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Published: Mon, 05 Dec 2016 14:35:34 GMT


The foreclosure nightmare continues in New Jersey
The neighborhood's zombie has, at long last, made it through foreclosure and is on the market. A quick tour of the house, which was vacant for nearly 30 months, revealed few surprises. When water and electricity have been turned off for more than two years at a property, you always assume the worst.

This younger home buyer knew he was ready and jumped in
For a generation accused of not being interested in becoming homeowners, there are certainly a lot of first-time-buyer millennials in the market these days.

East Lansdowne: A tiny place with investment potential
One in a continuing series spotlighting real estate markets in the region's communities. Let's see a show of hands: How many of you have heard of East Lansdowne?

Tips to keep your traditional hot-water heater from tanking
A neighbor had to replace a malfunctioning hot-water heater just two days before a nearby relative was forced to do the same thing.

A hot high-demand, low-supply market
One in a continuing series spotlighting real estate markets in the region's communities. In nearly a decade since the housing bubble burst in 2007, it has been rare for me to hear a real estate agent express unqualified enthusiasm for his market.

Check that cold-weather outdoor gear now
One thing that distinguishes where I live from the place where I grew up is the weather typical of late November through late February.

Ah, trends, how they come and go
Every time I plop down in the Morris chair near the fireplace in my living room, I think of the day, maybe 15 years ago, when I first learned that the space my parents once called the parlor was on its way out.

'Floor-to-ceiling' transformations underway at Shore apartment complex
SOMERS POINT, N.J. - When he talks about Bayview Court Apartment Homes, Jack Leonard's enthusiasm is boundless. The level of enthusiasm increases exponentially, however, when the veteran Haddonfield-based developer is showing you some of what is happening at the 202-unit, 5.7-acre complex just a handful of blocks from Shore Medical Center.

Resurgent active-adult market means an expanding community in Mantua
Even in the depths of the downturn that followed the bursting of the housing bubble in 2007, veteran South Jersey builder Bruce Paparone remained positive about the industry.

What's driving that surge in new-home construction?
An email from the National Association of Home Builders recently caught my eye. With the headline "Growing Job Opportunities in Residential Construction Offer Solid Career Path for Millennials," it suggested that "builders around the country are seeking skilled craftsmen to help them build the American Dream."