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My World, I Rule!

Come, summoner. I will bestow you with my power: The Dark Aeon, Anima.

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Oh yeah.. now I'm back in business.. :)

Hell Yeah!


Woah I'm back.. hmm from now on i'll be updating my blog every now and then ^_^ watch put ^^ ,\m/

Kawawang Bakla..


BY: John "Sweet" LapuzSi Carol Dauden, na isang magaling aktres, at si Aiza Seguera, na mahusay na mang-aawit, ay umamin na—sila ay mga tomboy. Mukha naman silang masaya sa kanilang pag-amin. Mas naging malaya sila. Natanggap naman sila ng mga pamilya nila at mga kaibigan. Pero bakit ang mga bakla sa showbiz, isang damukal ang ayaw umamin. Yung iba, tumanda na, at yung iba naman, namatay na pero hindi umamin. Namatay nang nagtatago. Namatay nang hindi malaya. Kawawang bakla.Sabi ng mga kaibigan kong tomboy, minsan daw, nakaka-get sila ng babaeng makaka-s*x nang hindi nila binabayaran. Para ding mga straight guys na minsan talk show lang at isang bote ng beer, confirmed na! Yung mga baklang mukhang babae at maganda, siguro nakaka-get ng libre, pero prangkahan na, yung iba hindi. Kahit mayaman ang bakla or sikat at powerful, pay pa din. Yung iba, hindi cash. Minsan, career or trabaho. Minsan, damit or rubber shoes. Basta, may kapalit pa rin. May mga kaibigan akong nagmamaganda. Mahal daw sila ng kanilang mga straight boyfriends. I asked them, “Try niyo nga huwag bigyan ‘yan ng allowance or work, tignan ko lang kung boyfriend mo pa ‘yan.” Ayaw naman nila i-try. Kawawang bakla.Ang dami kong kilalang tomboy na ang girlfriend babaeng totoo ‘tapos tumagal ang relasyon. Sa mga bakla, ang tumatagal lang yung bakla sa baklang relasyon. Kawawang bakla.Lima na ang kakilala kong baklang pinatay. Yung dalawa, ka-close ko pa. Nagkaroon tuloy ng chismis na baka may gay serial killer. Pero tomboy, walang masyadong pinapatay. Naisip ko, itong mga gay killers, they know na kaya nilang patayin ang mga kawawang bakla na biktima nila. Honestly, minsan naisip ko, kung meron kayang bakla na serial killer naman ng mga lalaki? Bongga, di ba? Pero mga salbahe lang ang pinapatay niya. Kaya lang ‘pag nahuli, kawawang bakla.Parang boring ang kumalat na picture ng Mocha girls na naghahalikan. Pero kung member ng all-male group ang may kumalat na picture na naglalaplapan, kahit biruan lang din tulad ng sa Mocha, I’m sure-manicure- pedicure- kulot, hanggang next year ay headline ‘yon. Pagchi-chismisan sa beauty parlor, palengke, school, opisina, prisinto, at sa batis habang naglalaba. Kasi recently ko lang nalaman, na ‘pag dalawang babae pala ang naghalikan, natuturn-on ang mga lalaki. Pero ‘pag dalawang lalaki ang naghalikan, hindi naman natuturn-on ang mga babae, worst, nandidiri sila. Biased, di ba? Kawawang bakla.Pag ang mga lalaki nambabae, sasabihin “macho.” Pero pag namakla, “kadiri.” Kawawang bakla.Pag ang bakla mukhang babae, maganda. Pero ang babae pag mukang bakla, pangit. Hahaha. Kawawang bakla.Eto, talagang totoo. Pag ang baklang pa-girl malaki ang nota, alaskado siya sa mga kaibigan niyang bakla. Ang tomboy na pamin pag matambok ang pechay, kaiinggitan ng mga kaibigan niyang tomboy. Suwerteng tomboy, kawawang bakla.Ang dami kong kaibigang Filipino-Chinese na tomboy at accepted ng family nila. Ang dami kong kaibigang Filipino-Chinese na tagong bakla. Yung iba umamin na lang noong patay na ang tatay nila. Kawawang bakla.Pag may dumaan na bakla, sumisigaw ang mga batang kalye ng, “Bakla! Bakla!” Pero parang hindi pa ako nakarinig na sumigaw sila ng, “Tomboy! Tomboy!” Kawawang bakla.Ang mga baklang nakadamit-babae, posibleng mabastos pag pumasok sa C.R. ng boys. Pag ang tomboy pumasok sa C.R. ng girls, okay lang na nakadamit-lalaki. Hindi kaya dahil lalaki lang ang nambabastos? Kawawang bakla.Nabanggit ko na ito dati. Ang dami kong nakikitang tomboy na may ka-holding hands na babae. May nakita na ba kayong baklang hinolding hands ng boyfriend niya? In public, ha. Kawawang bakla.Yung isang kaibigan kong tomboy, tuwang-tuwa daw ang tatay niyang sundalo nang malamang tomboy siya. Yung kaibigan kong bakla, binugbog ng tatay na sundalo nang malamang bakla. Kaloka. Kawawang bakla.Pag ang anak na lalaki or babae masama ang ugali, ang tawag “black sheep.” Pag bakla ang anak na masama ang ugali, ang tawag “salot.” May kaibigan nga ako na mabait naman, s[...]




