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Last Build Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2017 05:58:33 -0500


Comment on "Forgotten Hill: Surgery"

Wed, 29 Mar 2017 05:58:33 -0500

I gave up on the 4 dials in the experiments room too.

Naming the 4 controls

  • LA - arrow on the left

  • LR - rotator on the left

  • RA - arrow on the right

  • RR - rotator on the left




  • LR LR

  • RA RR LR

- barbara

Comment on "Forgotten Hill: Surgery"

Wed, 29 Mar 2017 05:23:30 -0500

I gave up trying to solve the clock by myself, and I found the video walkthrough almost too fast to follow. I had to go through the clock sequence several times, riding the pause/play button so I could write down the steps.

Numbering the buttons 1 2 3 from left to right

  • Click 2 3 3

  • Click 1 until the minute hand (with the moon sign) is at 9

  • Click 3 2 1 3 1 3 2 1

- barbara

Comment on "Forgotten Hill: Surgery"

Tue, 28 Mar 2017 12:05:30 -0500

Hi Paul,

I kind of got stuck on that one too. I had to look through the video. I think it has something to do with

the pins having to be matched in both position and color to the diagram with the floors, a floor up if I remember correctly.

You might have to fiddle around with it a bit but hopefully it will work out!

- Arceus

Comment on "Night in the Woods "

Mon, 27 Mar 2017 13:54:20 -0500

These are fantastic tips! Thanks so much for sharing them.

- Rebecca

Comment on "Alice House: No 5. House of the Duchess"

Sun, 26 Mar 2017 17:44:34 -0500

I have a problem but it will be a spoiler to explain it.

When I solved the cupboard and got the handles for some reason I put them back on and now I can't use them to open the top cupboard which is obviously where my plate is. Does anybody have an idea how I can get solve this issue?

- Mommadog

Comment on "Night in the Woods "

Sat, 25 Mar 2017 20:50:31 -0500

Some Tips and secrets: Parkour Jumping on the tree outside your house is an easy way to get onto the rooftops to the west. After the boxes are off the Snack Falcon, you can make a jump from the light pole to the left of it onto a light fixture of the diner, and manage to get onto the roof of said with precise jumps. After Gregg tells you about his apartment roof door being fixed, you can find a stage by going through the building and heading left over the power line. Once the Church steps are repaired, the lightpost to the left of said steps can be used to get on the power lines. This leads to a segment where you can talk to Lori, or go through a window to find a nest of rats. Side Quests Crawlspace Boxes Talk to your Dad each day after examining the boxes repeatedly, until the text repeats, and eventually he'll move the boxes. This allows you to enter the basement. The combination to the basement safe can be found by reading the bookshelf to the right of the crawlspace entrance repeatedly, until you find a book with the code written in it. In the Epilogue, the tooth will encourage your Dad to form a union. Library has the details of why this is, in the newspaper clippings. Constellations Every few in-game days, there will be an opportunity to look for stars on top of a roof. Find all of them, and your teacher will be there to say a few words during the near-end phase. You can get to that roof segment easily by climbing the tree outside your house and following the power line left. Rats After the church is open, you can get to the power line to the left of it. One of the windows you can get to above the power lines is openable, and leads to a pair of rats. After examining the rats, you have the option to steal pretzels from the subway stand. Feed the rats daily to get their ending. Stop moving when the vender's eye is to the middle, and you'll be safe. Windmills There are four windmills scattered about the rooftops. Jumping rapidly on one side speeds them up enough to release their payloads. Each one released results in a message to find in Angus' investigatory segment. Musicians Upon accessing the stage, you can talk to the saxophone player there. There will also be a violinist on the way to Lori M. Talking to each of them throughout the days will result in them jamming together. Examining the Stage Left after getting them to play together locates a flyer for a particular act; this sheds light on the dream sequences. Demontower After the second night, you can play Demontower on the laptop at any time. This rewards you with up to two journal pages. After level three, you lose one maximum shield per level. Each level, you gain one sprint bar. This results in more dodge-based gameplay as it goes on. Final boss heals whenever he stands on blood. Hit him upward or downward, and dodge only up and down, to keep him from going into the blood rivers. True ending can only be obtained by watching for the hints given by the NPC that shows up at the start of every other level. He does not respawn if killed, and does not show up in the next levels either. If killed, you must restart the entire game from scratch. Following the instructions in the skull room off to the left in the final level gives you a key, which you use to seal the beast in the middle and makes the final boss slightly easier. Completing this gives you the second journal page. or you could watch me do it I guess Misc. To the right of the church and everything, there is a group of teens that shows up on one day. Haven't figured out their deal yet. After hanging out with Jerm and meeting Rabies, you can sit on the bridge for an extended period to have him hang down and talk with you. Not missing a single note in practice results in different end-dialog. I have a playthr[...]

Comment on "Cube Escape: Birthday"

Sat, 25 Mar 2017 13:51:23 -0500

I keep crashing at the window. I know what to do there, but my app (iPad user here) kicks me out as soon as I see the window or put a finger on it. The processing power of touch seems to bug it up a lot.

- Kai Grieb

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°138"

Sat, 25 Mar 2017 12:48:47 -0500

I would never have been able to finish Room with Pedals because it was almost impossible to see

the squares on the front of the table. Even after reading the hint in the walkthrough, I had to use my Virtual Magnifying Glass all around the table to finally see the faint white on light-grey clue.

Thanks for the walkthrough, @kktkkr, and for all your great walkthroughs.

- barbara

Comment on "Forgotten Hill: Surgery"

Sat, 25 Mar 2017 12:08:30 -0500

there might be a server issue with this game as at leasrt 3 times it froze forcing me to restart the game. fortunately it has an auto save. secondly a few of the puzzles were very hard to understand. The last one I left on:

the pins and rubber bands where you have to drag to certain points in the board, it really didn't match what the real game had. I tried over 20 minutes and I was really confused.

I might try that puzzle again if I get better help on it but i'm not sure. Anyway...

- Paul

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°138"

Sat, 25 Mar 2017 12:08:01 -0500

I echo kktkkr and Paul's comments about fixing the image for the "USB Holder" game. I almost didn't play it.

- barbara

Comment on "Forgotten Hill: Surgery"

Sat, 25 Mar 2017 01:56:30 -0500

Seems to me the entire Forgotten Hill series is severely lacking. The games are heavily saturated with simple-mildly complex puzzles, there is little to no story element in play, and the "horror" (if I dare even label this game as such) is playing off the idea that blood = scary. This being the thought process, the games are loaded all kinds of blood ridden objects, severed limbs and other creepy "scary" things

like tentacle alien nurses


If you're looking for a mildly entertaining time waster, this isn't a bad choice. But anything deep, engaging and/or moving can be found elsewhere.

