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Last Build Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2018 16:57:47 -0500


Comment on "Dismantlement: Box Lunch 3"

Fri, 23 Mar 2018 16:57:47 -0500

It is great to see the series continue! Unfortunately, this one was way too easy... I was out in less than four minutes. I would love to see some real challenge.

- kdausman

Comment on "Spab"

Fri, 23 Mar 2018 10:25:33 -0500

Lovely little game, could have kept playing this one for quite a while.

- vadasz

Comment on "CHUCHEL"

Fri, 23 Mar 2018 07:59:26 -0500

CHUCHEL is the winner of the 20th annual IGF Awards in category Excellence in Visual Art, here. Congratulations!

- chrpa

Comment on "We need you!"

Fri, 23 Mar 2018 06:56:07 -0500

Use VPN smartly otherwise you can end up with your data lost.
how to hide my ip address. And some providers have serious issues with speed and tunnelling.

- Kennythetiger

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°175"

Fri, 23 Mar 2018 03:09:09 -0500

AAAAA OMG thanks kktkkr!!!!!!!!! i was stuck

i was stuck on the number/clock puzzle because i was looking at where the houses were positioned on the map rather than the placement of the clocks!! thanks a bunch

- Krizpy

Comment on "Iromeku"

Fri, 23 Mar 2018 02:24:10 -0500

It's a good puzzle game. Once you understanding the what the color guide is, then the game is a game of addition. Good job. Refer: five nights at freddy's game demo.

- aprilrussell

Comment on "Dismantlement: Box Lunch 3"

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 23:13:40 -0500

While this game is a lot shorter than the previous ones, it's a pleasant surprise to see that the Dismantlement series still continues. Dismantlement: Box Lunch 3 While this bento experience may not be as mindblowing, it's still great bite-sized fun for your lunch break. Unboxing So you have this lunchbox which needs to be unlocked, with four chicks on top that can wear a tiny hat, tiny shoes, or both. The hint for it is on the fork that comes with the lunch. The fork handles has circles with bars above, below or both. So add hats, shoes, or both to the chicks accordingly by clicking them 3, 1, 2, 3 times. The clicking sound calls your attention to the fact that the clasps on both sides have opened so you can remove the top. Appetizer (the one in the center) I can't identify this food, but I'm guessing it's some sort of steamed pudding. Whatever this is, it opens up to reveal a puzzle with four rotating pieces connected by lines. So click the pieces (clockwise from top) 2, 2, 3, 2 times until their openings match the lines. A screw appears in the middle, so you remove the screw (remember, you start with a screwdriver in this series) and then the dish. Mapo Tofu Now you can deal with the dishes on both sides. On the left, you have tofu cubes floating in a spicy red sauce, which hides a puzzle with colored grids and a grid of colored buttons. The grid flashes between horizontal and vertical stripes, each pattern being blue with red in the middle. And the buttons need to be colored either red (0 clicks), blue (1 click) or purple (2 clicks) according to the clue. The corners are always blue and the middle always red, so click each corner once and leave the middle button alone. Each other square toggles between blue and red, so click them twice to turn them purple. Once you have the correct code, a screw appears and you can remove this dish too. Omelette The other dish on the right side hides a four-letter puzzle, where the clue has its top and bottom halves alternately obscured. Recombining the halves of the orange letters gives the full code: ESFP. So enter that in the lock to reveal the screw that lets you remove this dish. Now you can remove the entire top tier of the box. Almond Tofu Not actually tofu, but a sweet pudding dessert. This dish hides four dice arranged in a diamond shape with digits between them. Three of the dice are identical: their side faces go from 5 to 1 to 2 to 6 as you turn them clockwise. The other die has 3, 2, 4, 5 on its sides. The puzzle here is to rotate the dice so that the two faces adjacent to each digit add up to that digit. The sum of 3 (top-left) can only be formed by a 1 on the left die and 2 on the top die, or vice versa. Examining the available numbers, the sum of 7 (bottom-left) can only be formed from a 2 on the left die and 5 on the bottom die, or vice versa. The only way to fulfill both these conditions with the left die is to have 1 face the digit 3 and 5 face the digit 7. So the numbers that form the sums are (clockwise from 1) 1+2=3, 6+1=7, 2+3=5, 2+5=7. The visible dice faces should be 2 and 6 on the top and right dice, 6 and 5 on the left die, and 4 and 5 on the bottom die. So click the dice (clockwise from top) 2, 2, 2, 3 times to solve the puzzle. Unscrew the dessert and remove it. Shrimp Donburi It's a trap! This dangerous-looking contraption has a three-letter lock and a clue with polyominos colored red and green. The colors on the clue are RGR RRR RGG -R- -G- -G- R-R R-G R-G RGR RRR RRR. By combining the top and bottom pieces, you get 3×3 grids where the red squares form the letters H, C, L. There's no timer on the device, so take your time to carefully enter the code and stop it from activating. Then remove the device to complete the game. Enjoy your lunch! - kktkkr[...]

Comment on "Theropods"

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 22:50:11 -0500

This is a beautiful game, but it is a bit too heavy on "Click everything and anything and something will work out". Refer: free run 3 online

- aprilrussell

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°175"

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 20:13:51 -0500

Find the Escape-Men: WANPA QUEST (While you can change the language freely during the game, you cannot do so during cutscenes. So make sure the title is in English before you start.) In an unusual collaboration, WANPA (played by you) has gotten on the Find the Escape-Men TV show. Find ten Escape-Men to win! Exploration Your extraordinarily large inventory is currently empty except for a fist (you can Wan Punch stuff), a flame (you can breathe fire), and a Himajin figure that you got during the cutscene. You start off facing the exit gate. A map on the left shows a plan of the place. Lift the lower-right corner of the map to find an Escape-Man. Turn right to face the red house, which has a patch of exposed ground in front of it. The door to the house is locked. Turn right to face the yellow house, which is also locked. There's nothing interesting outside. Turn right to face the "brack" house, which is also locked. You can't fix the misspelling yet, but you can pick up the letter R by clicking on it twice. Turn right to face the blue house, which is also locked. You can zoom in on the box around the left side, which has a stick inside. Turn right to the "gleen" house, which is also locked. You can pick up the letter L from the sign. Pick up the Escape-Man camouflaged at the lower-left corner of the house (beside the left pillar). Spellcheck Place the letter L on the black house and G on the green house, unlocking each of them. The black house is too dark to see inside, but the green house is lit. Exploration: Green At the left of the room, there's a (stopped?) clock and a crack in the wall. There are also two locked boxes on the floor, one with five rows of buttons and the other with an uncolored map where the houses are buttons that change colors. There's a wall safe that needs a key and a mirror you can just pick up off the wall. Flip the clock over and remove its battery. A small crack Use your fist to punch the wall crack. It's too dark inside to see anything. Minimap Use the clues from the houses (or the map beside the gate) to unlock the map box. The top house is where you're currently at, so that's green. Click it four times. Color the other boxes (in clockwise order) 0, 1, 3, 7, 2 times, then open the box to find a yellow key. Use the yellow key to unlock the yellow house. Exploration: Yellow The main feature of this house is a giant fireplace which is currently empty. You can't even zoom in on the clock above. Next to the fireplace, there's a fish tank with water and no fish. On the left, there's an unusual coat rack with a spade hanging from it. The top of the coat rack is a sphere that hinges open so you can get a green key. Look closer at the top half of the sphere, which hides an Escape-Man. Unearth Use the spade in the ground in front of the red house to find two lenses covered in mud. Use the lenses in the fish tank to wash them clean. Green Key Use the green key to unlock the wall safe in the green house. There's a candle inside. Bright Spit fire onto the candle to light it. Now you can use it to light up the hole you broke the wall here to find an Escape-Man. Exploration: Black Use the candle in the black house to find the light switch. Turn it on. This house has a mysterious door locked with a keypad of letters, and a trapdoor below it. On the left, there's an uninteresting clock over a lamp with a dark-colored lampshade that doesn't seem to work. Under the light switch, there's a locked box with four corner buttons. Look under the lampshade to find a hidden Escape-Man. Dim You're mysteriously drawn to the space under the lamp, so turn the lights off while the lamp is on. The lamp shines a light on the space, and shows four green shapes there. Turn the lights back on, [...]

