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Published: Sun, 20 Aug 2017 11:58:51 GMT


How do the Flyers' division foes stack up after changes?
It's an oft-recited adage: Nothing in sports is static. Things can get worse, or they can get better, but rarely if ever do they stay the same. The Flyers will test that this season. Not because they didn't make changes. But because the effect of those changes may not be measurable in the coming season.

Flyers sign draft picks Morgan Frost and Isaac Ratcliffe
Morgan Frost and Isaac Ratliffe officially became Flyers employees Thursday, signing entry-level contracts.

Flyers younger, but will they be better?
The best thing to hope for from the coming season is the kind of coming-attraction finish experienced in Toronto last year - even if the thought of what the 2012 Kings did with a young D and good goalie and the 2010 Blackhawks did with an experienced D and a not-as-good-goalie is titillating.

Flyers hopeful Wade Allison evokes memories of Scott Hartnell
Like the former Flyer, there is an engaging openness to Allison that borders on flaky.

Hakstol likes 'completeness' of Lindblom's game
Asked what he saw in his first extended look at Flyers prospect Oskar Lindblom, whom is expected to grab one of the open forwards positions come September Hakstol said, "Just growth. When you see the completeness of his game. The skill package."

Flyers' Scott Laughton signs two-year extension
The Flyers' first-round selection from 2012 spent most of last season with Lehigh Valley.

Flyers prospect loves to watch NBA guards and to play like them, too
it is his hockey IQ and love of the perfectly laid pass that makes Morgan Frost a player any Big 5 fan might appreciate. Last season, an emergent one for him in which he climbed towards the top of the draft boards, Frost had 42 assists to go with 20 goals over 67 games.

Flyers prospect Mike Vecchione leaning on his bodybuilding family
"I bring new people in the house and it's always, `Who's that chiseled lady on the wall?' `Who's the jacked guy up there?' That's my mom and dad."

Flyers prospects give fans something to cheer about
Isaac Ratcliffe and Matthew Strome added some excited to Development Camp.

Hextall has learned to read Russians
There are three notable Russian forwards in the Flyers Development Camp this week: German Rubtsov, Mikhail Vorobyev and Ivan Kosorenkov.