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Teacher made short academic films can be used for developing analytical thinking through content and process analysis: Study


"Teacher-made short academic films of one-minute not only can make learning of textbook effective and focused but can also build interest of students in the topic to do reference work in the library to go beyond the textbook," said the action researcher whose research abstract has been accepted for an upcoming educational conference in Hyderabad.

Bollywood de-stigmatizing menstruation as government slaps 12% GST on sanitary products


Sanitary products are considered luxury goods in India where only 30 per cent of all menstruating women can afford them.

Linguistic exposures in a family in just one generation!


In my 84th year, my mind boggles at the dramatic changes our generation has seen in just one life time.

A Book Review: Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami


Norwegian Wood is a fast forward through a half-lit or even dimly-lit part of a young boy's life, a carousel of intense passion, metamorphic desires, despicable love and the kind of unhappiness and deplorability that add lifetimes of meaning to actions that had barely lasted minutes.

Stupidity is the flavor of the season


Stupidity is the flavor of the season. As someone once said, "'tis the season to be stupid'." Now one wonders whether the world can be divided into groups of the Less Stupid, Stupid, Stupider and Stupidest. It is possible. After all 'nothing is impossible' is another stupid quote.

Geek Pride Day: Better honour the emergent inheritors of the Earth!


Geek Pride Day (GPD), the observance that originated in Spain in 2006, is meant to celebrate and promote geek culture on May 25.

'Violent media content leaves huge negative impressions on youth' - Dr Deepali Rao


In a thought-provoking lecture on "Modern-day Parenting: Media and its relationship with Aggression in Youth", Dr Deepali Rao said that violent media content used increasingly in different media especially visual media like television, films, TV serials, video games, etc leaves huge negative impression on the minds of youth.

A visit to Tam Coc in Vietnam with slow moving river criss-crossing limestone mountains


Tam Coc in Vietnam, also called 'Ha Long on the land', is as fascinating as Ha Long Bay because you can have about two-hour boating in the slow moving river surrounded by fresh cool air and majestic mountain scenery of limestone which is 100 km from Hanoi to the south.

Doesn't Indian media hypocritically exhibit gender discrimination?


You will most frequently find the Indian TV media conducting debates on gender discrimination. Be it triple talaq or entry of women in to sanctum sanctorums of religious places, the media always takes a hard stance and questions people supporting and maintaining patriarchal domination in both social and religious spectrum. On such issues the media always takes activist-like approach and I think they should be commended for that.

US President Trump condemns Manchester terror attack, calls perpetrators 'evil losers'


US President Donald Trump, who is on his first foreign trip since taking office, has condemned the deadly terror attack on the young and innocent concert-goers in Manchester, UK, in which 22 people got killed, by calling those responsible for the attack as 'evil losers'.