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Because of Sophie

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Annie Writes---So, this is probably the longest that anyone has went without writing on their blog...I really like the idea of a blog and I would write on here every chance I got, the problem is I really never get a chance!Fast track catch up!!!Sophia is 2, loves baby dolls, princesses, and making a mess faster than mommy can clean it up!Chad has been working for the local paper for over a year,

Joining the fight to 'stache out cancer


Last Sunday — which is in reference to Oct. 12 — I shaved off my grizzly bear-like beard, leaving my face a blank canvas. So, since I had a new found freedom to express my face however I may, I've decided to join the fight! Will you all join me?To help me fight cancer with my whiskers, click the banner at the beginning of the post, or log onto and look up "Stan '

Where's my cellphone?


Sunday night Sophie was playing with my cellular phone with Annie, and she got it opened up and put it up to her ear. Annie kept saying, "Hello, who's on the phone."After a while, of Annie saying hello, Sophie started waving, too. It was a great time. She was being so silly all night long.Sophie was also being a goof with Annie, waving at the door with no one even there. She had just stopped

SS Homecoming


Friday last was South Sevier high School's homecoming game/senior night against Beaver. The Rams came out on top 15-0, even though it was extremely cold and both teams had a hard time holding onto the ball. For a feeling of the cold, check the above picture — Sophia has a beanie, a hood, and another winter hat on top of that to keep her head from freezing.Dillon Bishoff pulled down the first TD

Name taggage


Erin did this on her and Weston's blog recently and — though it is obviously somewhat geared toward the opposite gender — I thought it would be interesting to see how some of it turned out. Here are my answers:YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet & current car)-  Fritz FocusYOUR GANGSTA NAME: (favorite ice cream flavor, favorite cookie)- Cookie Dough Chocolate ChipYOUR “FLY Guy/Girl” NAME: (first

Her Daddy's Girl...


... or at least I like to think she always is.This morning while we were getting out the door for the day, Sophie found my headphones I left on the floor and plugged into the computer. I figured wince she is a bit of a music nut (she insists on watching music videos while she eats — but she is alright watching Back to the Future on Saturday mornings — and usually wants a particular video: Mika -

Happy Birthday Annie


Today I get to celebrate one of the best things to ever happen in my life. Annie turned 24 today She's officially in her mid-twenties. I love her to bits and am so glad she chose me over a million other people to spend her life with.To celebrate, we made a weekend of it. Saturday night we went to South China in Richfield as a family and had a great dinner. Sophie even came a long and was really

Shipping off


Yesterday we took my younger brother, Gregory, to the Missionary Training Center in Provo to send him off on his two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He's headed to Ventura, California, and has been pretty excited about it since he found out in July.Sending him off was one of those bittersweet moments when you're super happy he's doing something for the right

Greg's Parting Party of Sorts


Greg had his farewell thing, which is no longer called a farewell, Sunday, and everybody was over. We also had fun just being with the whole family at my mom's house, enjoying my mom and dad's new deck they just had put in this month.Sophia's favorite part was playing with Molly, Travis and Kate's dog. Sophia thinks dogs are the best thing in the world, as you can probably tell by the pictures. 

Friday Night No-lights


I had the privilege of covering the home opener for South Sevier's football team against Gunnison Friday night, Aug. 22. It's a whole different atmosphere being on the field, hearing what's actually happening and trying to capture the action to package it up nicely so everyone can get the gist of what happened who didn't make it.That is one of the actually decent shots I pulled off, taking

Doctors visit/Annie's new job/Wild weekend


Sophia had her nine month appointment Tuesday, Aug. 12, in American Fork. We love her pediatrician up there, so we're going to stick with him — unless he's not covered by our new insurance when we eventually switch over to that.The doc said Sophie looked like the epitome of a healthy baby when he came into the office, as Sophie was busy trying to figure him out and play on the floor at the same

Keep scrolling. Thanks.


