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Because We Are Multiracial & Multireligious

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This huge billboard with the face of you know who has sprang out all over Kuala Lumpur recently.But then according to The Star news report of 9/4/2009:"He (Najib) wants a stop to “all the trappings” of extravagance, saying there should no longer be billboards featuring the faces of leaders. “If you want to advertise Malaysia, do so. There’s no need to put the face of the Prime Minister on it,” he



Bicycle RepairsWell done!



It was a sleep walking PM, now a Zombie PMThe last time he was the sleep walking PM after winning a landslide election.Now it seems he has become a Zombie PM after losing the 2/3 majority.Why a Zambie PM?Sample these:While he is fully awake, he listens to Zaid Ibrahim.Outcome?The Government decided to pay "compensations" to the judges sacked by Dr Mahathir.Repercussion?The judges were sacked



No Water & Electricity for Orang Asli ChurchA group of orang asli Christians on Thursday (15/5/2008) demanded the local authorities restore water and electricity so they can use their church which was wrongfully torn down, their lawyer said. Local authorities in eastern Pahang state tore down the church used by the Orang Asli in 2003 but the federal government in the mainly Muslim nation stepped



Floating Bodies in Sungai Kuala SelangorThis email was sent by a friend of one of the two whose bodies were found floating in Sungai Kuala Selangor, victims of senseless robbery crime.Dear Friends,I am writing this with a very heavy heart, with tears in my eyes and great unease in my entire being.You all will have by now read about the two Chinese male bodies that were recovered from the Kuala



KARPAL SINGH & ROYAL PREROGATIVESKarpal Singh’s controversy over the prerogatives of Sultans and Rajas is reminiscent of Lee Kuan Yew challenging Ketuanan Melayu and advising Malay leaders not to give fish but to teach them to fish.What Karpal has done could be interpreted as advice to the constitutional Royalties on the right approach in a country of diverse races and religions. However what



Silver Linings Among the Dark May 13 Cloud It is interesting to read Datuk Kamaruddin Mohd’s commentary in the New Straits Times (11/5/2008) on the May 13 riots ( It was one of the silver linings among the May13 dark cloud that highlighted the positive sides of the incident. What Datuk Kamaruddin said was true and



Fiddling While Rome Is BurningIsn't this photo reminiscent of "Nero fiddling while Rome is burning"?Malaysia is rotting and wasting to the core and yet these two gentlemen could afford such smiles.I am sure there are many things need rectifications and fixing. Therefore please be more serious and get cracking before the roofs fall again.



This is a shop selling all the "idolised" Islamic items, the stuff that Muslim religious enforcement officers armed with a police warrant seized from the Moral Uplifting Society in Johor Bahru recently.Instead of seizing just one item from the Moral Uplifting Society, they would need more than a lorry to carry away all that are in this shop.If they do it, they are also "nipping the bud" of such a



This only lift at KL Sentral serving the mass public, perpetually carries this sign giving thousands of the tired workers the chance to exercise after a hard day's work.



Precious water down the drain and the of a piece of newspaper to stop the leakage?



Change For The Worse?Any one using the Penang Ferry lately would notice new chairs have been provided for waiting passengers. But these modern chairs are disintegrating.It is not only the cheap and fragile plastic seats that are coming out, even the weldings were not up to the mark.The old ones could be unsightly but at least they were reliable and had something firm for the posteriors. Now



Another Scam? ...this time MBF (WEe Choo Kiong's Favorite?)Credit CardsReceived this in the email.1. Why are you unhappy?Because during the last Got 5 Samsung LCD TV promotion organised by MBFCards, I got the required transaction slips and yet I didn't win the prize.2. Why did you not win?I don't know as MBF Cards never bothered to tell me and I have checked thewinner list and my name is not in



