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Published: Wed, 21 Feb 2018 19:32:17 GMT


When neglect of the disabled starts at the top, so should prosecution | Ronnie Polaneczky
For 60 years, a terribly disabled man managed to stay alive despite a life-threatening disease he had handled with grace and spirit. That he died in such a terrifying way is wrenching.

Pa. athletes shouldn't need waivers to play in hijabs | Helen Ubiñas
Athletes shouldn't need special permission to wear religious headgear that represents their faith under the guise of safety.

Pa. Democrats throw a gerrymandering elbow that could leave Delaware County without its own congressional district | Maria Panaritis
Pennsylvania's most gerrymandered congressional district is about to be redrawn. But will the new one give Delaware County Democrats the shaft?

I met the family who lived in my South Philly rowhome before me - and got 70 years worth of history | Mike Newall
The Cammaratas were coming over, and we were nervous. After all, our new home in South Philadelphia had been theirs for nearly 70 years.

Rendell: Basking in Super Bowl glory
The Eagles' Super Bowl victory means so much, on so many levels

The next generation is done waiting for this generation to do something about guns
A generation of children who have experienced first-hand the tragedy of school shootings might be this country's only hope in gun reform.

The futile 'work-arounds' we use to deal with our massacre problem | Ronnie Polaneczky
Our laws, trainings and prayers will never match the power of a weapon that releases 30 shots between reloads.

Darby cops' arrest of 11-year-old girl was excessive | Jenice Armstrong
You don't arrest an 11-year-old kid and put her in handcuffs for fighting on the bus. You just don't.

For Pa. Democrats, family feud threatens gerrymandering joy | Maria Panaritis
Even with a gerrymandering victory on the horizon, a Democratic Party rift may be forming in Pennsylvania ahead of this year's congressional, gubernatorial and state legislative races.

The day that Congress and Trump actually got health care right | Ronnie Polaneczky
"They refused to turn us away, even when my son was at his worst. I'd be in a panic and they'd say, 'It's all right. We'll figure this out.'"