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°175"

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 17:14:41 -0500

Gah, just a little slow! Camping Room Escape I'd really like to know the backstory of how you got here. Exploration You start off facing a locked door and a shelf where a red lamp (with a cable socket) sits in an unusual vessel with a cut in it, a working burner is glued down, and a high-tech display locks two drawers. Turn right to view the other end of the shelf, which has a plain blue ball on it. There's a small metal cage container with some tubes inside, but its padlock requires a four-digit code. Turn right to find a tent under… a sprinkler? It's open and fastened to the ground by screws, and you can enter the tent to find a paper note with symbols and arrows. Turn right to find a bicycle whose back wheel is held in place on a rack. Clicking on it zooms you to the front of the bike, where a power cable extends from it. A rope ladder hangs on the right wall, and there appears to be a balloon covering something attached to the beam above. Turn right to find a fire ring with firewood tied to the ground in it. The window behind it has a piece of paper stuck outside, but the window is locked with a metallic device. Look up to view the skylight, where a card is stuck to the window. There's also some sort of grip below it. Examine the sprinkler on the right, and the game tells you there's one in each corner of the room. Illuminate Connect the lamp to the bike. After a bit of pedaling, it's lit up and you can just back out of the bike screen. Is there anywhere in this room which needs lighting? Place the lamp back in its receptacle where you got it. The light shines though the cut to connect the pentagon to four other letters. Multiple choice Use the clue from the lit lamp to unlock one of the drawers beneath. The light shining though the cut connects the pentagon to A, D, D, C. So follow the marked arrows on the note accordingly. The arrow marked A from the pentagon links it to the circle. The arrow marked D from the circle links it to the pentagon. The arrow marked D from the pentagon links it to the extended semicircle (mousehole). The arrow marked C from that shape links it to the triangle. So enter that code in the drawers by clicking the 1st, 4th, 5th, 2nd buttons from the left on the display. The upper drawer unlocks to reveal a lot of ice packs, and the display changes. Now it requires a sequence of four letters. High Throw the ball at the skylight to dislodge a plain green card. On closer examination, the card changes color where you held it, so you know it's temperature-sensitive. Thermochromic You can use the card on the gas burner to heat it up, revealing two digits and two dots. But you can also use the card on the ice in the drawer to cool it down, revealing another two digits and two dots. Four digits Use the clue from the card to unlock the metal cage. The digits that appear in the 1st and 3rd positions on the card (by heating it) are 6 and 2, and those in the other 2 positions are 4 and 8. So set the padlock to 6428. As it opens up, you notice that there was a metal part attached to the padlock too. Pick up the cardboard tubes from the cage. Unlock Use the metal part you got to open the window and take the blank piece of paper. Pyro Use the burner to set the paper on fire, then use it to light the firewood. Shortly after, the sprinklers put the fire out, and you hear a balloon pop. Let's review. The firewood is now burnt, and zooming in on it you find that it's split and there was a screwdriver head inside. The sprinklers made you soaking wet, and the cardboard tubes you're holding have been softened. The remains of the balloon are on the floor beside the bicycle, and you can pick up a balloon fragment with a clue on it. Fragment Use the clue from the balloon fragm[...]

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°175"

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 16:26:47 -0500

Camping Room Escape Exploration You start off facing a locked door and shelf. On the top shelf is Lamp you can take that does not light up, and a gas burner you can turn on and off. On the bottom shelf is a cabinet with two locked drawers and panel with shape buttons. Turn right and you can pick up the Ball on the bottom shelf. There is a basket that is locked with a 4-number code. Turn right and there is a tent with a sprinker head over it. its door flap is stked open with some sort of screw panel. You can enter the tent and pick sheet of paper with a Diagram. on it. Leave the tent and turn right. There is a bicycle near a corner with shelves of potted plants or something. Over the shelves is another sprinkler head covered with a balloon. On the wall is a folding Ladder which you can take. Turn right and there is a firepit with logs and a locked window with a sheet of paper behind it. If you look up there is skylight with a card that is too high to reach. Light Use the bicycle to light the Lamp If you zoom into the bike, it has a charging cable connected to the handlebars. If you click on the Lamp and click the cable, the Lamp lights up. Return Return the lamp back where you picked it up and then use it and the Diagram to unlock the drawer below. If you replace the Lamp on the vessel it came from and then click the lamp, it lights up. Zoom into the diagram on the vessel to see the light beam lights up "house",A,D,D,C Referring to the Diagram, starting at "house" and following A,D,D,C, you visit "house","circle","house","tunnel","triangle". Enter those shapes into the lock in the cabinet to unlock the top drawer, which contains cold packs. Toss Use the ball to retrieve the card from the skylight Look up at the skylight, click the Ball, click on the skylight to knock down the card, which appears in your inventory Invisible Ink If you examine the Card and click on it, it will tell you the card is temperature-sensitive Hold the card over the lit burner and cold packs in the top drawer to receive a number clue. Use that clue to unlock the basket. The heat gives you 6-2- and the cold -4-8, so the code is 6428 Unlock Enter the code into basket lock. Remove the "thin metallic Part" from the lock and open the basket to remove the Cardboard Tubes. Unlock Use the metallic Part to unlock the window and retrieve the paper Arson Light the gas burner and use it to light the paper. Use the paper to light the firewood in the firepit... but first plan your next move. Quickly turn left twice or right three times and click to enter the tent before the balloon on the sprinkler bursts. If you are too slow, the cardboard tubes will get soggy and End-2 will be impossible. Burst Turning back to the bicycle, you will see fragments of the burst balloon on the floor. Pick one a balloon fragment and notice the symbols drawn on it. Use the symbols with the paper diagram to unlock the second drawer. The three middle symbols are ambiguous, but there is only one combination that will take you through three square-bottom symbols from circle to triangle. Circle, house,square,tunnel,triangle fits. That takes you through the letters D,C,B,C. Enter that in the panel above the drawers. Remove the Duct Tape. Ashes Examine the burnt logs in the firepit and retrieve the screwdriver piece. When you examine the screwdriver, you see it has no handle. Click on the duct tape and on the screwdriver piece to make a handle. Tent Stake Use the screwdriver to remove the cover on the tent stake. Remove the Stake which is actually a key End-1 Use the key on the door and Exit End-2 This end is only possible if you kept the cardboard tubes dry Examine the cardboard tube[...]

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°175"

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 12:46:48 -0500

I'm stuck in Wanpa Quest.

I have 8 Escape Men and the only items I haven't used are the shield and the sword, which has a hole in it.

I also have no idea what to do in Camping Room Escape. I managed to unlock the first drawer, but now I'm stuck.

- Zanoushe

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°175"

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 09:32:46 -0500

Can't say I'm a fan of the Escape Men series. This one included a lot of what I dislike about them, such as

the absurdly tiny click area for the inside of the vase and having to chase down the green man which leaps in and out of the aquarium.

Things like that are a pain in the butt when using a trackpad instead of a mouse.

And did anyone else have issues with the map?

I clicked that thing many times before that corner turned up to reveal a green man.

"Camping Room Escape" was pretty satisfying. I liked it better than "Chemical Room Escape". Wouldn't mind seeing more of Masa's games featured.

- jF

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°175"

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 16:19:51 -0500

I know this sounds like a Funkyland game, but there will be no magical item-combining in this one. Find 5 Umbrellas Exploration 1 You start off in a room with four droopy potted flowers beneath colored symbols in picture frames held to the wall by screws. There's a cabinet with three locked compartments. There's a four-color lock, a four-digit lock and a three-symbol lock with weather icons. The door to this room is locked, with four letter buttons arranged in a square. Four digits Use the clue from the flowers to unlock the middle drawer. From left to right, the flowers have 2, 5, 3, 7 leaves. So enter that in the safe to unlock it. Inside, there's a spray bottle of glass cleaner. Four letters Use the clue from the spray bottle (and picture frames) to unlock the door. The arrangement of buttons on the door matches that of the picture frames. The letters under the moon, star, heart, pentagon symbols on the spray bottle are C, A, R, S. So enter C A R S into the door to unlock it. Exploration 2 This room is filled with even more puzzles and locks! The wall cupboard has large doors covered in dirt and two drawers having locks with four face buttons and five colored triangle buttons (forming a pentagon). The cupboard on the right has an unlocked left door containing a red umbrella and a squeegee, and a locked right door with triangles on square buttons. The door to this room is locked and needs a key. Cleanup Use the glass cleaner on the cupboard, then clean it off with the squeegee to reveal a clue. You can now access the lock on the cupboard doors, which has pictures of fruit on its buttons. Emotional Use the clues from the wall cupboard to unlock its left drawer. The symbols in the clue can be arranged to form different faces. Click the buttons 5 2 1 4 times to display those faces, then open the drawer to find a key inside. Use the key on the door to open it. Exploration 3 This room has a picture of dogs, but it also seems to be obscured by some dirt. Under it, there's a (relatively) uninteresting L-shaped couch and a small table which you can flip over to find a fruit card beneath. There's also a four-digit safe on the right, and the door to this room is locked and needs a key. Fruits Use the clue from the fruit card to unlock the wall cupboard doors in the second room. Click the buttons 3 2 1 5 times to match the fruit on the card, then open the cupboard doors to find a green umbrella and an empty cup, and also a clue that was on the back of the cupboard behind the cup. Right triangles Use the clue from the back of the wall cupboard to unlock the cupboard door with four triangles in the second room. The triangles numbered 1, 2, 3, 4 point towards the ↖↗↙↘ directions, so click the buttons 5, 4, 2, 3 times to unlock the door. Inside, there's a yellow umbrella and a feather duster. Cleanup 2 Use the feather duster on the dog picture. Now you can see every single spot. Four digits again Use the clue from the dog photo to unlock the four-digit safe in the same (last) room. The dogs have 7 5 3 4 spots, so enter that in the safe to unlock it. Inside, there's an insulating water bottle. Hot Uncap the bottle and pour the hot water into the cup, which shows three symbols on its front. Then use that clue to unlock another lock. The clue matches the buttons on the bottom drawer on the first screen. So click the buttons there 2, 3, 1 times to unlock it. Inside, there's a black umbrella and a screwdriver. Unscrew Use the screwdriver to loosen the picture frames, which swivel down to reveal numbers. Four colors Use the clue from the picture fram[...]