- Yoshi

Comment on "The Ritual - Part 1"

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 22:31:12 -0500

I had too much fun modifying that one inscription to say different things. The Ritual - Part 1 Ms. Rage is grading your papers at the moment, and if even angels can't save your failing grade then maybe a demon's what you need. Collecting the ritual ingredients is the difficult part, but you'd do anything for that A+++. Exploration Hideout Joe wants you to get him a piece of red chalk, a sulfur-scented candle, and graveyard dirt. You'll have to look all over town to get them, but let's check the hideout first. The wardrobe on the left needs a three-digit code to unlock. The digits are marked on (some of) their sides with plus and minus signs. Check out the washing machine. Not sure why you have a washing machine here, but it'll probably come in handy. Examine the game board on the wall. I guess it's hanging there because nobody's interested in super short games of chutes-and-ladders. The 12 squares on the board are actually puzzle pieces. Take the pot from the shelf. (Leave through the door on the right to view the map.) Map From left to right, the locations are the school office, candle shop, hideout and cemetery. School office At the moment, Ms. Rage appears to be fiddling with her diary rather than marking papers. More time to summon demons! There are various objects in this room: a water cooler, a cake, a piece of red chalk on the table... but you can't touch any of it because you're not allowed in here, and who knows what mayhem will ensue if you get seen. There is one thing you can do here: read the message board, which has a note announcing the new office phone number. Candle shop We could buy a sulfur-scented candle for $1000... no, that's not happening. Instead, the shop owner will also accept a fluffy pillow to sit on in exchange for the candle. There's a phone here, but we don't even have a quarter to use it. Cemetery The caretaker won't let you through the gates, probably because you're trying to dig up some graves. He's looking for his chocolate cake. Maybe he'll help you if you find it? Take the coin from the ground next to his counter. Examine the dirt on the ground. It's not graveyard dirt, but you're sure it's useful in some other way. Take the garbage from the trashcan. Great, now you're gonna be carrying that stench around. Puzzles Mayhem in the office Go to the candle shop, use your coin on the phone, and dial up the school office. (Click 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1, 1.) It turns out that only Ms. Rage is in, and she's going to have to walk all the way to the phone and back, leaving her desk unsupervised. Now that you can get in and out of the office without being seen, you're free to drain the water cooler in the pot, steal the vanilla cake, and grab her red chalk. What did you have to do again? A puzzling wardrobe The digits correspond to the numbers on the puzzle pieces, with the + and - signs representing the shapes of the piece edges. A missing sign on an edge indicates that that piece has a straight edge in that direction, so that the middle digit is the number on the bottom middle piece. The three pieces are pieces 5, 2, 9. Enter 529 into the wardrobe, getting a pillowcase. Extra fluffy That's just the pillowcase, where do we get filling? Fill the pillowcase with the garbage. It's way too smelly to give to the candle shop owner, so chuck it in the washing machine. Half an hour later, you have a fresh(?) pillow, which you can trade with the candle shop owner to get the sulfur candle. Finding a cake The one we have is the wrong flavor for the caretaker. Not that the poor man's old tastebuds would know... Pour the pot of water over the dirt, turning it to mud, and then use the cake on the mud, coating it brown. [...]

Comment on "The Ritual - Part 1"

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 14:26:53 -0500

cab;t wait fir the walkthrough. Carmel games rule :)

- Paul

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°138"

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 14:24:42 -0500

KK, thanks again for the Cooking Classes Walkthrough.
and whoever is responsible for making the screenshots, please change the one on USB Holder as that was a screenshit from last weeks weekend escape game. Thanks.

- Paul

Comment on "Forgotten Hill: Surgery"

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 13:50:37 -0500

Thanks for pointing that out zoy! I've gone through and fixed the links - please let me know if I missed any.

Should anyone need hints, the game makers have walkthroughs, both video and text, available here:

Enjoy the game!

- Arceus

Comment on "Forgotten Hill: Surgery"

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 13:26:29 -0500

The link isn't taking us to the game, it's just bringing us back to the jayisgames review.

- zoyciteyouma

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°138"

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 22:42:43 -0500

For the first ten seconds in this game I thought I was still playing Breakfast Jigsaw Escape. Amajeto has brought a new look to the room, if not a new feel. Cooking Classes 1 Go through every cupboard and drawer in this room to make one basic omelette. Exploration Window There's a table on the left which doesn't have anything interesting on it. Particularly not an omelette. Yeah, what it needs is an omelette. The door next to the table is locked, which means that this screen is largely pointless empty space. (Turn right.) Sofa There's a sofa with a locked stand on each side, and a omelette-inspired triptych where the middle picture seems to have been... scrambled. Clicking each of its pieces rotates it clockwise. The left table requires a sequence of purple shapes to open, and the right table is a 4x4 grid of squares which turn on or off when clicked, and there's a clue (O+K) written under the grid. (Turn right.) TV There's a television mounted on the wall, and a whole lot of shelving constructed around it. What's on the shelves isn't important, other than a conspicuous digital clock on the upper-left shelf with its time stuck at 12:43, but there's a total of four locked drawers which we have to open up. The drawer on the left of the TV has a 4x4 grid divided into four large squares. Some of the small squares have pictures of eggs (on lettuce?), sushi, pizza or chicken drumsticks on them. Clicking on the empty squares cycles them through the pictures. The drawers on the right of the TV each require different codes. The top one requires a sequence of maroon/pink button presses. The next one requires a four-letter code, where the four letters are colored green, blue, yellow and red. The bottom one requires a four-digit code. There's also a door on this screen, with its handle blocked by a chef head cutout. It's a little creepy having this chef watch you cook. (Turn right.) Kitchen There's two pictures of omelettes on this wall, decorated on both sides with rows of pink tiles. To make things more interesting, each row of seven pink tiles is missing its second and second-last tile, in the sense that those tiles match the red background. The left picture isn't clickable, but the right one tilts a bit when you click its corners. Below the left picture, there's a tablet computer on the table, displaying an array of letters with two squares missing out of it and a square in the upper-right corner outlined lightly. The letters are F, O, R, K arranged roughly from inside out, which matches the picture of the fork on the right of the letters. Next to that table, there's a fridge with full of badly organized ingredients, from which you can get the stick of butter and two eggs to use later. Next to that, a stove which doesn't even have a frying pan on it, but you can turn the right knob to make the front plate red-hot. Puzzles Picture above sofa Unscramble the picture by rotating its pieces (it's randomized per playthrough, but you don't have to complete it if you know the other codes). A hidden compartment opens in the lower right. Take the remote control. Right stand Fill the grid according to where the letters O and K appear in the square area indicated on the tablet. ___K OO_K _O_K _O_K Turn those eight squares white, then open up the stand to take a key. There's also two squares on the back wall of the stand, with some of their corners marked with the numbers 1 to 6. Left drawer It's a mini sudoku! Fill each column and row (and 2x2 square) with each of the four pictures exactly once. (Guide for those unfamiliar with solving sudo[...]

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°138"

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 19:46:22 -0500

It was stuck in my head all day after playing the game. I wanted to make sure everyone else was subjected to it as well.

Too bad you all missed out on my totally sick air guitar.

- Bindie

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°138"

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 18:20:43 -0500

enjoyed the first 2 games. can't wait for cooking class. keep me updated on the walkthrough for that :)

- Paul

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°138"

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 06:00:14 -0500

Having a tomoLa game featured here is rare, and it's even more rare to make a reference to that Biiiiicycle! Room with Pedals Collect key pieces from blue-and-white capsules to assemble the key and exit. You can collect multiple pedals but only one of them is a usable item. The game counts how many pedals you have, but there's no bonus for getting all of them. Exploration You start facing five windows overlooking a plain. It's even more plain than the name suggests, so at least the windows have different heights to keep things interesting. There's a potted plant that does nothing, next to a table with a box on it. The box has a star-shaped gear protruding out, as well as two rectangles with a red circle and two blue lines marked. The box also a button that does nothing yet. On the front of the table, a series of white rectangles (stickers?) stand out among the metal table surface, and the first two and last two are lower than the other three. Turn right. There's a sofa, and a blue bin on the left. Zoom on on the blue bin. You can't do anything with it, but there's a pedal (item) on the handrest of the sofa visible on this screen. Click the right side of the sofa to find another clue with white rectangles arranged vertically. The first and last rectangles are to the left of the other four. There's also a capsule stuck out of reach behind the sofa. Turn right. There's the exit door (locked of course), and to the right of it, there's a safe in the wall. Not your normal safe though, this one has two visible metal pieces with handles sticking up and slightly separated. The safe also has three rectangular buttons on the right, two short and one long. Under the safe, there's a switch panel on the wall with two buttons which don't seem to do anything. Turn right. There's a chest of drawers here, each requiring a different code to open. The top drawer needs a sequence of colors for three different-sized circles. The middle drawer needs a three-digit code. The bottom drawer needs a sequence of buttons, where each of the buttons is a rectangle with a different height. Head down the left corridor and into the toilet. Sit down. Look right. Look up. Look left. It's just a drawing on the wall. Go back to the wall with the chest of drawers. This time, click the partially visible bicycle on the right side. On its seat, there's a capsule containing the bottom-left key piece. Click the black bicycle pedal, which has 614 written on it in white. Key pieces Box on desk Use the pedal on the gear protrusion. Two yellow lines are visible on the side of this pedal. Press the button to spin the pedals. The yellow and blue lines blur out into medium and large circles, while the red circle remains small. Top drawer Use the code from the box to determine the colors for each circle. Yellow: medium. Red: small. Blue: large. Make the circles blue, yellow and red (2, 1, 3 clicks) and then open the drawer, getting a capsule with the top-left key piece. Middle drawer Use the three-digit code from the black pedal (fixed to the bicycle). Enter 614, and open the drawer to get a pedal and a capsule with the top key piece. Bottom drawer Use the window heights to unlock this drawer. Press the long, middle, short, middle, short buttons. Open the drawer to get the upper-right key piece. Capsule behind sofa Use the pedal on the ball, sliding it along the floor until both the pedal and the capsule slide out the left side. Take the pedal and open the capsule to get the bottom-right key piece. [...]

