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Preview: Chemical & Engineering News: Latest News

Chemical & Engineering News: Latest News

Chemical & Engineering News delivers the latest chemistry news from the worlds of research, business, education, government, and beyond.

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Improved route to PAHA polyesters

26 Apr 2017 20:37:43 +0000

Approach greatly improves customizability and efficiency of poly(α-hydroxy acid) synthesis(image)

U.S. sanctions chemists for gas attack on civilians in Syria

26 Apr 2017 18:52:06 +0000

American companies barred from doing business with them and their U.S. assets frozen(image)

Getting a bigger picture with superresolution microscopy

26 Apr 2017 18:07:00 +0000

Chip-based illumination enables simple microscopy set-up and wide field of view(image)

Spray-on process creates bright, efficient LEDs

25 Apr 2017 18:09:00 +0000

New method to make quantum-dot light-emitting diodes offers a low-cost route to bright, flexible displays(image)

Forge Therapeutics scores $15 million in venture funding

25 Apr 2017 04:00:00 +0000

The proceeds will help the biotech firm push its antibiotics program toward human studies(image)

Sponsored content: New binders lead to better batteries for electric vehicles

24 Apr 2017 22:48:49 +0000

Achieving improvements in capacity and thermal stability(image)

PPG makes third and “last” offer to buy AkzoNobel

24 Apr 2017 22:43:00 +0000

Paint firm’s $28.8 billion offer comes with conditions to smooth the way(image)

Extending the reach of covalent drugs

24 Apr 2017 05:01:28 +0000

Inhibitors that bond covalently with oxidized protein residues could represent a new class of drugs(image)

Quantum dots are superefficient at generating hydrogen

24 Apr 2017 05:01:27 +0000

A new type of photoelectrochemical cell achieves better than 100% efficiency in a hydrogen-generating reaction for the first time(image)

Chemists march for science

23 Apr 2017 20:16:00 +0000

Practitioners, professors, students, and fans join with throngs in support of science(image)

New way to make chiral arenes

21 Apr 2017 16:59:35 +0000

Combined chemical and biocatalytic method installs group important in drug design(image)

Lack of safety management system led to fatal Airgas explosion, U.S. Chemical Safety Board concludes

21 Apr 2017 11:59:00 +0000

CSB releases a report on the 2016 explosion at an Airgas facility that killed one worker(image)

Lowest density MOF to date

21 Apr 2017 11:00:54 +0000

Simple building blocks produce complex structure with a unit cell made up of 816 uranium nodes and 816 organic linkers(image)

Chemistry jobs and H-1B visas

21 Apr 2017 10:56:00 +0000

These 10 institutions applied for the most visas for jobs with titles that include the word “chemist.”(image)

How naked mole rats survive oxygen deprivation

20 Apr 2017 19:02:00 +0000

The quirky mammals rewire their metabolism to endure suffocating situations, study finds(image)

New dyes enable super-multicolor imaging

19 Apr 2017 20:42:53 +0000

Nitrile- and alkyne-containing dyes improve the sensitivity and specificity of Raman microscopy(image)

Chemists can now be picky about organosulfur compounds

19 Apr 2017 20:16:47 +0000

A new strategy enables direct selective C–H functionalization of a single sulfur component from mixtures typical of petroleum refinery streams(image)

AkzoNobel to exit chemicals within 12 months

19 Apr 2017 20:07:00 +0000

CEO calls divestment plan superior to PPG’s takeover offer(image)

Nanoparticle-based ink helps create 3-D printed glass

19 Apr 2017 17:27:00 +0000

High-resolution glass lenses, microreactors, and more are now possible(image)

Historic DuPont Building slated for redevelopment

19 Apr 2017 16:42:00 +0000

Chemours will occupy renewed space, and the adjacent turn-of-the-century Hotel DuPont will be preserved(image)

Fungal duo isolated from toxic lake produce novel antibiotic

19 Apr 2017 13:09:00 +0000

Berkeley Pit fungi grown together make an antibiotic that fights MRSA(image)

