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Published: Mon, 23 Apr 2018 15:48:49 GMT


Another ornate Philadelphia church faces the wrecking ball | Inga Saffron
The West Philadelphia church was built and paid for by one of the richest women in 19th Century Philadelphia.

The first piece of the Reading Viaduct rail park opens in June. Then what?
Planners weigh the possibility of leaving the viaduct in a wild state and creating a sunken garden in a former rail cut.

One building's journey from a place of incarceration, to a venue of liberation
An old police station again houses a job training center in North Philadelphia.

Germantown residents are fighting to bring down the neighborhood's notorious blight king
Emanuel Freeman's mismanagement of Germantown Settlement continues to scar the neighborhood.

These two new Philadelphia apartment buildings are civilizing the Vine Street Expressway | Inga Saffron
Soon, a highway cloverleaf could be the front door for hundreds of residents in the micro-neighborhood near Center City.

Philadelphia's preservation reform effort has lost its way | Inga Saffron
Is Mayor Kenney's preservation task force just a way of creating cover for a hot-button issue?

The latest threat to Fishtown's historic St. Laurentius church? A nuisance lawsuit | Inga Saffron
An opaque neighborhood group continues to pursue legal action to keep the former Catholic church from being converted to apartments.

A Studebaker showroom returns to North Philadelphia, this time without the cars
The former car showroom is the latest building to get the preservation treatment since the Divine Lorraine was brought back from the dead.

This new apartment tower prepares Philly for a world without private cars
Built without a parking garage, 1213 Walnut has solved the problem of ride-hailing and truck deliveries.

Why the N. Philly grandmothers who shut down Temple's football stadium meeting are so angry | Inga Saffron
With elected officials staying out of the fight over Temple's stadium proposal, North Philadelphia residents feel ignored and forgotten.