Comment on "Cat in Japan"

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 21:32:35 -0500

oh!!!! love bart bonte

- Grae Anderson

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°138"

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 21:13:11 -0500

Google translation of MayMay's comment from the Japanese:

"I'm glad you liked this game
USB is in the eyes of the viewer :-) "

- Rodement

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°138"

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 19:26:06 -0500

I love Maymay's games a lot but I feel like someone may have lied about selling them a glue gun

- Akarroa

Comment on "The Museum"

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 16:08:41 -0500

The link for this game is no longer at Anode and Cathode web site. You can still access this game at

- me

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°138"

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 15:35:31 -0500

Thank you MayMay for your comment :)


- Jeff

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°138"

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 10:46:11 -0500

USB は見る人の目にある :-)

- May May

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°138"

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 10:35:37 -0500

This was more linear than I expected, even for a MayMay game. (Please fix the image.) USB Holder First room First, let's deal with the two cupboard safes on the floor. (A) The cupboard on the left is missing a handle. (B) The next one needs a four-shape code, a white outline for each corner Next, the wall safes. (C) The left safe needs three filled shapes, either red, yellow or green. (D) The right safe takes a four letter code, with letters among CDEFGMNOP. The table is covered in dirt, and has a hook over it. Four white half-outlines are on the wall, as if something rectangular is missing here. Turn around. Examine the door to see that it's screwed shut. There's three safes on the floor here: (E) The upper-left safe requires a sequence of faces. The face shape, eye shape and mouth shapes are different. (F) The bottom-left safe requires a three-digit code. (G) The bottom-right safe requires a four-digit code, and is labeled SALE. There's a set of power outlets on the floor, with different shapes for plugs and pins. Plug shapes (E) The shape of the power outlets is the code for the face safe. (Tip for remembering the shapes: none of the faces have repeat shapes.) Click the buttons 3, 1, 4 times. Open the safe up to get a glue gun. Glue gun (G) Examine the glue gun closely. There's a serial number on it, which helps open the safe labeled SALE. The letters S, A, L, E are written above the digits 5, 8, 3, 9. Enter that into the safe, and open it to get a screwdriver. Unscrew the door, and go through. Second room The picture in the frame on the left shows three shapes: a square, circle and triangle. (H) The door in this room needs a sequence of four buttons to unlock. The buttons have animals on them: Bird, Snail, Cat, Rabbit. (I) The box to the right of the door needs a four-digit code to unlock. The digits are orange and squarish. Take the mirror from the right wall off of its hook. Mirror (B) Hang the mirror above the table, matching up the white outlines on each. The resulting shapes form the code for the cupboard on the floor. Top: 5, 1 Bottom: 2, 3 Open the cupboard and take the piece of cloth. Cloth (I) Clean the table with the cloth, revealing a set of squarish outlines whose reflections in the mirror are numbers, the digit code for the box in the next room. Enter 6953 in that box, then open it and take an eraser. Eraser (C) Use the eraser on the picture, so that the letters R, Y, G appear on the square, circle and triangle. This gives the code for the left wall safe. Red Square, Yellow Circle, Green Triangle (3, 7, 2 clicks) Open it and take the red ball. Red ball (A) We have everything needed to make a makeshift handle for that left cupboard. Use the glue gun on the screw from the door, and use the red ball on the glued screw. Then use the whole thing on the left cupboard to open it. Take a penknife. Penknife (D) Extend the penknife, making the letters on its blade visible. These letters form the code for the right wall safe. Enter GONE into the safe (4, 7, 6, 2 clicks). Open it and take the USB connector. USB connector It's too short to be useful, but we have all the items necessary to extend its length. Use the penknife on the eraser twice, then use the glue on it, then use the connector on it. USB s[...]

Comment on "Causality"

Tue, 21 Mar 2017 13:37:17 -0500

Aha! I got the part about the paradox, but not the part about the time vortex being tied to the diamond. That makes all the difference! I went ahead and bought the app, even without understanding this. I think it will make the game a lot more fun. Are there more surprises to come? I hope so!

- dsrtrosy

Comment on "Causality"

Tue, 21 Mar 2017 00:34:57 -0500

204 in the demo is the point at which that particular game mechanic made sense, after seemingly making no sense before.

The portal will always shift its astronaut in time to the diamond on the timeline. (Even if the shift is forward.)

You want to activate it as late as possible to buy more time, while getting as much done as possible before you warp.


Hit both buttons as early as possible (arrows up and left), then enter the portal (arrows up and right).

Later levels in the demo also show you that

the portal can only be used once, will spit the astronaut out the same direction he entered, and you can't complete the level if you create a paradox.

The last demo level makes you consider all of these, and other things!

- kktkkr

Comment on "Causality"

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 16:42:43 -0500

This is really clever. Enjoying the demo, but already stumped at lvl 204!

- dsrtrosy

Comment on "Rogue Quest - Episode 1"

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 11:26:27 -0500

The in-game hints pretty much give everything away (in a very awkward order), but here's a walkthrough. Rogue Quest Episode 1 Exploration 1 Dead guy on the floor in the very first room. Why did he die here? What was he killed by? Take the wooden poles from the wall and look through the dead adventurer's bag to get an ancient knife. Move right into the room with a demonic door surrounded by skulls. There's a small hole in the floor, and a grille blocking your way to whatever that shiny thing down in the old well is. There's also a clay urn filled with something sticky. Move right, and you find yourself in an awkwardly small room facing a rickety wall. Punch it! Apparently you're not as strong as you imagined, so punch it again! Take a broken brick from the floor. Examine the skeleton, and then pick up his iron leg. Take his diary. Reading the diary gives you loads of information. Firstly, follow the skulls' eyes to open the skull door. Secondly, you can open the crypt entrance by destroying the Leech King, by destroying his phylactery, by putting it in a mix of remains of two undead creatures with fresh living blood and saying something magical. Simple enough. Torch Use the iron leg on the torch to remove it from its bolts. Shiny thing Dip the poles in the sticky clay urn, then use one of them on the well grid, retrieving the phylactery and breaking the pole in the process. Skull door Click one of the skulls on the side of the door, putting you in a minigame where you memorize the order in which the skulls eyes light up, and then repeat the pattern by clicking on the skulls. From left to right and top down, number the skulls from 1 to 6, so that the middle-left skull is number 3. The whole sequence is 1652341, so wait for the skulls to light, then press 16, then wait again, then press 165, and so on until the door opens. Exploration 2 Go through the door, which leads down a flight of stairs. You've placed your torch on the wall. There's a crack on the floor here, as well as a poster which links to A Tale of Caos' Steam Greenlight page. The door on the right is locked, so move left. There's a vampire abomination. He's strong! He's fast! He's hard to kill! He's holding the sanctuary key! And he'll wait until night to drink your blood! And there's a mirror in the room just to prove he's a vampire. Vampire-no-more A vampire's weakness is sunlight. And since there's no way to get him out in the sun, perhaps we could get the sun to him? Smash the mirror with the broken brick, picking up two shards of mirror glass. Attach them to the sticky poles, place one in the hole upstairs and place one in the crack downstairs. Go back to the vampire's room, where he's reduced to a pile of ashes, among which you find his key. Pick up the urn on the floor. Go right and use the key on the door to unlock it. Go through to the Leech King's chamber. Leech King Ooh, there's a treasure chest here. Maybe we could have some after we destroy him. Talk to the Leech King, who's also a lich king, who's er... thinking of the best curse to kill you with, and has but one weakness you can defeat him with, and is too smart to tell you that his phylactery, being enchanted, would reflect his own ma[...]

