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See What America Hates Most, State By State

Thu, 20 Jul 2017 14:21:26 GMT

The dating app Hater, which matches users by what they hate, just released a map of the U.S. that reveals what is most scorned by each state.

One thing that always brings people together is a specific, intense opinion. It feels good to rally around something positive (“Carly Rae Jepsen is the best!”) but there’s also a dark, transgressive thrill in bonding over a negative (“Ed Sheeran should go live on the sun!”) A new map of the U.S. reveals the ties that bind Americans in shared hatred.

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The 2018 Pirelli Calendar Is Here With An All-Black “Alice In Wonderland” Cast

Thu, 20 Jul 2017 14:21:16 GMT

RuPaul, Lupita Nyong’o, Whoopi Goldberg, Naomi Campbell, and Diddy headline photographer Tim Walker’s gloriously black rendition of Lewis Carroll’s classic.

WHAT: The 2018 Pirelli calendar

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Good Luck Getting Elected To Congress If You Are A Moderate Woman

Thu, 20 Jul 2017 14:00:50 GMT

Though it’s rising, the paltry headcount of women in Congress is particularly alarming in the current political climate.

As I’ve written recently, the world of venture capital isn’t the most welcoming for women. But it’s certainly not the only sector where they are woefully underrepresented: In the U.S. Congress, women currently account for less than 20% of its 535 members.

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Shyp, Which Wanted To Transform Shipping, Is Scaling Back To San Francisco

Thu, 20 Jul 2017 13:05:10 GMT

The company is leaving most of its markets and retooling its service to serve small businesses rather than consumers—tough decisions that it hopes will lead to profitability.

“Magic” may be the tech industry’s most-abused term. But when I first used Shyp in 2015, the word felt just right. With a few taps on my iPhone, I snapped photos of items I wanted to ship and summoned a courier who arrived in no more than 20 minutes. Shyp whisked my stuff off to one of its facilities, fastidiously packed it in custom boxes, and sent it off via whatever major shipper provided the best value for the turnaround time I needed. All for a fee of $5, which it sometimes waived.

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“We Had The Wrong Goal Initially”: Pinterest’s Diversity Chief Adjusts Course

Thu, 20 Jul 2017 12:27:56 GMT

Last year Pinterest set diversity goals it called “aggressive for a reason.” Diversity chief Candice Morgan shares what she’s learned since—and what’s next.

When Candice Morgan was appointed to head up Pinterest’s diversity and inclusion efforts in January 2016, she described the then–700-person company’s hiring goals as “aggressive for a reason.” “They were based on research, looking at the talent pool, who is available, and who is coming out of certain programs. They were thoughtfully crafted,” Morgan told Fast Company. Then she observed, “In the world of diversity, things take time.”

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See Just How Much Of A City’s Land Is Used For Parking Spaces

Thu, 20 Jul 2017 11:30:53 GMT

In Los Angeles, for example, car parking takes up 17,020,594 square meters of land.

Two of the massive parking lots next to Dodger Stadium in L.A.–together roughly the size of Grand Central Station, or twice as big as the Pentagon–have room for thousands of cars. On non-game days, they’re largely empty. A new visualization shows the footprint of each lot, arranged in a puzzle-like design next to every other parking lot in greater Los Angeles, to make a point about how cities use space.

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This Donald Trump Jr. Headline Had All Of Twitter Making The Exact “Same” Joke

Thu, 20 Jul 2017 11:00:15 GMT

How one tantalizingly worded headline connected with a large swath of Twitter.

Misery loves company, and this year it has had no shortage.

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Doing This One Thing Can Hurt Your Job Interview Chances

Thu, 20 Jul 2017 11:00:10 GMT

You might not even realize that you’re doing it.

Of course there are lots of ways you can sabotage an interview. But we’re going to assume you know better than to lie on your resume, bash your previous employer, or perhaps worst of all, show up totally unprepared. So let’s talk about one thing you might not realize is hurting your chances of landing a new job: being inconsistent.

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This Is Where You’ll Find Your Next New Employee

Thu, 20 Jul 2017 10:00:49 GMT

These are some of the best ways to find talent.

If you’re looking to expand your team, chances are one of your current employees knows just the right person, according to SilkRoad’s Sources of Hire 2017 report. Employee referrals are the top source of hires, delivering more than 30% of hires overall and 45% of hires from internal sources.

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The Radio “Bubble” That Could Shield Soldiers From Terrorist Drones

Thu, 20 Jul 2017 09:30:30 GMT

The startup SkySafe raised $11.5 million from a group of investors, and inked a deal through the Pentagon’s innovation lab to work with the Navy SEALs.

The idea of drones carrying things cameras for journalism, aid for disaster zones, or even packages for Amazon sounds great to a lot of people. 

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Media Files:,q_auto,f_auto,fl_lossy/wp-cms/uploads/2017/07/poster-p-1-The-military-hopes-this-tech-can-stop-terrorists-from-using-drones-to-drop-grenades-on-soldiers.jpg

Self-Driving Cars Must Earn Our Trust, Says Intel’s Autonomous Chief

Thu, 20 Jul 2017 09:00:45 GMT

Intel’s Jack Weast shares new lessons about robo cars. For one: they’ll fail if they don’t tell us clearly and consistently what they are up to, and why.

