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Last Build Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2018 14:03:39 -0500


Comment on "Monkey GO Happy Roundup 9"

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 14:03:39 -0500

Monkey GO Happy Roundup 9 (Stage 157–160) Stage 157: Bead Temple Exploration This roundup starts off with you standing outside a stone pyramid covered in vines/roots. The temple's chieftain asks for 30 beads. Thankfully you can already see 4 beads lying around among the 2 carved stones, rope and 2 Mini Monkeys, and you can click the tufts of grass and the rock in the lower-right corner to find another 4 beads. Head down the steps, and you're immediately greeted by a sea of gray. Gray bricks, yes, but among them there's gray statues with cavities in their torsos, a gray button on the wall, and devices on the arches that light up in gray. Read the note on the stairs for a somewhat helpful clue, then push aside the two stone blocks on the ground and pick up a total of 7 beads, 1 stone and 2 Mini Monkeys. Moving on to the right, you find a very similar screen, now with two wall lights instead on one. There are two semicircular holes on the wall above a panel with an interesting sun symbol. Push the stone block, then pick up the stick and blade on the ground, as well as 5 beads, a stone and 2 Mini Monkeys. (You should now have 20 beads and 4 monkeys.) The statues The bottom (and top) of the note tells you how to activate the statues. The left figure has a symbol that also appears at the top above four dots, so place the stone with four lines in the statue. To match the dots on its headwear in the note, light up the middle spot above the statue by clicking it. Press the button to make the statue sink into the ground. A fountain with 2 beads and a Mini Monkey appears in its place. Do the same for the right statue, placing the stone with two lines in it, and then lighting up the left and right spots above it, and then pushing the button to make it disappear. Take the 2 beads and Mini Monkey that replace it. The sun symbol The remaining clues on the note tell you how to open the sun panel. The alternating triangular frieze tells you that only the odd-numbered devices from the left should be lit up. So click each device to toggle them, making the currently dark ones light and the light ones dark. The sun symbol also has a clue, in the form of light-colored regions that form the digits 1 and 3. Place the stone with one line in the left slot abvoe the sun panel, and the stone with three lines in the other slot. Push the button on the panel to open it, and take the snuffer, 2 beads and Mini Monkey from inside. Hot Use the snuffer to put out each fire in the temple, and pick up a total of 3 beads from them. Overgrown Combine the stick-and-blade with the rope in your inventory by using the Combine Items button. Use the resulting axe to hack at the roots on the outside of the pyramid. Inside, there's the last bead. Collector Give all 30 beads to the chieftain, who dances around to celebrate, and pick up the last Mini Monkey from his feet. Your bonus clue from this stage is //U=4. Stage 158: Pipe Maze Exploration The red color scheme stops at the outside of the pipes, so it's easier to see the device with a hole in the wall. Pick up the nut and Mini Monkey from the ground, and then remove the screw just outside the lower-right corner of the room to find another nut. Go left to find a fork in the path, where you can remove a screw on the left side and pick up 2 nuts and a Mini Monkey. Go left again to find another fork. One path is now blocked off by an electrical spark, but you can still remove a screw and pick up 2 nuts and a Mini Monkey. Go down to find a circular room with a screen which switches between numbers. You know the drill by now, so remove the screw and take the 2 nuts and Mini Monkey. It's a dead end, so backtrack all the way to the first fork, and go down. Read the clue in the lower right, and then continue. Unscrew, 2 nuts, Mini Monkey. Go right. Finally, something new! The rectangular room has a panel next to the number screen that you can open up. After removing the screw, you should now be able to pick up 2 nuts, a pair of wire cutters, an[...]

Comment on "Submachine Universe"

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 14:42:56 -0500

Well I tried anyway, hopefully this is at least a bit helpful and more error-free than I expect. Submachine Universe v4.5.4 (final Flash build): A Concise Guide This guide is meant to be as short/small as possible while maintaining a reasonable flow of exploration, with fewer spoiler tags, descriptions and location names than usual. While it covers every known location in the game, it ignores some minor details, references and hints. As such, it's still recommended that you take your own notes when exploring. Items which are marked as optional do not factor in the main logical path of the game. Even though it's not assumed that you've played the entire Submachine series, you really should do so because this game contains some spoilers for it. Before/Shortly After You Start At any time, you can press Escape to leave full screen. After you start the game, you can enter the menu with the M button, and adjust your settings from there. The starting area In this guide, navigation directions will be indicated by the letters UDLRFB. If corners/diagonals are involved, the second initial will be lowercased e.g. Dr = lower-right. You start off on a screen with three sliders, where there's an optional notebook on the floor. [LFR] Pick up the soap. [...LD] Flip all the switches up. [...UBD] Turn on the computer and read its screen to find 7 coordinates. [...R] There's a portal! Discovered coords: 000, 051, 076, 541, 551, 628, 642 About gameplay The (lab) portal is the main mode of travel in this game. Portal coordinates are three-digit numbers. You may return to 000 from any portal by just pushing its button. Karma portals instantly connect two locations. The other end of each karma portal has its own three-character coordinates, used internally by the game and listed on the Submachine wiki. Initial Exploration: no item use No items will be used here, but puzzles that don't require them will be solved. Thus, for this section you need only concern yourself with the parts in bold. The following special symbols will be used: [[000]]: Travel to this portal location. >: Karma portal +: Unactivated device here -: Dead end (usually fan-designed or tribute locations) =: Coordinate found by calculation P: Backtrack to drop zone (portal) !: Revisiting an explored location (314): Dead end coordinates "Loop": This location has unconventional navigation. "Dupe clue": the clue described is not the most reasonable one, or points to somewhere already traveled. Round 0: Easter Eggs There are exactly two locations whose coords cannot be deduced from in-game clues. One of them is referred to by name in a theory. Both locations are dead ends: they provide no clues for the rest of the game. [[314]] (from digits of pi) [[815]] (flight number of the Lost plane) Round 1 [[051]]: 523 and 917 (roman, left and right sides of hexagram), + [[076]]: 304 (metal plate at [DL]), 875 (bottom of all three theories). [[541]]: 218 (chair), 757 (lower-left screen). [[551]]: =462 (metal plate), 747 (bottom of theory) [[628]]: [L] =399 (metal plate), [...L] _7_ in oval and valve (table), [P R] > button >[[gzb]]: 245 (right side of wheel), + [[642]]: [RR] 100 (roman, on wall) Final list of coordinates: 100 218 (245) 304 399 462 523 747 757 875 917 Round 2 [[100]]: This+FI (plate), + [[218]]: 006 (plate), 666 and 616 (theory). (Ignore dupe clue on wall.) [[304]]: FI=342 (plate) [[399]]: [L] word clue _3_, [P RD] =712 (theory), [...R] > >[[spn]]: + [[462]]: 104 (floating block), > >[[fma]]: - [[523]]: 277 (tally/unary next to ladder), weight stone (floor), + [[747]]: 728 and 452 (alphabetic cipher, hover over arrows), optional crimson key, + [[757]]: 185 (above doorway) [[875]]: [R] 232 (upper right on wall) [...R] 580 (lower left on wall), soap [[917]]: (Loop) You can't steal the wisdom gem from here, but you can move it to the other holder to activate the theory which points to =011. Replace the gem to leave. Round 2 Checkpoint The list of places with additional devices so far is 051 10[...]

Comment on "Learn to Fly 3"

Mon, 19 Feb 2018 14:24:31 -0500

So, you know those cards that you got for beating story mode? Well, those cards are how you get unlockables!

- FlyRyRyOhMy

Comment on "Echoed World"

Fri, 16 Feb 2018 22:24:42 -0500

Hi Sue, thanks for your comment.

For Echoed World, you can actually use the arrows as an alternative for WASD to navigate. (I just loaded the game to confirm.) I will update that in the review as well to clarify it for future readers.

Also if that's a persistent issue for other games, you might be able to use a program like Uncap to reassign your keys temporarily to help you play those that only offer WASD. But I'll try to keep in mind to mention more details in the control schemes in the future.

- Arceus

Comment on "Phantom Mansion: Spectrum of Souls"

Fri, 16 Feb 2018 04:05:50 -0500

I really wish there was a remake for PC, these are great games, and there's no way I can play them in modern browsers.

- thesourcehim

Comment on "Echoed World"

Fri, 16 Feb 2018 02:19:17 -0500

Love point and click downloads but, being arthritic, avoid WASD navigation. In description where pointnclick, free, etc are... WASD could maybe be added. Was mid-download when realized WASD, bummed I can't play. Looks so nice.

- sue

Comment on "Zombie Society Dead Detective vs Nine Deaths Cat"

Thu, 15 Feb 2018 17:15:12 -0500

It seems the picture links to another game in the series.

- The Great Dane

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°171"

Thu, 15 Feb 2018 05:35:39 -0500

No whimsical walkthrough this time, just a simple one.

Valentine Choco

With a small letter "i" of course.

Exploration: Outside

A squirrel sits on a tree as you pick up an ordinary key from the snow-covered ground.