Comment on "Dismantlement: Box Lunch 3"

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 04:58:28 -0500

These “Dismantlement” games are strangely addictive!

People with red-green color blindness will have problems with the last puzzle in this game—hard to make out the colors even with normal vision.

- jF

Comment on "I Saw Her Across the World"

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 16:46:37 -0500

It's possible, but the mode after is really, really tough.

- Panthermon

Comment on "Dismantlement: Box Lunch 3"

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 14:11:32 -0500


- JudyJetson

Comment on "Dismantlement: Box Lunch 3"

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 14:02:26 -0500

stuck on the blue and red puzzle (far left compartment inside the lunchbox)

- JudyJetson

Comment on "Weekday Escape - Retro Edition N°11"

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 05:27:41 -0500


If you have 3 tiles, the 4, 1, and 3 tiles, then when you put them down, you will have 3 rooms

If you set the tiles down as follows, they will be in the correct locations:

5 1 4
3 _ _

But doing this doesn't allow you to put the 1 tile down in the 4 room

So reshuffle them, allowing you to go into the 4 room while keeping the 1 tile

Use the following configuration:
5 3 4

Then walk from the 5 room to the 4 room, and place the 1 tile down to get the #2 tile.

- Bliznik

Comment on "Weekday Escape - Retro Edition N°11"

Mon, 19 Mar 2018 05:23:04 -0500

Thanks @kktkkr!!!

- Bliznik

Comment on "Faraway: Puzzle Escape "

Sun, 18 Mar 2018 07:26:52 -0500

Don't press "Exit to Menu" unless you want to quit the level.

If you do restart a level, you get to keep the notes you already found, but you have to redo everything else.

- barbara

Comment on "Foxtail"

Sat, 17 Mar 2018 17:43:29 -0500

You should maybe take the "free" tag off of this.

- Azrael H

Comment on "Spab"

Sat, 17 Mar 2018 10:24:09 -0500

Fun! I always get a bit confused by diagonal controls, but that actually made it a bit more fun when planning some of the slightly complex moves.

I'd love to see more levels.

- barbara

Comment on "Monkey GO Happy Roundup 10"

Sat, 17 Mar 2018 08:34:16 -0500

@Paul: The order being that way makes sense when you consider that

on the middle level the right display is higher than the left, so it gets O and the left one gets R.

Just a little extra detail you have to notice.

- kktkkr

Comment on "Monkey GO Happy Roundup 10"

Fri, 16 Mar 2018 16:12:51 -0500

on 164

I assumed it was

Top: D O
Middle: O R
Bottom: S

but it is in facts

Top: D O
Middle: R O
Bottom: S

It didn't indicate this order in the walkthrough so I had to find a vvideo walkthrough to point this out.

- Paul

Comment on "Weekday Escape - Retro Edition N°11"

Fri, 16 Mar 2018 16:08:54 -0500

confused on 6 strange rooms

I put the 4 next to the 1 as suggested but I still have 2 rooms and not 3.

please help

- Paul

Comment on "Weekday Escape - Retro Edition N°11"

Fri, 16 Mar 2018 07:31:58 -0500

And here's the last walkthrough. Magnuk and 6 Strange Rooms After a one-screen intro with a powerful teleportation spell, you find yourself in the strange rooms. Wait, weren't there supposed to be 6 of them? Exploration: Starting Room (5) (Make sure you check the map in the lower-right beside the music toggle.) There's nothing in this room but a pedestal with spaces for square tiles. One of them is already present and marked 5, and there are several other numbers on the pedestal. Click the right side of the pedestal to find a 1 tile, which you can flip over to find a colored square on the back. Another room Try placing the 1 at various places on the grid. You find that nothing changes unless you put it somewhere specific. If you put 1 below 5, a door appears behind you, but it opens into a gray featureless room. Instead, put 1 on the right of 5. The door that appears on your right opens into a room with four statues. Exploration: Statue Room (1) The four statues seem identical, with a mage and two mice on each. However, they each appear to be facing a slightly different direction. Pick up the grabber on the north side and notice the red arrow on the west side that points at something out of reach. Grab Use the grabber to retrieve the gem above the door. Discrepancy One of the statues is different. But which one? The mice face the same way as the mage in each statue, except for the one in the northwest, where the mage faces directly away and the mice face you. So click the mouse to the left of that mage to turn it around. A compartment opens, containing a 3 tile. The lid of the compartment also has a clue with five colored rectangles. Exploration: Shelf Room (3) You can find this room by putting the 3 tile below the 5 tile, and then going south. If you don't see a pattern yet, it will become clear soon. Directly across at the south of this room is a small table with slots for 3 gems. Since you don't have 3 gems, you can't use it. Turn right (west) to face another small table with four empty chairs. On both sides of it, shelves stand against wallpaper with ducks. But there's something unusual about this wallpaper… Discreet You might notice a duck on the top of the second shelf from the left, which you can get with the grabber. Are there any others? Another duck is on the same (second) shelf, third from the bottom. Another duck is leaned over on the third shelf, fourth from the bottom. Another duck is on the bottom of the rightmost shelf. Now that you have all four ducks, place them on the chairs, and the drawer opens so you can get a 4 tile. Math time Before we move on, let's figure the number pattern out. The left column adds to 8, and it's possible to make the top row add to 10 by placing 4 there. In fact, you can follow the same rule to deduce the correct position of each tile: 5 1 4 3 2 6 Just as the clue says, the tiles will be numbered 1 to 6. (And this is the only way to solve the puzzle with the numbers 1 to 6.) Anyway, you can now place the 4 tile to the right of the 1 tile, and go east twice to enter the new room. Exploration: Simple Room (4) There's nothing in this room except for a table with a locked drawer. A fancy holder on top has concentric squares with a number 1 in the middle. Displaced You need to brin[...]

Comment on "Weekday Escape - Retro Edition N°11"

Thu, 15 Mar 2018 08:04:20 -0500

Mr. Hint: Fortune Escape Even though his name in the game is Mr. Hint, we all know that he's actually an alternate universe Sherlock Holmes. Intro In Hint's voice: One day, I was troubled. "This is an unlucky year. Since meeting that weirdo, I've frequently been trapped. I might have to get an exorcism done." At that moment, one news article caught the attention of my troubled eyes. "Bakery Times 001" "Fortune-telling house "Hexagram" opened in early January!" "Talk of the town! Fortune-telling house is a big hit! (Infallible accuracy?)" "Long queues daily! Impressive queues form daily. Though this reporter was a bit unsure even with its reputation for accuracy, he decided to give the fortune-teller a try. He queued first thing in the morning and only got in past noon. As a reward for filling out the survey, he got a souvenir made from power stones!" (click right arrow) That's right! I headed straight for the fortune teller's. Even though the place looked familiar, this was definitely correct. I opened the door of fate. (Advance dialogue by clicking the arrow next to About Item.) Hooded figure: "Welcome to the fortune-teller's house. What troubles you?" Mr. Hint: "I recently met a weird guy, and been trapped several times after. It's a real nuisance, what should I do?" Hooded figure: "I see. You must put 12 panels in order, and then you'll still be trapped. Right here!" Mr. Hint: "What?" The hooded figure reveals himself. "Hahahaha! We meet again, my rival. Well, do your best to escape from here. Farewell!" That Lupin! This is getting interesting. (Note: In the Sherlock Holmes stories, Lupin appears as a nemesis.) Exploration As Mr. Hint would tell you (click the icon for his hints), you should start by searching the whole room for those well-hidden panels. You start off facing an ouija board which seems to be incomplete. In the back are three beautiful pots, the insides of which are too dark to see. On the pot lids, you find a silver key, an infuriating taunt, and a Capricorn tile. The locked dresser has an Empress tarot card on it. On the right are three weird safes: a three-digit one with colored rectangle marks, another three-digit one with card suit marks, and an unusual shape with eight buttons. Turn left. Two windows have clues written on them, and in between a magic seal drawn on a curtain that hides a Cancer tile. Looking closer on the bookshelves, you find a Hermit tarot card and Aquarius tile on top, as well as a poker leaning against the left side. The books themselves contain information about using an ouija board, the zodiac signs and tarot cards in order, and various astronomical terms. Turn left. There's a stopped clock you don't have the winding key for, a fireplace with charcoal too risky to touch, and a window with writing and a Pisces tile over a table with a botanical book, a Magician tarot card and several drawers. Two of the drawers are locked and require a key, and the lower-left drawer is locked and requires a three-digit code, but the others are unlocked and they contain a spade-shaped planchette and a Sagittarius tile. Turn left to face the door, with sun, moon and "close" signs attached to it. There are two bookstands with dubious books on them. One of them has a Leo tile hidden beneath, and the other has nothing but disappointment. Now th[...]

