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Published: Mon, 19 Feb 2018 17:37:52 GMT


'Black Panther' is a self-esteem boost, especially for brown girls | Elizabeth Wellington
As "Black Panther" 's credits rolled, I felt like the black girl who could do just about anything - except maybe wield a spear with the same beautiful confidence as the Dora Milaje.

3000BC brings beauty-on-the-go model to Center City
The hallmark of medical spas like 3000BC is that they offer intensive in-and-out beauty treatments take less than an hour. But they aren't cheap.

Why what you think about the Obamas' National Portrait Gallery paintings doesn't matter | Elizabeth Wellington
Barack and Michelle Obama's official portraits unveiled Monday at the National Portrait Gallery are the final piece of presidential legacy marked by breaking the staid mold.

On 'The Talk,' Eve is out of her comfort zone - but in a good way | Elizabeth Wellington
Eve officially replaced actress Aisha Tyler on "The Talk," in November. And the rapper turned talk-show host is working on learning how to over share.

Life lessons from Nick Foles even if you don't bleed green | Elizabeth Wellington
The Eagles Super Bowl upset against the New England Patriots is a lesson for all of us.

Justin Timberlake's new song is about Philly journalist Ernest Owens, who couldn't care less
Justin Timberlake wrote a song about local journalist Ernest Owens and Owens is so not impressed.

Love Eagles green, but not the NFL logo? Here are some fashionable items for you | Elizabeth Wellington
Love the Eagles, but not NFL-logo paraphernalia? We've got the most fashionable items for you.

Why what Melania Trump wore to the State of the Union matters
Melania Trump communicates with America through her clothing. And she's been nothing short of deliberate.

'Good Day Philadelphia's' Alex Holley is our town's 'It' anchor
Alex Holley is our town's official "It" woman news anchor.

To this artist, the legacy of Air Jordans isn't all it's cracked up to be | Elizabeth Wellington
The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center exhibit "Nobody" is not what you would expect from a show billed as a pictorial take on Nike's Air Jordans. Instead, it's a rather maudlin statement of the impact of the Nike shoe obsession on inner-city kids.