Ashland to buy Pharmachem for $660 million

19 Apr 2017 10:59:00 +0000

Deal will add specialized supplement and fragrance ingredients to Ashland’s food and personal care businesses(image)

CRISPR pioneer Jennifer Doudna shares her outlook for the groundbreaking gene-editing tool

18 Apr 2017 20:06:00 +0000

UC Berkeley biochemist discusses how CRISPR could affect chemistry in areas including drug discovery and agriculture(image)

Nova will buy Williams’s ethylene plant

18 Apr 2017 18:27:00 +0000

Transaction is Canadian firm’s second recent U.S. Gulf Coast deal(image)

Ashland to buy Pharmachem for $660 million

17 Apr 2017 19:08:00 +0000

Deal will add specialized supplement and fragrance ingredients to Ashland’s food and personal care businesses(image)

Titanium dioxide’s elemental charge states reevaluated

17 Apr 2017 12:30:00 +0000

Titanium(III) rather than titanium(IV) could lead to reassessment of compound’s redox chemistry(image)

Frequency Therapeutics launches to tackle hearing loss

17 Apr 2017 05:01:11 +0000

Small molecule cocktail development to be supported by $32 million in funding(image)

Method improves single-cell genome analysis

17 Apr 2017 05:00:00 +0000

LIANTI leads to fewer errors that plague other amplification methods(image)

U.S. Justice Department ends forensic science advisory panel

13 Apr 2017 22:35:04 +0000

Commission was aimed at improving reliability of discipline(image)

Photoluminescent lanthanide-based sensor distinguishes solvents

13 Apr 2017 20:18:00 +0000

Metal-organic framework materials could provide rapid field analysis of environmental contamination(image)

Carbon capture gets a boost from aromatic rings

13 Apr 2017 19:00:00 +0000

Linking phenyls to the amines used to scrub CO2 from power plant emissions could make process more efficient(image)

Easy access to boronate esters and boronic acids

13 Apr 2017 18:41:00 +0000

Methodology swaps out carboxylic acids for boron functional groups at late stages of syntheses(image)

U.S. charges ex-DuPont employee with trade secrets theft

13 Apr 2017 05:01:00 +0000

Recently retired chemical engineer accused of stealing files for his consulting firm(image)

Targeting one protein to treat two neurodegenerative diseases

12 Apr 2017 20:20:00 +0000

Disrupting production of ataxin-2 with antisense technology improves symptoms of ALS and spinocerebellar ataxia type 2 in mice(image)

China steps up pollution fight

12 Apr 2017 18:02:46 +0000

National government deploys inspectors to crack down on industrial pollution(image)

Protecting scientific integrity requires effort by the entire research system, report says

12 Apr 2017 16:26:00 +0000

U.S. National Academies panel targets misconduct and other detrimental research practices(image)

Dissolvable batteries made of silk

12 Apr 2017 15:47:52 +0000

The biodegradable batteries produce enough voltage and should last long enough to power temporary medical implants(image)

Chinese firms build in Louisiana

11 Apr 2017 23:00:00 +0000

Wanhua discloses plans for an isocyanates plant as Yuhuang begins construction of large methanol facility(image)

U.S. charges DuPont employee with trade secrets theft

11 Apr 2017 21:16:00 +0000

Recently retired chemical engineer accused of stealing files for his consulting firm(image)

Chemists synthesize largest, most complex polysaccharide to date

11 Apr 2017 19:45:00 +0000

Arabinogalactan contains 92 sugars and is a component of tuberculosis bacterium’s cell wall(image)

Wanhua Chemical to build isocyanates plant in Louisiana

10 Apr 2017 21:42:18 +0000

The project is a push into North America for the Chinese polyurethanes maker(image)

India to study bacteria’s impact on mosquito-spread disease viruses

10 Apr 2017 11:00:00 +0000

Research aimed at controlling spread of dengue and chikungunya(image)

