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Published: Fri, 17 Feb 2017 14:12:30 GMT


Donnellon: Maybe Flyers just aren't good enough to play Hakstol's system
EVERYONE'S MAD at Claude Giroux because he isn't scoring goals. Everyone's mad at Brayden Schenn because he doesn't seem interested enough in scoring them.

Donnellon: Defensive focus hurting Flyers' offense?
THEY WILL tell you it's unrelated. The best offense is good defense, each Flyer will say, parroting an axiom that has probably been drilled into them from the first time a mistake of aggression ended with the puck in their own net.

Donnellon: Ghost calls benching 'motivating'
BENCHING A good young player is a delicate gambit. You're betting the kid understands why, doesn't take it personally, bites his lip rather than create a sideshow that could fracture your room. Nerlens Noel squawked when he was iced in mid-December, got h

Donnellon: Wish penalty hadn't interfered with SB ending
LOST IN THE buzz over Sunday's thrilling Super Bowl was the play that all but eliminated any chance of Atlanta salvaging its epic fail.

Donnellon: Too soon to know whether Dave Hakstol's approach is succeeding or failing
BRETT BROWN is out of the woodshed. For now. Pete Mackanin is in Year 2 of a contract extension he signed last March, before his Phillies team lost 91 games. No problem; no one expected much from them last season, we expect only marginally better this season, and there's a club option for 2018. Right now, Pete's a repeat.

Donnellon: Flyers' Wayne Simmonds is what we thought we'd get from Mike Richards
YOU THOUGHT about him. Jeff Carter did a toothless pregame interview and you thought about him. Wayne Simmonds did a postgame MVP interview and you thought about him.

Donnellon: No debate, Brady is best QB ever
IT'S THAT season again. The near-annual pre-Super Bowl debate about the degree of Tom Brady's greatness, a poll that can split this nation in half like no other – unless of course, it's a poll about Donald Trump.

Donnellon: Flyers trying to find time to fix their problems
NEW YORK – When Dave Hakstol coached in college, there was a little more science to fixing a slump. You played a couple games over the weekend, maybe even three, and then you worked for hours on what you did wrong all week, readying for the next weekend's games.

Donnellon: Hextall, Colangelo roofers or just builders?
ON SUNDAY, Flyers general manager Ron Hextall said this about promoting young players and making trades: "I have to stay patient. You make quick decisions and you don't make the right decisions. We've got a lot of thoughts going on, but we'll see how she plays out in the next month or so."

Donnellon: Embiid a big reason Sixers are turning heads in guard-dominated NBA
'IT'S A GUARDS' league," Brett Brown was saying before Wednesday night's game, his most recent attempt to siphon a little helium from the high his team has provided this town since the New Year began. The Toronto Raptors were the night's foe, with a pair of guards who boast 17 seasons of experience and a bounty of accomplishments and accolades between them, and his team was sending out a guard tandem with a total of three seasons between them, not to mention a bounty of lingering doubt.