EPF MEMBERS BEWARESomeone has sent me a warning about EPF's latest ruse.Members' nominations done manually on a card may not be included into the members' file when the whole system was computerised.What this means it that such members have not made any nomination and as such their money will be unclaimable.After some time then it is listed as "unclaimed".Read on the email from a Ms Lim:Please



Great Women Leaders After Menopause I posted comments in other blogs over DAP’s “chilli padi” Ms Fong quitting the coming general election as she said she could not tolerate the internal power play. In reads:“It would appear that women only make great leaders after menopause. Eg Indira Ganhdi, Margarette Thatcher, Golda Meir etc. This is because many of human and animal behaviors are



The Sleep Walking Prime Minister at Malaysians' Expense...Someone has commented that what Malaysia now has is a sleep-walking Prime Minister in the form of Datuk Badawi who has managed to sleep-walk through his first term in office.For us Malaysians, PM’s sleep-walking has resulted in the following occurances:• Roofs of government buildings somehow fall/leaked;• The crime incidence is increasing



One of South Korea's richest businessmen, Kim Seung-youn, has been jailed for 18 months for abducting and assaulting workers in a karaoke bar.Kim, 55, chairman of the Hanwha Group, was convicted of attacking the men with the aid of his bodyguards, to punish them for scuffling with his son.He admitted responsibility for much of the violence, but said his bodyguards took over when he "got tired".



Bar Council/Y4C’s continuing “Rethinking Malaysia” forum series hit a sour note last night when one of the panel speakers advised youth to seek “greener pasture” if the situation in Malaysia becomes untenable.The advice was given by Datuk Paul Low, Secretary General of Transparency International Malaysia, when he cautioned the Malaysian Government against unjust policies in this age of

Singapore Bloggers Shun Political Discussions


The cyberspace may offer opportunities for open political discussion but most Singaporeans are not participating. This is according to the preliminary findings of a yet-to-be-completed study, conducted by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS), on the behaviour of Singapore voters at last year's General Election."There are some blogs that are politically engaged but, if you look at the content and



Full exposure...The Star...Testifying as the first prosecution witness, he said the political analyst had never instructed him to hurt anyone before."I would have lodged a police report if anyone asked me to kill someone else," he said.Full exposure...The NST said...Suras had also allegedly issued threats that he was sent by Razak to throw them out of the window to make it look like a

The Latest & Most Creative Internet Con Job


The latest and the most creative internet con job is to con those already being conned. Sample this:--------------------Attention,RE: Scam Victims Compensation Payments: FUNDS PROCESSING REQUIREMENTS!!! This is to inform you that as part of the clearance/verification exercise for payments by the Verifications Dept. at the head quarters of the ECOBANK/UNITED NATIONS COMPENSATIONS, some



The objective of NEP is to be lauded. However its implementation has left much to be desired.Instead of benefiting the privileged few with the connections the allocated share should be given to Malay cooperatives where all Malay employees should belong. This way the benefit would be spread to benefit as many Malays as possible.At the moment the privileged few would have to resort to Ali Baba



Now that PI Bala has finished giving his examination-in-chief and subjected to cross-examination, one glaring gap has emerged.What the Tamil-speaking Bala has said in the examination-in-chief was actually nothing new as most of it was already in Razak Baginda’s affidavit. What was eagerly anticipated was that the Defence lawyers could get more out of him by way of cross-examination. But what



Star PixThe past 4 days of Trial has revealed actually nothing new. Most of what the Private Investigator said in his examination-in-chief were all in Razak Baginda’s affidavit.However a point of contention has emerged over the revelation of the bounty of US$500,000.According to the PI it was an extortion bid by the late Altantuya. From what Anwar has hinted earlier, there is always the



Utusan PixThe first two days of trial saw the reporters unable to agree on this point: Did or didn’t Razak Baginda make the police report of extortion by the late Altantuya. There are conflicting versions on it. Sample this:The StarTun Abdul Majid said that upon confiding in a senior police officer friend about his problems, Abdul Razak was advised to lodge a police report in view of the serious