Making immune cells more tolerant

10 Apr 2017 08:00:00 +0000

New biomaterials target cells involved in autoimmune diseases(image)

A protein’s ‘dance steps’ affect its biological function, study shows

10 Apr 2017 08:00:00 +0000

Terahertz microscopy technique homes in on tough-to-measure protein dynamics(image)

Predictive approach to better batteries

10 Apr 2017 05:00:56 +0000

Modeling technique optimizes desired physical properties of redox flow battery electrolytes(image)

An optical analog of MRI

10 Apr 2017 05:00:55 +0000

New method theoretically will image materials using a tilted laser pulse(image)

FDA approves first deuterated drug

10 Apr 2017 05:00:49 +0000

Small molecule is more effective against Huntington’s disease symptom(image)

Start-up showcases organic chemistry education app

10 Apr 2017 05:00:22 +0000

Alchemie Solutions trots out new product on heels of $700,000 NSF grant(image)

Chemists get better acquainted with palladium catalysts

10 Apr 2017 05:00:20 +0000

Study provides new insight on oxidation states and hidden intermediates in key synthetic organic reactions(image)

Chemistry and computer coding brought together in NSF-funded institute

10 Apr 2017 05:00:18 +0000

Acceleration of software advances for chemists sought(image)

Two big agchem mergers near completion

10 Apr 2017 05:00:00 +0000

Divestments and an asset swap help DuPont, ChemChina clear regulatory hurdles(image)

Biotech firm gets cash in J&J start-up competition

07 Apr 2017 12:00:00 +0000

Opportunity to collaborate with personal care products maker and access to R&D brings 11 start-ups to London event(image)

ACS national meeting in San Francisco breaks attendance record

06 Apr 2017 14:00:00 +0000

Society selects its candidates for 2018 President-Elect(image)

ACS national meeting in San Francisco breaks attendance record

05 Apr 2017 19:00:00 +0000

Society selects its candidates for 2018 President-Elect(image)

Toyota in hunt for novel battery materials

05 Apr 2017 18:14:17 +0000

Research will cost $35 million and draw on six research organizations(image)

Flame retardant replacements migrate to arctic sediment

04 Apr 2017 22:08:00 +0000

Organophosphate ester flame retardants travel long distances, one of the properties that led to the phase-out of their PBDE predecessors(image)

Butamax to establish U.S. isobutyl alcohol plant

04 Apr 2017 21:30:00 +0000

The company hopes to entice ethanol makers to switch to the higher-molecular-weight alcohol(image)

Tracking exposure to endocrine disrupters through signals in the sewer

03 Apr 2017 12:07:10 +0000

Wastewater-based epidemiology could help pinpoint problem spots for phthalates(image)

WuXi, ShangPharma seek Chinese listings

03 Apr 2017 05:00:48 +0000

Pharmaceutical service firms previously traded on the New York Stock Exchange(image)

FMC to buy DuPont’s pesticide business

31 Mar 2017 17:51:09 +0000

DuPont will get FMC health and nutrition ingredients in asset swap(image)

Pinning aryl groups on alkanes

31 Mar 2017 13:57:48 +0000

Organosilicon-catalyzed reaction functionalizes even notoriously inert methane, without help from precious transition metals(image)

EPA denies petition to ban chlorpyrifos

30 Mar 2017 19:06:00 +0000

Trump Administration reverses proposal to revoke all food tolerances for the insecticide(image)

Partnership funds first cohort of antibiotics research ventures

30 Mar 2017 15:00:00 +0000

CARB-X support will go to U.S. and U.K. companies(image)

An amino acid mystery

30 Mar 2017 02:31:00 +0000

Lack of D-glutamate in mouse brains hints at undiscovered enzymes(image)

Microfluidic system mimics 28-day female reproductive cycle

30 Mar 2017 01:00:00 +0000

Tissues in EVATAR device produce and respond to hormones similar to those in the body(image)

