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Published: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 01:29:00 GMT

Last Build Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 01:29:00 GMT

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Misreading Tehran: The Twitter Devolution
Foreign Policy has a fascinating article on the role of Twitter in the Iranian protests.
A number of opposition activists have told me they used text messages, email, and blog posts to publicize protest actions. However, good old-fashioned word of mouth was by far the most influential medium used to shape the postelection opposition activity. There...

Is the economy really this bad?
(image) This screenshot of yesterday's home page of pretty much says it all. We're not sure if this is a mistake or what. But really, is this the answer?

Roundup of We Media Miami session: In search of a new kind of story
For those who were unable to join the "Storytellers Caucus" at We Media this year, here's some of what you missed: I started with a brief history of how our traditional ideas of story have proved a remarkable tool for making order out of the chaos of the world and our experiences in it. (PDF) The world is a messy place but a quick look in, say, your local library shows you something else....

We're launching something at TechCrunch 50 today
(image) Around 2:15 Pacific Time, CEO Russ Wilding, will be on the TechCrunch 50 stage to launch our latest project. Anyone will be able to kick the tires of this new thing immediately after the talk. Watch live coverage:

Why I hate Flickr
Excerpted from a Flickr email sent to me today... (image)

CNN: Vets pay tribute to fallen comrades at virtual Vietnam wall ended up on the home page of CNN this afternoon (then migrated to the Tech section). It was an unexpected surprise, which kept us on our toes. (image) ...

First 48 hours of The Wall
It's been both surprising and humbling to observe how people have interacted with The Wall since it's announcement on Wednesday. After discovering some issues with our clustering providers and optimizing code on the site, we've been able to keep the site humming. It's not easy to quickly serve up a 20GB image - one of the biggest, if not the biggest on the Web - to thousands of people anxious to explore and contribute...

The Wall on CNN
The Situation Room's Abbi Tatton does a great job of summarizing the idea of The Wall. image