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Published: Tue, 16 Jan 2018 12:50:01 GMT


Girard College event brings out the good in MLK Day | Jenice Armstrong
The Quakertown Community School District's decision to cancel Monday's Martin Luther King Jr. holiday was a missed opportunity for youngsters to participate in a day of service and discover the joy of giving back.

A little boy has a dream we should all have | Helen Ubiñas
A 6-year-old boy wants to stop the gun violence. He doesn't know how, but he knows one thing for sure. He can't do it alone.

New Pennsylvania suburban Democrats expect party clout. Will the women get it?
The way newly elected suburban Philadelphia Democrat Tara Pellegrino sees it - and who can really argue with the 33-year-old teacher? - the Democratic Party has no choice but to change its ways. And grow a backbone.

Inspired by Kensington's lifesaving librarians, a bill to equip U.S. libraries with Narcan | Mike Newall
They wondered if their own librarians might be facing the same problem with heroin overdoses - if it was happening in Philly, it might be happening in Orange County, N.Y.

Is Israel heading toward one binational state? | Trudy Rubin
Israeli leaders want to end the "two-state solution" but keeping control of the West Bank and Gaza will lead to one state with an Arab majority.

Shame on Quakertown school district for cancelling King holiday | Jenice Armstrong
The King holiday isn't expendable. Choosing arbitrarily to cancel it insults King's legacy and the entire Civil Rights Movement. It also sends a troubling message to impressionable young minds - some of whom we've learned really could benefit from seeing firsthand the gravitas that this nation has attached to what's become a national day of Service.

Steve & Mia: Her husband's a cheater
How can wife handle her husband's cheating ways - and child, too

Hey, DA Krasner, remember the crime victims | Helen Ubiñas
Families of homicide victims are furious over District Attorney Larry Krasner cutting prosecutors while many of them await the trials against the men accused of killing their loved ones.

After Trump, Oprah for 2020 may be just the ticket | Jenice Armstrong
Don't sleep on Oprah Winfrey for 2020. She may have never held elected office. But neither had President Trump.

What 'Fire and Fury' reveals about Trump's Mideast doctrine | Trudy Rubin
Wolff's blockbuster shows that President Trump mistakenly believes Arab states can force Palestinians to accept anything Israel offers.