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Published: Tue, 25 Oct 2016 10:19:31 GMT


Ubinas: With Halloween looming, still chasing the ghost of Richard Basciano
I'D BEEN CHASING this ghost for more than three years. And then finally, last week, there he was in a Philadelphia courtroom.

Who's that picketing Santander Bank? Why it's lawyer Chuck Peruto
The criminal defense attorney is his own lawyer this time

Giordano: Lauding police who do their jobs right
I GUESS IT'S just coincidence that suddenly the NFL's TV ratings have dropped significantly this season. I'm sure it has to do with the presidential debates, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning not playing, people watching games on devices other than TV.

NRA dumps Toomey: That is good news for him
Sen. Pat Toomey got some unexpected good news in the form of what looked like bad news. He's lost the endorsement of the NRA, which he had six years ago in his first campaign for the U.S. Senate.

Byko: Worst president ever? Go back a few decades, author says
IN THE PROLOGUE to an election that some fear could produce the worst president ever (hint: it's the multimillionaire with the multiple marriages), author Robert Strauss has released a book titled "Worst. President. Ever."

Several explore possibility of 2017 primary run for district attorney
THE 2017 Democratic primary election for district attorney in Philadelphia is still more than seven months away, but two things are already clear.

Bykofsky: Gross case of stolen and mistaken identity
WHEN SHAWN GILL got a call at his Warminster home from a doctor at Einstein Medical Center asking how he was feeling, he was puzzled.

Giordano: We need a law to end policy of Sanctuary Cities
THE FIRST anniversary of Pope Francis' visit to Philadelphia garnered the expected headlines noting his charisma and the impact he had on some people during his visit. I see him as holy, charismatic and kind.

Ubinas: Mother on mission to find son's killer
LISA ESPINOSA'S youngest son, Raymond Pantoja, was killed April 10 outside a nightclub at B Street and Allegheny Avenue in Kensington.

Baer: Lots of he said/she said and dancing
They didn't even need music. No, sir. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump danced and danced the night away and made 2016's first presidential debate a mirror of their campaigns.