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Published: Fri, 24 Nov 2017 20:04:33 GMT


Give thanks for U.S. democracy despite Trump
At Thanksgiving, we should be grateful for our democratic institutions, no matter how threatened - and focus on how to strengthen them.

Being an Eagles fan is never sweeter than after a victory over Dallas | Christine Flowers
Who could have believed that Doug Peterson would be the prophet leading us to the promised land?

Philly dollar-store manager gave shoplifters a choice: jail or the "Wall of Shame" | Ronnie Polaneczky
Shoplifters are busiest when most shoppers are - between Black Friday and Christmas and on big sales weekends, like President's Day.

Camaro Rob's killing leaves a hole in many hearts this Thanksgiving | Jenice Armstrong
Beloved businessman Camaro Rob, 29, was gunned down Saturday while driving in the 600 block of N. 52nd Street in West Philly, just days before the fourth annual Feeding Families block party, which he co-sponsored each Thanksgiving.

How I learned to (sorta) like the Eagles | Mike Newall
A Brooklyn boy seeks counsel from @ZooWithRoy, @cranekicker and Merrlil Reese in how to love the Eagles.

Look at the faces of our dead children | Helen Ubiñas
So far this year in Philly, 26 kids between the ages of 13 and 19 have been shot and killed, their blood spilled on streets they hardly had a chance to grow up on.

40 years ago, Sadat trip to Jerusalem changed the Mideast
Sadat's peace with Israel has stabilized Israel up to the present and reminds us, in times of Mideast chaos, that the unexpected can still happen.

If NFL commish gets a $49.5 million salary, can fans finally have Super Bowl watch parties? | Ronnie Polaneczky
"The NFL says 'it's not our policy' as if their policies are handed down on stone tablets from a mountaintop. But policies are made by people, and can be changed by people. Hiding behind rules is the refuge of the weak-minded."

Despite what his supporters say, Roy Moore has nothing in common with Jesus, Mary and Joseph | Christine Flowers
Flowers: I won't let Moore's people normalize the abnormal, especially when they trash talk a Nazarene teen.

Camel prom mom hosts 'Meek Mill Day' | Jenice Armstrong
She played the rapper's music, and gave away "Free Meek Meal" platters of fish and grits to fans.