Comment on "Weekday Escape - Retro Edition N°11"

Thu, 15 Mar 2018 00:06:37 -0500

Enchanted Trees Escape Yes, the trees are magical too. Exploration (Remember that some actions in this game require an empty hand.) You start off facing a tree with a green-colored hole in it. It's surrounded by five white flower buds. There's also a giant bud in the background. Go forward to a screen where a table has some skulls arranged around a candle. Pick up the mortar (and pestle) and flask from the table. The tree in front has a note about some lost crystals, and a stick in the lower left has a hint with colored stones and numbers. There's also an ornate tombstone in the background with a hole, and a pot in front of it. Go forward to a screen with a dryad who's lost her fire crystal. There's a sword-shaped stone beside her with a hole in it, and a large greenish bud in the lower left. Go right to a screen with a sealed magic portal marked with two skulls on sticks. On the left of the screen there's a puzzle with colored stones, with a pink note next to it explaining what magic plants need. On the right of the screen, there's a tree with a note on it telling a story of five guardians' demise. The tree has a loose branch that you can click thrice to get seeds from, and there are five colored flowers in the lower right beneath a puddle of water. Stones Use the clue from the stick to solve the stone puzzle on the portal screen. Colorblind help: The stones on the stick (top to bottom) and in the puzzle (clockwise) are colored in the same way: red, blue, green, yellow, gray, black, white, red. As you've seen before in other Esklavos games, the stones connect when they're close enough, and display the number of connections they have. So the stick indicates that each stone should connect to two others, except for blue and green (3 each) and black (4). Here's one way to do it: arrange white, yellow, gray in a triangle in a corner. Also arrange black, blue, green in another triangle, and connect a red to both black and blue only, and the other red to both black and green only. Once done, the stones stop moving, and you'll find that a red crystal has dropped next to the puddle. Water and seeds Fill the flask with the water from the puddle. Combine the seeds with the mortar to produce seed dust. Now you just need to find the plants that need them. Use the seed dust on the giant bud near the dryad. It opens up so you can take a green crystal. Use the water on the giant bud on the first screen. It opens up so you can take a blue crystal. Death Use the clue from the guardians' story to solve the puzzle with five skulls. The dotted lines should connect each skull (guardian) to their cause/circumstance of death. So connect the first one to midnight (moon), the second and fourth to drowning (water) and the third and fifth to storm (lightning). The candle lights up and a yellow crystal falls from it. Restoration You now have four crystals, one for each of ice, nature, fire and blood. Find somewhere to place them. The red (blood) crystal fits in the tombstone, and placing it makes red flames erupt from the pot and an eye falls from the sky. The yellow (fire) crystal belongs to the dryad, and she rewards you with a white crystal flower. The blue (ice) crystal fits in the stone beside the dryad, and placing it [...]

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Wed, 14 Mar 2018 22:10:35 -0500

@Bliznik: For the other ending, you need to follow a hint.

What's the first hint you got when you started the game?

Technically, it's one you haven't used yet.

The clue 1~6 can be interpreted a different way.

Place the tiles down so you can walk from 1 to 6. There, you should find what you need.

- kktkkr

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Wed, 14 Mar 2018 19:22:54 -0500

For Magnuk and 6 Strange Rooms, I was able to get the normal end, but have no idea to get the other ending.

Here is where I am stuck:

After I saw room #5 with the saw, I push down the wall with the hooked cane. Then I go back to the table and pick up the end of room #5,
and remove the wooden part in order to get the blue bracket. But I can't seem to use the blue bracket with anything

- Bliznik

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Wed, 14 Mar 2018 18:43:31 -0500

The Mr. Hint: Fortune Escape game was quite straightforward, I only got stuck near the end and needed to consult a hint-through.

I got stuck when I had all 12 zodiac symbols and needed to figure out what numbers to plug in

Try cycling through all of the numbers under each symbol. Do you notice a pattern?

Each of the numbers cycles through the number of letters in each symbol

That means each number stands for a letter

You need to spell out the answer to the riddle above

The answer can be found in the book of words. The book that has the words "the sun"
and "moon"

- Bliznik

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Wed, 14 Mar 2018 11:55:12 -0500

Monkey GO Happy Roundup 10 (Stage 161–164) Stage 161: Puzzling Greens Exploration The screen looks like a mess of green, but you notice symbols carved on the large rock and tree, and symbols indicated on the semicircular devices. The warrior asks for a sword but you see none here. Instead, pick up the olive-colored leaves, which turn out to be 3 lettuce leaves. Click the bushes and small pyramidal rocks to find another 2 lettuce leaves, then pick up the 3 Mini Monkeys around the screen. Go to the (lower) right, where the path ends in a locked stone cabin with a math puzzle on its door. A crate sitting just beside is locked, and a brown bunny just outside asks for 10 lettuce leaves. There's also another semicircular device here. Push aside the rock in the background, then pick up 4 lettuce leaves and 3 Mini Monkeys. Math Let's dive right into the numbers. Use the numeric clues around the game to unlock the door. The symbols on the right of the equals signs occur next to the numbers 81, 70, 3, which can only be formed from the following calculations: 9 × 9 14 × 5 90 − 87 Set the buttons accordingly, and push the big button. The door opens. Exploration 2 Inside the hut, a blacksmith with an iron rod on his anvil points expectantly at his furnace, which has a pair of tongs on it. Look at the symbols on the ceiling and floor and the large button on the back wall, then pick up the 2 Mini Monkeys at the near corners of the room. Heat Combine the tongs with the rod (using the Combine Item button in your inventory) and use it in the furnace. Then use it again on the anvil to place the hot iron on it. The blacksmith now asks for a hammer. Symbolic Use the clues in the blacksmith's hut to set the semicircular devices correctly. The devices has the same symbols marked on them as the floor, and so they should be set to display the corresponding symbols on the ceiling. Exit the hut and click the device outside twice to show a zigzag. Go left and click the devices there once and thrice to show a U shape and a curl. Then go back into the hut and push the button on the back wall. It's not a button, it's a shutter that hides a key! Unlock Use the key to unlock the crate outside, and take the hammer. Satisfy Give the hammer to the blacksmith, which begins forging a weapon. Leave and re-enter the hut, and the sword is done. Give the sword to the warrior. As he leaves, you can pick up the last lettuce leaf and a Mini Monkey. Give all the lettuce to the bunny. As little bunnies hop by to grab from its pile, pick up the last Mini Monkey sitting there. Your bonus clue from this stage is (S with vertical strokes) = 1. Stage 162: Acorn Collector Exploration The cute creature on the first screen asks for 35 acorns, which is quite a lot. So look at the padlocked house and the complicated round device in front, then pick up 3 acorns and 2 Mini Monkeys just lying around. That's not all! There are some bumps in the snow: two on the roof, one beside the house and one in the lower-right corner. Clicking each bump and the rock on the ground gets you another 5 acorns. Go right to another screen filled wit[...]

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Wed, 14 Mar 2018 08:58:59 -0500

It's not out on the official list, because it hasn't been translated yet, just so you know why.

- JoranTB

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Wed, 14 Mar 2018 08:57:08 -0500
There's new dismantlement out, lunch box 3. Could you review it? I could write a walkthrough, if you want.

- JoranTB

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Tue, 13 Mar 2018 02:47:17 -0500

Fanbots is a funny game!

- happywheelsnow

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Sun, 11 Mar 2018 10:28:34 -0500

Power of posting. Found it. Done with free part of it. The mobile version has an in-app purchase that gives you 6 more levels for $3, and there's also Faraway 2, with 9 free and 9 paid levels ($3.50 this time). Note that Faraway 3 has nothing to do with 1 and 2, it's made by different people and is in a different genre.

- Danwareld

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Sun, 11 Mar 2018 10:16:42 -0500

Would've been a lot better with more freedom of movement; it would've likely felt as Kairo's younger sibling. As it stands, it feels claustrophobic (and clashes quite heavily with with the close attention you need to pay to your surroundings to find the first two notes on each level). Nonetheless, it's still very nice.

Has anyone found the second (2/3) note on the 6th level? 1 and 3 I have found without trouble, but 2 keeps eluding me.

- Danwareld

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Fri, 09 Mar 2018 06:55:23 -0500

Asylum 2018 We visited another asylum not too long ago (WE N°164). This time, we have some friends to save from the haunted depths, with the help of a little magic of course. Exploration: Initial items The game gives us plenty of faint purple orbs, but we can't collect them just yet. For now, go right from the starting screen and pick up a map in the wall covered with red graffiti. Clicking on the map, you find that only the rooms visited are shown, and doors are not. Take notes as you go along! Move forward, left and forward twice, and click on Manny to get him out of this bathroom. Then go back to the starting screen (B on the map) and go left. There's a sacred jar here that you would not have been able to get before. Now you can collect orbs! (Before we move on to the next step, just a small reminder that you can scroll the inventory, and use any non-map item on an empty inventory space to move it there.) From here on, I'll refer to directions according to the compass on the map. Since I know where the shop is, let's walk there first. Numbers in parentheses shown how many purple orbs you can pick up on each screen. As the map shows, you're now at A(2). Go east to B(2). The path to the south leads out, but you've got more friends to save. Go east to C(3), north to H(3). From here, go east to I(3) and north to Q(3), which has a weird riddle on the left corridor wall. Go north to V(3) and then west to U(3). You now have 23 orbs. The mysterious hooded figure sells several items, but what you want right now is the crystal ball on the right, which lets you click any room on the map to teleport! Exploration: More rooms Now that you can teleport, go east from V (whose north door is locked) to W(3), which has a death certificate on the stretcher that you can read. Both of the other doors from here are locked. Go east from I to J(3). The east door from here is also locked. Teleport to G(3), whose west door is locked, and retrace your steps northward to O(3) and T(3). Go east from O to P(3), and pick up the parchment fragments on the floor. Teleport over to Q, and go east to R. The room is so dark that you can't even reach the orbs. But we can fix that! (You should now have 21 orbs.) Illumination Teleport to the shop at U, and buy the lantern on the left. Now you can use it in R (east of Q) to light up the room. You find 2 orbs and a purple key. Lexicon Go west to Q, and use your wits to solve the word puzzle there. The seven-letter word named in the puzzle literally spells "longer" with all but its third letter. The only word that fits the Lo_nger pattern is LOUNGER. So type that word (try it in lowercase if it doesn't work) in the box to solve the puzzle. The whole puzzle is replaced with a red gem that you can pick up. Unlock (purple) Teleport to G, and use the purple key to open the west door. Go west from F(2) to E(2), where Gabby has also been considering taking a bath or something. Go west again to D(2), which has a knife on the counter at the l[...]