Comment on "Vortex Point 8"

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 09:43:56 -0500

The link's been fixed, yay! Vortex Point 8 Exorcise the Rock Lighthouse, putting Jefferson Kearns' piano-hacking soul to rest and making the lighthouse safe for curious tourists. Point Base After the introductory conversation, Caroline tells you to visit Craig's new shop. If you talk to her again, she tells you to meet near the lighthouse. Take the rag from your office chair, and leave the base. Take the knife stuck in the wood just outside the base. Head down the stairs and enter the Mysterium. Mysterium Craig tells you that you need a ghost-repellent charm, that he needs sea salt, sage and sulfur dust to make it. The sulfur dust is in Craig's back room, locked in a box he's forgot the combination to, and the sage and sea salt can be obtained in Chinatown. The back room is horribly dark, so you need some sort of lighting. Leave the Mysterium, go down the left entrance to the travelator, and click the red Chinese words for Chinatown. Chinatown Take the cardboard box from the house on the right, and then enter the magic herb shop in the middle. Talk to Jin (the owner), who asks for sea water to make the sea salt. She also tells you that she can't sell you the sage because the cash register is broken, but feel free to fix it for her. You'll need a screwdriver to open the cash register. Leave the shop, go down the travelator, and click the lighthouse in the top-right corner of the map. Penny Arcade Before going in, check the box on the outside of the arcade. The glass is too dirty to read the poster inside, and the ocean water on the left is too low to dampen the rag with. In the arcade, the leftmost machine has its control panel cover visible, but we need something to pry it open. The next machine has a flickering screen and four buttons that don't do anything yet. The other two machines don't work, and there's a CCTV camera in the corner monitoring your moves. Leave the arcade, go right to the next screen, and visit the World Famous Luna. Luna Talk to Luna, who's bought (but not yet installed) a new crystal ball to replace her old one. Take the ruby on the left. Click the box in the middle, and Luna tells you that's she's trying to open it with telekinesis. Click Zoltar, and the printout from the machine says you need more luck. Take the glow stick on the right, which Luna lets you have for a 100% discount. Leave the shop and enter the Espectro research station next door. Research Station Caroline's here, digging into Espectro's old research on Jefferson. But the ancient dot matrix printer is out of ink, and we need to somehow find a cartridge for it. Talk to her again, and she tells you that Jefferson's body must be hidden somewhere in the lighthouse, on neither the top floor nor the ground floor. The roof is leaking water into a bucket on the floor filled with it. Leave the research station. Luna's box Go back to Luna and cut the box open with your knife. She thanks you and gives you a coin, and gets back to installing her crystal ball. Or rather, she sits around trying to recall where her screwdriver was, so that she can install that ball. Take the rope from the ground next to the box. Use the coin on Zoltar. This time, the machin[...]

Comment on "Don't Escape 2"

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 08:46:29 -0500

I found "Don't Escape 2" more interesting than its predecessor. Given the simplistic graphic style, I was frustrated by the muddled graphics of "Don't Escape," and the darkness of the imagery. Thankfully, "Don't Escape 2" features a brightness setting, and objects are more easily identifiable.

The added aspect of a time limit was a challenge I appreciated. Point-and-click games are far too often formulaic; the genre is inherently simple, but it's nice to see when a game offers something out of the ordinary, even if it has been done by a comparatively few others.

The music for "Don't Escape 2" was also simple, but eloquent and enjoyable. The dialog was well thought out, proofread, and in keeping with the theme of the game, without veering into the cheddar cheese of so many other, more hastily made games.

The lack of an orderly inventory was a minor downfall to the game. While there was no "real time" pressure to access the inventory, I found it mildly frustrating to have no sense of order in my inventory. The fact objects moved based on their order of use added to my confusion at times, but I am prone to confusion more easily than my peers.

Perhaps, more than anything, I appreciate the fact "Don't Escape 2" allows for the freedom of choice, but doesn't deny moral consequences. While the game offers an achievement for being merciless toward others, it leans more toward the recognition of mercy and responsibility. Killing your fellow survivors leads to consequences, while treating them well yields rewards. Far too often in horror games, slaughter is encouraged without consequence, and "Don't Escape 2" offered a refreshing change.

I would give "Don't Escape 2" a very solid four stars out of five. The story, gameplay, and challenge combine to compensate for the lack of graphic detail and some minor frustrations. The game allows a player to engage with the story and strategy, rather than being caught up in the frustration of looking for the tiniest details.

I ended on the following, after multiple attempts:

Jeremy and Father Bernard rescued. Bill killed mercifully for the achievement.

50 Undead.
+10 Undead from gunshots.
-05 Undead from the electrified fence.
-15 Undead from the fence itself, after the power died.
-20 Undead from the spiked pit.
-10 Undead from the bricked window.
-10 Undead from the locked door.

- Jester

Comment on "Vortex Point 8"

Sun, 19 Mar 2017 18:28:40 -0500

kk? anyone? walkthrough?

- Paul

Comment on "How About Taking a Break"

Sun, 19 Mar 2017 01:00:01 -0500

The 1-9 puzzle don't work
Some bug there??

- Hugo López

Comment on "Frog Fable"

Sat, 18 Mar 2017 15:28:35 -0500

thought it was kinda fun, but it starts out waaaaaaaaaaay to slowly. many of the upgrades felt superfluous when you can finally earn them... well, aside from the final battle that is.

never did figure out the Emotional Abuse secret medal though. that one still eludes me.

- Brandon Smith

Comment on "One Of You"

Sat, 18 Mar 2017 14:39:15 -0500

Is there any way to

get an ending where the MCs are alive?

- Hana Maria

Comment on "Vortex Point 8"

Sat, 18 Mar 2017 13:59:31 -0500

For some reason, the game doesn't seem to load...

- Kaykayenne

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°137"

Sat, 18 Mar 2017 00:42:37 -0500

Yes, the final code is extra complicated.

For the first step, the top-left square must be white and the bottom circle must display a star symbol before you press the other button.

Do the same for the rest: top square, circle symbol, press, top-right, triangle up, press, right, circle-triangle-down, press, bottom-right, star, press, bottom, circle, press, bottom-left, circle-triangle-up, press, left, triangle-down, press, center, circle-star, press.

When you finish after 44 clicks, every square should have a symbol in it. (But if every square has a symbol and the door doesn't open, then you've missed something.)

- kktkkr

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°137"

Sat, 18 Mar 2017 00:18:47 -0500


the final code before I exit is confusing. there are 2 #2;s etc. :( plus there are no room for all 3 balls so I don't know which one goes to which bas there are only 2 holes.

hope you can help.

- Paul

Comment on "Stick Ranger"

Sat, 18 Mar 2017 00:03:54 -0500

The game has finally reaches the near complete status, with final boss and whatnot.

