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Hanging out in Texas until our Alaska return...

Updated: 2018-03-07T06:20:40.721-09:00


Lily's First Giggles


Anyone who views my never ending picture postings of the babies on Facebook may start to think that Lily get's neglected.  However, every time I go to snap a picture of her smile or other cute thing she is doing, she stops as soon as I pull out the camera.  For a few days she was making, what we dubbed "Baby Dinosaur" noises whenever she talked.  I pulled out my phone to record it and instead was

Growing is Hard Work


Little Wyatt, who is normally so smiley and playful, has done nothing but sleep the last two days.  Growth spurt, perhaps?  He wakes up to eat, give a few smiles and then he is ready to pass out again.  But I am definitely not complaining.  This extra downtime has given me time to finally sew him a boyish blanket complete with Airplanes, make and devour a pan of peanut butter rice crispy

Live, from Oklahoma!


So here we are again, several months later.  I have come down with a cold with is just cruel and wrong for a mom with two babies and a bored 4 year old at home, so I have decided to sit and update the blog real quick. Last month, Justin graduated from Air Force Pilot training and won the AETC Commanders training award as well as the distinguished graduate award which basically just solidifies

3 Week Birthdays


Hooray, the babies are 3 weeks old today!  Here is what you should know about our lives right now: They babies were doing awesome on their breathing... until I went home for 24 hours.  Apparently my absence traumatized them and they have decided to have apneas and bradycardias again... Grrr.  Ok, I know it wasn't really my fault but the timing sure makes it feel that way.  They just upped their

The "30 Week Post"


I had been meaning to post for weeks and finally decided to hold off and just do a 30 week post and do a big pregnancy update, so here it is although it will be a much different post than I had been planning on writing.  I had planned to show you a picture of me at 30 weeks, talk about how I had grown out of most of my clothes, talk about how I got put on bed rest at 28 weeks because I had

In Case You Were Wondering...


This is what 13 weeks pregnant with twins looks like. Yup, you read that correctly although this pic is over a week old (I am almost 15 weeks now) and I am even larger now that I was.  I am due in the middle of January so we expect to see them in December some time. We are very excited and more than a little stressed about everything but really just thrilled to finally have a healthy (if not

Alive in Texas


I know it has been a while so if you are wondering, yes, we are alive.  Well, barely.  It has been over 100 degrees almost every day for the last 2 1/2 months and we are melting.  We loved the weather when we got here in February but now, not so much. In February we traveled all of the way from Anchorage, Alaska to Del Rio, Texas.  Where is Del Rio, you ask?  Well, it is in the middle of no

Justin off to AMS (Officer Training)


 For 6 weeks Justin headed to Maxwell AFB in Montgomery Alabama to attend AMS or officer training. It was a long 6 weeks for both of us but luckily for me, my mom and sister Chelsea came up to visit for a week of it. Thanks to my wonderful friend Sassy I got to fly down to attend his graduation and I am so glad I went. His mom was there too and we got to stay at the on base hotel.  It was so nice

Kylie turned 3!


Kylie had a birthday as well.  I can't believe how big my chicas are getting.

School and Dance and Swimming


This fall both girls are going to preschool on base three afternoons a week.  It is heavenly for sure and has allowed me to work out a lot which is really nice as I am able to do things now physically that I couldn't ever before.  Here are the cuties:

Summer Fun


This summer the girls got a new tricycle and trailer, their first taste of ice cream from the ice cream man and Justin finally got to go dip netting.  While I still don't like fish, I am proud of myself for learning how to cook halibut and salmon for the other three in my family.

Macy's Birthday


Yes, I know I am really really behind...  We celebrated Macy's birthday with a pool party!

Camping Pictures


Last May we went camping for the only time this summer.  I am really sad that this is the only time we went but it was a lot of fun!

Its been a while...


Ok, so I haven't posted for a long time for a lot of reasons (mostly excuses).  Mostly because I didn't want to have to write this post.  Well, here it is.  When I got back from Boise in June I went to the doctor. Between seeing my dad and making it home I had lost both babies.  I went in for the D and C the next day and then spent the next week or two recovering.  It was obviously  a terrible

This Made My Day...




So I posted on Facebook yesterday that I was having a bad day and this resulted in a lot of people worrying and wondering about me so I figured I ought to clarify things some.  I wouldn't typically go too much into all this but since I already announced the twin thing on the blog and Facebook world I figured I better follow up with the details. Yesterday I went and saw my dad at his office to

And that is that


Yes, can you believe it?  After my 5 month hiatus, a second post in two days.  This one is one you won't want to miss!  Justin and I had been planning on doing in vitro for kiddo number three when we got to Boise this June but the night before our phone consultation with the Dr. I took a pregnancy test on a whim- just to be sure I wasn't somehow preggers.  And guess what? I was. To add to the

I know, I know


So I know I am going to catch a ton of slack for not having posted in almost 5 months but I figure its time to make a come back.  Its kind of like not going to the dentist for a while and then not wanting to start again so you don't get the lecture (which I just got from my husband).  That being said, here is what we have been up to the last month: I have been working on my blog like crazy and

Funny Girl


Macy has been hilarious lately so I thought I should take five minutes to jot down some of her latest statements: Macy listtening to her "ipod" (cheap MP3 player from Walgreens):  I like Cowboy Cassanova.  Carrie Underwear sings a silly song. Yesterday at church Macy heard someone mention the Holy Ghost and said: "Holy Ghost? What's that?" Me: The Holy Ghost is the Spirit of God and that is how

Toys for Tots


Hey all, Kara (my blog partner) and I are donating $.10 to toys for tots for every new Facebook fan or Twitter Follower that we get through the 26th.   Please sign up or spread the word to your friends, thanks!

Kylie's Ready for Vegas


I am not really sure where on Earth Kylie learned to play the "shell game" at age two. She started doing this out of no where at dinner last night and Justin and I could not stop laughing."Round and round and round. Keep your eye on the shell. Now, pick one!"

Halloween Pictures... At Last


Here are the Halloween pictures. First, here are their coordinating trick or treat bags. About halfway through this project I decided that I went a little overboard to line and quilt bags for them that they would use once but the girls loved that they matched their costumes!Here are my cuties on Halloween:Can anyone else believe how old Macy is getting??? And this is how they got to Trunk or

Haloween Night Videos


We went to our friend's house for a Halloween party Saturday night (after Trunk or Treating) and the girl- who were the only kids there, had a blast. We ate, played games while the girls cheered us on and had lots of fun. As we were about to leave our friends pulled out a pinata and dangled it from the upstairs balcony. They decided to let Macy and Kylie go first but everyone

Liar, Liar


This should make your day.

My Little Pony Dvd!


Want to win a My little Pony DVD for your little one (or a little one you love)? this would make a great Christmas present! Head over here to enter. We are giving away 2 copies this week as well as a Pink Papaya Body Wash. Come enter!