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Room 22 - A Dog Waiting for Spring "Waiting for spring" is also part of a name for the twelfth lunar month. The long-awaited spring is about to arrive! The new feature in this game is hint buttons with hints in Japanese. The hints include screenshots of the relevant clues, so feel free to try them out if you get stuck! Exploration You start off in front of a fireplace which has a tray in it. On the mantel, there's 7 snowmen wearing cute blue hats. Above that, there's a mountain picture with a rectangular socket in its frame. On the right side, there's a locked cupboard with only a red light above its handle. Instead, there's a plant pot next to a hook on the wall, and a platform on the right which rises when you move the orange off its plate. Turn right to face a door you can't open, with a rail passing through the ceiling above it. Next to it is a cutesy moose head trophy on the wall missing a horn, and a hole near the ceiling you can't reach. Turn right to face double doors whose handles don't work. Beside it, there's a safe panel with a two-button lock. Turn right to face a table between locked doors, one taller, narrower and lighter than the other. Pick up the purple shovel head beside the table, and examine the table, which has a mandarin orange holding down a clue with digits and letters. Capped The hints for the snowman panel read: Notice the shapes which match the buttons. Press them according to the sequence SNOWMAN. The 1st and 3rd snowmen in the front row and the last in the back row wear caps which are rounded. So push the LRLRRRL buttons to open the panel. Inside, there's a book with a weird title, and what was that sparkle? It's a key that was hidden beneath! Unlock 1 Use the key to unlock the door to the left of the table. In this storage closet, there's a ladder next to a shelf with an empty kettle and a three-digit safe with the digits arranged vertically. Three digits The hints for the three-digit safe read: The clue is the memo on the table. Solve it! Refer to the example to identify the numbers that follow the same rule. The rule is… put between. From the example, Y is the only letter that's placed between two identical ones (C). There's exactly one such digit in each row: 6 (between two 4s), 2 (between two 8s), 1 (between two 9s). So enter 621 in the safe to open it. Inside, there's another mandarin orange. Loaded Place both oranges from your inventory on the plate next to the other one. The plate descends all the way to the bottom, unlocking the cupboard. Inside, there's a lit lantern. Higher Use the ladder to climb to the hole beside the moose head, and then use the lantern to light up the hole. The only thing here is a book-shaped safe with red shapes on its buttons. Counter The hints for the book-shaped safe read: There are books over there. Look closely at the five letters. The shapes from the buttons are there. Click the buttons until their red shapes ma[...]

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At this rate, Gingerbread Man is going to become the most well-developed character in an escape game. Button Escape 46 Yes, this is very clearly the same room. And yet, it is very clearly a different game. Exploration As in the previous game, you need to turn on 11 silver lights above the door (by finding their buttons) to escape. The picture frame shows a really detailed weather forecast for the next week, and clicking on the forecast picks it up, revealing a blank wall behind. Below that, there's another safe with eight buttons in two rows, but the button panel is divided into four colored quadrants with a hint at the top left. Even further down, there's a plain four-button safe. To the left of all that, there's a hand mixer attached to a four-color panel with digits above the buttons, and it's hanging over an ice-chilled bowl. To the right of the door, there's a plain white poster with rectangular hooks and a red circle. Beneath that, the pet door is still too small to squeeze through. Further to the right, there's a shelf with various items: a gingerbread man who wants a whipped cream futon, lying on a plate with a button on the left, a bowl holding a spiky button in front of a shut panel with a button hidden in its corner, a box that requires a combination of kanji symbols to open, and a green wastebin that looks empty but, as usual, has a button hidden in its base. Go right. The clear locked box here needs a key, and you can see some pliers through the glass. Behind it on the wall, you see four gray geometric shapes (that make a sound when you click them). Open the door on the right and click the button there. Out in the backyard, the snowmen are still partying. Click the button on the one on the left with the black hat. Also click and hold on the table to zoom in on it. It looks like the snowmen are preparing to eat something. Red circle Use the clue from the red circle on the white poster to find a button. The poster hints at the wall where you took the forecast. So click in between (and slightly below) the hooks there to punch through the wall and find the button. Big and Small Use the clue from the forecast to unlock the eight-button safe. In order of the days on the forecast, the larger icons are (White/Yellow/Blue/Gray) GWBYWYGB, and they appear on the LLLRRLRR sides of each pair. So push the buttons in the 2 5 6 4 3 8 1 7 order to open the safe. Inside, there's a packet of sweetened fresh cream, and some strawberry-flavored yukimi odaifuku (basically this?). Party Yukimi literally means snow viewing, so bring the pink package out to the yard and use it on the table. "It's frozen too stiff to cut!" "What do we do?" "That's right!" "Transform!" "Now everyone can eat." As the large snowman munches on the snack, digits appear on its belly. Click the button under the deck, then head back inside. Four digits Use the clue from the large snowman to unlock the blue four-digit safe. [...]

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Wed, 07 Mar 2018 22:40:46 -0500

For the telephone booth in "Room 22":

Pay very close attention to the markings on the dial.

- jF

Comment on "E.X.I.T II - The Basement"

Wed, 07 Mar 2018 19:56:43 -0500

Excellent! So few of the great designers are still making escape games, so I'm very happy to see this one. It is cleverly done.

- Darkgreenblue

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Tue, 06 Mar 2018 19:32:20 -0500

This one was almost Neutral-worthy.

- houseworkisevil

Comment on "Pixel Room"

Tue, 06 Mar 2018 17:02:31 -0500

Very clever game! Do wish Kotorinosu (and other creators) would stop with the "you must see the clue first" limitations, though. Really screwed me up:

The gray door code gave me fits because of that, and I fiddled with the wrong quadrant for ages. Had to resort to the walkthrough and retrace my steps through the different resolutions to figure out which clue didn't "register". Actually had the code right to begin with.

Hey, maybe it's me, but sometimes in life "guessing" can work wonders. 😉

- jF

Comment on "Escape from Paradise"

Tue, 06 Mar 2018 16:31:02 -0500

man, this is definitely an old review, but i somehow got into my old jis account and thought i'd drop a comment for old time's sake.

i woke up last night thinking of this game and not remembering the title of it at all, and after hours of google-searching (when i kept thinking to myself, no, it wasn't virtual villagers, was it?) i've finally found it!

this game was part of my childhood and it was really interesting back then. in fact, i think that looking up finding the last few radio pieces was what brought me to this site in the first place, and i know people probably won't read this review, but i just wanted to really quickly pay homage to one of the games that i got so addicted to i'd bring my computer out to play it when my family went for dinner. it really was an integral part of my growing-up experience, and it's pretty cool to find it again. i might want to replay it now tbh

- jaye skylar

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Tue, 06 Mar 2018 05:25:23 -0500

Just need the G

- Miller

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Tue, 06 Mar 2018 00:28:44 -0500

Thank you kk!

- Vinca

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Tue, 06 Mar 2018 00:16:40 -0500

That is an excellent game! I especially liked how

you need to interact with the same objects/puzzles in different ways throughout the game.

There were some really clever and original puzzles. Five mushrooms!

