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A blog written for those whose interests more or less match mine.

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Primeval Salt Shakes Up Ideas on How the Atmosphere Got Its OxygenLeisureGuy

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 20:19:38 +0000

Nola Taylor Redd writes in Scientific American: Ancient sea salt drilled from a geologic basin in Russia is providing dramatic new clues as to how Earth’s early atmosphere became oxygen-rich—allowing life as we know it to evolve. Buried deep beneath the surface for billions of years, the salt reveals surprising clues about the chemistry of […]

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Why Are White Men Stockpiling Guns?LeisureGuy

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 19:58:09 +0000

One guess is that they feel powerless and owning a lot of guns makes them feel less powerless. But that’s a guess. Jeremy Adam Smith in Scientific American explores other reasons: Since the 2008 election of President Obama, the number of firearmsmanufactured in the U.S. has tripled, while imports have doubled. This doesn’t mean more households […]

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My 4-point breakfastLeisureGuy

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 15:14:25 +0000

Above you see the makings of my breakfast, which is 4 WW points. Oyster mushrooms (because of this article) Asparagus, scallions, and a shallot (because of this article and their high FOS content) Fresno and jalapeño peppers (because capsaicin is good, especially for diabetics) Tomatoes (because they’re tasty and are best when cooked) Egg (for […]

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Rose fragrances to start the day rightLeisureGuy

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 14:51:19 +0000

Rose is a great fragrance, IMO. The Kent Infiniti, a very nice little synthetic, made a very nice lather frm Soap Commander’s Love—True Rose—shaving soap, and the Baili BR161 removed the stubble with aplomb. A finish with a splash of Saint Charles Shave’s Dark Rose, and once more the day starts on a very good […]

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At long last: Republicans agree to clarify that CDC can research gun violenceLeisureGuy

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 22:14:54 +0000

The GOP initiative to be ignorant about gun violence was always revealing, I think: the GOP is indeed the party that embraces ignorance (climate change, sex education, and on and on). But now at least we can start to understand what is effective and what is not in dealing with gun violence, of which the […]

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Alan Dershowitz’s Audition to Be Trump’s Lawyer Is Not Going WellLeisureGuy

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 22:10:00 +0000

Jonathan Chait has a good column calling out the errors in Alan Dershowitz’s legal “reasoning”: Alan Dershowitz has carved out a role as Donald Trump’s favorite legal mind, a position he has previously held for such figures as Claus von Bülow and O.J. Simpson. (The common thread among all these figures is not that they […]

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What Facebook Did to American Democracy—and why it was so hard to see it comingLeisureGuy

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 18:36:47 +0000

Alexis Madrigal writes in the Atlantic: In the media world, as in so many other realms, there is a sharp discontinuity in the timeline: before the 2016 election, and after. Things we thought we understood—narratives, data, software, news events—have had to be reinterpreted in light of Donald Trump’s surprising win as well as the continuing […]

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Evolve or die: Why our human ancestors learned to be social more than 320,000 years agoLeisureGuy

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 17:12:20 +0000

Deborah Netburn reports in the LA Times: New discoveries in eastern Africa suggest that human behaviors like symbolic thought and the creation of extended social networks were established at least 320,000 years ago — tens of thousands of years earlier than previously thought. The work, published as a trio of papers Thursday in Science, sheds new […]

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Lt Col Ralph Peters’ resignation letterLeisureGuy

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 16:38:01 +0000

Here it is in full: On March 1st, I informed Fox that I would not renew my contract. The purpose of this message to all of you is twofold: First, I must thank each of you for the cooperation and support you’ve shown me over the years. Those working off-camera, the bookers and producers, don’t […]

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Shave for the vernal equinox: Phoenix Artisan Solstice and the Rockwell R3LeisureGuy

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 16:09:42 +0000

The equinox, of course, is as far removed as one can get from the solstice: each equinox is midway between the two solstices. So that is enough of a connection to provide an excuse for a shave with Phoenix Artisans Solstice shaving soap, a favorite. (Have you tried it? If so, what did you think?) […]

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Wow! This Facebook thing is a fusion bomb.LeisureGuy