Microfluidic system mimics 28-day female reproductive cycle

30 Mar 2017 01:00:00 +0000

Los tejidos del dispositivo EVATAR producen y responden a las hormonas de forma similar a como ocurre en humanos(image)

Crystal structure databases to have single portal

29 Mar 2017 22:48:00 +0000

Organizations developing one-stop data deposition and search tool for organic and inorganic species(image)

Another ethylene plant to rise on the Gulf

29 Mar 2017 21:41:00 +0000

Total, Nova, and Borealis plan to spend $1.7 billion on a project in Texas(image)

Trump proposes funding cuts to U.S. science agencies

29 Mar 2017 19:30:07 +0000

Plan would slash nonmilitary spending for remainder of fiscal 2017(image)

Trump order could impact U.S. energy prices, technology development

29 Mar 2017 17:12:00 +0000

Nation will likely fall short of Paris Agreement emissions goal(image)

Measurements heighten mystery of D-amino acids in the brain

29 Mar 2017 15:18:35 +0000

Missing D-glutamate in mice brains hints at undiscovered enzymes(image)

Can tobacco clean up its act?

28 Mar 2017 21:30:00 +0000

Emerging tobacco products have cleaner chemistry than cigarettes but regulators remain leery of their benefit—and the companies developing them(image)

Europe clears Dow-DuPont merger

28 Mar 2017 13:21:00 +0000

DuPont to divest much of its pesticide business to satisfy competition concerns(image)

Total, Nova, and Borealis form cracker joint venture

27 Mar 2017 21:19:00 +0000

Partners plan to spend $1.7 billion on a project in Port Arthur, Texas(image)

Europe clears Dow-DuPont merger

27 Mar 2017 17:46:00 +0000

DuPont to divest much of its pesticide business to satisfy competition concerns(image)

New twist on an old method sorts neurons from preserved brain tissue

27 Mar 2017 14:17:48 +0000

A new protocol for flow cytometry isolates and sorts neuronal cells found in frozen, fixed tissue(image)

Exploding pumps trigger Sciex mass spectrometer alert

27 Mar 2017 11:00:00 +0000

Global safety notice recommends shutdown of workhorse analytical chemistry tools(image)

Exploding pumps trigger Sciex mass spectrometer alert

27 Mar 2017 11:00:00 +0000

Una nota de seguridad global recomienda abandonar el uso de las herramientas básicas en química analítica.(image)

Optimism reigned at drug conference

27 Mar 2017 05:00:44 +0000

Firms at DCAT touted investment in large and small molecules(image)

New 2-D perovskite shines white

27 Mar 2017 05:00:43 +0000

Ultrathin semiconductor materials showcase glowing potential(image)

Biosensors enable imaging of localized cell activity

24 Mar 2017 00:19:00 +0000

New “FLINC” sensors report enzymatic and cell-signaling activity with superresolution(image)

U.S. hails UN effort to restrict fentanyl precursors

24 Mar 2017 00:14:00 +0000

Global action controlling 4-anilino-N-phenethylpiperidine and N-phenethyl-4-piperidone is aimed at fighting overdose deaths(image)

Trump’s plan to raise FDA user fees conflicts with agency-industry deal

24 Mar 2017 00:13:59 +0000

President’s proposal would raise charges paid by pharma makers(image)

Nanomachines wind and unwind polymers

23 Mar 2017 16:25:00 +0000

Light-powered molecular machines work in tandem to contract and expand a polymer(image)

China looks to streamline drug approvals

23 Mar 2017 16:11:45 +0000

Reform could allow international firms to register new drugs years sooner(image)

3-D printing seeks commercial markets

22 Mar 2017 22:15:31 +0000

Firms add speed, scale, and materials to lure manufacturing customers(image)

New process for generating hydrogen fuel

22 Mar 2017 21:43:00 +0000

Catalyst produces hydrogen from methanol and water at relatively low temperatures(image)

BASF takes to supercomputing

22 Mar 2017 11:13:00 +0000

German firm turns to Hewlett Packard Enterprise to accelerate chemical research [...]