses of all sizes have to manage an increasing diversity of remote users and devices. The task ranges from simply keeping systems running to ensuring security, compliance and the achievement of environmental goals. Under this sort of pressure, IT managers and managed service providers, to which the task is often outsourced, must have flexible access to powerful tools and an ability to share the data those tools rely on. This report provides advice on the approaches that can be taken to ease the task of IT management.

MSPs, SaaS And The Management of Remote Devices


Whether we like it or not we are all IT users now. Through the ubiquity of networks of devices that we rely on for information, security and day-to-day transactions even those who eschew technology now rely on it, even if they do not acknowledge it. The failure of these networks can lead to widespread disruption, unhappy customers, unproductive employees and lost business. Ensuring their availability, security and efficiency is a job for experts who need powerful tools to carry out the task. This briefing addresses issues faced by organizations that have to manage an increasingly dispersed IT infrastructure.

Mission Critical Java


Customers can now reap the benefits of a standard Java-based infrastructure, including higher developer productivity, fewer defects, a rock-solid proven kernel, and adherence to standards. Read this white paper to learn how you can achieve, extreme and predictable performance with Java, real-time, real-world memory leak detection and application performance analysis, and increased Enterprise performance, manageability and simplicity.