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Published: Fri, 09 Dec 2016 00:33:23 GMT


Smallwood: Who's the Sixers' next lottery pick?
THE SIXERS are a quarter of the way through the NBA schedule, and they are well on their way to again reaching the organizational goal of the last four seasons: finishing at the bottom of the standings in order to increase the odds of reaching the top of the NBA draft lottery.

Smallwood: Eagles' season no laughing matter
DOUG PEDERSON knew immediately that his attempt at levity had not gone well. At Wednesday's news conference, a reporter began a question with the notion that the Eagles were still technically in the NFC playoff picture.

Smallwood: Sixers need threat of relegation like another Harris team
'SOMETIMES you have to look at the level I am working at. We are not a dominant club, so results are going to have ups and downs. The inconsistencies are why some players don't play at top clubs.

Smallwood: Pederson needs the Eagles to 'man up'
NOW, WE WILL start to see what kind of leader Doug Pederson will be. Not that it is ever easy to be a rookie head coach in the NFL, but things tend to be a little smoother when your record is 3-0 or 4-2.

Smallwood: Athletes who didn't vote have no right to protest
IN MY Small opinion, neither San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick nor Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans has a legitimate knee to bend on anymore.

Smallwood: Wentz manages Eagles to huge win
CARSON WENTZ did not drive the Eagles down the field in the closing moments of the fourth quarter for a game-winning score.

Smallwood: Simmons documentary a behind-the-scenes slam dunk
THE FIRST headlines concerning Sixers rookie Ben Simmons and the Showtime bio-documentary One & Done concentrated on the epic takedown the No. 1 overall pick laid on the NCAA and its hypocrisy of making billions of dollars off the work of student-athletes while paying them nothing.

Smallwood: Embiid-Okafor perfect together? We still don't know
WITH ABOUT seven minutes remaining in the Sixers'season-opening loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday, Sixers swing man Robert Covington subbed in for center Jahlil Okafor.

Smallwood: Eagles mistakes less costly than Vikings'
THERE WAS a point during the first quarter of the game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings when the only thought was to score a victory by any means, no matter how ugly things ended up looking.

Smallwood: Things worked out fine for Sam Bradford and Eagles
NORMALLY DURING one of these weeks when a traded NFL quarterback returns to the city where he played the previous season, the story organically flows down the road of "What will it be like to go back there?"