Go right to a house with two snowmen outside and a metallic handle on the ground. The door of the house is blocked by a ladder, so click the ladder to set it upright. Then open the door with the key, and a lion wearing a gray cap comes out and climbs up the roof when you click him.

Exploration: Inside

A red portable stove sits on the left table without any gas in it. Pick up the pan (that conducts heat well, of course) hanging on the wall, then pick up the red thread that falls from the hook. The fridge is missing one door handle, so use the one you picked up outside to open it and find a gas can.

Go right to find mice balancing on color pencils, two of which already have red loops on them. There's also a plant pot on the right and a shovel on the left.


Tie the red thread between the pencils so the mice can meet. They drop a red heart which pops upon hitting the floor, leaving behind a metal heart mould.


There's no hole to dig, to give the shovel to the lion instead. All the snow falls on the ground, but there's still a tough walnut left on the roof.


Give the walnut to the squirrel, who does its thing, and then drops it on the ground where it cracks open. Pick up the mysterious seed from inside.


Go back to the mice, and place the seed in the plant pot. Out pops an orange flower with a bar of confectionery chocolate inside.


Put the gas in the stove, and put the pan on it, and then add the chocolate.

Immediately pick up the bowl of melted chocolate, and use it on the mould (or vice versa).

Then pull the chocolate heart out. Who do you give it to?


Give the heart to either the mice or the snowmen to end the game.

- kktkkr

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°171"

Thu, 15 Feb 2018 00:33:35 -0500

Sea House


Screen with dining table

Take the box in the upper drawer.

Take the battery behind the plant on the M-shaped stand.

Take the battery inside the coffee grinder.

Note the colored rings under the dining table.

Note the red squares on the window.

Screen with the door

In front of the bookcase there is a pen holder. Take the mechanical pencil inside. Press on the pencil to retrieve the lead inside.

Note the picture depicting a jar with electrical wires.

Left of the picture, there is a window with six red squares on it, which is so faint that many people don't notice it. Click to see the clue more clearly.

Screen with three azure stars

Take the bottle under the E-shaped table. Remove its lid.

Notice the alarm clock.

Screen with sofa

Take the battery behind a cushion on the sofa.

Take the piece of paper behind the picture of a beach.

Notice the H-shaped table and the device on it.

The red squares on the windows

It is the clue to the right cabinet under the three stars.

Lower-left button, upper-right button, upper-right button, upper-left button, lower-left button, and lower-right button.

Take the telescope.

The telescope

Over the windows above the bookcase, use the telescope to look at the yachts. There are symbols painted on the yachts. Use the clue to unlock the locked box in your inventory.

The sun symbol, the white flower with eight petals, and the star with eight dots surrounding it.

Take the ice pick inside the box. Punch holes on the bottle lid with it.

The piece of paper

Wet the paper with the faucet near the dining table. Use the clue to open the left cabinet.

The clue refers to the shape of the tables with plants. The answer to this puzzle is HOME.

Take the wires inside.

Assemble the bottle

Stick the wires through the bottle lid. Use the pencil lead on the wires. Put the whole thing back into the bottle.

Device on the H-shaped table

Unlock the device using the clue from the dining table.

Blue - 5
Green - 4
Yellow - 7
Red - 6

Connect the bottle with the device.

On the top of the device, there is a place to set down batteries. Put in the batteries.

Turn the device on and look at the bottle. Use this clue to open the lower drawer near the dining table.


Take the key inside the drawer and use it to open the door.

Happy escape!

- Pulsaris

Comment on "Submachine Universe"

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 23:22:34 -0500

There’s actually a walkthrough on the Submachine Wiki already.

- Pulsaris

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°171"

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 18:14:29 -0500

thanks for the walkthroughs to the first 2 games. Can't wait for the last 2. :)

- Paul

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°171"

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 16:00:09 -0500

ok now

box with dice painted on it? huh?

i'm confused

- Paul

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°171"

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 15:37:57 -0500

i figured it out but now

it says "fragment too high up"? i don't see one too high up. please help.

- Paul

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°171"

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 15:21:08 -0500

problem with room with magic stick

it says to use your wand on the object on the bed to open the door to get fragment, but I did that 10 times and door doesn.t open, no fragment.

what's going on?

- Paul

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°171"

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 14:55:21 -0500

Thanks, molsen14! I missed that.

- Billy-o

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°171"

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 14:41:29 -0500

For the corners puzzle:

From the table view screen go right, and then you will face the window wall with the sailboats in the distance. If you click on the far left, you fill find a third set of windows. From there it will be smooth sailing (pun intended!)

- molsen14

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°171"

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 14:29:52 -0500

Boy, Sea House is kicking my butt! I have

a pair of clips, a pencil lead, a map (used), a box needing a 3-symbol combination, and a bottle and lid.

I've tried

to put water from the sink into the bottle, but that doesn't work.

I also tried to connect the pencil lead to the clamps, to attach the clamps to the wires in the box with the four batteries on top, or to place the pencil lead in the clamps in that box or in the clamps on the device by the window. None of that worked.

I've also tried to use the red-square clue from the windows to open the drawer with the four "corner shape" buttons. I thought this would mean I should press the shapes corresponding to "upper left, lower right, lower right, lower left", but that didn't work. I'm losing my touch!

- Billy-o

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°171"

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 13:56:03 -0500

Well that one puzzle in here was rather arbitrary! Valentine Hearts Exploration The room is decorated in various shades of pink and violet. You can examine the pictures on the wall, the middle one of which is scrambled. Turn right to face a locked balcony door and a four-letter cupboard above which hangs a picture covered in lots of love. But something's unusual about it. Turn right to face a television, currently turned off. Beneath it, there's a grid on the left that you can't use yet, and a golden square tile on the right. Turn right to face a bunch of cabinets. The ones across the top are all unlocked and hide a letter behind except for the middle one. There's a cutesy picture in the middle which has tilty corners. The ones below have a 2-button lock, 4x4 grid lock, nothing at all, a four-button lock where each button extends a bar, and a four-digit lock. Unscramble Let's start with the classic. Restore the randomized scrambled image by rotating its pieces. When it's done, the right picture slides over so you can take a square tile. Balloon Take a closer look at those left and right pictures. Chains of heart balloons (or so it appears) float up, but they're not all the same. Use that clue to unlock the middle-right cupboard. Four of the hearts (across the left and right pictures) are marked with smaller white hearts, and each occurs on a chain of 4. The marked hearts are in the 4th, 1st, 3rd, 2nd position from the bottom, so click the buttons 3, 0, 2, 1 times so the bar lengths match. Then open the safe to get a silver key. Outside The key unlocks the balcony door. This time, it opens up to a snowy forest. Push aside the flowerpots to find a square tile. It also helps you see the next clue better. One Ninth Use the clue from the balcony to unlock the tilty corner picture. The darkened small squares on each square grid in the balcony occur in the upper-right, lower-right, upper-left, lower-left and lower-right corners. So click the ⌝⌟ ⌜⌞⌟ corners of the picture to unlock it, or rather the cupboard above it which has a letter A and a square tile. Two buttons Use the clue from the Love picture to unlock the lower-left cupboard. White dots appear in two columns (vertical strokes (stems) on L and E), on the LRRRL sides. So push those buttons, then unlock the door and get the remote control inside. Let's watch some TV! Hmm, boring, tasty, boring, what's this?, boring… Four digits Use a clue from the TV to unlock the bottom-right cupboard. The green digits on the TV are the channel numbers, which go from 2 to 3 to 5 to 4. Enter that in the lock and open the cupboard door to get the square tile. Four letters Use another clue from the TV to unlock the safe beside the balcony. The clue with numbered squares tells you to take the last, second, third, fourth letters from the top row of cupboards. Those letters spell TEAR, so enter that in the safe and open it to get another square tile. Four by four Use the last clue from the TV to unlock the remaining (middle-left) cupboard door. Exactly four cupcakes have LOVE written on them, and they are in the middle positions on the top row and the outer positions on the bottom row. Click those squares, then open the door to find the last square tile. Shuffled again Use all seven square tiles on the grid under the TV, and unscramble the image there (also randomized) to unlock the compartment beneath. Take the gold key and escape! - kktkkr[...]

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°171"

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 11:53:12 -0500

Escape Challenge 50: Room with Magic Stick

Fragments are those little pink rod thingies.
Don't drink milk while playing this if you know German.

Fragment under bed

Click above the brown whoopee cushion on the bed. Use the wand to nudge the fragment out of the gap. Collect the fragment near the door. WARNING: At the time of writing, if you don't get this fragment before you open the door, you won't be able to get this fragment. Please restart the game.

Fragment in the bin

Your precious fingers can't touch the dirty bin, so use the wand to tip it over and collect the fragment.

Fragment in the upper drawer

Use the wand to color the flowers. Then use the color you see to open the drawer. If you are color blind,

RED (click three times), WHITE (leave it), YELLOW (click one time)

Fragment in the middle drawer

Use the wand to hit the whoopee cushion on the bed. Notice the left-right pattern.