- Jamilworm

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Tue, 06 Mar 2018 00:12:32 -0500

Here's the walkthrough. E.X.I.T II - The Basement Kotorinosu has locked you in an exceedingly fancy basement. Is it just a basement? You'll have to solve the puzzles to find out. Exploration You start off facing a red couch with a painting above. Lifting the couch cushions, you find that it's fastened to the wall with hinges held down by nails. To the left, there's a potted "plant" over a locked trapdoor. While looking at the plant, you can just see a metal plate on the left side of the sofa, covered in dirt and bolted down. To the right, there's a pendulum clock which is stopped. Its three equally long hands each have a different shape on the end and are controlled by the buttons below the clock face. The pendulum compartment is locked. Look under the sofa to find a banana and a hidden compartment out of reach on the wall behind. Look on top of the clock to find a brush on top. Turn right to face a silvery deer head on the wall, missing one of its antlers. Beneath that on the ground is a fireplace, and you can open up its metal grate to find a toy plane on top of the tinder. Turn right to face two half-empty shelves of items: a cactus, a ceramic bird and a moon picture. In between them, a sepia photo of a house seems to have been mirrored with a dotted line added in its middle. You can also look under the shelves, but you find nothing there. Turn right to face a rocking chair and a table with a wine bottle and glass. The table also holds a book with strange symbols on each page. On the wall behind, there's a padlocked window and a three-letter safe on the shelf. You can also look up at the ceiling fan, but you have no way to reach it or turn it on. In the ceiling behind the fan, there's a grate you can't reach. Scrub Use the brush you found on the clock to clean up the plate on the left side of the sofa, revealing another hexagonal screw at the top and some lines etched into the plate. Then use that clue to unlock the other safe in this room. The etched lines spell out lhq. So enter LHQ in the box, and open it to find a pair of shears that's tied tightly shut. Decode The symbols in the book look like… letters? But there seems to be something else hidden among them. What is it? The symbols contain shapes that match the clock hands. For instance, the one on the last page has a circle around an X. The one on the second-last page contains a diamond shape, and removing it reveals three vertical lines: III. The one on the first page contains an upward-pointing triangle, and removing it reveals a single letter V. So point the diamond, circle, triangle hands to III (3), X (10), V (5) by clicking the buttons that many times. Then step back and open the pendulu[...]

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Mon, 05 Mar 2018 23:46:54 -0500

@Vinca: You're missing an item that's kind of pixel-hunty, and lets you solve the puzzles that you're stuck at. (There's no hidden compartment, you just have to look at the correct angle.)

Check on top of the clock.

- kktkkr

Comment on "E.X.I.T II - The Basement"

Mon, 05 Mar 2018 22:55:32 -0500

So I'm stuck:

I've just opened the hole behind the ceiling fan, but there doesn't seem to be anything I can do with it (can't even use the flashlight to look up it). I've got a crowbar, a flashlight, a wrench, and a metal gear-shaped thing from the clock; there's still a box with a 3-letter code, an angry-looking silver deer head missing an antler, and a painting of a cow I can look at but not do anything with yet. There's a branch in the potted plant that I think kinda looks like the missing antler, but I can't do anything with the items I have now to get it, and the similar look might just be coincidence

Any advice?

- Vinca

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Mon, 05 Mar 2018 13:07:57 -0500

Here is correct link to the game for now, Jeff will fix it later:

- chrpa

Comment on "E.X.I.T II - The Basement"

Mon, 05 Mar 2018 13:06:15 -0500

"Play" button sends me to "Once upon a Coma" instead of

- Orient_Tiger

Comment on "E.X.I.T II - The Basement"

Mon, 05 Mar 2018 12:19:04 -0500

Scary game!!!

- Bloomberry

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°173"

Mon, 05 Mar 2018 12:18:04 -0500

Nice game!!

- Bloomberry

Comment on "Spab"

Mon, 05 Mar 2018 12:07:20 -0500

Nice game!!!

- Bloomberry

Comment on "Phit"

Mon, 05 Mar 2018 10:48:18 -0500

2018 and I'm back at it again! :P
This game is still amazing. I started all over from the beginning just to warm up with a few levels. Now I think I'll go back over some of the comments here and see if there are any tough levels folks were asking for help on but solutions weren't posted.
It doesn't seem anyone was able to conquer 1679...

- AaronzDad

Comment on "Support"

Mon, 05 Mar 2018 08:22:20 -0500

Wow, it's been a while since I've visited JIG and I missed a LOT! Sorry to hear you had to shutter the place but I'm glad to see things back in operation again.

I was just trying to kill some time while I transferred some files and thought I'd play a short game, then I thought about checking in on some of my old favorites.

But I couldn't sign in! Boo hoo hoo!

Whatever happened to signing in with typepad? I tried using the new MoveableType but apparently someone else stole my user name there (or I really don't remember my password or what email address I used there).

Dang Dang Dang!

I made a new moveable type account and it's letting me use my old faithful username but I'd like to get into my "real" account if that is possible.

Or maybe it doesn't really matter.

Anyway, I'm glad to see you guys up and running and when I get back home in a couple weeks (currently out of the country) I'm gonna go over to Patreon and send you a few shekels.

- AaronzDad

Comment on "Once Upon a Coma: Chapter 1 Demo"

Mon, 05 Mar 2018 04:49:30 -0500

Hello, I changed it.

- Jeff

Comment on "One Scene 3"

Sun, 04 Mar 2018 19:40:10 -0500

If you’re having trouble with the four-square box above the cabinet:

Be sure you’re using all nine digits from the poster clue. That last digit is easy to overlook!

- jF

Comment on "Once Upon a Coma: Chapter 1 Demo"

Thu, 01 Mar 2018 11:04:34 -0500

You should remove the Smiley for the content icon. There is some pretty crude dialog.

- Brf

Comment on "Once Upon a Coma: Chapter 1 Demo"

Thu, 01 Mar 2018 06:51:37 -0500

Start of the game is a bit confusing, you have to click the game window (the cursor disappears inside the gamescreen)and press space bar.

- chrpa

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°173"

Thu, 01 Mar 2018 06:02:06 -0500

My Home - Remake With new technology, new puzzles and a change in language, the improvement in this remake is literally night and day. Entrance The intercom you need to ring is somewhere behind this large metal gate with three shapes hidden in its bars. So use this clue on the panel to the right of the gate to unlock it. The shapes in the gate are Circle, Hexagon, Square. So click the buttons 4, 2, 7 times, and push the button which opens the gate. Exploration Great, the intercom is right there on the door. All we have to do is press the button. No, it doesn't ring! Look around the doorway. On the right, a shelf holds three unconventional kokeshi dolls, with room for another one. On the left, a locked mailbox has its flag screwed down. Even further to the left, there are two flower planters, and closely examining them reveals a matchbox behind the right corner of the right one. Turn right. There's a small pond in which you can vaguely see something submerged. Directly above it on the fence is a device with four black buttons that fill up in blue from the right. Further along, you see a locked tool shed. Click the left edge of the shed to look around it and find the missing wooden doll in the shadows. Back out and turn left this time. The box on this side of the fence is screwed shut, and the other box on the pole is locked and needs a key. The swing looks perfectly normal until you flip its seat over to find some blue and white bars painted on it. The picnic table attached to the wall has a metal bowl on its left bench. Looking more closely at the top of the table, you find a hidden compartment that hides some rope. Family Place the missing doll on the shelf, which dispenses a screwdriver. You can pick up the doll again. That's because the doll has something hidden inside: a blue comb. Stripes Use the clue from the swing to unlock the box above the pond. The leftmost stripe is furthest from the white one, so it corresponds to the top button. Click the buttons 4, 1, 3, 2 times to match the lengths of the blue stripes. Then open the box to find a gas torch. Unscrew Use the screwdriver to "unlock" the mailbox and find a grappling hook (head) inside. Also use the screwdriver to unscrew the box on the fence opposite the picnic table. As you pick up the white mould, you no[...]

Comment on "Once Upon a Coma: Chapter 1 Demo"

Thu, 01 Mar 2018 01:26:27 -0500

I would probably have enjoyed this a lot more if I could get past the title screen. I've tried reloading, I've turned off all my plugins and whitelisted the site, I've opened it in private mode, and I haven't been able to see anything but the very first screen that loads. I've mashed every keyboard button and clicked everywhere I could. Still nothing.

It sounds pretty, but other than that, I'm really disappointed it won't work for me.

- jessthemullet

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°173"

Thu, 01 Mar 2018 00:03:10 -0500

Chemical Room Escape With a clear rate of only 41%, this is one of the harder games on Masa's site. But persevere through it, and you'll get a Nobel prize. Not really, you'll just feel like a great chemist. (Make sure you start the game in English. And wear your gloves in the actual lab.) Exploration You start off facing a locked door with four numbered card suit buttons. There's a light switch to it, and you hear a whirring sound when you turn the lights off or on. Turn right to face shelves which hold 2 sets of test tubes which hold clear liquid and a beaker of hardened wax with a key embedded in it. The cupboard under the left shelf is locked, but has some sort of card slot. There are two cupboards under the right shelf, the left one locked (and requiring a key) and the right one unlocked and containing a burner. Turn right to face the fume hood, where a gas tap and tripod are already set up. Pick up the squirt water bottle. Turn right to face a computer screen which displays a chemical diagram on the screen along with a cursor that you have no way to move. A wire extends behind the screen and connects to a locked cylindrical container with a red light. Next to the container is a ball-and-stick model. Under the table, there's a chest of drawers. The top one is unlocked and contains a pair of tweezers, and the bottom one is locked and its keypad is missing a battery. Turn right to face the refrigerator. Both compartments are empty except for a single lemon in the fridge door. Some plants with red leaves hang on the wall, and you can zoom in on them to find a metallic mold. Forge Fill the mold with the water from your bottle, then place it in the freezer. Then pick up the groovy shaped ice block. Place the ice block in the card slot under the left shelf. Now it's open and you can take the matchbox (with only one match) and battery. Volatile Place the beaker on the tripod and the burner beneath, then use the matchbox to light it. The wax melts, but it's so hot that you need to use the tweezers to pick the key up. Unlock Use the key on the locked cupboard beneath the right shelf. Inside, there's a flask of alkaline NaOH (sodium hydroxide), colored red by an indicator. Wet You notice a puddle nearby. It's the melted ice from the card slot, [...]

