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India to be beacon of peace and progress, stability and success: PM Modi


Inaugurating the Second Raisina Dialogue, attended by the diplomats of various countries in New Delhi on January 17, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the future belonged to over a billion Indians in making the nation 'a beacon of peace and progress, stability and success, and access and accommodation'.

2017 UP elections: A distant view


UP is far away from Kerala, where I live. It is difficult to get any clear view of the ground realities there. Yet the contours of the sky and the horizon where the clouds have to form and rain out on the election day, not too far from today, is visible; faint and feeble. Nevertheless the patterns are there if you care to not to blink.

UK actor Anthony Warren nails it again with the film "Hard Time Bus"


With lead roles in several highly rated BAFTA Award winning series and now the award winning feature film "Hard Time Bus" produced by 2HotFilms, Anthony Warren has enjoyed a tremendously successful acting career.

Government to curb online child abuse facilitating sexual exploitation and trafficking of children


The Ministry of Women and Child Development held a day-long consultation on 16th January, 2017 with all stakeholders and partners and decided to form a National Alliance against Online Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation to forge a comprehensive outreach system to mitigate the problem of the sexual abuse and exploitation of children stated an official release.

US women groups to organize a protest march in Washington DC day after Trump's inauguration


Thousands of people, opponents and civil rights activists have reached Washington DC, the US capital city, to protest against Presidential inauguration of Donald Trump as the new president on January 20.

Urban villages: A constant struggle to retain identity


Urbanisation has a distinct style in every country. In India, most of the urban centres have developed in an unplanned manner.

Trump calls North Atlantic Treaty Organization 'obsolete', Europe gets worried


With US President-elect Donald Trump calling North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) 'obsolete', most European countries have got worried and their leaders have appealed for unity and sticking to one another to keep assertive Russia and Islamic terrorism at bay.

Bombay HC grants bail to three men accused of killing Muslim because they were "provoked in the name of religion."


Bombay High Court has given bail to three men accused of murdering a Muslim man because they were "provoked in the name of religion and they committed murder."

Bangladesh gets a new shot at the stars with PM Sheikh Hasina's third premiership


For the third time in her life, Sheikh Hasina is the prime minister of Bangladesh. And the west should look closer at the stateswoman, whose striking resemblance to Gandhi and other great patriots shows nothing but good things ahead for Bangladesh.

New Delhi to host conference on English instruction in rural schools and medium of instruction


The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is going to organise a national conference on "English Language Teaching Learning in Rural Areas and English as Medium of Instruction" from March 20 to 23 on its campus in New Delhi.