- ganondorfchampion

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°137"

Fri, 17 Mar 2017 22:33:08 -0500

I also just found an alternate (perhaps unintended) solution for one of the earlier puzzles in Orbit:

The box behind the moon photo would usually require you to work backwards to get the correct pattern to display.

Once you figure out that the white button

always toggles a fixed set of lights,

you can get the correct input by

just copying the output: 36 gives 1567, so 1567 gives 36.

But you can also make the game do this for you by

leaving the view, causing the game to "forget" that the button has already been pressed once.

In other words, after pushing the 3rd and 6th buttons, you can press the round white button, back up, zoom in again, and then press it twice to unlock.

- kktkkr

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°137"

Fri, 17 Mar 2017 22:04:49 -0500

@Paul, for those three buttons,

Gemini buttons (red/blue/yellow) are the same buttons you use to get the code for the cupboard drawer (click the area under the clock after looking at the photo in the top cupboard).

- kktkkr

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°137"

Fri, 17 Mar 2017 19:34:37 -0500

now I can't find these

Gemini buttons. the only thing that might be are the ones I put the red yellow and green buttons earlier on. it said I could take them back of I wanted but i'd need them again later. if these are in fact the same ones I can't do it because it won't let me put the buttons back on the holes.

i'm confused

- Paul

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°137"

Fri, 17 Mar 2017 18:43:31 -0500

I got it now but now i'm stuck on

the grid. I typed it the way the walkthrough shows at the bottom floor but it don't do anything.

Please help.

- Paul

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°137"

Fri, 17 Mar 2017 17:50:04 -0500


I did that part already. I saw all 3 numbers and typed them in order the way KK put it, but all it did was reset to 000 and when I tried to open the top doors,they wouldn't open. :(

oh well :(

- Paul

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°137"

Fri, 17 Mar 2017 16:25:46 -0500

Hi Paul,

I am assuming you are talking about the tall cupboard in the corner. It seems you must unscrew the moon picture before the upper cupboard lock will activate. (This would allow you to see the final number in the calculation).

Hope that helps.

- eondivad

Comment on "Vortex Point 8"

Fri, 17 Mar 2017 15:30:18 -0500

can't wait for the walkthrough :)

- Paul

Comment on "Nunu Kid Escape"

Fri, 17 Mar 2017 13:47:17 -0500

Finally Internet Explorer lets me play
Firefox and Chrome didn't
Thank you!!!

- Hugo López

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°137"

Fri, 17 Mar 2017 13:38:25 -0500

on orbit, having a problem

when I type the number to open the top doors it won't work. I looked at all the clues.

- Paul

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°137"

Thu, 16 Mar 2017 20:32:23 -0500

And here's the tl;dr version of that, which might not make much sense if you haven't completed the game:

Orbit (speedrun instructions)

(Some notation may differ from the walkthrough.)

  1. Box under painting: LRLRL/53232. Get yellow orb.

  2. [R]On table, flip through book and cycle through stand.

  3. [L]Side table: CRRLCL. Get screwdriver.

  4. [L]Unscrew moon photo, box: 1567. Get remote.

  5. Cupboard top: 438. View photo.

  6. Drawer: 1 12 9. Get button.

  7. [R]Zoom on SKY, remote: blue LRRL white RL. Get red orb.

  8. [LL]Button on blue box: LRRLRL. Get blue orb.

  9. Orbs in box, open drawer, get handles.

  10. [L]Handles and screws on door.

  11. [DRR]Box: 35412, get key.

  12. [UR]Unlock safe.

  13. Click cupboard, bottom doors: UDUUDUU. Get pole.

  14. [RR]Hit switch with pole.

  15. [D]Fill grid:
    and get button 1.

  16. [U]Box on desk: dial 149583762. Get button 2.

  17. Potted plant: Get button 3.

  18. [L]Buttons on panel: 204

  19. [L]Gemini buttons: R LCLC RCLR. Get key.

  20. [LLD]Unlock door, go upstairs.

  21. [L]View diagram.

  22. [Room1][R]Open safe, push 3rd book from top-right.

  23. [Room3]Unlock door: spiral 320532416. Escape.

My best timing with this is just over 3 and a half minutes.

- kktkkr

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°137"

Thu, 16 Mar 2017 19:53:48 -0500

This is my largest walkthrough so far — the game's almost as long as Elements! Orbit After those two thematic games, there's one with no narrative here. It's just a brick-walled room... but it's not just a brick-walled room! You will need to view some clues before solving their puzzles. Also, since almost every code lock will have a small panel that opens up and a large white button that confirms the code, I'll ignore those features in their descriptions. Please remember to save frequently. [Exploration] A brick room Let's ignore the table on the left for now, and start with things attached to the wall in front. Painting, panel, white table, frame There's a large "painting" with three horizontal airbrush strokes of red, yellow and blue. To the left of it, there's a code panel which isn't active. It looks like it's missing three round buttons. Under the painting, there's a box on a small white table. This box has two buttons, marked with a bow and arrow and a symbol that looks like a guy shrugging. (I'm assuming those are Sagittarius♐ and Capricorn♑.) It also has six different lights, arranged in a circle. Clicking the right button lights each of the lights in turn clockwise: yellow, green, white, blue, red, (black), and clicking the left button does the same but counterclockwise. To the right of the painting, there's a picture in a frame of a blue sky with clouds. Some circles appear along its left and right edges. From top down, they are on the left, right, right, left, right and left edges. (Turn right.) Desk, shelf, plant, switch, door In the left corner, there's a table with a shelf above it. On the shelf, there's six small vases with colored balls in them: Blue Yellow Yellow Red Blue Red. On the table, there's three items. There's a vertical stand with three square lights, either white or black. It has a button on the base which cycles the light pattern through six variations: 1 2 3 4 5 6 W W B W B B B B W B B W B W W W W B There's also a book with the number 20 on its cover. Its contents are: A sequence of black and white squares: BBWB BWBB A sequence of five symbols alternating between Sagittarius and Capricorn, colored Yellow Blue Green Red White A grid of nine black squares, with three zodiac signs running down its left edge: Aries♈ Taurus♉ Cancer♋ Lastly, there's a white box with a grid of nine black buttons on top. There's a potted plant on the floor next to the table. Zoom in on the pot, which has the number 21 written on it, and click its left edge to take a white round button which was behind it. On the right side of this wall, there's a switch near[...]

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°137"

Thu, 16 Mar 2017 16:20:54 -0500

thanks again KK. can't wait for the walkthrough to the last one :)

- Paul

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°137"

Thu, 16 Mar 2017 12:50:49 -0500

Appgoya is Hottategoya's new name/site (there's a note on Hottategoya's Japanese page), so they are the same developer. Mystery Meeting Room Escape It looks like you've fallen asleep in the meeting room again, and now you're locked in. Exploration You're in the back of the room, with five long tables ahead. Their chairs are red and blue, arranged somewhat haphazardly. Number the tables: (Front) empty RBR=5 4=BBB RRR=3 2=BRB RBB=1 (Back) But first, let's look around the back. Turn left, there's a door here which is locked. Turn left again, there's a safe on the wall which takes a three-letter code. The letters are numbered 1 to 3, and cycle through ten options when you click them. Turn left again, there's a whiteboard with outlines of countries on it, held in place with differently-colored magnets: Canada France India China Japan Germany Italy Greece. Table 1 is the nearest one on the right. Click on the box on it to zoom in. It needs two batteries, and has a clue written on it: LONG−SHORT. Under that clue, there's room for a three-something code, but we can't tell what because it's not powered yet. Back out and we're on the starting view again. Table 2 is on the left, and it has two laptops on it. Their screens display six French and five Indian flags respectively, with the second french flag labeled =R and the second last indian flag labeled =I. The laptop on the left has twelve numbers on their keyboard keys. On a QWERTY keyboard those numbers would spell out the sequence mjuhbgtfcde3, which is meaningless here. The other laptop has letters on its keyboard, but not quite the QWERTY layout you're used to: QWeRrYxIOP ASnnufiKL ZXivoNs where I've already put the first eleven numbered keys in lowercase. Back out, move forward, turn right. We're looking at table 3, which is empty except for a clue writen on the table: a black star followed by the number 10. Turn left twice to look at table 4, which doesn't even have graffiti. There's a clock on the wall over the table, with three lights under it and a button in the lower right. Pressing the button changes the clock to three different times and lights up the three lights in turn: 3:40, 10:00, 1:45. Back out, turn right, and click the box on table 5, the one on the right. This box is locked and needs a key. Back out. Now we're at the front of the room facing the back. There's a projector overhead which is turned off. Turn left. There's a small lectern here, with a note hidden on its lower shelf. Turn left again. The projector screen is down, and there's nothing on it. Turn left. There's a door here, marked [...]

