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Inquirer Columnist - Trudy Rubin

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Published: Fri, 20 Apr 2018 21:16:04 GMT


Report from Moscow: Cold War, World War III unlikely, but Russian experts disagree on Putin's foreign-policy plan | Trudy Rubin
"We are in a hybrid war, a successor to the Cold War," says Dmitri Trenin, director of the Carnegie Moscow Center. "But don't call it Cold War 2.0, otherwise you will confuse things."

Report from Moscow: After missile strike, will Trump or Putin be seen as the winner? | Trudy Rubin
Every Russian Mideast expert I spoke to told me Moscow wants to avoid the burdens of becoming the Mideast's new godfather. But this yoke may come with the Kremlin's new pre-eminence in the region. Putin may come to regret that Trump is so eager to give up this leadership role.

Report from Moscow: Russian TV news exacerbates disconnect between Putin and the U.S. | Trudy Rubin
An hour of watching one of Russia's premier TV talk shows, whose host Dmitry Kiselyov is a megaphone for anti-Western propaganda, was a sobering reminder of why U.S.-Russian tensions are likely to get worse.

I'll be traveling to Moscow as tensions with Russia over Syria heat up | Trudy Rubin
I am going to Moscow to learn more about Russian cybertrolling, its goals in Syria, and the impact of U.S. sanctions, - and whether we have entered a new Cold War.

Trump tweet on missile strike underscores the incoherence of his Syria policy | Trudy Rubin
The president's tweets and his pledge to pull U.S. troops out of Syria soon make any U.S. missile strike in Syria more risky.

Can Trump's "deal of the century" bring Israel-Palestine peace?
With number of Jews and Arabs living between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean now equal, Israel must decide how or whether to divide the land with Palestinians - with long-awaited Trump "peace" plan due in May.

Trump pulls an Obama on Syria | Trudy Rubin
His eagerness to pull U.S. troops out of northeast Syria before the job is done imitates Obama's premature Iraq exit that brought us ISIS.

Trump is suffering from a bad case of autocrat envy | Trudy Rubin
Trump's fondness for autocrats, who are flourishing worldwide, syncs with polls that show growing U.S. public desire for "strong leaders"

What killer fire in Kemerovo tells us about Russia and Putin | Trudy Rubin
Scores of Russian kids died in a mall cinema fire due to official malfeasance, but Putin never meets with the families. Yet his popularity still soars.

What H.R. McMaster's exit and John Bolton's arrival mean for the next three dangerous months | Trudy Rubin
Trump's pick of John Bolton for new national security adviser, plus Mike Pompeo at State Dept. hikes chance of conflict over Iran and North Korea this spring.