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Published: Mon, 27 Mar 2017 01:46:20 GMT


Jerardi: This Final Four is utter madness
NEW YORK - It seems appropriate in a year when the Final Four will make its first stop in Arizona, at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, the first FF in the west since Seattle in 1995, that the first two teams to qualify were western teams, Gonzag

Jerardi: This time 'Nova had no shot at the end
WHEN THERE are just 60 possessions in a game, every last one is important. Villanova, which had been playing from behind all game Saturday against Wisconsin in Buffalo, had it down, it turned out, to just eight possessions with five minutes left. 'Nova, despite its starting frontcourt shooting just 3-for-15 and its offense never really in rhythm, had somehow managed a 57-50 lead.

Dick Jerardi unveils his NCAA bracket
I CALLED every 2016 first-round upset except Middle Tennessee over Michigan State (still have no clue how that happened) and Stephen F. Austin over West Virginia (thought seriously about it) on the way to 29-3. If I ever come close to that again, I will consider myself fortunate. My picks won just about every photo finish. That generally does not happen twice.

Jerardi: NCAA Tournament selection committee does better job than last year
After making a mess of the 2016 bracket, but somehow ending up with the two teams that played the best in an epic final, the tournament selection committee was much more logical in its at-large selections, seeding and regional placement this year, with a few exceptions.

Jerardi: Late SJU coach Boyle's ring comes full circle
HER MEMORY is that it was just lying there on Church Lane in Yeadon. "I was going to get some lunchmeat and I saw this big ring," said Leverne Randolph Besnick.

Looks like Villanova will be top seed in East
OTHER THAN Louisville possibly taking away North Carolina's No. 1 seed in the South, I think the top line is set - unless Gonzaga somehow loses in the West Coast Conference Tournament.

Jerardi: The foul-out rule should be ejected
I HAVE advocated for years that basketball at all levels should get rid of the foul-out rule, as it is the only sport with such a penalty. If stars sometimes have to watch games from the bench, something is inherently wrong.

Jerardi: Right now, Villanova a darn site better than most
EVEN THOUGH Gonzaga and Villanova each lost last week, no change in my four No. 1 seeds if the NCAA Tournament started now.

Jerardi: At Villanova, seniors are proven winners
WEDNESDAY NIGHT, Villanova's seniors will play their penultimate home game. Their 123 (and counting) wins over the four seasons are a number that is almost hard to believe.

'Nova's offense returns and other Saturday games
IF THE NCAA Tournament selections were today, my four No. 1 seeds would be: Villanova (East), North Carolina (South), Kansas (Midwest), Gonzaga (West). Baylor has played its way off the top line. My longer-term prediction would be that the ACC champion, if it is UNC, Duke or Louisville, will be No. 1 in the South and the next ACC team from that group will be No. 2 in the East with Villanova.