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°137"

Thu, 16 Mar 2017 10:22:21 -0500

thanks for the button escape walkthrough kk. hope you can get the other 2 done soon :)

- Paul

Comment on "Hanamushi: Pock's Friend"

Wed, 15 Mar 2017 23:12:13 -0500

You need to click the egg to crack and the bird will alarm

- Aprillyn Wee

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°137"

Wed, 15 Mar 2017 20:19:45 -0500

Button Escape 36 Find 11 buttons and escape! But first, let's make the most of our complementary hotel stay. (You will need to view the necessary clues before solving each puzzle.) Exploration: Main room You start in a hallway, facing a door with a picture of steam coming out of a tub. Facing sauna door The door is locked. On the left, there's a box. Its lock has a button with a plus sign on it, dividing it into four smaller buttons. Clicking each of these four corner buttons cycles its appearance between six different options, allowing you to make fancy clovers and leaves... but what's the correct combination? On the right, there's a small table with a vase of flowers on it. Lift the vase and press the button (#1) underneath it. There's a note on the table, written in Japanese. Thankfully, you don't need to read it. However, it also hides a button (#2) on the table. There's also a locked yellow box on the table. I wonder what could fit in that small box... (Turn right.) Facing grape door The door is locked, and has a picture of grapes on it. Hopefully this door doesn't lead to the produce aisle. On the left, there's a switch which won't stay down, and a small picture of grapes in the upper left corner, a round button (#3), and a button labeled "Close". (What would we want to close?) On the right, there's a map of the place, showing four rooms connected to the center room. In clockwise order: Bathroom, Dining Hall, Bedroom, Toilet. Clicking on the map flips it up, revealing a button (#4) and a hand towel with a simple pattern of blue squares on it. (Turn right.) Facing star door The star door is locked. This time, there's nothing on the left wall. On the right wall, there's a loosely done drawing on the wall, titled Crying Man. There's a dark spot on the bottom of its frame, which you can zoom in on (twice) to see an outline of a pattern beneath. (Turn right.) Facing toilet door There's actually a picture of toilet paper on this door! The door is unlocked. The pillar on the right of the door has its own additional lighting, and a rectangular device which doesn't respond to any clicks yet. (Since this pillar doesn't show up on any other views, I can only assume this room isn't actually square.) (Go into the toilet.) Exploration: Toilet There's a box over the toilet, with four square buttons arranged vertically. Clicking on the buttons cycles them through nine Japanese characters (which are kanji for the numbers 1–9). Beside the buttons, the word "p[...]

Comment on "Nunu Kid Escape"

Wed, 15 Mar 2017 15:30:00 -0500

it didnt work for me either, using Google Chrome, with or without adblock.

however, it did work with Internet Explorer ... go figure.

- stuckinabasement

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°137"

Wed, 15 Mar 2017 15:20:36 -0500

Hey, Barbara, for Button Escape I found that

the two different orientations for the room maps can be figured out by where the flowers are on one of the maps. You have to line up that corner of the room with the other map and then the orientation will be correct.

- Andy Coulston

Comment on "Nunu Kid Escape"

Wed, 15 Mar 2017 13:09:03 -0500

Thank you but there's no way.
Loading seems impossible.
Bad luck

- Hugo López

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°137"

Wed, 15 Mar 2017 11:45:56 -0500

Some hints for Button Escape

  • Cleaning the blob on the picture

    Use the wet paper with the blue squares

    Wet the paper in the bathroom after turning on the tap

  • The order of the rooms for the map in the Jacuzzi room

    Position the bedroom picture on top. I brute-forced it. I couldn't guess why it was in a different orientation from the map on the wall.

  • What the flower clue on the hanger is for

    It shows which candles to light in the dining room

- barbara

Comment on "Zombie Society - Dead Detective"

Wed, 15 Mar 2017 02:53:49 -0500

As for calling thief answer

" I have a little job for you. Zero risk , High reward

- Aprillyn Wee

Comment on "Zombie Society - Dead Detective"

Wed, 15 Mar 2017 02:25:21 -0500

WALKTHROUGH When you woke up In the first area, take the hat and leave to the right; After the short scene, talk to the paper boy and ask to buy a paper. He will ask you for money. Check your hat in the inventory. You'll find two gold coins (two neuros) hidden inside it. Give them to the paper boy and acquire the newspaper.Leave the area and go to your office.You'll meet your first client, try to impress him with your deductive skills! First, combine the clues "tip to ol'knock” and "hiring a detective”.Then, make your deductions and find the most plausible solution.Before leaving the office,inspect the second drawer and pick up the press pass.Now go to the restaurant.Inside the restaurant,speak to Mitsk and interrogate him. You’ll obtain two other clues. Inside kitchen Go to the kitchen and meet Ghvnn.You can also interrogate the cook, Snjagr.Ask him about heleek's offer and you'll obtain the clue "snjagr knew nothing"Explore the kitchen. Open the fridge and you'll find the clue"fridge has been emptied".Observe the window,then the mark on the wall to obtain the clues "thief escaped through window” and "thief is agile” go back to mr. Mitsk. ask him about "snjagr knew nothing”.Now go back outside,ask the janitor about "snjagr respects mitsk".He'll tell you snjagr is a once famouse cook who lost everything, obtaining clue "snjagr likes the restaurant” Outside the restaurant, exit to the left. You’ll find yourself in the alley. Watch as the sewers manhole has been left opened. Alley and Heleek Open the trash can on the left to find an expired frozen brain. You’ll find the clue "ghvnn's hunger” You've found lots of clues, but the deduction you need right now is obtained by combining clues"thief is agile" and “well-equipped thief" in your notes. You'll obtain a new location: "the talking dead".But save it for later.Visit heleek's foundation.The guard won't let you through until you show him the press pass and say you want to interview heleek about her new museum(you must have bought the newspaper to have this option available).Inside heleek's office, ask her about her offer to obtain the clue "mitsk's interest"; ask her about Snjagr to obtain the clue"heleek's memories"(this clue will only appear if you have asked both Heleek and Mitsk about Snjagr) meet informer and call thief to fall trap now go to the “drinking dead[...]

Comment on "Nunu Kid Escape"

Tue, 14 Mar 2017 14:18:26 -0500

Could be an adblocker, you have to disable it on their website.

- chrpa

Comment on "Monkey GO Happy - Pyramid Escape"

Tue, 14 Mar 2017 13:24:43 -0500

Such a cute game. Loved it!

- Graceland9

Comment on "Vortex Point 5: Monster Movie"

Tue, 14 Mar 2017 13:21:06 -0500

Anyone know what the heck Danabelle has to do with anything?? It seems they just found her right after Nensha. I want to know her story, or at least how they got her.