Key in the lower drawer

There is some markings on the large round window. Note it. This clue refers to the clock.

316 is the password.

Fragment too high up

Throw the wand to knock it down.

Fragment on the table

Use the wand to prop up the left hand side of the table.

Fragment in the upper cabinet

Use the wand on the plant. Notice how many fruits there are.

223 is the password.

Fragment in the lower cabinet

Clean the ink on the picture with the wand. This clue again refers to the clock. Add up the numbers.

346 is the password.

The box with dice painted on it

The clue is the round windows of each room.

145 is the password.

Boss fight

Boss fight occurs near the cabinet with two drawers. If you can't open the white screen, that means you are a cheater. Make sure you have used the wand eight times.

After the first fight, your wand will break. Fix it by using the eight fragments on the toilet.

After the boss is dead, the main key should be complete. You may escape now.

Or fix the wand using the white crystal, on the toilet again. A colored dot will appear on each white bead. You may escape now for the second ending.

- Pulsaris

Comment on "Submachine Universe"

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 11:34:18 -0500

I was halfway through writing a full walkthrough when I realized it would be about 100 kilobytes long.

(probably return to it after this Weekday Escape, with much less formatting)

- kktkkr

Comment on "I Want Out!"

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 08:38:23 -0500

Well I was able to play the game from beginning to end and I absolutely loved it! I scored 97% making me wonder what I missed.....?

- nelliel123

Comment on "I Want Out!"

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 04:50:07 -0500

Crap... As I don't use Avast, I tested it with an online scanner (virustotal). The previous version (1.1.1) was indeed detected. The new one (1.1.1b) was not... I guess the realtime scanner detects things differently...
So, for now, I don't know what to do...
Thanks anyway for your feedback.

- nicolas.mdx

Comment on "Submachine Universe"

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 04:27:29 -0500

This game is ENORMOUS, may revisit when I retire. The walkthrough is 43 pages of small type. WOW!

- jaybo33

Comment on "I Want Out!"

Tue, 13 Feb 2018 23:35:56 -0500

I'm sorry, it still triggers Avast. I understand that it may not be your fault and is probably something stupid with Avast.

- Jamilworm

Comment on "I Want Out!"

Tue, 13 Feb 2018 11:54:28 -0500

I modified some things and I uploaded a new version which hopefully doesn't trigger the Avast detection.

- nicolas.mdx

Comment on "I Want Out!"

Tue, 13 Feb 2018 00:25:34 -0500

I understand. I reported it to Avast as a false alarm anyway so I guess there is a possibility they will review it and fix something.

- Jamilworm

Comment on "I Want Out!"

Mon, 12 Feb 2018 06:44:51 -0500


Avast detection is sadly a known issue for games created with the software I used to make I Want Out!. I don't know how it can be fixed since the software developer doesn't know either...

- nicolas.mdx

Comment on "Want to write?"

Mon, 12 Feb 2018 05:47:58 -0500

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a detailed comment.

John: If you know the site you should know I'm French. It's not an excuse but it involves some things including:

-I'm not very comfortable in writing reviews because JiG has always been a standard with less mistakes as possible

-I can do some mistakes (who never do?) with the rare posts I write

You registered to point out I use 'We're hiring' while for you I should not because it was for a free stuff. But again (and as Nezuji agreed too) I explained clearly it was for a free stuff so there is no cheat there. And the terms 'We're hiring' are the right ones for me because it's not every day that we're searching persons. I mean we are now in a recruitment period because I have time to read the different profiles I receive and then explain the work to do for the persons I selected thanks to their skills.
Yes John it's not because it's free and open to everyone that everyone is accepted. Anyway I changed the texts and you came back again to complain about an ad but believe or not you saw this ad because you saw other things linked to this ad and yes it's very funny.

That's my last answer to you because I've already lost too much time.

- Jeff

Comment on "I Want Out!"

Sun, 11 Feb 2018 11:50:37 -0500

There's something about the I_want_out!.exe file that Avast doesn't like and it automatically deletes the file when you try to run it. But I disabled Avast for a bit to try the game.

I also dislike the nine-button interface. It's like there are too many choices and as the review stated it's not always obvious which one should be used. For example I try to "Use" the elevator and he says he doesn't know how to use it. Really? Instead you have to "push" the elevator button. That's pretty unnecessarily complicated. Also I think it would be better if he just automatically picked up objects that you find. Everyone knows in a point and click game you want to pick up EVERYTHING, so why make us "look" and then "pick up" in separate actions?

Anyway, the game seemed promising and I only played for like 10 minutes before Avast came back online and shut the game down. But I don't know how much longer I would have lasted anyway with the awkward interface. Which i a shame because the animation and ambiance are great and I am really curious about the ending.

- Jamilworm

Comment on "Weekday Escape - Retro Edition N°10"

Sun, 11 Feb 2018 06:03:51 -0500

@Paul: It seems to be working for me (though I'd like some confirmation from anybody who's tried it). Anyway, I now have some screenshots you can compare your board against.

- kktkkr

Comment on "Want to write?"

Sun, 11 Feb 2018 02:55:41 -0500

My goodness, johnharveybc, if comments were going to be removed for having literally any semblance of being a personal slight, then your first post -- in which you made several thinly-veiled suggestions that the JiG team are trying to exploit people -- would have been removed before it led to all of this hubub! That is, unless you mean to argue that JiG posts aren't covered by the policy as they don't count as "another commenter". My comment continues in the spoiler tag, due to length: Since both you and ZzZzZz profess confusion, I'll try to explain the response which your post has received, as I see it, by boiling it down for you. Jeff posted, in my interpretation, "We're still having trouble keeping things going, and we'd really love some volunteer support!". johnharveybc's reply was, to my mind, "Hey, you used a word incorrectly, try using a dictionary. And you could be making plenty of money and just trying to con writers into working for free, just sayin'. Anyway you should give up. I'm glad the nice people left already." Much like the old joke about the hot-air balloonist and the mathematician, what you've said is neither incorrect nor technically accusing anyone of wrongdoing, but it's also completely unhelpful. Closing the site down is always an option; we want alternatives. Does that make it easier to see how you've projected an image of attacking JiG with negativity on home turf? While Jeff might now wish he hadn't been so sarcastic in his initial response, the tone of your post moves things a bit beyond "taking criticism". It does little good to pretend that you were merely pointing out a grammatical error and (what you see as) an obvious truth in a polite and friendly manner, when it's still up there for everyone to see. It seems to me that a long-term reader such as yourself would have been following these issues for years, now, and would understand the position in which Jeff and JiG are, currently. No doubt, if JiG continues to operate in the red, then it will die in the natural course of events. But perhaps the one beating a dead horse is you, johnharveybc. The real problem is that you've chosen to do it in the middle of a PETA rally. And now, in the hopes of avoiding my comment being dismissed with an easy one-liner, allow me to engage with your "actual points", as I understand them. 1. The wording of the initial post, including the phrase, "We're hiring!" is misleading at best, and deceptive at worst. A moot point now, as it's been changed, but this was one of your original points. Yes, according to the dictionary, the verb "hire" was used incorrectly. However, when the subsequent discussion mentions no remuneration, but instead explicitly states that reviewers will not be paid, I think it's hard to argue that this was a serious attempt at deception; it's virtually not even clickbait, given the context. With regards to your critical comments on the rest of the post's language: I must disagree with your apparent assertion that people should only paint the most dismal possible picture of their situation, rather than trying to sound positive. 2. JiG refuses to profit-share with its writers. Well, this issue all stems from whether or not one believes the JiG team when they tell us the amounts of[...]

Comment on "Want to write?"

Sat, 10 Feb 2018 18:02:09 -0500

Nate, your comment consists of the following.

  1. Asserting that I feel some sort of compulsion to educate people. (I don't - if I felt compelled to correct every grammatical mistake I came across, I would have posted much, much more in this thread.)

  2. Asserting that there's little to no meaning in my life. (Not true, happily!)

  3. Saying that the only reason I could hold the opinions that I do is to ruin the site. (Not true.)

These appear to be direct (towards me) personal (commenting on my character) attacks. I'll be interested to see whether or not your comment is removed, as per the site's rules.

- johnharveybc

Comment on "Want to write?"

Sat, 10 Feb 2018 06:10:05 -0500


He ruined this post because this guy thinks he needs to educate the whole human race. He thinks is a teacher who needs to give lessons to everyone to find some reasons to exist. What a poor guy!

If I'm correct, the subject of the post was for Jayisgames to find motivated people to write on the games they like. Why this guy came to this post to say x times the site was already dead and to give lessons? Why? If it's not to ruin any try.

IMHO Jeff and others from the staff are very peaceful and they should now ban this troll.

- Nate82

Comment on "Want to write?"

Sat, 10 Feb 2018 00:01:55 -0500

@ZzZzZz, the main thing that bothered me has been the repeated attempts to cast me in a negative light, while not engaging with any of the actual points I'm making - I can't actually value this place if my account is new (when it was actually broken functionality on JiG's end - no apology, though!) and I'm only getting ads which are 18+ because I look at porn (which both displays a misunderstanding of how ads are served, and guess who's added JiG back to his adblocker?).