My beloved movie for the year 2007. Some say it's a gay movie but I don't think so because the movie revolves a quite similar or rather portrays true to life story of a single person, couple and family's problem and how they endure it and surpass it. The movie is quite touching and really beautiful 10/10 rating for it. It's not like other gay movie's that revolves around "sex" but this one rather has a very beautiful plot but. An ending that is worth having a sequel. Or rather not The ending is really frustrating not because it has an ugly ending rather it's hanging by a thread but The movie really is beautiful!




"Only those who are miserable would make the most out the misery of another person.
As much as possible they avoid being in the bottom of it all.."
-human nature

How Far Can You, Go? Will you last? Stay by me?


Now I'm in deep shit so many things that I did not expect happened... Occurred but still i'm trying to fight back, doing everything I can do to clean up the mess and put things back where they were. I know it's really hard for me what I'm going under right now. I never expected that it'll happen until it happened to me, I'm not blaming other people for this but I don't blame myself either for I too was a victim of this unfortunate event that happened.

Now I'm fired up to fix things, to put an end to the sorrow and set things back lthe way they were when before that misfortunes occurred. I know i'm only one kid in this battle that we call life but, young as I am, I am confident to be in this battle because I am confident because you'll be by my side and support me through out this battle with seemed to have a bleak a ending but I am very sure that I can end it.