- Sitanomoto

Comment on "Nunu Kid Escape"

Tue, 14 Mar 2017 13:04:34 -0500

Help please Doesn't load. "Den of the Kamo" "Now loading" but never begins

- Hugo López

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°136"

Tue, 14 Mar 2017 03:14:38 -0500

Indeed! I had written "moose" in the first draft of that walkthrough, and one of the last things I did was change it to "reindeer", since that's more Christmas-themed.

- kktkkr

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°136"

Mon, 13 Mar 2017 21:26:09 -0500

That reindeer in the Ichima Room 18 looks suspiciously like a moose. :)

- houseworkisevil

Comment on "Hanamushi: Pock's Friend"

Mon, 13 Mar 2017 12:48:03 -0500

Having problems.

on part 3 i'm to go back to the flowers and i'm supposed to wait for an egg and so far nothing has come. huh?

any ideas?

- Paul

Comment on "Hanamushi: Pock's Friend"

Mon, 13 Mar 2017 06:30:00 -0500

Puzzle #1. Click on what looks like a pine cone on the end of the tube grass. I can’t remember what its called. The flowers will open and a butterfly will come into the scene. Click on the butterfly and note what order it lands on the flowers. Click the flowers in the same order and get a key. Puzzle #2. Go right and use key in knothole. Simple pipe puzzle. Click on the pieces so the water flows through the pipe. A plant will grow. Climb up the plant to the next level. Puzzle #3. Click on the cave and a bear will come out. He’s snoozing so you can’t get past him. Go back to the flowers at the beginning and wait for an egg. Take it back to the sleeping bear. Click on the egg until the alarm bird hatches. It will wake up the bear. After the bear goes back to take a snooze, the little guy jumps around. Click on him and he will fall over push Pock into the bear’s arms. The bear will toss him up to the next level. Puzzle #4. Click on any apple. His friend will try to reach one but can’t. He goes over and starts pushing on a rock. Click on Pock and then the rock to help his friend. They get tired so you need to keep clicking on the rock each time they stop to take a breath. Once the rock is under the tree, your can climb up. Click on any apple an the fight is on….. After the fight, Pocks friend falls. Just click on him to save his life. Wait for the next round to load. Puzzle #5. I didn’t find anything important as far as the watermelons go. Just keep going left until his friend gets snatched. Walk into the light and wait for the next scene to load. Walk to the right and try to catch the pine cone with legs. LOL Take it back to the pile of leaves and then pickup a stick just below where your standing and light it with the torch on the hut. Burn the pile of leaves. A tree monster will come up. Feed him the cooked pine cone. Go to the right and he will follow you. Puzzle #6 Each lamp post has a find the difference puzzle. Just click on the two brown buttons to open them. Once you get all the lambs turned on, go back to the hut and you will see a star. Click on the star and Santa will drop a bag down the chim[...]

Comment on "Nunu Kid Escape"

Sun, 12 Mar 2017 05:59:11 -0500

Besides having great puzzles, this game is gorgeous.

Thanks for the walkthrough, kktkkr. I never would have figured out that

I could take the rope back.

- barbara

Comment on "Monkey GO Happy - Pyramid Escape"

Sat, 11 Mar 2017 22:04:47 -0500

Thanks KK and you're welcome on the compliment :)

- Paul

Comment on "Monkey GO Happy - Pyramid Escape"

Sat, 11 Mar 2017 17:04:00 -0500

I don't know enough about Egyptian mythology to tell my Sets from my Sobeks, so I'm probably going to misinterpret some symbols and misuse some terminology here. Hopefully it's still clear what's what. (Thanks for the comment, Paul.) Monkey GO Happy Pyramid Escape It's time to get rich with ancient treasures, then give it all away to free a camel. Pyramid Outside Take: the coin next to the foreground rock the coin on the pyramid entrance the idol from the ground the stone with the shell pattern in front of the box the two mini monkeys behind the rocks, after shifting them aside Write down the code from the pyramid entrance: 3 pot 2 / 2 shell 1 / 1 fire 3 Enter the pyramid. Pyramid Hall There are two braziers in front, and two empty pedestals next to them. Take: the two coins next to the braziers the coin on the archway, top center of the screen the idol on the right side of the archway the mini monkey on the left side of the archway Note down the four "binary" codes: 1011 1101 1110 0111 which have 2, 1, 3, 4 lines underneath them. (I don't know what the lines are for.) Note down the symbol code above the door: (Pointy Ears) Jester Hat, Spark in Bowl, Sunrise (Round top) Sunrise, Jester Hat, Spark in Bowl There's a hole in the door, and a shell glyph beneath it. To open the door, place the idols on the pedestals and click them to adjust the heights until the left one has 2 lines and the right one has 1. (Left one twice, right one thrice.) Then place the stone in the door and push it. Go through the open door. Pyramid Center There's a covered well here. Above it, there's a hole with a pot glyph below. Take the two coins from the left archway and the right side of the well. Move right. Pyramid Right There's a statue here with a dog's head(?), which I'm going to call a wolf. There's a hole in his forehead. Take: the coin to the left of the doorway arch the coin on the lower right of the screen the coin on the wolf's left front paw [...]

Comment on "Monkey GO Happy - Pyramid Escape"

Sat, 11 Mar 2017 12:31:34 -0500

No walkthrough yet?

- Paul

Comment on "Nunu Kid Escape"

Fri, 10 Mar 2017 16:46:15 -0500

I loved this escape game - the different rooms were so well done.

- Graceland9

Comment on "Home Story: 1971"

Fri, 10 Mar 2017 15:47:58 -0500

Touching story,I have lost a brother so I know how loss, grief and struggle to acceptance works, it changes you and how perceive everything.

- dandycool

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°136"

Fri, 10 Mar 2017 11:46:52 -0500

ok KK but the images are hard to Follow. when you say

L and backwards L etc. not sure if you mean buttom left bottom right or whatever.

but i'll try again.

- Paul

Comment on "Monkey GO Happy - Pyramid Escape"

Fri, 10 Mar 2017 11:40:43 -0500

can't wait for the walkthrough here. and KK, if you are reading this, I think I speak for all jayisgames members when I say you are doing a great job on doing this for us and you are an important member here. Just saying. Keep up the good work :)

- Paul

Comment on "Nunu Kid Escape"

Fri, 10 Mar 2017 10:25:33 -0500

Kamo... really has great games. A combination of comfortable interfaces, challenging yet intuitive puzzles, cute art and music, and mind-blowing twists in level design. (Just look at the JIG ratings for his games.) Anyway, here's a walkthrough. First room There's a blue flower-shaped table with a note on it. On the right of it, there's a chair with wooden cats topping its backrest. Turn right. There's a bear box which takes a three-digit code. This one's a bit more interesting than your usual codes: the digits are blue, squarish, and arranged from top to bottom. Turn right. There's a large window on this wall, except it's fake: it doesn't open to the outside, and it's blocked by eighteen wooden columns. Many of these posts are secured on the bottom, but click around and you'll find that the 4th, 11th, and 13th from the left are removable, and removing them reveals darker sections of wall behind. Now you have three wooden poles. There's also a low table here, with a locked cupboard door and no door on the right compartment, a square wooden piece with a hexagon carved on it, and a similarly carved clue on the top: (diamond):(hexagon).(circle) Turn right. There's a doorway, but before you go through, take note of the small perfectly circular hole in the wall to the right of the doorway, and the green hexagons above that look like the digit 1 from a seven-segment LCD (display), but rotated to the left. Second room Straight ahead, there's a duck box with three square holes, separated by a dot and colon (?.?:?). Turn left. There's a hole near the top of this wall, but it's too high to reach. There's a larger hole in the ground, which you can click on to look down. There are some weird squarish figures down there, and another hole in the wall below. Turn left. On the inside of the door is a figure that seems familiar, with the rectangle in the middle having a familiar pattern an[...]