The community guidelines say this.

> Any comment meant as a direct personal attack towards another commenter will not be tolerated.

There's been extremely limited engagement with what I'm actually saying - I do not think it is possible for JiG to change enough to be viable as a business in light of the changing state of free games - and a great deal of 'you're a jerk'.

I admit, the tone of my initial comment probably could have been a bit kinder, but I don't think I said anything that merited the response I received, from Jeff specifically.


- johnharveybc

Comment on "Want to write?"

Fri, 09 Feb 2018 22:09:45 -0500


I'm rather interested in how you ruined anything as well. To be honest, I think you've shown great restraint considering how pointed the responses have been to your original post. I really do not understand why when something is posted to social media (I consider a blog social media) and someone responds in anyway other than supportive that it is somehow an attack.

I consider this an inflammatory response to some honest feedback about this site:

"Patreon Crew Jeff • February 1, 2018 4:27 AM

Yes we are making enormous profits. We sent last week an offer for acquiring Disney: we are waiting for their answer."

I certainly understand being emotionally attached to your business (or whatever this is) but if you can't take criticism especially when you put it out there for all the world to respond then you probably don't need to be trying to operate a business.

I'm sure I will get attacked as well because I agree with you that this site is dead. Not necessarily by any fault of its own but as you mentioned... the natural progression of things. More and more games are being released on Android, etc... not Flash. More and more are pay to play or those infernal microtransactions.

This was once a nice place to come and play around a bit, but it seems to have served its time. If mgmt. is reluctant to take any criticism that is not positive then I doubt its going to change no matter how many people you "hire" or have "join the team." Regardless, attacking the people who are offering feedback (even if you don't agree with them) seems counterproductive to me and slightly suggestive of how this site may have ended up in its current predicament.

- ZzZzZz

Comment on "Want to write?"

Fri, 09 Feb 2018 18:49:28 -0500

Jeff - the screenshot was taken via an incognito window (i.e. had none of my personal information attached to it) because I used it to test if Google/Facebook/etc. had been fixed as login methods. You also don't appear to understand how ads are served - I use Google as an advertisement platform, too, and that ad is classified as gaming; no mention of anything adult. The only way that JiG would be serving adult ads would be if you'd enabled them - hopefully things are not so desperate that you've done that.

There is a history of such ads being visible; in the past, the reaction has been an apology and reassurances that the ad has been reported and removed. Good to know that the policy has changed.

> I saw an ad with content I objected to. What do I do about it?

> We work hard to make sure our ads are not only safe and malware free, but also to make sure that the content in them is acceptable to all our viewers. All of our ads are chosen not by us, but by our ad provider, which attempts to tailor what you see. Sometimes content we don't want sneaks through, such as the grossly inappropriate League of Angels advertisements, because the ad network classifies those as appropriate given that they're categorized as gaming ads. When this happens, we rely on you to report anything unsuitable to us so we can take steps to block it! If you see an ad that features adult content, take a screenshot and e-mail it to dora AT jayisgames DOT com.

Poofy - I think that, at the end of the day, the landscape has changed enough that JiG isn't ever going to be what it was - the site would have to change pretty substantially to see the same level of success that it did previously. What made it work was thoughtful reviews of quality games anyone with even a low-end computer could play. The overwhelming shift towards mobile games has raised barriers to entry - games are either freemium (bad experience) or cost money (good product, higher barriers to entry).

Have fun writing, get it on your resume, and best wishes.

Nate - how did I ruin this?

- johnharveybc

Comment on "Weekday Escape - Retro Edition N°10"

Fri, 09 Feb 2018 15:48:15 -0500

kk,having a problem with

snowman puzzle. I followed the directions 2 times on the slider puzzle on snowman and I still have a few unmatched snowmen. I'm not sure if it's me or a few steps were missed.

if you or someone could help i'd appreciate it.

- Paul

Comment on "Weekday Escape - Retro Edition N°10"

Fri, 09 Feb 2018 12:49:48 -0500

There's a good chance I mistranslated some of the story text. That's the real hard part. Gatamari Escape 19: Gate Escape X (Special) Intro / Previously on Gate Escape: Legends tell of a Holy Grail which can grant any wish. This is the story of an adventurer who sought the Grail... and what happened after he (you) failed. Instead of the Grail, you returned with a band of bothersome fellows. Needless to say, they were all expelled from your tiny six-tatami-mat apartment, and moved to a shabby rented cottage. But none of them could hold a part-time job for long, and the nightly banquets proved unsustainable. In desperation, they turned to the ancient texts. "In this world, at the northern end of ends, over a snowy mountain in a frigid land, there's a magical box which can get you anything you desire." As dubious as it sounds, you can't help but travel there. And over that snowy mountain, you find a house in the middle of nowhere. Nobody answers the door, but it's unlocked. So despite the creepy vibe, you all crowd into the house sheltered from the cold. Exploration 1 Your inventory is tiny again, and its filled with the seven real treasures. Now you have a map of the whole house, which has a spiral shape for some reason. Everything interesting in this room has been blocked off by these two rows of iron bars, and none of your treasures seem to work against them. So you can only move forward to the next room. Exploration 2 A bright light fills the room, followed by a reindeer with demonic wings and its evil laugh. "I don't know who you are or where you come from, but all who stand in my way must disappear. DARKNESS MODE!" The light fades to darkness, and indeed, all your companions vanish, with various moans and variations on "oh no". Where did everyone go? The lights come back on, as blindingly bright as before. "Hah ha! I've sealed all your partners away!" "S-sealed?" "Looks like you're left all alone. Now, which cooking method to use..." "No wait just a moment you're being too quick. I'm not tasty, my meat's tough." And then you're saved by the bell, or rather the red nose. "Dang, looks like I've not fully captured this body. No matter, you can't escape. I'll be back to torment you." He's gone, but you're not in the clear. It's time to rescue your friends! Let's start by exploring this room for real. Your path forward is blocked by a familiar-looking gate with its sliding metal door fastened shut with two screws. In every corner of the ceiling is a light that's turned off. Turn right to find a clue with a chain of numbers connected by arrows, with equals signs and diamond shapes below the arrows. Turn right to find the way back blocked by metal bars. Let's see how tough they really aaaaargh, they're electrified! Looks like you have no choice. Turn right to find a green panel on the wall with five sliders controlled by buttons. Beneath it on the floor is a familiar magic seal marked Driver. Plus Minus Solve the puzzle in this second room to release the Driver. Each slider corre[...]

Comment on "I Want Out!"

Fri, 09 Feb 2018 11:32:08 -0500

Thanks Arceus for this review!

It's a bit weird to see a review of your own game... but I guess you get used to it :)
I'm glad you mostly liked it.
I take every criticism with great pleasure since it's our first game and we are eager to improve ourselves doing this.
The 9-verb interface was our initial choice but we may create a new version with a more modern interface...


- nicolas.mdx

Comment on "Want to write?"

Fri, 09 Feb 2018 06:25:16 -0500

I think it's time to end up this conversation.

You can proud of yourself, you ruined this call of help. Btw I live in Usa, Oregon and I did not see here in Jayisgames, ads like you posted in 10 years!

- Nate82

Comment on "Want to write?"

Fri, 09 Feb 2018 05:59:10 -0500

Thanks for your answer, and if I understand correctly you're saying that the problem isn't really how the website is, but the quality of browser games that's being made these days. That indeed is something that's out of my (our) control.

Do know that feel proud to be part of JiG as it is, because I can share my love for indie games in the form of reviews. I was also asking previous question because I'd like to know if there's something I can do to make you feel happier about JiG.

I'm sorry to hear that you don't like what JiG has to offer nowadays, I'm also open for game suggestions to review, if you have them? That's also an opportunity for me to see what kind of games the audience likes. Take note, I'm just an amateur reviewer, I do not claim to have all the answers, but I want to have fun reviewing and I'll surely listen to "problems" users tend to have and try to see if it somehow can be fixed.

- PoofyGaming

Comment on "Want to write?"

Fri, 09 Feb 2018 05:52:15 -0500

John, I don't have time to lose with you anymore. We understood we are dead or close to.

But I need to say yes I'm more than amused with your last comment and the image you posted. You know MAN we use Google for the ads (as 90% of the websites) and ads are contextual.

In other words if you LOVE watching porns, you will have ads in the same category.

For someone who love to search everything using your best friend Google, it's very strange you made a mistake like that.

You can ask to many readers there: if they don't watch porns or do not go to sexual sites, they won't have ads like that.

Thank you so much for this one: you made my day MAN.

- Jeff

Comment on "Want to write?"

Fri, 09 Feb 2018 05:38:51 -0500

> You know we don't care if you need to be more explicit or not!

Someone asked me what I would do to revitalize the site. I was obviously not clear enough.

> Anyway your pitiful try does not work

I wasn't trying to do anything - I was voicing an opinion. If I was trying to get rid of the site, or something, I assure you that this is not what I would be doing.