So updates haven't been as radical as you might have thought. Get over yourself and check out my posts that were started earlier, but not posted until recently. sometimes my computer/blogger loves to play jokes on me and make it difficult to get longer posts polished and ready for public consumption.Newly posted old posts (or you may want to call them newly appearing, but dated posts) include a

What a peach


Last Saturday, Aug. 2, we were at my Grandma and Grandpa Hunt's house. Grandma Hunt mentioned she had some peaches in the fridge, knowing I love peaches, so Sophia and I went to the fridge and washed up a peach for an afternoon snack.I took a bite of the peach and was breaking off a piece of the inside small enough for Sophia when she leaned over to the peach and took a good-sized bite of it

Music lessons at Grandma Hunt's House


On the Fourth, in between all of our many activities, we visited Grandma and Grandpa Hunt. I just thought these were some fun pictures of Sophia playing piano/xylophone on my mom's lap. My mom was having as much or maybe even more fun than Sophie was — just look at her face in the two pictures below. These next two were actually at the Rotary Park before the sun set, while we were waiting to

Little swimmers: Not talking about the diapers


Sophia and Brynlie had tons of fun playing in the froggie pool Grandma Hunt bought for them. Both of them were so cute splashing around in their little swimsuits. And both girls got some good loves from their daddies, too.This is the froggie pool in near-full view. Where Sophie's right hand is, there's actually a thing that spits water up from the hose, making a little fountain, which comes from

Pionerd Day Week


Before I begin briefly detailing our Pioneer Day adventures, I snapped this photo of Kyle and Jordon's boy, Isaac the day of the children's parade on the park. It ran the week following the 24th in The Richfield Reaper as the front page feature picture with the title "Leaving a Legacy."Jordon was in town for a few weeks around that time with Isaac and their daughter Attison, and we spent some

Improvised tooth brushing


Recently Annie bought Sophie a tube of baby tooth and gum cleaner and a little green toothbrush with the softest bristles we could find.Anyone who knows Sophie at all, knows that she does not sit still — unless she is sleeping — so getting her teeth brushed is sometimes a game of improvised juggling and brushing for Annie — and for me, when I get a chance to help out with the tooth

In Dependents Day


Sophia's first Independence Day started bright and early with the Richfield parade on Main Street and a healthy dose of candy.Sophia loved the floats and the horses. Even though I was concentrating a lot of my efforts on getting some good shots for the Reaper I enjoyed being with Annie, Sophia and our families — Trent, Jessica and Ali; Chris, Sarah and Brynlie; Greg and my folks. It's yet another

A quick update


We've finally moved into our new house in Austin and have been busy trying to unpack everything -- or at least figure out what we can get rid of. A couple days after we got moved in, it was time to pack a bunch of it back up and go on vacation.Our plane departed Tuesday morning extremely early and Oahu was amazing. I will have to devote more time to telling the stories from our trip when I

It's been six months now


Sophia turned six months old on Tuesday of this week. She is such a special little girl and she is doing so much for a six-month old. This post counts as our celebration of our little Sophia Lou and all that she can do.She is such a helper when she eats these days, she always wants to grab the spoon and do it herself. She loves it when we give her rice cereal for dinner. She has gotten really

Bored Employee?


So, I reached into a bag of animal crackers and this is what I found...I KNOW! Can you believe it? Some employee must have been pretty bored!? It is rather funny though!



(Annie Writes)Sorry, I sometimes forget to write that I'm talking...So, last night I was able to talk with Jordon for a while! I love talking to friends! I remember when I was young, probably middle school and High school age, I would talk on the phone for hours! I don't even remember what I would talk about. I just remember it was so fun! Now days I don't really get time to just talk to anyone I

Some more firsts for my little girl


Sophie Lou has been doing so many new things all the time the past few weeks. After getting her first tooth on a Sunday, her second tooth began to break through on a Wednesday. Now both her bottom teeth in the front are through and cute as ever.And she's learned how to get around really well with her crawling. Good enough that she is getting into everything and anything that she's not supposed to

Work, house, vacation - in that order


As Annie said in the previous post, I did get a job with the Richfield Reaper, and I will be starting soon. I am the new general reporter (making three writers who comprise the editorial staff at the paper). And I did go down that way to check out a house to rent that I had called about on Monday.It's an old brick house on the north end of Austin. It has two bedrooms, and the weirdest toilet/



So, Chad got a job in Richfield after all... I say it's because we had so many people praying for us (well, for Chad to find a job/ not move out of state!)Starting in just a couple of weeks he will be a reporter for the Richfield Reaper! He is such a good writer and I'm so proud of him! Today he is looking at a house that we hope to rent! If all goes well, we'll be down there by June! (But then