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Published: Fri, 21 Jul 2017 12:41:04 GMT


Clout: Sorry, Seth, no pension for you
Welcome to the We Can Never Retire Either club, Seth.

Acting Philly DA drops bid for interim post
Kathleen Martin asked the Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Board of Judges to pick veteran prosecutor John Delaney.

Judges will vote, via top hat, for interim DA
By tradition, the 88-member Board of Judges will vote Thursday for an interim Philadelphia district attorney by placing ballots in a battered old top hat. The hat's origin, like the rest of the process, is shrouded in mystery.

Interim Philly DA post draws 14 applicants
The selected applicant will serve the last five and a half months of former District Attorney Seth Williams' second term while he is in federal custody, awaiting sentencing in a corruption case.

Clout: Judge says he was 'strong-armed' by mob boss Ralph Natale's daughter
Jesse Goode, an administrative judge in Washington says Vanessa Natale, a lawyer, tried to shake him down.

Lynne Abraham applies for interim DA job in Philly
She wants an encore as the city's top prosecutor. A political controversy from 20 years ago may affect her chances.

Retired Philly judges seeks interim DA job
Common Pleas Court Judge Paul Panepinto, who retired in March, has applied to be Philadelphia's interim district attorney. DA Seth Williams resigned June 29 and is in the Federal Detention Center, awaiting sentencing.

Philly teacher off the hook with Ethics Board
George Bezanis had faced a fine of up to $2,000 for trying to influence the Philadelphia School District's contract negotiations, using a billboard and banner plane.

Philly gets a new, interim, DA in two weeks
The Philadelphia Common Pleas Board of Judges will select an interim district attorney in two weeks to finish the last 5 and a half months of the second term for former District Attorney Seth Williams, who resigned and pleaded guilty to a bribery charge.

Khan campaigning to be Philly's interim DA
The job is open for the last six months of Seth Williams' term. And Joe Khan, who lost the Democratic primary for the seat, wants to fill that short-time post.