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Published: Wed, 17 Jan 2018 01:14:58 GMT


Aziz Ansari and his accuser are both delusional messes | Elizabeth Wellington
I can only imagine that Aziz Ansari's dogged determination to get some collided with what could have been Grace's need to be on a great date that ended with the promise of something more. And these two incomplete people proceeded to make a viral mess.

How you can rock Viola Davis' stunning Golden Globe Afro yourself | Elizabeth Wellington
Viola Davis' powerful Afro was the most memorable part of her Golden Globes ensemble. Here is how you too can have the look.

From the Philly foster system to 'Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian,' Ken Butler gets a new life
Ken Butler gets a new body, a new life, and a new career thanks to Khloe Kardashian's "Revenge Body."

Why this 'Across Broad' retail collaboration represents the future of retail | Elizabeth Wellington
If the owners of Bus Stop Boutique and M Concept Shop are willing to cross the South Broad Street divide, surely their customers will, too. At least they hope so; their survival depends on it. Hence their new Across Broad retail collaboration.

Oprah's Golden Globes speech nailed the true meaning of Time's Up | Elizabeth Wellington
Oprah Winfrey in all of her fabulous, #blackgirlmagic connected the dots of integrity, resistance, and hope like only this true queen of media could.

Golden Globes: The best and worst of the red carpet
The looks that worked and the ones that didn't.

How to moisturize your dry skin, and care for your hair and nails when it's cold | Elizabeth Wellington
These winter beauty tips will keep you from feeling scaly when the mercury dips too far south.

Here are the lifestyle trends that will impact you in 2018 | Elizabeth Wellington
How will our newfound virtues - or lack thereof - be manifested in the way we dress, what we eat, where we exercise, how we shop, and how we socialize? No one knows for sure. But read on for my list of lifestyle trends we predict will be front and center for the next 12 months.

Can a West Philly entrepreneur's daily planner work for me in 2018? | Elizabeth Wellington
Jamila Payne created the Daily Success Routine planner, a way to manage commitments while working on long-term personal and professional goals in 90-day chunks. Can I use it to make my novel happen?

Miss America CEO Sam Haskell's disgusting emails should be considered abuse
We shouldn't be that surprised by the nasty, disrespectful e-mails Miss America CEO Sam Haskell wrote about former pageant winners because The Miss America pageant is the epitome of allowing a women's value to be determined by the arbitrary standards of men.