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Published: Tue, 29 Nov 2016 08:35:56 GMT


Donnellon: Rodgers calls Wentz 'a big weapon'
THE MATCHUP was as advertised, balls sailing through cool autumn air in both directions, running backs used merely as diversions, barely given heed. After 10 games matched up against guys either only a little or not at all like him, Carson Wentz finally ran up against his prototype, a big, tall, mobile and incredibly accurate quarterback with a brain to boot.

Donnellon: Bergey, Trotter old-school about fraternization
INSIDE THE Panasonic Club of Lincoln Financial Field, Bill Bergey charged from the room's threshold toward Jeremiah Trotter as if he were 40 years younger, a beeline to the target, arriving with emotion.

Donnellon: Sixers making incremental progress, but it is progress
WHEREVER YOU LAND on The Process debate, the Sixers' long-range and long-suffering scheme has added, not subtracted, from interest in the team. I will say it again because it is so true: They are the pro basketball version of Mel Brooks' The Producers. The more things go wrong, the crazier it becomes, the more this team captures our collective interest.

Donnellon: Eagles' rookie coach experiencing growing pains
WITH EACH passing week, it becomes more apparent that we have this backwards. It's not Carson Wentz who holds our hearts in his hands.

Donnellon: One step forward for Flyers goalie Mason
IN PROFESSIONAL sports, one plus one sometimes equals zero. If you say you have two or more aces on your pitching staff, it can mean you don't have one. If you have two point guards, well, that's not very promising either. Almost weekly, Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson chooses between two starting quarterbacks, mostly because he doesn't know yet if he even has one.

Donnellon: Eagles' rookie coach not helping rookie QB
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. - The assumed advantage of having Doug Pederson as your head coach and Frank Reich as your offensive coordinator is that your rookie franchise quarterback has two gurus expediting his education.

Donnellon: If playmakers just made plays, the Eagles would be fine
OVER THE AIRWAVES, in print and in person, Doug Pederson took a Sam Bradford-like beating Monday for his late-game play-calling during the Eagles' overtime loss Sunday. Pederson defended most of those calls during his day-after news conference Monday, which is the closest he will ever come to speaking the real, undeniable truth about his team.

Opening Night special for Embiid
WITH SIX minutes left in the second quarter of Wednesday night's 103-97 Opening-Night loss to Oklahoma City, an already wildly entertained sellout crowd at the Wells Fargo Center decided to teach Joel Embiid about the city that loves you back.

Donnellon: For Sixers' coach, same blueprint, different year
THROUGH THE traditional prism of professional sports, Brett Brown is crazy. How else do you explain him? The money? Sorry, he could make it elsewhere. Despite three consecutive seasons filled with more losses than any of his peers, Brown still garners their respect, if not his current bosses'. The moment the Sixers traded Michael

Donnellon: Treat road games like 'business trip,' says Eagles coach Pederson
'KILL, KILL, KILL . . . " For those viewing Eagles home games via television, it is a familiar cry from the mouth of Carson Wentz. And a hint perhaps why this season has been so uneven for the Eagles.