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Dining Critic Craig LaBan

The Inquirer's Dining Critic

Published: Fri, 19 Jan 2018 16:40:24 GMT2018-01-19T16:40:24Z

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Italian favorites on East Passyunk Avenue reboot with new chefs

Fri, 19 Jan 2018 16:40:24 GMT2018-01-19T16:40:24Z

Two old Italian favorites on East Passyunk begin fresh chapters after a high-profile chef change.

Nearly extinct grape of Abruzzo remembered by the glass in South Philly

Fri, 19 Jan 2018 11:51:16 GMT2018-01-19T11:51:16Z

When it comes to obscure regional Italian wines worth discovering, Le Virtù always delivers, this time with Cococciola.

It's cassoulet season at Bistrot La Minette

Tue, 16 Jan 2018 18:11:53 GMT2018-01-16T18:11:53Z

No shortcuts are taken at Bistrot La Minette in crafting the many parts of this classic meat and bean casserole.

Founders Breakfast Stout, a wake-up beer, now available year-round

Fri, 12 Jan 2018 11:56:33 GMT2018-01-12T11:56:33Z

With coffee, chocolate, and oats in this beer, no wonder Founders Breakfast Stout is often served in a coffee mug.

Port Richmond's Dinner House Polish Cuisine shouldn't be missed

Fri, 12 Jan 2018 10:53:58 GMT2018-01-12T10:53:58Z

This tiny cafe in Port Richmond serves up homey Polish cooking with a grandma's touch, from pickle soup to the best pierogi in Philly.

Hip new Sichuan kitchen part of an emerging Chinatown West

Thu, 11 Jan 2018 21:57:36 GMT2018-01-11T21:57:36Z

University City has grown a Chinatown of its own with new restaurants catering to its population of international students. This Sichuan kitchen in Powelton Village is one of the best.

Guess where Craig LaBan ate this week

Thu, 11 Jan 2018 16:03:09 GMT2018-01-11T16:03:09Z

Take our Crumb Tracker quiz.

Food trends that should die in 2018

Tue, 09 Jan 2018 22:42:22 GMT2018-01-09T22:42:22Z

As we anticipate the new food trends of 2018, we look back at the trendy foods we won't miss.

Cheese of the Month: Scamorza, the mozzarella cousin that hangs around

Tue, 09 Jan 2018 17:47:07 GMT2018-01-09T17:47:07Z

Try this aged, and sometimes smoked, variation on mozzarella in earthy pasta casseroles or melted to a tawny crisp.

The Gatorade-inspired cocktail that's better than Gatorade

Thu, 04 Jan 2018 23:55:13 GMT2018-01-04T23:55:13Z

This cocktail tastes like a natural blast of cucumber, herbs, and citrus, but its inspiration is a hard-to-find cult flavor of Gatorade.

Orchid latte? Flower powers Middle Eastern drinks and desserts

Tue, 02 Jan 2018 18:41:34 GMT2018-01-02T18:41:34Z

Ground orchid root powder is the Middle Eastern secret in some of Philly's hottest new drinks and desserts.

The best things Craig LaBan ate in 2017

Fri, 29 Dec 2017 16:48:28 GMT2017-12-29T16:48:28Z

The best bites of Philly in 2017 brought a celebration of talent, tradition, and bold flavors, from breakfast through dessert.

How Craig LaBan reviewed Philly's restaurants in 2017

Fri, 29 Dec 2017 04:28:01 GMT2017-12-29T04:28:01Z

Philadelphia's best chefs turned back time in 2017, embracing some old favorites with nods to tradition, and then making them relevant again.

Craig LaBan's best of 2017

Tue, 26 Dec 2017 02:54:04 GMT2017-12-26T02:54:04Z

The best thing our food critic ate, his favorite server, and the best new restaurant of 2017.

The best whiskeys to give (and receive) this holiday season

Fri, 22 Dec 2017 14:58:32 GMT2017-12-22T14:58:32Z

A hot list of whiskey gifts for the holiday representing different styles and prices.

The Brotherly Love shake is a parade of Philly sweets in one frozen delight

Thu, 21 Dec 2017 13:46:19 GMT2017-12-21T13:46:19Z

Craftsman Row's homage to the Philly corner candy store makes for one irresistible shake.

Trattoria Carina delivers polished, accessible Italian concept to a neighborhood crowd

Fri, 15 Dec 2017 21:32:08 GMT2017-12-15T21:32:08Z

The former Fitler Dining Room has been rebooted as a more accessible neighborhood restaurant.

Osteria is a genuine taste of Italy

Fri, 15 Dec 2017 19:33:54 GMT2017-12-15T19:33:54Z

Osteria is among Craig LaBan's best of Philadelphia.