> Since the beginning it's funny how you wrote here for a primitive bashing.

You definitely sound amused.

> And of course no words about the fact I changed the texts...

What response did you expect? Let's go over that interaction.

  1. You made a mistake.

  2. I pointed out the mistake, and why it was a mistake.

  3. You insisted no mistake had been made by way of a poor argument, and then attacked my character.

  4. I refuted the argument and let you know that basic site functionality was broken.

  5. You corrected the error, without any sort of acknowledgement that you were wrong (either in the first place, or to defend it) and thanked me for the bug report. Basic site functionality remains broken.

I don't have anything more to add to that conversation. Were I a slightly tackier person, I might have insisted on being thanked for having pointed out the mistake in the first place, but you're running a classy joint, here.

If this whole thing works out for you? Awesome, great, I'm glad. But if it doesn't, consider that you might be beating a dead horse.

- johnharveybc

Comment on "Want to write?"

Fri, 09 Feb 2018 03:34:59 -0500

You have an immoderate ego to write that you know when a website reached its natural lifespan. It's especially inappropriate when you write that on a post where people try their best to give more interests to this site. You know we don't care if you need to be more explicit or not!

Anyway your pitiful try does not work: we received 6 offers so what I would suggest is: as you don't like how Jig is now, please just leave forever. You know when people do not like something they just do not come. Since the beginning it's funny how you wrote here for a primitive bashing.

And of course no words about the fact I changed the texts...

- Jeff

Comment on "Want to write?"

Fri, 09 Feb 2018 03:09:49 -0500

I want to make this explicit: I have no good suggestion to make the website as good as it used to be. I have never claimed to have such a suggestion.

This is both because you don't have to have a solution to point out a problem, and because I think that things have a natural lifespan, and JiG reached its natural lifespan a year or two ago.

- johnharveybc

Comment on "Want to write?"

Fri, 09 Feb 2018 03:08:04 -0500

> What else could we do, to bring back the glory days? What made the old JiG better than the present one?

More and better in-browser games were being produced. It's possible to make no mistakes and still lose. That's what happened here.

- johnharveybc

Comment on "Weekday Escape - Retro Edition N°10"

Thu, 08 Feb 2018 21:38:07 -0500

enjoyed the walkthroughs as usual KK. can't wait for the Gatamari one :)

- Paul

Comment on "Weekday Escape - Retro Edition N°10"

Thu, 08 Feb 2018 08:56:44 -0500

Escape From the Concrete Maze I have my doubts over whether this maze would be as challenging if it were actually built. Exploration: stumbling around You start off facing a T-shaped wall, which is just a regular wall with two doorways cut out in the corners. Get ready to see this a lot. Before you go anywhere, turn around the room to find two green Os on the wall to the left of the door wall. Go through the left corridor. This wall has only one doorway on the right corner, but it has another pair of green letters: XZ. Turn left to find a box that holds a map. You're still not sure where you are, so walk forward along through the doorway next to XZ. The room here has a red floor, a star pedestal with a color puzzle, and another pair of green letters on the floor. Time to read that map again. Exploration: with a map You should have figured out that you're now in room V, and the first two rooms were IV and II. Walk through the left exit to the central room, which has regular polygonal shapes on the two side walls, and an actual locked door beside where you entered. That door has a sign over it with three symbols. Now that you're facing that door, go through the right path to room III, which has a moon pedestal with shape buttons, and another pair of green letters on a wall. Walk through the left exit to room I, which has two more letters and a box with a colorful note. Walk through the exit next to the letters to the unlabeled room. In the shadows, there's a sun pedestal with digit buttons forming a keypad. Triangles Walk through the left doors twice to reach room V again (with the red floor), and use the clue from the note to unlock the star pedestal. Blue is common to all the triangles, and is adjacent to all the other five colors. So place it in the center. The triangles then indicate that red is clockwise from yellow, white clockwise from red and so on. So the colors on the puzzle must be -G--- K-B-Y -W-R-, where K is black. Click the button in the top row twice, the buttons in the middle row 0, 3, 4 times, and those in the bottom row 5 and 1 times. Then click OK. You hear a chime and the buttons turn off. The star on the pedestal now glows green. Regular Polygons Go back to room III (left path, turn left twice, right path), and use clues from the map and maze to unlock the moon pedestal. The shapes appear on the walls of the middle room. Since the door is in the upward direction on the map, the arrow on the map tells you to look at the shapes in counter-clockwise order starting from the door. The shapes you need have 4, 6, 5, 3, 5, 5 sides. Click the ⌝⌟ ⌞⌜⌞⌞ buttons on the pedestal. Another chime sounds and the moon now glows green. Digits Go back to room I, and use the remaining clues from the [...]

Comment on "Weekday Escape - Retro Edition N°10"

Thu, 08 Feb 2018 07:15:40 -0500

Dokudami Room From the backstory you can (maybe) read in the last menu option: Sanpoman's house has been overrun by dokudami, whose unending growth (even when plucked) and its pungent stink earned it the nickname Dokudamidaa. Despite that troublesome smell, there are various benefits from making it into tea, and it might even help you escape. Exploration You start off facing the exit door, and a giant dokudami with its own card slot sits to the left. Beside the door, there's a drawing with four rectangles in a row, the left one filled in. Turn right so you can take a better look at the lime green recliner. Look around both sides of it to find a pair of gloves and another rectangle clue. The small table beside the recliner has an empty (large) teacup next to it. Turn right to face the fridge, which has two arrow buttons on the freezer door and another rectangle clue on the fridge door. Since it's unlocked, you can open it to find, of course, dokudami growing in the cold. Checking the door, you also find a numbered checkerboard clue on the top. Next to the fridge is a noticeboard. The top note tells you that the rectangle holds writing that only healthy people can read. Thankfully, the bottom note has a recipe for tea that will make you healthy no matter what. All you have to do is Pluck 8 leaves of the inexhaustible dokudami. Dehydrate the leaves in the dryer. Cut the dried leaves finely with scissors. Place the leaf bits and hot water in the teapot, and pour the tea out into a teacup. While you think about that, check out the kitchen counter. You can zoom in on the wall tile pattern by zooming in on it. The sink works, the stove works (but only the right side), and there's a teapot in between. The cupboard door beneath the sink is locked with a four-color code, and the drawer beneath the stove doesn't open. The dryer is beneath the drawer, and it works perfectly, so the point of interest here is the rectangle clue on its front. Turn right to find a nice empty wall. Your exploration is complete! Four colors Use the rectangular clues to unlock the cupboard door beneath the sink. The clues each have a different box filled in. 1st box: beside the door (orange) 2nd box: on side of chair (lime) 3rd box: on dryer (brown) 4th box: on fridge (pink) What? There's no orange? Use the closest color, yellow. So you need to click the buttons 6, 3, 1, 4 times. The audio and text confirm that the door is now unlocked, so you can open it and take the blue enamelled pot. Stick your head in there and flip the bright orange switch. You hear something unlock nearby. Now you can open the drawer and take the scissors from inside. Potion Use the gloves on the dokudami in the fridge. You may need to click twice, an[...]

Comment on "Want to write?"

Thu, 08 Feb 2018 06:14:39 -0500

I've stumbled upon Jayisgames around 12 years ago, it was my go-to place to find games that I'd enjoy playing casually, to spend some time relaxing.

Years later I remembered the site and thought I'd check it out, only to see it sadly has fallen in decline, but it was still sort of active.

I've reached out to see if I could be of any help, and they were looking for reviewers. Could it be that I was able to be part of something I'd spend loads of time on myself in the past, for relaxation? Yes, I could. I'm an amateur reviewer for JiG now, and I'm proud of it.

I hear what you're saying, what I don't hear is the direction you would take the site to make it shiny as it used to be. No, we won't let it sit. Yes, we will do our best to select great games, review them and give exposure.

What else could we do, to bring back the glory days? What made the old JiG better than the present one?

- PoofyGaming

Comment on "Want to write?"

Wed, 07 Feb 2018 09:53:34 -0500

I would want to express there my great thankfulness
to all the readers who answered to this 'call'.

5 new and 1 old members joined the team.

