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Published: Fri, 22 Sep 2017 07:01:00 GMT


Changing Skyline:

Trade union politics derail N. Philadelphia apartment proposal
The Zoning Board rejected a variance for a factory conversion despite strong neighborhood support and deal to create jobs for minority workers.

A modernist take on a traditional South Philly Italian social hall
Designed as the Grand Lodge for the Pennsylvania Order of the Sons of Italy in America, the South Broad Street building is now fulfilling its function by providing services to the disabled.

An open letter to Amazon: Here's the pitch for Philadelphia
Your proposal smartly expressed a desire for the trinity of great urbanism: density, walkability, diversity. Of all the metropolises on the Northeast Corridor, none offers a better version of the urbanist mix, at a more affordable price, than Philadelphia.

After a century, Philadelphia struggles to figure out what the Parkway should be
One thing is certain: The long, linear Parkway was never meant to hold mega-events like Made in America and the NFL draft.

Why Center City parking garages are disappearing
As Philly parking garages make way for housing, urbanists cheer. But should they?

The overlooked African American architect who completed Louis Kahn's masterpiece
Henry Wilcots plugged away for 20 years to complete the massive Bangladesh capital complex.

World-traveling Louis Kahn retrospective finally comes home to Philadelphia
The exhibition tells the story of how the Philadelphia architect helped save modernism.

The pop-up Porch at 30th Street Station struggles to transition to a grown-up park
Amtrak's Station Square design lacks the playful sociability of the Porch.

Redefining what a rowhouse could be - in 1962
A modernist commune from the '60s gives way to dessert nights and "woonerfs."