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Published: Mon, 20 Nov 2017 14:41:45 GMT


Sitting on Safian & Rudolph's You & Me Bench could win you a diamond ring
Safian & Rudolph is asking Philly couples to upload a photo of themselves social media with the hashtag #sayitwithsafian to win an engagement ring.

Eagles take the runway for a good cause
Days before the Eagles/Cowboys rendezvous, our favorite Birds strut for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

How to groom your Movember whiskers
Follow these tips to keep your whiskers looking fresh this Thanksgiving holiday.

Blake Shelton is People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, but I vote for Colin Kaepernick
Blake Shelton is cute in that boy-next-door kind of way, but we all know looks alone can't elevate any man to the sexiest of sexy heights.

Specialty boutiques like Kin are adapting to our shopping habits - and it's working
In the midst of gloomy retail news, some specialty stores like Kin are changing up their formula to better fit our shopping habits and are starting to thrive.

Why were President Trump and President Duterte twinning?
President Trump and Rodrigo Duerte were wearing a traditional Filipino menswear called a barong.

Celebrity T-shirt designer Dana Veraldi is coming to Philly
Dana Veraldi, who grew up in King of Prussia, is an expert when it comes to capturing the likeness of famous faces. Think Kanye West, Howard Stern, and Larry David.

We're still broken-hearted over Coeur closing | Elizabeth Wellington
Nine months after Coeur's closing, Mona Lisa Jackson is just able to talk about it.

Before the holidays make me crazy, I'm taking this month for me | Elizabeth Wellington
Adios, random goings-on. Hello inner desires. It's time I get to really know Elizabeth. So, to keep this self-actualization journey positive, I'm dedicating myself to getting to know myself this month. Let's call it Know-vember.

Alex & Ani makes good vibes extra fashionable
Alex & Ani's spiritual, eco-friendly trinkets - especially the now-classic bangle - are seemingly everywhere. On Thursday, the brand opened a specialty store at the King of Prussia Mall.