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Published: Fri, 22 Sep 2017 12:24:12 GMT


Trump bluster at U.N. won't stop Iran or North Korea
Trump U.N. speech confuses harsh rhetoric with policy.

New Mideast realities require support for Kurds
Washington should rethink its opposition to the Sept. 25 referendum on Kurdish independence.

'Mother' Merkel, who knows how to deal with Russian hacking, set to win German elections
In "Mutti" Merkel, Germany has a leader who can handle Putin and his shenanigans, and is set to win a fourth term.

A trip to Texas and the sad contrast between Bush 41's foreign policy and Trump's
A trip to the George H.W. Bush presidential library in Texas shows why his foreign policy succeeded and why Trump's is failing.

On North Korea, the U.S. generals are the sane ones
In the movie "Dr. Strangelove," an unhinged general unleashed a nuclear attack behind the civilian president's back. In the North Korean crisis, U.S. generals are the calm heads restraining an erratic president.

Worldview columnist Trudy Rubin is on vacation.

Worldview columnist Trudy Rubin is on vacation.

After speech, Afghanistan is Trump's war now | Trudy Rubin
Squeezing Pakistan is the key to making Trump's new Afghanistan strategy work

Trump would be bonkers to listen to Blackwater founder's plan to use mercenaries in Afghanistan| Trudy Rubin
Hiring a mercenary army outside Pentagon control violates everything America stands for.

The alt-right mentality in the White House is responsible for Trump's moral failure in Charlottesville
So long as Steve Bannon is in the White House, he will fuel Trump's knee-jerk haste to attack those who oppose him and minimize any sins of extremist supporters.