- Jeff

Comment on "Monkey GO Happy Roundup 8"

Wed, 07 Feb 2018 09:02:26 -0500

Never fear, the walkthrough is h- that's too cheesy! Monkey GO Happy Roundup 8 (Stage 153–156) Stage 153: Farming Coins Exploration This edition of the Roundup starts you next to a horse-pulled cart, a small wheat patch, and a pair of weird stone buttons. Before you proceed to the tower in the background, click on the bush to move it, then pick up the rock and 3 coins (left of horse, under bush, on tower) and 2 Mini Monkeys. Entering the tower, you immediately find a fat/slightly plump guy slumped on the ground, leaning on a wooden stick of some sort, and he wants 10 coins for some reason. Observe the devices in the room: a round dial with pointer, a locked shutter marked with a symbol, and two buttons/switches that show a square in the top or bottom position when clicked. Pick up 2 coins (on ladder, in bottom-right corner) and 2 Mini Monkeys. Climb the ladder to the top, where a crow perches in the window. There's another marked shutter and switchy buttons, as well as a note that you can read (and turn over by clicking again), and things to pick up: a walnut, 2 coins and 2 Mini Monkeys. Chow Combine the walnut and rock (using the Combine Items button in the inventory) to do a little smashing. Now you have walnut pieces. So use them on the crow. As it's busily eating, pick up the coin it left behind. Arrows Use the clues on the note to unlock both shutters. The note only makes sense if you read the top half (with 19 on it), even after you invert it (so the top half has 23). So read the arrows off the top half. For the lower shutter, the arrows are ↓↑ ↑↓, so click the buttons on the top level twice and once, and those on the bottom level once and twice. What about the numbers? The dial only has 12 positions on it… …just like a clock. But you can fit 19 and 23 on a clock… …if you interpret them as 24-hour times: 7 PM and 11 PM. We're doing the lower shutter first, so click the dial so that it points at the 7 o'clock position. Walk out and push the right button. It stays down, indicating that you can check the shutter again. It's now open and has a coin and Mini Monkey inside. Similarly, set the devices to the other clues on the note: the buttons should point up and down on the top level, and down and up on the bottom, and the dial should point to 11 o'clock. Push the left button this time to open the top shutter. There's a blade along with the coin and Mini Monkey. Lazy Give all 10 coins to the man in the tower. As he sits contented, pick up the snath from behind. Work A snath is a shaft for a scythe. Combine it with the blade to get the scythe. Use it to harvest the wheat a[...]

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°162"

Wed, 07 Feb 2018 07:10:00 -0500

Great article post.I appreciate your writing skills.They are excellent.The knowledge of the subject is pretty good.

- Rimofanne

Comment on "Want to write?"

Tue, 06 Feb 2018 15:39:20 -0500

I appreciate the gesture. Good luck finding writers!!!

- Flaxative

Comment on "Apple Worm"

Tue, 06 Feb 2018 06:58:36 -0500

Level 19 WITH apple walkthrough.


Stack blocks on left side first.


Get to far right side.
Stack the stones to left side.
Get apple and cross gap then back to exit.

- Tobberian

Comment on "Apple Worm"

Tue, 06 Feb 2018 06:04:44 -0500

Ffox works no fuzz
Chrome needs allow flash set at url settings. ("ask" doesn't pop up)

- Tobberian

Comment on "Want to write?"

Tue, 06 Feb 2018 05:00:20 -0500

I changed the texts of the image (hoping 'Join the Team!' will be more accurate).

I will take a look about the login methods which do not work anymore. Thank you for having pointed it out.

- Jeff

Comment on "SIGN"

Tue, 06 Feb 2018 02:53:54 -0500

Sorry, that ended too angrily and I'm kinda necroing that thread anyway, but it just seems odd for the mere fact of certain technology being used to do the same thing as before, to so overshadow your experience of the game. What's concretely worse about the game due to the engine?

- Aexis

Comment on "SIGN"

Tue, 06 Feb 2018 02:43:33 -0500


If you finished the game, you'll note all the ways Neutral utilized 3d features in the puzzles as well as the general design. We can compare this to various "fake" 3d effects in Neutral's past games that aren't Unity based (e.g. ELEMENTS), or any other non-Unity escape games.

As one example, just think about turning over an item.
-non-Unity: click in some arbitrary place to flip it over; just two views of the object (or in general, discrete number of views).
-Unity: drag around and investigate any part of the object you want; arbitrarily many perspectives.

At least three different puzzles in SIGN would be pointless or tedious exercises if "rotate to find the right perspective" was reduced to "click the right spot and you get the right perspective immediately". This is something actually new in this space. There's a lot more potential for this mechanic in escapes.

Even if you take that as a gimmick, there's all the nice animation and modeling and lighting and so forth that Unity is directly built for, rather than doing the modeling elsewhere and shoving it into a flash game. SIGN feels more alive to me than some other escapes on the basis of its animations alone. If Neutral had given a fade effect to the light turning on/off, it would be that much better.

Unity's no fad, and "insipid"? The game operates as smoothly as every past Neutral game, same look & feel, with plenty of clever puzzles that could have been made in any engine, and has this new interaction mechanic - but because you saw a Unity preloader, Neutral is "insipid" and they've "bitten the dust"?

- Aexis

Comment on "Apple Worm"

Sat, 03 Feb 2018 13:13:34 -0500

This is a pretty shameless ripoff of Snakebird (minus the great level design). Even the character animations are similar.

- tgr

Comment on "Want to write?"

Fri, 02 Feb 2018 17:05:06 -0500

> No because I do not agree with you. I can use 'We're hiring' even if there is no salaries.

Jeff: every dictionary agrees with me. You found other examples of people misusing the word 'hire'. This is not a matter of opinion. You can find people on the internet who insist that the earth is flat, and that the earth is round. This does not mean that the earth is flat.

> And what would be a 'rich' choice for you?

I outlined this previously - "...letting it gracefully sunset, and learning a lesson about sunk costs and thinking carefully about why people are selling things, is the classiest thing to do."

By 'gracefully sunset', I mean that the site should stay up, but no new articles should be posted - it should be maintained in an archival fashion.

> It's a bit funny how you say you had great memories with the site but you only register yesterday to write your post.

I had previously commented with WordPress, Google, and Facebook - none of those login methods worked, so I had to make a new one. If you look for other comments by PsychoRecycled or johnharveybc, you'll find them.

> In fact you would love to see JiG offline so when you see people who try to save something you prefer to give the last shot.

Please don't put words in my mouth! I don't want to see it offline, but I also don't agree with the direction you're taking the site. It's sad to see something I liked being treated badly. Things have a natural lifespan, and JiG has lived its out.

That said, I'm heartened to hear that this is a last shot - I'm pleased to hear that this will be the final post like this, assuming that it doesn't work.

- johnharveybc

Comment on "Want to write?"

Fri, 02 Feb 2018 14:26:15 -0500

Hi, I write this as someone who loads JiG several times daily, loves the site, and owes quite a bit to the site——if you hadn't reviewed Card Hunter, I would not have played Card Hunter, fallen in love with Card Hunter, involved myself in its community, befriended the developers, and eventually joined the team as a designer.

I also don't like "We're Hiring!"

I understand JiG's situation, and I don't begrudge you asking for volunteers. By all means!

Just my 2¢ as a longtime reader, game designer, and socialist :)

- Flaxative

Comment on "Apple Worm"

Fri, 02 Feb 2018 09:58:51 -0500

A slightly hinty text walkthrough for when you get tired of that real-life head-scratching. Apple Worm Level titles in the spoilers are given by me, of course. Crawl: This level introduces movement. Just use the arrow keys to move to the exit. Solution: RRRU RRRRRR Notice that you don't have to climb back down because gravity does it for you. Conversely, parts of you can levitate as long as any part is supported. Feed: This level introduces growth. The apple is necessary to reach the exit. Solution: Work your way up to the apple, and then crawl back onto land: ULURRR UUURRRR Gap: This level has a horizontal obstacle instead of a vertical one. Hint: To cross the gap, you don't just need to be four long. You also need to be ______. Solution: You need to be straight, which means you need to go right thrice in a row before reaching the right ledge: RRURRR… Now you can cross the gap safely. …RRR Trap: There's many ways to get stuck! Hints: You can't actually leave through the gap nearest the exit. Which means that you have to return the way you came. Does your tail get in the way? Solution: You need to avoid the apple until your tail isn't blocking the left exit. RRRRUU… Now you can safely take the apple and climb up. …LDLLUUU… And of course you can cross the small gap. …RRRRRR Confined: Manage your space. Solution: As in the previous level, you need to avoid the apple to leave yourself space. RRDDR DLLUR UUURR… All you need to do now is hang down next to the exit and go through it. …RDDR Double dip: Twice as many dead ends! Hint: You need to enter the tunnel and grab the apple. The only entrance that works is the ____ entrance. Solution: Align your head with the right tunnel entrance by dropping in tail-first: RRRRRUU… Then leave through the left side and complete the level. …LLLLUU RRRRRRR UU Leap: The apple is even more difficult to reach. Hint: As you know from level 3, you can only get this apple safely by crossing the gap in a specific way. Solution: First, you need to make it to the left alcove: RRRULDL… There's just enough space for a U-turn. …LLURDR… Cross the gap and finish the level. …RRRRR UUUR Reversible: Try a different approach. Hint: You can't grab the apple while crossing over to the ri[...]

Comment on "Want to write?"

Fri, 02 Feb 2018 04:44:48 -0500

> Even advanced non-native English speakers make mistakes. We are bound to. Language genuises are rare.

>>I agree - however, when someone points out a mistake, the right thing to do is to correct it, no?

-No because I do not agree with you. I can use 'We're hiring' even if there is no salaries. It's clearly mentioned in the article so nothing is made to cheat people. You posted the links which suit you but anyone can find links or texts which confirm an opinion. Please take a look:

You're wrong again, by second breath I do not hope to see the site profitable again but to be more attractive with more reviews covering more categories.

