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Dhinchak Pooja's latest video – death by music


A Monday morning blue, a squabble with your wife, a nasty brawl with the first door neighbour all kept at one corner, and the other is all about YouTube sensation Dhinchak Pooja releasing her new song "Bapu Dede Thoda Cash".

Upper-class passengers of Indian Railways likely to shift to air travel by 2020, says blueprint of Indian Railways


A good news for domestic aviation sector has come with the blueprint of Indian Railways being released which reveals that domestic airlines will become the most preferred mode of long-distance travel for upper-class passengers by 2019-2020.

What President Mukherjee said in his last address to the nation?


On the eve of demitting office as the 13th President of India on July 24, in his address to the nation, President Pranab Mukherjee said, "A modern nation is built on some essential fundamentals – democracy or equal rights for every citizen, secularism or equal freedom to every faith, equality of every region, and economic equity. For development to be real, the poorest of the land must feel that they are a part of the nation's narrative."

Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor – 'jasoos' investigates


Stardom and the glamour industry always have a fresh story to unveil. The stars are glittery and so is their world full of new revelations.

Man suffers heart attack because of a drug; Chicago court fines company $150 million dollars


A Chicago federal jury of the United States has ruled that AbbVie must pay $150 million in damages for misrepresenting the safety risks of a drug that it produces named as AndroGel. The drug is used in treating low testosterone.

Book release: Fourth volume of "Selected Speeches of President Pranab Mukherjee" released by Prime Minister Modi


The fourth volume of the "Selected Speeches of President Pranab Mukherjee" was released by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on July 24.

Couple arrested in Utah for administering drugs to their newborn


The Utah police has arrested a drug-addict couple for giving drugs to their newborn baby and making her an addict as well. The parents were administering Suboxone to the newborn, a drug used to cover up drug dependency.

Excerpts from President Mukherjee's farewell address in Parliament


In his farewell address in the Central Hall in Parliament House on July 23, outgoing President Pranab Mukherjee called the Indian Constitution the Magna Carta of socio-economic transformation of the country.

Indore's vegetable vendors hire armed men to guard 'tomatoes' as prices skyrocket


Tomatoes have become dearer this season and the vegetable vendors of Indore, in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh are left with no other option but to deploy armed security men for guarding their precious vegetable.

Mumbai man jumps to his death while attempting a stunt from 'Baahubali'


We all know how each and every character of 'Baahubali' has left the audience impressed with their outstanding performance and indelible dialogues.