Just stay with me, never leave my side and I'll do the rest.. ^^



The depravity of mankind, which began to show itself in the time of Enosh, had increased monstrously in the time of his grandson Jared, by reason of the fallen angels. When the angels saw the beautiful, attractive daughters of men, they lusted after them, and spoke: "We will choose wives for ourselves only from among the daughters of men, and beget children with them." Their chief Shemhazai said, "I fear me, ye will not put this plan of yours into execution, and I alone shall have to suffer the consequences of a great sin." Then they answered him, and said: "We will all swear an oath, and we will bind ourselves, separately and together, not to abandon the plan, but to carry it through to the end." Two hundred angels descended to the summit of Mount Hermon, which owes its name to this very occurrence, because they bound themselves there to fulfil their purpose, on the penalty of Herem, anathema. Under the leadership of twenty captains they defiled themselves with the daughters of men, unto whom they taught charms, conjuring formulas, how to cut roots, and the efficacy of plants. The issue from these mixed marriages was a race of giants, three thousand ells tall, who consumed the possessions of men. When all had vanished, and they could obtain nothing more from them, the giants turned against men and devoured many of them, and the remnant of men began to trespass against the birds, beasts, reptiles, and fishes, eating their flesh and drinking their blood. Then the earth complained about the impious evil-doers. But the fallen angels continued to corrupt mankind. Azazel taught men how to make slaughtering knives, arms, shields, and coats of mail. He showed them metals and how to work them, and armlets and all sorts of trinkets, and the use of rouge for the eyes, and how to beautify the eyelids, and how to ornament themselves with the rarest and most precious jewels and all sorts of paints. The Chief of the FAllen AngelsShemhazai, instructed them in exorcisms and how to cut roots;Armaros taught them how to raise spells; Barakel, divination from the stars;Kawkabel, astrology;Ezekeel, augury from the clouds;Arakiel, the signs of the earth;Samsaweel, the signs of the sun; andSeriel, the signs of the moon.While all these abominations defiled the earth, the pious Enoch lived in a secret place. None among men knew his abode, or what had become of him, for he was sojourning with the angel watchers and holy ones. Once he heard the call addressed to him: "Enoch, thou scribe of justice, go unto the watchers of the heavens, who have left the high heavens, the eternal place of holiness, defiling themselves with women, doing as men do, taking wives unto themselves, and casting themselves into the arms of destruction upon earth. Go and proclaim unto them that they shall find neither peace nor pardon. For every time they take joy in their offspring, they shall see the violent death of their sons, and sigh over the ruin of their children. They will pray and supplicate evermore, but never shall they attain to mercy or peace." Enoch repaired to Azazel and the other fallen angels, to announce the doom uttered against them. They all were filled with fear. Trembling seized upon them, and they implored Enoch to set up a petition for them and read it to the Lord of heaven, for they could not speak with God as aforetime, nor even raise their eyes heavenward, for shame on account of their sins. Enoch granted their request, and in a vision he was vouchsafed the answer which he was to carry back to the angels. It appeared to Enoch that he was wafted into heaven upon clouds, and was set down before the throne of God. God spake: "Go forth and say to the watchers of heaven who have sent thee hither to intercede for them: Verily, it is you who ought to plead in behalf of men, not men in behalf of you. Why did ye forsake the high, holy, and eternal heavens, to pollute yourselves with the daughter[...]

M2M Relationship will it last? (thread from G4M)


Well for me it depends on the two persons or two people who are in the relationship. Because only them, knows his partner's wants, likes and feelings. Sad to say I am once like that but now I can't tell what he is thinking or what is running on his mind. The more I ask the more he pushes me away. I know it could be annoying sometimes. But whats the harm in letting him know, letting him be aware of the current situations or the things that are so to speak uncomfortable or inconvenience. Could he be getting cold over me or it's just that I'm too fond of his attention or damn. What ever that is happening between us as of the moment I don't like it. I despise it. I'm so fucking driven nuts by all the things that are occurring. I don't know.. Somebody please help me... I'm Lost.... Lead my way....

Show your Feelings...


For those in a relationship as much as possible show what you feel and never let a moment pass without saying that you love them and things blah blah... Coz you'll never know the time might just come that you'll not be able to say such to the person that is important to you, just remember never let them get disappointed and never make them cry for most cases it is the basis that they might try to look out for somebody who'll do the things they want you to do for/to them.. Be mindful its not always you...

Never let go of the something that you can't bear others holding it...


Never let go of the something that can't bear others holding it...
For some reason as much as possible we try to own things especially people which we can't bear living without, but what if the person you love the most pushes you away? What will you do? Hmmm... A tough question right? As for my answer I'll hold on as much as I can but If that person really doesn't want me anymore what can I do right? Funny as it may seem that I don't want to be pushed away, for some reason I have already accepted that the time will come that, that certain person will leave me...

But I do hope he realize one thing... That a person should not let the things that he doesn't want others holding to hold... A simple quote and logic right?