> times are changing and various pressures growing so it's not easy.

>> Agreed, which is why I think that the apparent strategy of 'keep trying things that aren't working' seems like a poor choice.

-And what would be a 'rich' choice for you?

It's a bit funny how you say you had great memories with the site but you only register yesterday to write your post. In fact you would love to see JiG offline so when you see people who try to save something you prefer to give the last shot.

Thank you John, hoping it will give your life better.

- Jeff

Comment on "Want to write?"

Thu, 01 Feb 2018 16:31:51 -0500

> Even advanced non-native English speakers make mistakes. We are bound to. Language genuises are rare.

I agree - however, when someone points out a mistake, the right thing to do is to correct it, no?

> times are changing and various pressures growing so it's not easy.

Agreed, which is why I think that the apparent strategy of 'keep trying things that aren't working' seems like a poor choice.

- johnharveybc

Comment on "Extraction"

Thu, 01 Feb 2018 12:13:12 -0500

The link and game worked fine for me, using Firefox on a Mac. This did not seem like a game, just the very start of one.

- houseworkisevil

Comment on "Want to write?"

Thu, 01 Feb 2018 10:30:14 -0500

Even advanced non-native English speakers make mistakes. We are bound to. Language genuises are rare.

Your explanation of words 'give JiG a second breath' suggests exploitation. I am a volunteer and I do not feel exploited.

I do contribute for the love of the site. You don't have to.

Games posted here are mostly free games. Their authors have spent hundreds (and some, thousands) of hours working on them. They are giving products of their creativity, energy, emotions for free and JiG helps spreading them for years - this website isn't motivated primarily by financial profit and never has been, imho.

JiG hasn't lost its purpose as there are still many good games for posting, but times are changing and various pressures growing so it's not easy.

- chrpa

Comment on "Want to write?"

Thu, 01 Feb 2018 04:27:51 -0500

Yes we are making enormous profits. We sent last week an offer for acquiring Disney: we are waiting for their answer.

- Jeff

Comment on "Extraction"

Thu, 01 Feb 2018 04:05:16 -0500

Thank you Aexis, we will investigate deeper.

- Jeff

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°170"

Thu, 01 Feb 2018 00:06:41 -0500

Escape a Beauty Salon First Bottle Turn right twice and find the sofa. Members Card is hidden under a cushion on the sofa. Turn right twice again and click the green box thing, which turns out to be a card reader. Read the card and memorize the pattern shown. Turn right once and find the showcases. Notice that the pattern shown by the card reader corresponds to the items in the showcases. Turn right twice and take notice of the clock. Enter the hallway with Ms. Frog. There is a door on your right. Enter the color code. It's YELLOW, BLUE, PINK, GREEN, and PINK, in that order, as hinted by the card reader and the showcases. Enter the room and collect the Oil of Detox on the tray. Second Bottle Zoom in on the plants at the back. Inspect the plants, and notice the heights of the plants and the shapes of their pots. Besides the rightmost plant (with a pentagonal pot) there is a Water Cup. Also inspect the clock. Back out to the showcases. Between the showcases and the mirror, there is the door to the bathroom. Enter the bathroom and fill the water cup at the sink. Back out and find the humidifier under the mirror. Fill the humidifier with water and vapor will come out. Some number will appear on the mirror. Open the door near the card reader with the code you saw on the mirror. It's 24109. Collect the piece of Paper on the glass table. Insert your Members Card in the machine above the sofa to get the QR Code. Inspect the cabinet and take the Disk with a Red Quarter. Take notice of the clock on the desk. Back out to where you found the Members Card. Inspect the radio-like box at the back. Install the Disk with a Red Quarter on the box. Using the clocks' faces as clue, open the box. Take the Half Key and the Oil of Beauty inside. First Disk: 10 o'clock, 2 o'clock. Second Disk: 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock. Third Disk: 8 o'clock, 10 o'clock. Third Bottle Read the QR Code on the card reader and study the screen. Click on the circles to reveal a star at one of the screen's corners. Back to the room where you find the first bottle of oil. There's a locked white door. Nex[...]

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°170"

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 23:32:25 -0500

Amajeto is a true master of minigames in escape games, and this game is a great example. Nightmare Escape 14 If it's you're first time playing a Nightmare Escape, rest assured that the room's not spooky, only haunted. Exploration A green ghost floats annoyingly in the air, so click it to exorcise. It lights up a square on the grid, so zoom in on that and chase off another ghost covering a coin slot. Examine the bed below to find a ghost on the sheets and a partially colored red snowman sketch hidden under the pillow. There's another ghost under the bed that's moving too fast to hit. A lamp sits on a drawer that has a ghost covering a grid of buttons. You can click the ghost to move it, but you have to solve the puzzle to get rid of it. Beside it, there's a shelf with lots of things: an uncolored snowman picture, a square board with buttons that display shapes, a set of six small colored bags, a rainbow-colored toy piano, a toy castle that hides a scrambled image, a grid of square buttons that hide small pictures, a workshop model with a four-letter lock, and a large grid of letters. Each of them is covered by a ghost. Under the shelf, there's another ghost in front of a Welcome gate next to a toy train missing its carriage. On the left of the screen, there's a locked wardrobe with a ghost covering its keyhole, and a tall post box with a ghost covering a half-filled grid of symbols. Everything is on this screen, so let's start. First, the usual puzzle. Scramble Unscramble the picture on the toy castle by rotating it's tiles. Once you've solved the randomized puzzle, a whooshing sound tells you that a ghost has been defeated, and you can pick up a coin from the castle. Recall Play the memory game in the lower-left shelf, matching pairs of tiles to remove them. This is also randomized, and completing it gets you another ghost and a train engine. Drive Use the engine on the rest of the train to defeat the ghost there. Pick up the note from the rear train car, which unfolds to a list of words. Verbal Solve the word search puzzle in the lower-right shelf by coloring each word black as you find it. (Each word appear[...]

Comment on "Extraction"

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 20:57:34 -0500

Works in IE 11.192.16299.0, or Firefox 43.0.1, but requires right-click > "Show all" to bring up the inventory.

Doesn't render the game window in Edge 41.16299.15.0, or Chrome 64.0.3282.119.

...but actually I seem to be experiencing the exact same thing for all games that are in a JiG-embedded page ( ).

- Aexis

Comment on "Want to write?"

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 19:45:54 -0500

You are not hiring - hiring, by definition, involves paying a wage. Here's the Webster's definition of 'hire'.

You are looking for volunteers. Having a statement up that you're hiring is pretty weaselly, especially given that by 'give JiG a second breath' you mean 'make it profitable again', and you're not offering any share of that to the people who'd enable it to turn (more of? maybe you're making money now) a profit.

Hopefully you're not going to tell anyone that it's great exposure, or insist to me that people might do it for the love of the site. By your own admission, the JiG hasn't been what it was for quite some time (by second breath, I think you mean CPR) and while I have a lot of great memories here, letting it gracefully sunset, and learning a lesson about sunk costs and thinking carefully about why people are selling things, is the classiest thing to do.

Good on Jay and Dora for having gotten out when they did.

- johnharveybc

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°170"

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 18:39:35 -0500

thanks again for the walkthroughs. I can't wait for the last 2. :)

- Paul

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°170"

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 18:37:59 -0500

sorry. I thought I used the glue but it wasn';t uncapped yet.

- Paul

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°170"

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 18:33:49 -0500

there seems to be a glitch on "Messy Room 1"

at the end where the clue where the cobweb is, when I use the glue on it, I can't see the clue anymore and when I enter the cide of what it's supposed to be it won't accept it.

what's going on there?

- Paul

Comment on "SIGN"

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 17:47:06 -0500

Wow, awesome game! :)

Great puzzles, and I love the 3D effects.

- sebtanic

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°170"

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 14:25:10 -0500


The curtains are above the dirty fishbowl, with the blue anchors.

- Bliznik

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°170"

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 11:53:33 -0500

Messy Room 2 problem

after I picked up the items in the walkthrough it was mentioned that there were curtains but I don't see curtains anywhere.

I hope KK or someone can help.

