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Published: Sun, 25 Sep 2016 11:59:23 GMT


Worldview: Clinton is the clear leader on national security
When Hillary Clinton faces off against Donald Trump in Monday's debate, security issues will be high on the agenda. In a year when terrorism dominates headlines, this issue is crucial. In a rational world, Clinton would dominate, given her broad experience and his ferocious display of ignorance.

Worldview: Trump's foreign policy comments scare national security experts
Many readers who criticized my Sunday column on the security dangers of a Trump presidency claimed that my views were the result of "liberal" bias.

Worldview: Trump's world in 2020: Scary
It's time to focus laserlike attention on the meaning of a Donald Trump presidency for America's security. Until now, the presumption that Trump wouldn't win or doesn't really mean what he says has led to insufficient scrutiny of how his presidency would threaten our safety. Many security experts - including leading Republicans - have raised concerns, but their protests haven't risen to the level of the danger.

Worldview: Trump oblivious to being used by Putin
A vacation on Ireland's west coast should have provided relief from the depressing realities of the U.S. election season. But it's hard to escape when every Irishman or woman you meet asks the same question, differing only in the choice of adjective:

Worldview columnist Trudy Rubin is on vacation.

Worldview columnist Trudy Rubin is on vacation.

Worldview columnist Trudy Rubin is on vacation.

Currents columnists Trudy Rubin and Michael Smerconish are on vacation.

Worldview: America's safety rests with Clinton
Now that the presidential race is truly on, anyone who cares about America's foreign policy and national security has no option but to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Worldview: The strange Trump-Putin dance
You can't make this stuff up. No, you wouldn't want to make this stuff up about a presidential candidate who could wind up running this country.