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Preview: Seeing The Forest

Seeing The Forest

For The Trees Who is our economy FOR, anyway?

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Seeing the Forest is now located at

This Blog Has Moved


This Blog Has Moved to help out. If you clicked a link that brought you here, let the referring site know that they have an out-of-date link and ask if they might change it to THANKS!(image)

Democracy Arsenal


Democracy Arsenal, a new blog from The Security and Peace Institute:" The Security and Peace Institute was formed in 2005 as a joint initiative of the Center for American Progress and The Century Foundation. The Institute works to advance a responsible U.S. foreign policy based on strong defense, collective security, capable international institutions, and effective promotion of democracy and the(image)

Thought Crimes


Those Evil, Terrorist Loving "Libruls" (Thanks to Oliver Willis)(image)

Think Progress


Been to Think Progress lately?How about Smirking Chimp? BuzzFlash?(image)

Bill Bradley Describes VRWC in NY Times Piece Today


Sounding like a Seeing the Forest regular, in A Party Inverted, former Senator Bill Bradley today describes how the Right has built a network of organizations that have become the foundation for the Republican Party, and how this structure supports their candidates outside of the election cycle. This is a must-read!To further the party's ideological and political goals, Republicans in the 1970's(image)

Blog Change Coming Friday


On Friday Seeing the Forest is going to switch over to its new site. That site will be at blog you are reading now is located at, and I currently have a "redirect" set up for that sends everyone here. On Friday we leave Blogger and blogspot (and all the problems) behind for good. I will change the "name servers" for (image)

How the Liberal Media Myth is Created


Everyone should read eriposte's series at The Left Coaster, How the Liberal Media Myth is Created. I insist.The series covers how this myth is created using:Part 1, "tone" of media coveragePart 2, "catch-phrases" like 'right-wing extremist' v. 'left-wing extremist'Part 3, "newspaper headlines"Part 4, "topics" coveredPart 5, "think-tank" citationsPart 6, surveys of journalist ideology or voting (image)

Interest Rates


For a one-year CD I can get 3.16%. But that is lower than the current inflation rate AND gas is up to $2.35 a gallon and rising fast around here, housing prices up 20% last year. WTF? The government is telling us that it is wrong, just wrong, to try to save money.(image)

Finally Leaving Blogger


I been bloggered so long it looks like up to me. I'm finally going to leave Blogger. Oh my God they give bad service!!!!!! I signed up a Moveable Type account at LivingDot, and will start the process of getting to know the new software and setting up a blog template. I'll switch over soon. Not sure how to handle the last two-and-a-half years of archives... but I'll figure it out.If you have (image)

Insulting Bloggers


The National Press Club Welcomes ... Jeff Gannon?You've heard of Jeff Gannon. He's the right-wing male prostitute that the White House was using as a shill to deflect critical press questions. Well, now the National Press club is including him on a panel (1st paragraph only) as a --- BLOGGER!!! And, of course, they aren't putting any actual bloggers on the panel.Yes, the same day that the (image)

Housing Bubble/Crash


Putting Stock in Property,"This is more exciting than a mutual fund," Boome said. "It feels safer too. You buy a piece of dirt, you feel you'll always have a piece of dirt."[. . .] They're cashing in retirement funds, selling stock and taking out second mortgages. They're pouring the money into real estate, often in distant states, often without seeing the property."Markets are ruled by either (image)

Moderates, Academics, and Democrats


Recently on Kos and MYDD there's been a discussion of the left blogosphere which traces back to an old post by Kevin Drum. The gist of the discussion is here:If you remove Atrios, the left blogosphere is neatly divided into two mutually-linking spheres: the moderate/intellectual (academicky) types - Drum, DeLong, Yglesias, TPM, Tapped, Crooked Timber - and the left activist types - Kos, MyDD, (image)



I wonder if global warming and world oil demand mean it's time to re-think nuclear energy. In my opinion the consequences of getting our energy from fossil fuels are greater than the risks from nuclear energy.(image)

Funny, or Scary?


Here is an example of the kind of e-mail you get when Fox News gives out your blog's name:No wonder you sound like a liberal faggot - you look like a queer.And, many of you have seen the kind of comment that they leave:Kerry lost not because he was a bad candidate, but that he represents bad ideology. Dave Johnson lives in a state that other than voter fraud in King County would probably be a red(image)

Government DID Help Saudis Leave After 9/11!


New Details on F.B.I. Aid for Saudis After 9/11The episode has been retold so many times in the last three and a half years that it has become the stuff of political legend: in the frenzied days after Sept. 11, 2001, when some flights were still grounded, dozens of well-connected Saudis, including relatives of Osama bin Laden, managed to leave the United States on specially chartered flights.Now,(image)

Whiskey Bar: The Passion of Terri


Show me the way to the next Whiskey Bar Oh, don’t ask why Oh, don’t ask why Just go read.(image)

Financial Ruin


From this story about housing prices in the SF Bay Area, House buying: receding dream: "With Bay Area home prices rising steeply over the past two years, most buyers have opted for adjustable-rate mortgages -- often with the option of ``interest-only'' payments -- to ensure affordable monthly payments.In the first two months of 2005, 82 percent of people who bought homes in the nine Bay Area (image)

Republicans Set Up Phony Front Group to Testify at Hearing!


The story is at THE BRAD BLOG.Apparently the Republicans set up a phony front group to testify at a Congressional hearing on voting rights. But what really makes this story good is the pictures in the blog post.(Through Oliver Willis.)(image)

Advertising Money Subsidizing the Right, Moonies


I visited the Moonie Washngton Times to see this story, Conservative Web site, Heritage split. At the top of the page, at least when I visited, was a large banner ad that said, "Now Hiring," from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), with a Department of Homeland Security logo. Clicking the ad took me to this page. How much do you think the TSA paid the Moonies to put the ad there?(image)



Important Changes to Your Citizenship Agreement - Please read and retain for your records.:[. . .] SECTION 11 The Rule of Law section of the Agreement remains in effect, except that it no longer applies to Us. It may also, from time to time, cease to apply to Contributors above a certain level (see Schedule G, attached). SECTION 13 The Cruel and Unusual Punishment section of the Agreement is (image)

Cursor's Media Transparency


It's a good idea to check in regularly at Cursor's Media Transparency and see what they have going on. Also, scroll down. The articles stack.(image)

Right-Wingers, Read This


TalkLeft: Did Congress Really Want to Save Terri Schiavo's Life?Meanwhile, former Senate majority counsel Julian Epstein was on Larry King tonight. He said Congress didn't really want to save Terri Schiavo's life. He was faxed a draft of the legislation in advance and said he told Congress staffers that the law wouldn't work, but that there were options that could work. He said Congress could (image)

Norman Spinrad: corporate publishing oligopoly dooming science fiction novel


Just read the latest "On Books" column for Issac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, written by Norman Spinrad (author of, among others, the classic SF novels "Bug Jack Barron" and "The Iron Dream"). In it, he details the sorry state of science fiction publishing (one look at the lousy design of the IASFM web site is worth a thousand words on the economic state of the industry... not to mention (image)

Dear Progressive Bloggers


You're doing it again. You're not seeing what is really going on. You are missing the bigger picture. You are looking at trees and missing the forest. Do you really, after all this time and all these defeats, think the Right is stupid?You mock the Republicans for blatantly acting politically, and ignore that they ARE ACTING POLITICALLY. In other words, they're acting in the way that will in (image)