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Published: Fri, 21 Apr 2017 15:18:39 GMT


Worldview: Turkey's Erdogan consolidates power
Erdogan is following the Ataturk model, using state power to shape country and society in his own image, says the author of "The New Sultan"

Worldview: Foreign policy suffers because Trump spreads fake facts
The president needs to stop tuning in to websites that mislead the public with false information that sows confusion.

Worldview: Federalism formula, U.S. role are keys to stabilizing Syria
The White House must continue to warn Putin that a centralized Syria can’t survive because Assad won’t be able to control it and the United States won’t let him gas his way to achieving it.

Inquirer columnist Trudy Rubin a Pulitzer Prize finalist
Inquirer columnist Trudy Rubin was named a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in commentary, for reminding Americans "of the importance of the foreign beat during a year when their tendency was to turn inward."

Worldview: Trump did the right thing in striking Syria
The big question is whether the administration will use the attack to jolt a dying Syrian peace process back to life.

Trump abets Russian disinformation schemes
The United States can’t counteract Moscow’s “active measures” to discredit the United States and its Western allies until the president officially recognizes what Russia is up to — and devises a strategy to deal with it.

Worldview: Amid graves of WWI, stark reminders of nationalism's peril
YPRES, Belgium - Children now scamper through the remaining trenches on Hill 62 in Flanders fields, where Brits endured a World War I hell of mud and shelling.

A French nightmare: What if Le Pen wins?
BRUSSELS - For months, the conventional wisdom in Europe has been that the extreme right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen could not win the French presidency in April-May elections.

Worldview: Rubin: Time for Kurdish independence?
ERBIL, Iraq - Has the time for Kurdish independence finally arrived? No other Mideast community (except Israel) has a closer relationship with the United States than the Iraqi Kurds, who have played a critical role in confronting ISIS.

Trudy Rubin has been reporting from Iraqi Kurdistan and Mosul, as the battle to liberate that city from ISIS continues.