- Paul

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°170"

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 09:20:34 -0500

I could get used to Weekday Spring Cleaning. Messy Room Which room is messier? Probably not this one. Exploration This messy room sure lives up to its name! Dispose of 2 canned drinks, a potato chip bag, an orange peel, a fast food doggy bag, an opened food can and a mayonnaise bottle, then return the 2 books to their shelves, the escape shirt to the rack, and the umbrella to its holder, and then pick up the rest of the items on the floor: an empty lemon juice bottle with a QR code on its back, a smartphone with low battery charge, and 2 dirty cups. Now that the room is much cleaner, you can examine it. The smell has manifested into a floating monster next to the locked door. The bookshelf and shirt hangers are still not filled up. The base of the clothes rack has a four-digit drawer, on which a purple phone dock and giant shogi piece (missing just a bit) stand. To the right, a locked safe has five symbol buttons, and you would get rid of the cobweb above if not for the unstable trapdoor in the floor. Turn around to face the kitchen, which is also in a mess. Put the bench back against the wall, then toss the plastic bag, banana peel, canned drink, buttons, cup noodles, open envelope and empty tissue box. Return the jacket to a hanger and the book to the shelf, and then pick up the toy robot (which has nine buttons on its front) and 2 cups on the floor and the stove top. Examining this screen, you find more stench monsters, a wilted plant, a stack of tiny music-loving pumpkins, a clock (missing a battery) over a fridge with a two-button lock, a set of shelves with a single cup, an air cleaner that isn't plugged in, a calendar with the week's schedule, and a window stained pitch black over the sink. The sink itself is missing a tap handle, but the stove beside it works. The doors beneath the sink are tied shut, and the two drawers beside it are locked and require a key and a three-digit code. [...]

Comment on "Extraction"

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 08:37:30 -0500

Right clicking and selecting "Show all" brings the inventory up in Firefox.

- Daibhid C

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°170"

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 07:19:12 -0500

Messy Room 2 Which room is messier? Maybe the other one. Exploration You start in an extraordinarily messy room. Start by putting away the paper ball, the fish bones, the cola bottle, the potato chip bag, the canned drink, the cookie box, the newspaper, and another paper ball. You can also return the pencil and pick up the red shirt, which has a stain on it. Time to examine the room, which is still plagued by floating stench monsters. The door is locked until you finish cleaning, of course. The curtains hide a window with a key tied to its handle, which you can open to find a coin on the sill. Pick up the fishtank beneath it, which has really dirty water and no fish. The cupboard is unusable because it's resting unstably on a blue stuffed toy, and you can't reach the pair of scissors above. Turn around (right or left) to face another blue door, which is also locked. Put away another paper ball, soda bottle, can of chips, and an ice cream wrapper, and return the pen to its holder, then pick up the crowbar, stained blue shirt and tissue box. Examining the room (still stinky), you find that the wardrobe doors are stuck, the power socket for the air cleaner is sealed by a screwed metal plate, you can't turn the screen on, the clock doesn't run (but you can set it), and you don't know the dot code for the suitcase. Leverage Use the crowbar to remove the blue teddy bear- no, it was a bunny whose ear has torn off, exposing a battery! With the cupboard back on level ground, you can examine its doors, which have a three-slider lock, a two-button lock with five lights and a four-letter lock. This also makes available a shelf to which you can return the blue book. Unscrew Use the coin to free the power socket and plug the air cleaner into that. The air cleaner promptly sucks up the stench monsters, except for one big bad above the scr[...]

Comment on "Extraction"

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 05:16:14 -0500

The SWF file is downloadable. But the game is only a minute long, and you are out. Too short, no real puzzles.

- jaybo33

Comment on "Extraction"

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 04:59:27 -0500

No inventory is visible in Firefox. In Chrome, the game never renders.

- jaybo33

Comment on "SIGN"

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 03:35:09 -0500

I have the feeling we already have a solid game to be part of the list of the Best games 2018!

- Jeff

Comment on "Apple Worm"

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 03:26:48 -0500

Hummm strange works well for me.

- Jeff

Comment on "Extraction"

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 03:25:34 -0500

Works well for me.

- Jeff

Comment on "Monkey GO Happy Roundup 7"

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 02:06:07 -0500

Monkey GO Happy Roundup 7 (Stage 149–152) Stage 149: Festive Rooms Exploration You start off on a road with a green alien guy who wants 20 round things. There's two purple mushrooms and a single unlit firework. There's nowhere else to go but into the mushroom house in the distance! So descend the ladder to a dimly lit room with a choice of doors to enter. Pick up the 2 candy blobs on the right doorway and lower-right corner and Mini Monkey around the room, and then push the large rock aside to get another Mini Monkey. Also pick up the candy on the ladder, for a total of 3. Right path: Enter the right room, which forks into two more paths! Before you rush forward, take a note of the clue on the wall, and then push the rock aside and pick up 2 candy pieces and the 2 Mini Monkeys. Enter the right door here. In this room, there's a device that displays shapes and another that displays numbers. Leave them alone for now, and pick up the 2 candy pieces from the room. Go back and enter the left door, where an almost identical room has 2 candy pieces and also a Mini Monkey. (You should now have 9 pieces of candy and 5 Mini Monkeys.) Left path: Go back and enter the left room, which also branches into two paths. Read the map on the wall (which isn't completely accurate!), and then pick up 2 candy pieces. Go to the right room, which has the same devices as before. Push the rock aside and pick up the piece of candy and Mini Monkey. Go left twice to a room with a locked panel that's missing a lever. Push the rock aside and pick up the piece of candy and 2 Mini Monkeys. Also pick up the candy piece hiding on the ladder, for a total of 2 in this room. Go down the ladder to another [...]

Comment on "SIGN"

Wed, 31 Jan 2018 01:08:22 -0500

I agree. This makes it extra sad that most of the great escape room designers have stopped making games.

- Darkgreenblue

Comment on "Gimme Friction Baby"

Tue, 30 Jan 2018 21:15:16 -0500

Hi Curtis, 2 and a half years on and still playing daily. A few 100+ but playing at work has distractions. My home PC has a different rate and screws with accuracy. Good luck. I was aiming for 200 but that i think will be yours.

- Roscoe

Comment on "Extraction"

Tue, 30 Jan 2018 20:18:04 -0500

The link to the game appears to be broken. :-/

- Chiktionary

Comment on "The Happy Escape - Bed Room"

Tue, 30 Jan 2018 14:48:21 -0500


actually I did do that but everytime I clicked on the one with the appropriate measurement, it just kept saying 400 ml but it wouldnm;t pour it in. I think it finally did when I put the sugar in first but I forget. but anyway I got it fixed.

- Paul

Comment on "Monkey GO Happy Roundup 7"

Tue, 30 Jan 2018 14:45:07 -0500

can't wait for the walkthroughs :)

- Paul

Comment on "The Happy Escape - Bed Room"

Tue, 30 Jan 2018 11:06:35 -0500


You will have three different containers that might be holding milk. When you have the proper container selected, and click on it, it will tell you how much milk is in it. Make sure you have the proper container selected when you try to pour it in the pan.

- Brf

Comment on "The Happy Escape - Bed Room"

Tue, 30 Jan 2018 11:01:52 -0500

For the measuring step

Your solution pours the 500 into the 300. It can also be done in reverse from the 300 to the 500 (takes 8 steps instead of 6).
Pour the 800 into the 300
Pour the 300 into the 500
Pour the 800 into the 300
Pour the 300 into the 500, leaving 100 in the 300.
Pour the 500 back into the 800
Pour the 300 (100) into the 500.
Pour the 800 into the 300.
Pour the 300 into the 500, making 400.

- Brf

Comment on "The Happy Escape - Bed Room"

Tue, 30 Jan 2018 10:43:41 -0500

problem with

the milk measuring thing. I got it to 400 or whatever ot is but then I puit the pan on the stove and I try pouring the milk in and all it says is "400 ML" but never does anything more. when I try to do the next step again "400 ml" I don't knowe if I screwed something up or what?

- Paul

Comment on "Apple Worm"

Tue, 30 Jan 2018 09:45:14 -0500

Maybe it's my device, but all links posted here lead me back to the JayIsGames page.

- jcfclark

Comment on "The Happy Escape - Bed Room"

Mon, 29 Jan 2018 21:41:53 -0500

Here's a walkthrough. The Happy Escape - Bed Room You know from your last time in this Unity-based Escape Hotel that it has great hot springs to cure your fatigue. But just when you're about to take a rest after the bath, you find a memo from the hotel staff (that you can read if you don't skip the intro) telling you to make your own cocoa with the complimentary ingredients, and gather and deposit 10 coins to get the room key. That's a lot of effort for a good night's sleep! Exploration You start off facing the locked exit door, with a small glowing hole at the bottom of the wall next to it. There's a round glass table on which a single device requires cocoa. Above that, there's a small enclave in the wall with three metal chalices. The middle one holds some sugar and the right one holds a Happy Coin, and there's another glowing hole in the wall between those two. Turn right to a long wall. On the left side, a fridge is locked with a six-button lock and the table next to it has an empty kettle next to an induction stove. The left drawer of the table is locked, and the right one is screwed shut. Further along, there's a small cupboard with potted plants on differently-shaped ceramic plates. The second one hides a Happy Coin on its octagonal plate. The cupboard itself has two locked compartments and one unlocked one that holds an unusual device which takes two three-digit codes. The overhang above has two wall cupboa[...]

Comment on "The Happy Escape - Bed Room"

Mon, 29 Jan 2018 18:09:42 -0500


You'll want to seek out this company:

I've played 3 of their games in San Francisco and they are amazing. They have recreated many of the puzzles found in escape games.

- Ken

Comment on "The Happy Escape - Bed Room"

Mon, 29 Jan 2018 18:08:31 -0500

Thank you, deadman!

- Vinca