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Published: Sun, 22 Jan 2017 23:28:43 GMT


Jerardi: Villanova makes every minute count
IF THE NCAA Tournament selections were now, my four No. 1 seeds would be: East – Villanova South – Baylor

Jerardi: O'Neil's book about Villanova a slam dunk
I LOVE WRITERS who take readers places they could never go themselves. In her new book, Long Shots, Dana O'Neil takes her readers into the final Villanova huddle of the 2016 Final Four and then takes them meticulously through the 15 years of the Jay Wright era that led to that moment that would lead to that long shot by Kris Jenkins.

La Salle shows its offensive potency in win over GW
LA SALLE is hot. La Salle is a game out of first place in the Atlantic 10. The Explorers led George Washington wire-to-wire Sunday at Gola Arena, not really comfortable for 29 minutes and then very comfortable after a five-minute blitz of brilliant playmaking and shotmaking.

Jerardi: Villanova can win with offense, or defense
MY NO. 1 seeds if the NCAA Tournament was starting now: East: Villanova South: Kansas Midwest: UCLA West: Gonzaga

Jerardi: When refs keep calling charges, I cry foul
MY SELF-IMPOSED three-year moratorium on screaming about the default offensive call is over, so . . . midway through the regular season, it is worse than ever and I am screaming again.

Jerardi: Villanova winning, but defense a concern
MY FOUR No. 1 seeds if the NCAA Tournament selections were made now: East: Villanova. South: UCLA. Midwest: Baylor. West: Gonzaga.

Jerardi: Sports psychologist gives Penn players a shot of confidence
THE PENN players were seated in front of their lockers, most with their eyes closed, many with towels over their heads, leaning back into their stalls. With the countdown clock on the wall at 56:30, Joe Dowling began to speak in a soothing tone.

Jerardi: St. Joe's Newkirk showing great promise until injury
MY FAVORITE part of covering college hoops is seeing something I never expected. We all tend to make quick judgments rather than waiting to see how something or someone develops. What we rarely see is what happens in those times when nobody is looking, when players are by themselves in the gym or spending time with their coaches. So when the games begin each season, we are often surprised.

Northeastern escapes Drexel on longshot's long shot
DREXEL WAS one stop away from a win Monday evening at the DAC against Northeastern, one of the CAA's better teams in recent seasons. The Dragons had fashioned an 18-point turnaround over 13 minutes spanning the halves, from 10 points down to eight points in front. As the game clock went under 40 seconds, they held a three-point lead following two short jumpers by freshman point guard Kurk Lee.

Famed racing writer Russ Harris dies at age 93
RUSS HARRIS could have written about anything. He chose to write about horse racing. He could have been great at anything. He chose to be great at handicapping horse races. He could have retired quietly after a distinguished career in newspapers, including the Inquirer, New York Daily News and Miami Herald. He chose to go to Lehigh to study for his doctorate in American history. He got it - at 75.