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Wed, 28 Feb 2018 20:34:36 -0500

Fix a Pair of Ice Skate Before all the ice melts! Exploration 1 As you've probably noticed, there aren't any ice skates on this screen. Instead, there's a locked door with eight arrow buttons. On the left is a glass vase with a stain on top and a bottle stuck in the bottom. You can't reach it, but you can read a grid of letters from it. On the right, there's two locked safes. The top one has three letter buttons with digit hints, and the bottom one has four arrow buttons in two colored pairs. Grid Use the clue from the bottle in the vase to unlock the top safe. The pairs of digits indicate which row and column to check. So the first letter is in row 1, column 1, which is W. The second letter is in row 3, column 2, which is A. The third letter is in row 1, column 3, which is M. Enter WAM in the safe, then open it to find a yellow piece of cloth and a row of four blue digits. Unveil Use the cloth to clean up the vase. Behind it, there's a blue compass rose made of arrows, each labeled by a digit. So use that clue (and the other one you just found) to unlock the door. The blue digits 2581 in the safe label the arrows that point U, DR, L, UL. So push the ↑↘←↖ arrows on the door to open it. Exploration 2 This room has more interesting stuff, starting with the lamp on the left with a shoelace hanging around its post. You can turn off the lights to find a digit on each bulb. Next to the lamp, there's a pair of wall cupboards with three-digit and four-letter locks. Beneath them, there's an unlocked cabinet which holds an ice skate, which certainly needs some fixing. The door of this room is locked with four round colored buttons on a right-pointing chevron. Lights out Use the clue from the turned-off lamp to unlock the left wall cupboard. From top to bottom, the digits on the bulbs read 486. So enter that in the safe, and open it to find a horseshoe magnet. Reach Tie the shoelace to the magnet, and use it in the vase. The magnet attaches to the metal label on the bottle. Removing it, you find that it's a bottle of superglue, which is best used cold for some reason. Blue I couldn't reproduce the bug described above in the comments, but perhaps it's best to use the clue first anyway. Use the[...]

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Wed, 28 Feb 2018 15:48:21 -0500

Can't wait for the walkthroughs :)

- Paul

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Wed, 28 Feb 2018 15:24:26 -0500

Word of warning on Fix a Pair of Ice Skate:

Once you have the glue, look at it before using it. It disappears once you do!

- Daibhid C

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Wed, 28 Feb 2018 05:52:54 -0500

I think the issue is keyboard v mouse navigation rather than which specific keys. pointnclick tag suggests mouse navigation is possible

- stupidcheeseboy

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Wed, 28 Feb 2018 01:02:40 -0500

So I have been looking for this game I played a while ago. I believe it was on this site, but I cannot seem to find it under any relevant tags. It was a surreal game which started with an egg(?) that could become a plant that you could either feed or water to turn it into a venus fly trap or rose. I know the venus fly trap had a fly option because it rather scared me when the fly became bigger than the plant and then ate it. It had a lot of weird endings too. They would all loop back to the beginning though with an egg(?) I would really appreciate any help with finding this game because I remember really enjoying it. As for the title, I only remember thinking it was weird. Thank-you!

- vexingcosmos

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Tue, 27 Feb 2018 05:14:22 -0500

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Comment on "The Spell Breaker Quest: A Prince Ivan Adventure"

Sat, 24 Feb 2018 19:45:00 -0500


I was trying to create the celestial discs and I put what I had into the strange machine and tried to create them but it took them and nothing happened. I don't have them now and am stuck at the drawbridge.
Is it a lost cause?

- Rocha95

Comment on "I Want Out!"

Sat, 24 Feb 2018 06:24:15 -0500

Whew, finally got around to playing this challenging yet charming puzzle! I got 97% on my first attempt too, but on a fresh playthrough I managed to find the dead end that I missed (without using the author's walkthrough).

In my case, I hadn't used dynamite on the brick wall.

- kktkkr

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Fri, 23 Feb 2018 13:37:50 -0500

Wrong tags are my fault, I'm sorry. Thank you for pointing out, I didn't notice. I'll write Jeff right now.

- chrpa

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Fri, 23 Feb 2018 09:46:15 -0500

In Escape from the Ruins 2 I noticed:

The candles burn down before you leave the first room, so if you write down the colors before you leave in the boat, you do not have to go back to the first room in the step you have labelled "Behind".

- Brf

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Fri, 23 Feb 2018 03:47:13 -0500

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- mehul

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Thu, 22 Feb 2018 22:58:39 -0500

I enjoy the game, the art, and the story. It was too short; I completed it in a couple of sittings.

- mdreed

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Thu, 22 Feb 2018 20:32:17 -0500

I don't actually write/control the posts, but both links on the page work for me. (The tags though... please fix the tags, JIG!) Escape From Ruins 2 It may feel like it, but this game isn't twice as long as the first. Exploration You start off facing a small boat pointed towards a set of iron bars. The lamps along the side are a little weird, with some off and one red. Before you go anywhere, examine the vines at the top left of the screen and the sealed stone panel on the right with a round indentation in its tray. Turn right to face a mostly featureless wall on which the lamps seem a little asymmetric. The safe on the left has three buttons in a column with horizontal stripes on each, and the matching one on the right has three digits under some geometric drawings. There's also a wooden box on the small table below, with three concentric rings that can be recolored. Turn right to face a screen with only one lamp over a framed picture of boats with an arrow marking. The table beneath holds a more ornate light fixture, missing a bulb. On the right of the room is a cupboard, the top two doors locked and requiring a key, and the bottom two screwed shut. Turn right to face a much brighter screen. The safe on the left has six buttons that turn white when pressed (except for the top-left one, which remains red). On the right, there's a hole in the wall with three vases and a wooden safe that's missing something from its top. Below the hole, there's a table where a board has four candle holders (one candle missing) around a winged horse figure, and another wooden safe is missing a rectangular part. The corner of the table is marked with a crescent moon and the number 35. In front of the table, there's a chair which you can't move because it's screwed to the ground. Click its back to take a closer look at the pattern of horizontal bars. Striped Use the clue from the chair back to unlock the safe with three buttons arranged[...]

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Thu, 22 Feb 2018 18:46:12 -0500


on the first one, I picked up every bead based on the walkthrough, but I only got 28. I looked at every screen carefully but I can't see the 2 that I missed.

I hope you can help.

- Paul

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Thu, 22 Feb 2018 17:10:03 -0500

yeah I figured that out. but the link to the first game is wring as everything you said was not in the game so I think the link is incorrect unless you fixed it already

- Paul

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Thu, 22 Feb 2018 15:00:47 -0500

Okay, I didn't know there was a requirement for that item.

Examine (click) the screw on the blue book, and then you should be able to get the pick.

Not sure if any other spots in the game behave the same way.

- kktkkr

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Thu, 22 Feb 2018 14:54:15 -0500


the guitar pick is not removable from the guitar. I tried clicking on it several times.

am I doing something wrong?

- Paul

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Thu, 22 Feb 2018 14:41:17 -0500

kk I think you linkled the wrong game too. there is a RKG poster behind the bed in the room when you start the game. tuirns out this game is compatible with google and I was using IE. anyway, if you have time tio change the link, that would be cool :)

- Paul

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Thu, 22 Feb 2018 14:20:44 -0500

can't seem to get Laboratory to work. I keep clicking new game and it just sits there. I refreshed 3 times and still nothing.

- Paul

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Thu, 22 Feb 2018 08:04:11 -0500

Here's your weekly dose of dubious translations! Home Sweet Home EX An older brother (going on travel tomorrow) has painstakingly prepared an escape game for his younger brother (soon returning). As their father (with no knowledge of escapes), you went in to check on him and set off the prank! Exploration The door that closed on its own behind you is missing its doorknob, and you quickly realize that you need it to escape. The wardrobe next to it has a giant padlock (where did he even find that?). Turn left to face the desk, and look out the window at the nice weather. The digital wall clock isn't working, and the desk lamp doesn't seem to have power. Wait, what's this on the desk? It's a printed letter. "Dear little brother, if you're reading this it means you've escaped your own room. Well done for now. Knowing you, you would come to my room to grab one of my manga in revenge. I know you. By the way, it's fine if you found my pranks weak. From here on, it's the real thing. Take your time. From your older brother." Looking at the brand new desk chair, you recall him bringing a large package here. Look under the table to find a guitar amplifier (could it be a clue?), which doesn't have power either. Pick up the blue book next to it which it screwed shut (feels like it's not just a book, he's crafty as ever!). The rest of the shelves are empty for the purpose of the escape game, of couse. Examine the expensive looking guitar and the empty drawers. Wait, the top one doesn't open even though it's unlocked. Maybe look at it from a different angle? Pulling the drawers out, you find that the top drawer is held shut by a bolt on the side. You also notice a metallic guitar pick among the guitar strings near the head. Turn l[...]