Intel may have missed out on the smartphone boom, but it’s determined to get a foothold in smart cars. In January, the company unveiled a line of in-car computer systems called Intel GO; in March, it announced the purchase of Mobileye, an Israeli company that makes sensors and cameras for driverless vehicles. Now, Intel is collaborating with BMW on an autonomous car platform, which the companies hope to eventually license to other carmakers—an automotive version of the “Wintel” (Windows and Intel) duo that dominated the PC business.

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This VC Explains How To Avoid Pitching Good Ideas Badly

Thu, 20 Jul 2017 09:00:33 GMT

One counterintuitive tip: Don’t oversell how different your startup is.

Too many startup founders’ otherwise great ideas fall flat when they pitch them all wrong. As a venture capitalist, I’ve seen pitches flounder for lots of reasons. Sometimes it’s forgetting to state which problem the idea is meant to solve, or even the simple value proposition. Other times it’s failing to identify exactly who the end buyer might be.

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Former Recruiters Reveal The Industry’s Dark Secrets That Cost You Job Offers

Thu, 20 Jul 2017 08:00:13 GMT

Recruiters are often asked to do the impossible, which sometimes makes them resort to unsavory—or downright discriminatory—practices.

We’re seeking a creative, experimentally minded, outside-the-box thinker to join our fast-paced, innovative team.

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These Expandable Kids’ Clothes Are Designed To Grow Six Sizes

Thu, 20 Jul 2017 06:00:58 GMT

The gender-neutral, waterproof outerwear from a company called Petit Pli fits children from 6 months old to 36 months.

When Ryan Yasin bought a gift of clothing for his newborn nephew, the baby had outgrown it by the time it was delivered. Yasin, a master’s student in London’s Royal College of Art’s Innovation Design Engineering program, was inspired by the problem of short-lived kids’ garments, and wondered if it would be possible to design clothing that could grow along with children.

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The Case Against Louise Mensch’s Blue Twitter Checkmark

Wed, 19 Jul 2017 17:38:50 GMT

Whether Twitter admits it or not, its verification badge is a status symbol. Why give it to conspiracy theorists?

The best and worst thing about Twitter is that you can say anything, and people may actually listen. And I mean anything.

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The Difficult Calculus Of Giving Guns To Non-State Militias

Wed, 19 Jul 2017 17:00:15 GMT

The Pentagon insists that arming Kurdish fighters–as President Trump ordered in May–is essential to beating ISIS. But do the benefits outweigh the risks?

In May, U.S. President Donald Trump authorized a plan to arm the YPG, a Kurdish militia in Syria. A month later, the YPG and their Arab partners in the Syrian Democratic Forces began the fight to take the Syrian city of Raqqa back from the Islamic State (ISIS). While the U.S., Russia, and Jordan agreed to a cease-fire in southwest Syria that went into effect last week, the intense battle for Raqqa continues in the north of the country.

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RZA And Chipotle Are Bringing Beats (But Not Beets) To Your Lunch

Wed, 19 Jul 2017 16:05:58 GMT

Assemble the ingredients and assemble the track on their interactive website.

Chipotle hasn’t been shy about tapping the creative talents of prominent people in the past. They’ve published short stories by Jonathan Safron Foer and Toni Morrison on their packaging, and talked up their fresh ingredients with the help of Jeffrey Tambor and Jillian Bell (even as they’ve tiptoed around their struggles with food-borne illness). But translating burritos, tacos, and protein bowls to music is a tall order. Which is presumably why they tapped Wu-Tang overlord RZA to make it happen.

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These Posters Explain How To Help Stop Islamophobic Attacks In Public

Wed, 19 Jul 2017 16:00:23 GMT

Plastered around the city of Boston for the next six months, the fliers contain some salient advice, namely: Help the victim disengage from the person spewing hate speech.

In late June, the city of Boston was left in shock after a 34-year-old man assaulted a 61-year-old woman in a headscarf riding the MBTA’s Orange Line. Yelling anti-Muslim slurs at her and accusing her of carrying “a bomb that would kill us all,” according to a press release from the Suffolk County district attorney’s office, he then struck her with an umbrella and smashed a window on the train.

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Refugee Camps Are Turning Into Permanent Cities–Can They Be Smart Cities?

Wed, 19 Jul 2017 14:30:48 GMT

Camps were meant to be temporary settlements, but they’re becoming permanent–so we need to find a way to digitize them and bring them up to speed with cities in the developing world.

When a refugee family arrives at the Kakuma camp in Kenya—established in 1992 and now populated by more than 164,000 people—they’re given a slip of paper that serves as identification. If they have children, they’re given a paper voucher to trade for their attendance at the camp school. Meals, pre-rationed by aid organizations, are obtained via punches in another paper card. Cash, withdrawn from a limited selection of banks near the camp, fills in other gaps. Kakuma operates, needless to say, as paper-based economy, shakily supported by a disconnected payments system of vouchers and cash.

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How Guillermo del Toro’s New Film Is And Isn’t Like M. Night Shyamalan’s “Lady in the Water”

Wed, 19 Jul 2017 13:59:29 GMT

The first trailer for Guillermo del Toro’s “The Shape of Water” just dropped, and Fast Company noticed some troubling similarities to M. Night Shyamalan’s 2006 flop.

WHAT: The first trailer for The Shape of Water, a film about interspecies relationships with sea creatures.

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