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°136"

Fri, 10 Mar 2017 02:01:39 -0500

@Paul, that's actually a clue from the top drawer

of the desk, to the right of the red phone

and it's used

to unlock the drawer below it, once you've also found the painting clue.

- kktkkr

Comment on "Home & The Journey Home"

Fri, 10 Mar 2017 01:24:15 -0500

Home and the Journey house was so amazing. i like hunting monsters and criminal. i love adventures.

- CallieMiles

Comment on "One Of You"

Fri, 10 Mar 2017 01:11:29 -0500

Hi im callie Miles. One of You was a very adventurious and scary games. it was so nice.

- CallieMiles

Comment on "Monkey GO Happy - Pyramid Escape"

Fri, 10 Mar 2017 01:06:33 -0500

Monkey GO Happy- Pyramind Escape was so awesome.

- CallieMiles

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°136"

Fri, 10 Mar 2017 00:07:34 -0500

on ichima, i'm stuck

you said a code for top drawer for Tree Hat Snow Skates. I don't see a top drawer to use this code. Am I missing something?

please help.

- Paul

Comment on "Home Story: 1971"

Thu, 09 Mar 2017 18:08:17 -0500

I think, you're right.

Initially, I thought that the 3 stars give you another code for the drawer downstairs (because of the colours :D)...

yes, it's for the clock and there are definitely 3 stars, you can match up:
From left to right, you get II, III and V and accordingly 2, 3, 5 which translates to 2:35 (or 02:35), so move the hour hand to II (2) and the minute hand to VII (7) for the "35 minutes".

Hope this clears everything up finally. :)

- Nessi

Comment on "Cat in Japan"

Thu, 09 Mar 2017 14:46:50 -0500

A lovely little diversion with almost no psychic puzzles (where you have to read the setter's mind to solve them.)

- Scurra

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°136"

Thu, 09 Mar 2017 14:02:04 -0500

Three walkthroughs, nice job!

- Bindie

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°136"

Thu, 09 Mar 2017 10:44:35 -0500

Enough messing about in beautifully rendered hotel rooms with their impressive mobile devices and non-mobile phones and complicated greeting cards and unnaturally prompt service, its time for simpler rooms with simpler puzzles. Well, most of them are. Toys! That's weird, I don't see any toys around... Exploration On the first screen, there's some kind of disco floor (I'm assuming it's a dance pad?) screwed down to the floor, and a panel on the wall that's screwed down, and a cupboard with two locked doors. The left door has a 3x3 grid of grey squares which turn red when clicked and back to grey when clicked again. The right door has a pink lock with one grid of four grids of four dots... what? Let me try that again. It has four buttons, each with a 2x2 grid of dots marked on it. Clicking on each button turns some of its dots on or off, cycling through seven patterns. Turn around. There's a launcher for a toy rocket on the left, but no rocket to be found. There's also a mousehole in the wall, and a blue box to the right which takes a three-letter code. The door is locked. The three buttons on the lock cycle through various sillhouettes when clicked. 3x3 Grid The clue is right in front of you. Follow the pad on the floor, and hit the buttons along the left and bottom edges to make a red L. (Upper left, left, bottom, bottom, bottom right.) Press OK. Open the door and take the toy car from inside. (A toy! I wonder what's inside the other door...) Toy car Place the toy car in front of the mousehole, then click on it. It moves forward into the hole, then reverses back out. Pick up the toy car again. It now has pink goop all[...]

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°135"

Thu, 09 Mar 2017 01:01:49 -0500

Thanks for answering kktkkr, I completely missed that! :)

- BlueBird

Comment on "A Matter of Caos - Episode 4"

Wed, 08 Mar 2017 16:54:58 -0500

If, like me you can't use the Unity engine, you can go directly to the Expera Game Studio website to play a non-Unity version.

- Venus187

Comment on "levelone"

Wed, 08 Mar 2017 16:41:40 -0500

Hehe! That was fun, and finally, another game that I can play in my browser and isn't Unity! I can't download games or play Unity games (which opens only in Firefox), on my Chromebook. The only downside of my Chromebook, sigh.

- Venus187

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°136"

Wed, 08 Mar 2017 07:31:17 -0500

I might have rushed that previous walkthrough a bit too much, since some formatting errors snuck in. Hopefully this one doesn't have those. Escape a Parisian Hotel So, you're in one of the finest hotels in all of Paris, with fancy rooms, beautiful music (huh?), and great service, if you can earn it by solving puzzles. It's like a tourist trap but not quite. The issue at hand is dinner, or the lack of it, and you can't have the ultimate Parisian dinner while locked in your room. So make your reservation, and then make your way out. Exploration 1 Living room (facing courtyard) There's a bunch of white furniture here. The chairs are just normal chairs, and the table in the middle has a flower vase with a welcome card sticking out of it. In the far left corner, there's a locked cupboard with cups in it. They're nice cups, arranged not-so-neatly around a stack of plates. Some of them are upside down: Down Up Up Up Plates Down Down Down Up There's also something blue on the bottom shelf. In the far right corner, there's a small pedestal of some kind. On its top is an arrow with two circles attached to it, like a gimbal. (Actually, there's three, if you look closely at the shadow.) On its front is a panel with two buttons, labeled with angel wings and a heart, with a row of six lights between them. (Turn left.) Living room (other views) The only thing here is a locked bathroom door. (Turn left.) There's a door, locked of course. The wall to its left has a safe which is extra secure: you can't even touc[...]

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°136"

Wed, 08 Mar 2017 03:31:20 -0500

Ichima Room 18 (Snowy Day Room) The usual interface help: you can change the volume and mute the music (but not sound effects) in the lower-right, as well as save the game. The button with アイテム見る is your About Item button. Exploration This time, there are only three screens in the room. Window You start facing one of the corners of the room, with a round table and two chairs next to a window, a brick wall, and a wardrobe. Simple enough. Zoom in on the furniture. There's a gingerbread man on the left chair, an empty bucket on a stand next to the table, and an unlit candle on the table, next to two empty wineglasses. The brick wall doesn't respond (no surprise) and the wardrobe is locked, so let's move to the next screen on the right. Bed This next view is a nicely made bed, with two bedside lamps, a painting on the wall, a side table with a frame on the wall over it, and a door. In this dark room, every spotlight counts, and Ichima has made sure to highlight the important things. Beside the left lamp, there's a tablet with pretty large dimensions. Click on it to turn the screen on. There are three buttons marked with a rounded star, a pointed star, and a sunflower outline. I'll just pretend they are four, seven and sixteen-pointed stars. The bed seems to have a storage drawer beneath. But with no handles, all you can do with the drawer is push it to the other side, and it returns to its original position once you let go. (You can walk around the bed to try the same thing on the other side.) The pain[...]

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°136"

Tue, 07 Mar 2017 23:46:08 -0500

can't wait for the walkthroughs for these games :)

- Paul

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°136"

Tue, 07 Mar 2017 18:43:59 -0500

First they came for our Tuesdays...

Anyway, a nice set of games, good job!

- Arceus

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°136"

Tue, 07 Mar 2017 17:02:44 -0500

It's an Aussie JiG takeover! We're taking your mind half a day closer to Friday. You're welcome.

- Bindie

Comment on "levelone"

Tue, 07 Mar 2017 14:44:46 -0500

A fun way to spend a quick break! It reminds me of that quick little game that was worded like "There is NO Game" with a russian accent guy telling you the whole time your weren't playing a game. I love these little humorous games and I wish there were more...

- oreilley

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°136"

Tue, 07 Mar 2017 12:40:40 -0500

Not if you're in Australia! :)

- kktkkr

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°136"

Tue, 07 Mar 2017 12:32:49 -0500

I don't want to be the bearer of bad news, but it's only Tuesday...

- Cyberjar88