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Thu, 22 Feb 2018 01:36:15 -0500

For Home Sweet Home, I think gameplay will be enhanced if I provide translations of those Japanese words:

テレビ: television
デスクライト: desk lamp
ゲーム機: game console
ギターアンプ: guitar amp

- Marnen Laibow-Koser

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Thu, 22 Feb 2018 00:06:27 -0500

A couple of thoughts. First, on Home Sweet Home EX, specifically with respect to the code that comes from the list:

It took me far too long to try the code where it actually ends up needing to be input. I kept trying to use it on:

the power switches, both the colored ones and the switches that are part of the devices they power themselves. I tried them alone, in combination (first switch the colored one and then the one on the device), and starting in either the all-on state or the all-off state. Obviously, none of that works. But I kept trying it because the hint seemed to suggest that it was easy to put in a "typo."

Finally, for Escape from Ruins 2: this was mostly really easy, but I ended up stuck on the:

leaf puzzle. Because the leaves in the clue are oriented differently from the leaves on the box, I mentally rotated the clue so that they would match. It didn't work, so I assumed that I needed to find another leaf to go in the spot where one seemed to be missing, and didn't try the puzzle unrotated for an embarassingly long time.

- kdausman

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Wed, 21 Feb 2018 19:44:54 -0500

I really enjoy the puzzles from this maker, despite all the bugs I ran into while playing this. Escape From Laboratory Things will be a bit less confusing if you switch the language to English before you start, although you can do this, and change the sound and music volume (independently!), during the game from its menu. There's a story (below the game) to why you're escaping this lab/"Science Room", but I'm not going to translate it because boy it's long. Exploration You face a lab table with a microscope on it, no slide included. On its left, some black sand is enclosed in a glass case fastened to the table, and it blocks off a letter clue that you really want to read. To the right, a sink is working and you can even leave the water running! Behind it on the wall, a safe with a colored raindrop code sits on a locked cupboard with two sliding doors. There's also a poster with the sun and eight planets on it, and a very colorful wall clock that seems to have stopped. Turn right to face the exit door, which isn't locked. Instead, the sliding door on the left is held shut by a memory alloy bar running across the right side. Above the bar, the Earth is painted on the door, with a rectangular slot and a rectangular panel. Turn right to face a locker, which isn't locked either. It contains only a dustcloth. The table on the right has a pretty convenient weighing scale on it, and it also has an eight-digit drawer. Turn right to face another lab table with a Bunsen burner frame next to a beam balance with two interesting markings. There's also a hole in the wall with 500g written in red on the back. Just when you thought you're done exploring, you notice some[...]

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Wed, 21 Feb 2018 14:03:39 -0500

Monkey GO Happy Roundup 9 (Stage 157–160) Stage 157: Bead Temple Exploration This roundup starts off with you standing outside a stone pyramid covered in vines/roots. The temple's chieftain asks for 30 beads. Thankfully you can already see 4 beads lying around among the 2 carved stones, rope and 2 Mini Monkeys, and you can click the tufts of grass and the rock in the lower-right corner to find another 4 beads. Head down the steps, and you're immediately greeted by a sea of gray. Gray bricks, yes, but among them there's gray statues with cavities in their torsos, a gray button on the wall, and devices on the arches that light up in gray. Read the note on the stairs for a somewhat helpful clue, then push aside the two stone blocks on the ground and pick up a total of 7 beads, 1 stone and 2 Mini Monkeys. Moving on to the right, you find a very similar screen, now with two wall lights instead on one. There are two semicircular holes on the wall above a panel with an interesting sun symbol. Push the stone block, then pick up the stick and blade on the ground, as well as 5 beads, a stone and 2 Mini Monkeys. (You should now have 20 beads and 4 monkeys.) The statues The bottom (and top) of the note tells you how to activate the statues. The left figure has a symbol that also appears at the top above four dots, so place the stone with four lines in the statue. To match the dots on its headwear in the note, light up the middle spot above the statue by clicking it. Press the button to make the statue sink into the ground. A fountain with 2 beads and a Mini Monkey appears in its place. Do the same for the right statue, pla[...]

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Tue, 20 Feb 2018 14:42:56 -0500

Well I tried anyway, hopefully this is at least a bit helpful and more error-free than I expect. Submachine Universe v4.5.4 (final Flash build): A Concise Guide This guide is meant to be as short/small as possible while maintaining a reasonable flow of exploration, with fewer spoiler tags, descriptions and location names than usual. While it covers every known location in the game, it ignores some minor details, references and hints. As such, it's still recommended that you take your own notes when exploring. Items which are marked as optional do not factor in the main logical path of the game. Even though it's not assumed that you've played the entire Submachine series, you really should do so because this game contains some spoilers for it. Before/Shortly After You Start At any time, you can press Escape to leave full screen. After you start the game, you can enter the menu with the M button, and adjust your settings from there. The starting area In this guide, navigation directions will be indicated by the letters UDLRFB. If corners/diagonals are involved, the second initial will be lowercased e.g. Dr = lower-right. You start off on a screen with three sliders, where there's an optional notebook on the floor. [LFR] Pick up the soap. [...LD] Flip all the switches up. [...UBD] Turn on the computer and read its screen to find 7 coordinates. [...R] There's a portal! Discovered coords: 000, 051, 076, 541, 551, 628, 642 About gameplay The (lab) portal is the main mode of travel in this game. Portal coordinates are three-digit numbers. You may return to 000 from any portal by just push[...]

Comment on "Learn to Fly 3"

Mon, 19 Feb 2018 14:24:31 -0500

So, you know those cards that you got for beating story mode? Well, those cards are how you get unlockables!

- FlyRyRyOhMy

Comment on "Echoed World"

Fri, 16 Feb 2018 22:24:42 -0500

Hi Sue, thanks for your comment.

For Echoed World, you can actually use the arrows as an alternative for WASD to navigate. (I just loaded the game to confirm.) I will update that in the review as well to clarify it for future readers.

Also if that's a persistent issue for other games, you might be able to use a program like Uncap to reassign your keys temporarily to help you play those that only offer WASD. But I'll try to keep in mind to mention more details in the control schemes in the future.

- Arceus

Comment on "Phantom Mansion: Spectrum of Souls"

Fri, 16 Feb 2018 04:05:50 -0500

I really wish there was a remake for PC, these are great games, and there's no way I can play them in modern browsers.

- thesourcehim

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Fri, 16 Feb 2018 02:19:17 -0500

Love point and click downloads but, being arthritic, avoid WASD navigation. In description where pointnclick, free, etc are... WASD could maybe be added. Was mid-download when realized WASD, bummed I can't play. Looks so nice.

- sue

Comment on "Zombie Society Dead Detective vs Nine Deaths Cat"

Thu, 15 Feb 2018 17:15:12 -0500

It seems the picture links to another game in the series.

- The Great Dane

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°171"

Thu, 15 Feb 2018 05:35:39 -0500

No whimsical walkthrough this time, just a simple one. Valentine Choco With a small letter "i" of course. Exploration: Outside A squirrel sits on a tree as you pick up an ordinary key from the snow-covered ground. Go right to a house with two snowmen outside and a metallic handle on the ground. The door of the house is blocked by a ladder, so click the ladder to set it upright. Then open the door with the key, and a lion wearing a gray cap comes out and climbs up the roof when you click him. Exploration: Inside A red portable stove sits on the left table without any gas in it. Pick up the pan (that conducts heat well, of course) hanging on the wall, then pick up the red thread that falls from the hook. The fridge is missing one door handle, so use the one you picked up outside to open it and find a gas can. Go right to find mice balancing on color pencils, two of which already have red loops on them. There's also a plant pot on the right and a shovel on the left. Bridge Tie the red thread between the pencils so the mice can meet. They drop a red heart which pops upon hitting the floor, leaving behind a metal heart mould. Spade There's no hole to dig, to give the shovel to the lion instead. All the snow falls on the ground, but there's still a tough walnut left on the roof. Split Give the walnut to the squirrel, who does its thing, and then drops it on the ground where it cracks open. Pick up the mysterious seed from [...]

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Thu, 15 Feb 2018 00:33:35 -0500

Sea House Exploration Screen with dining table Take the box in the upper drawer. Take the battery behind the plant on the M-shaped stand. Take the battery inside the coffee grinder. Note the colored rings under the dining table. Note the red squares on the window. Screen with the door In front of the bookcase there is a pen holder. Take the mechanical pencil inside. Press on the pencil to retrieve the lead inside. Note the picture depicting a jar with electrical wires. Left of the picture, there is a window with six red squares on it, which is so faint that many people don't notice it. Click to see the clue more clearly. Screen with three azure stars Take the bottle under the E-shaped table. Remove its lid. Notice the alarm clock. Screen with sofa Take the battery behind a cushion on the sofa. Take the piece of paper behind the picture of a beach. Notice the H-shaped table and the device on it. The red squares on the windows It is the clue to the right cabinet under the three stars. Lower-left button, upper-right button, upper-right button, upper-left button, lower-left button, and lower-right button. Take the telescope. The telescope Over the windows above the bookcase, use the telescope to look at the yachts. There are symbols painted on the yachts. Use the clue to unlock the locked box in your inventory. The sun symbol, the white flower with eight petals, and the[...]

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Wed, 14 Feb 2018 23:22:34 -0500

There’s actually a walkthrough on the Submachine Wiki already.

- Pulsaris

Comment on "Weekday Escape N°171"

Wed, 14 Feb 2018 18:14:29 -0500

thanks for the walkthroughs to the first 2 games. Can't wait for the last 2. :)

- Paul