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Published: Fri, 30 Sep 2016 12:17:52 GMT


Philly Clout: Secret DNC donkey deal revealed
READERS OF THE Philly Clout newsletter during the Democratic National Convention may recall our preconvention item headlined, "Ed Rendell's Son Seals DNC Donkey Deal."

Philly Clout: Trump's night at Rotwitt's Sun Center Studios
IT WAS ONLY a matter of time before walking tragicomedy Donald Trump strolled into Jeffrey Rotwitt's Sun Center Studios, the site of Thursday night's campaign rally for the Republican presidential nominee.

Philly Clout: Numbers confirm Sean Hannity doesn't prep
M AYBE YOU'VE heard talking head Sean Hannity validating Donald Trump's baseless claims of a "rigged" electoral process by referring to the fact that Mitt Romney received no votes - zero! - in dozens of Philadelphia divisions in the 2012 election.

Philly Clout: Rick Mariano — now with ponytail — returns to Council chambers
RICK MARIANO - you know, former city councilman, did about five years in the clink for bribery, tried his hand at stand-up comedy, learned Krav Maga, says whatever he damn well pleases these days - made a surprise visit to City Council's chambers on Thursday for its first session back from summer vacation.

Philly Clout: Judge upholds verdict against Councilman Kenyatta Johnson
COUNCILMANIC prerogative? Wendy Beetlestone is not a huge fan. Beetlestone - the federal judge who presided over the civil trial of archenemies Ori Feibush (the evil developer!) vs. Kenyatta Johnson (the evil councilman!) - has denied the city's request to overturn the jury's May verdict.

Philly Clout: A chip off the old DNC credentials has 'chilling effect'
WHEN Matt Albasi snagged credentials to the Democratic National Convention, he immediately saw something suspicious on the back of his Secret Service-issued pass. Albasi, publisher of Spirit News, a local paper based in Fishtown, noticed a slightly raised square indicating something inside the hard plastic.

No 'Questlove' love for Kenney
The leader of the Roots -- uprooted from their traditional slot on the Parkway on July 4 -- does a number on City Hall.

Philly Clout: Johnny Doc ditches Frank Keel at Local 98
FRANK KEEL, gravelly voiced PR mercenary and master of the all-caps subject line, has spent more than a dozen years dishing out bombastic and blustering political perspectives, usually on behalf of Local 98 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

Philly Clout: 'Hi, it's Gov. Wolf . . . don't hang up!'
OUR STATE CAPITAL runs on protocols. For instance, powerful people in Harrisburg don't dial their own calls. That's what staffers are for. Traditions like that can trip up a hands-on governor.

Philly Clout: Rendell outs DNC non-donor Vanguard
YOU MIGHT HAVE heard that the Philadelphia committee hosting the Democratic National Convention, and in charge of fund-raising, is refusing to say who is funding the convention. Transparency isn't their thing.