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Haifa cavalry charge – a saga of chivalry


A unique phenomenon indeed in the annals of military campaigns in India and abroad when Indian cavalry officered by Indians only won laurels against a combined force of Turks, Germans and Austrians and paved the way for founding of a Jewish State, Israel.

President completes one-day visit to Nagpur, urges Maharashtra to lead social reforms in the country


President Ram Nath Kovind during his one-day visit to Nagpur on September 22 paid tribute to BR Ambedkar at Deekshabhoomi; inaugurated the Suresh Bhat Natya Sabhagrah and inaugurated a Vipassana Meditation Centre at Kamptee.

Don't need to be an alcoholic to have a high risk of kidney failure, just breathing dirty air can suffice


As if being a drunkard wasn't enough for having to risk your own kidneys, it now turns out that even air pollution could also pose a risk to your kidneys.

Sikkim to host three-day international conference on ecocriticism


A three-day international conference on ecocriticism is going to organised jointly by the Foundation for the Study of Literature and Environment (FSLE-India) and the Sikkim Government College at Tadong from November 21 to 23, inform the conveners of the event.

Film composer Carlos Felipe Silva draws in audience with touching film scores


A force powerful enough to cut through language barriers, dissolve personal tension and transform a listener's emotional state, music is one of the oldest and strongest forms of communication.

India's youngest pre-term baby born at 22-weeks survives against all odds


Medical science in India has worked another miracle. A baby boy from the city of Mumbai has been termed as miracle boy as he fought for 132 days at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at a city hospital.

Bengal cleric's hate speech in support of Rohingyas shows Mamata govt's incompetency


Rohingya refugee crisis has lately become more controversial because of selfish politics by some irresponsible political parties.

Google marks Indian woman chemist Asima Chatterjee's scientific achievements with a doodle on her 100th birthday


Internet search engine giant has honoured the outstanding achievements of Indian female chemist Dr Asima Chatterjee's on her 100th birthday today with a sketch doodle. Her research contribution led to some major developments in other scientific fields such as chemotherapy and treatment of malaria.

Traditional alopna of Bengal on Durga Puja: Need to revive auspicious symbolic art


In Bengal, the most celebrated Durga Puja is around the corner and celebratory spirits are soaring and a beginning has been made with a longest alpona - rangoli of Bengal- drawn on one of the streets of Kolkata which is around one kilometere long.

ONGC chief's term to be reduced to just one year for quarterly performance review


Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has proposed that the newly selected head of India's oil & Gas corp, Shashi Shanker be initially appointed for one year to review his performance on quarterly basis instead of yearly basis as per previous norms.