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 04:08:03 +0000

From Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources: Exec summary: Scroll down for Ralph Peters’ scorching statement about Fox News, NYMag’s new hire, Google’s subscription help, and another “Black Panther” record… Plus, a snow day delay in the AT&T trial… FACEBOOK SCANDAL What will Facebook do? Lawmakers in the U.S. and the U.K. are asking Mark Zuckerberg to testify… FTC officials are making […]

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The Dream/Nightmare (depending on your POV) Team Opposing TrumpLeisureGuy

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 03:50:12 +0000

From a comment in the Washington Post: Meet the Dream Team of Prosecuting Attorneys that are going to put Trump away. Robert Mueller (Representing the USA): Michael Avengetti (Representing Stormy Daniels): Gloria Allred: (Representing Summer Zervos): Peter K. Stris (Representing Karen McDougal):

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Trump Economist Wants to Give Rich People Another Tax Break, Without a Vote in CongressLeisureGuy

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 03:47:16 +0000

Sigh. Jonathan Chait writes in New York magazine: The Trump administration’s new National Economic Council director, Lawrence Kudlow, has a lifelong monomaniacal obsession with reducing taxes for the rich. Unfortunately for Kudlow and his boss, Republicans have already used up their one-per-session budget reconciliation bill, which would allow them to pass a tax cut bill […]

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Disappointing hot sauceLeisureGuy

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 02:44:50 +0000

I bought some Scotch bonnet hot sauce at the little store across the street. It looked promising: Scotch bonnet peppers are, I think, quite hot… yes: from Wikipedia: Most Scotch bonnets have a heat rating of 100,000–350,000 Scoville units.[5] For comparison, most jalapeño peppers have a heat rating of 2,500 to 8,000 on the Scoville […]

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Republicans Can’t Understand Why Trump Is Acting GuiltyLeisureGuy

Wed, 21 Mar 2018 00:47:45 +0000

It looks as though the US is headed for real trouble, thanks to the way the GOP in Congress is failing in its constitutional duties. Jonathan Chait writes in New York magazine: During the final competitive stages of the 2016 presidential primary, Ted Cruz was all that stood between the Republican Party and nominating a […]

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Trump wants to end warning labels on junk foodLeisureGuy

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 23:23:58 +0000

Since junk food seems to be a mainstay of his diet, perhaps he’s just tired of reading them. Azam Ahmed, Matt Richtel, and Andrew Jacobs report in the NY Times: The contentious negotiations over the fate of the North American Free Trade Agreement have veered into one of the world’s most pressing health issues: fighting […]

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Notes, emails reveal Trump appointees’ war to end HHS teen pregnancy programLeisureGuy

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 21:19:25 +0000

Heidi Przybyla reports for NBC News: The Trump administration’s abrupt cancellation of a federal program to prevent teen pregnancy last year was directed by political appointees over the objections of career experts in the Department of Health and Human Services, which administers the program, according to internal notes and emails obtained by NBC News. The trove shows three appointees […]

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How to Delete Your Facebook AccountLeisureGuy

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 21:04:46 +0000

I’m seriously considering deleting my Facebook account. Daniel Oberhaus explains in Motherboard why you might want to do that and how to do it: I’ve been contemplating deleting my Facebook for years, but every time I’d come close to making the jump I’d come up with some excuse about why it would be impossible. I […]

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Republicans are in denial about a blue waveLeisureGuy

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 20:42:32 +0000

Jennifer Rubin has a good column on the upcoming Democratic tsunami: NBC News reports: Our latest NBC/WSJ poll finds Democrats with a 10-point lead in congressional preference, with Dems holding the advantage in enthusiasm and among independents, and with college-educated white women breaking heavily against the GOP. But there’s another ominous sign for Republicans in our poll: They’re […]

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Trump May Be Deposed in ‘Apprentice’ Groping LawsuitLeisureGuy

Tue, 20 Mar 2018 20:33:45 +0000

Chris Dolmetsch reports for Bloomberg: President Donald Trump can’t avoid a former “Apprentice” contestant’s defamation lawsuit and may be forced to respond under oath to allegations of sexual assault and his treatment of women. Summer Zervos, a contender on The Apprentice in 2005, sued Trump in January 2017 alleging he “ambushed” her on more than […]

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