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Published: Mon, 11 Dec 2017 15:13:32 GMT


Yo, Suburbs: All the way from Upper Darby, I'm your new columnist.
Band Geeks or Badass: New Inquirer columnist Maria Panaritis pegs Philly suburbanites as the tribe to fear.

'We're no longer invisible': Parents of children with disabilities speak out | Ronnie Polaneczky
One mom, fighting a rare cancer, is losing the energy to advocate for her autistic son, who came home for the weekend from his residential treatment facility covered in bruises.

I'm heading for Jerusalem to see impact of Trump | Trudy Rubin
I'll be talking with Israelis and Palestinians about whether Trump's Jerusalem bombshell finally ended the moribund peace process - and what comes after.

A young girl reminds us that #NotEverythingIsAwful | Helen Ubiñas
The world can use a little Ismarie right now.

PPA audit shows the cost of predators in power | Mike Newall
It's a reckoning that reaches from Hollywood to the media and into the halls of political power - with at least one glaring exception at the top.

Trump speech on Jerusalem slams door to peace talks | Trudy Rubin
Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem and move embassy aimed more at pleasing evangelical base than advancing peace talks.

Trump poised to blow up Kushner's peace plan with expected announcement on Jerusalem | Trudy Rubin
If Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel's capital and pledges to move the embassy he will explode his son-in-law's efforts to craft the "ultimate" Israeli-Palestinian deal.

An obit for every Philadelphia homicide victim | Helen Ubiñas
The Philadelphia Obituary Project aims to give homicide victims the last word.

Kellyanne Conway will now lead the fight against opioids - God help us all | Mike Newall
Because what this fight was missing was a Saturday Night Live meme whose chief talent is spinning elaborate, reality-bending lies on national television.

Trump retweets anti-Muslim video, spreads fake news
In retweeting anti-Muslim video by neo-fascist British fringe group, Trump promotes hatred.