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Chemical & Engineering News: Nano SCENE

Welcome to Chemical & Engineering News's Nano SCENE, an up-to-the-minute collection of news about nanoscience and nanotechnology, including coverage of nanofabrication and assembly, characterization of nanostructures, bionanotechnology, organic and inorga

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On-demand pain relief, triggered by light

19 Jan 2017 19:04:26 +0000

Injectable material can be repeatedly stimulated with near-infrared light to release painkillers(image)

Nanoparticles deprive tumors of their oxygen

16 Jan 2017 06:01:04 +0000

Magnesium silicide particles can react with oxygen in acidic tumor environments(image)

Nanomaterials makers must report production, safety data

13 Jan 2017 17:27:11 +0000

EPA finalizes long-awaited regulation(image)

Printing silver ink creates a spectrum of structural colors

13 Jan 2017 14:42:00 +0000

Silver nanoparticles ink-jet printed on patterned polymer sheets could be a fast, cheap way to make security stamps for authenticating documents(image)

Breathalyzer-like nanoarray sensor detects disease

30 Dec 2016 14:28:00 +0000

Researchers use carbon nanotubes, gold nanoparticles, and artificial intelligence to identify ‘breath prints’ of 17 diseases(image)

Electrides join 2-D materials club

14 Dec 2016 19:29:00 +0000

Nanosheets of ionic solids consisting of atomic planes separated by layers of electrons may find electronics applications(image)

A smart window powers itself

14 Dec 2016 14:34:00 +0000

A superthin photovoltaic cell generates enough electricity to switch a liquid-crystal window from cloudy to clear(image)

Hairy, expanding nanoparticles produce versatile coatings

09 Dec 2016 19:43:00 +0000

Particles that change size with pH could help scientists fine-tune surface coatings(image)

A flaky solution for improving coverage of 2-D materials

28 Nov 2016 06:00:00 +0000

Metals and organic solvents help disperse flakes of a variety of 2-D materials to make new substrate coatings(image)

Hyperlens lights a new path to nanofabrication

15 Nov 2016 23:27:00 +0000

Metamaterial lens beats diffraction limit and could bolster photolithography(image)

Whispering microresonators detect absorption spectra of individual nanoparticles

14 Nov 2016 06:00:56 +0000

New method expands range of materials for which ultrasensitive measurements can be made(image)

Seeing static with zinc oxide nanowires

14 Nov 2016 06:00:53 +0000

Low-cost suspensions containing the wires could be money savers for the electronics industry(image)

Making batteries fire-resistant with solid electrolytes

14 Nov 2016 06:00:14 +0000

Replacing flammable organic liquids with nonflammable inorganic solids would eliminate key battery hazard(image)

Nanosensors track temperature in live creatures

02 Nov 2016 22:19:00 +0000

Fluorescent nanoparticles map microscale temperature patterns in beetle muscles(image)

NuMat Technologies

31 Oct 2016 05:00:08 +0000

Exploiting metal-organic frameworks to improve gas storage(image)

C&EN talks with Insung Choi, cell protector

31 Oct 2016 05:00:00 +0000

Chemist coats cells with silica shells to help them survive and thrive in diverse applications(image)