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Published: Sat, 09 Dec 2017 19:42:52 GMT


Safety improvements prepare South Broad Street for a residential future
The city is installing its first raised intersections to slow traffic and give the avenue more of a residential feel.

Philadelphia takes another step toward providing affordable housing
Despite objections from developers and neighborhood groups, Philadelphia is poised to require subsidized units in market-rate development.

For a Philadelphia Medici, a Florentine palace with an asterisk
The building at 15th and Walnut was inspired by the palace of the Medicis' archrival.

Want more affordable housing in Philadelphia? Try these five strategies | Inga Saffron
If Philadelphia can't pass an inclusionary zoning bill, there are still lots of options to create affordable housing.

Philadelphia bill mandating affordable housing put on hold
Councilwoman Maria Quiñones-Sánchez agreed to a one-week delay to broker a compromise in her effort to create more affordable residences in the city.

Renovated Free Library branches aim to get more people in the door
The modernized branches of the Philadelphia Free Library - Lovett, Logan, Tacony, and Marrero - are less about books and more about social experience.

Bart Blatstein's mansion brings the Gilded Age back to Rittenhouse Square
Developer Bart Blatstein's dream house includes a tennis court, infinity pool, tropical courtyard, and a four-car garage,

Does Philadelphia need a law mandating affordable housing?
A new City Council bill would require Philadelphia developers to include affordable units in every new building.

GOP tax plan would kill federal program that drove Philadelphia's revival
The federal Historic Tax Credit has helped preserve more than 300 historic buildings in Philadelphia since 2002.

First completed building in Philly's East Market project takes its cues from New York's SoHo lofts
Architect Morris Adjmi finds an alternative to bland glass and metal-panel buildings.