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Pre-Family Day Winter Getaway


For the second time in as many years, we stayed for a long weekend at Deerhurst Resort with our friends and their families. We were a total of 11 families, so you can just imagine how big our group was.The charm of Deerhurst is that it has a lot to offer for the various needs and hobbies of each family. Couples love the fact that skiing is a few minutes away, down at Hidden Valley. While families with kids enjoy the activities that the resort offer for free.Deerhurst Resort is located in Deerhurst Drive, Hunstville, Ontario. From where we live in Toronto, it was about two and a half hours drive without traffic via Highway 401 and Highway 400.Here's how we spent the wonderful weekend.We stayed in a 3-bedroom unit with the Zaragozas and the Ronquillos. Our room has a Queen bed and we just brought an airbed for Lucas. Each bedroom has its own bathroom which is mighty convenient for each family. No waiting for your turn in the washroom :)We travelled to Huntsville early on the first day so we could do some snowtubing before we check in at Deerhurst. Unluckily, the snow tubing activity was closed in Algonquin Park :( Good thing we discovered that we can go sledding in one of the side streets near our units. Problem solved! More sledding fun with EnzoNoah - shaking the pine tree for snow Noah loved this sled brought by Tita Cherrie's family. He said it went so fast Yup. This was done on the same day, at the same hotel ;) Kids also loved the indoor pool. Noah had fun practicing his starfish move with Daddy.  My boys Noah and the shark With the Zaragoza boys, Wacky and Macky Macky, Wacky, Marcus and Lucas - like a Nestea ad They sure didn't pass up the chance to play Pokemon Go and have raid battles.Family snap before we go Background: the units where we stayed Cheers to going back again next year!~ End ~[...]

Niagara Falls


The American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls and the Horseshoe Falls collectively make up the wonder that is Niagara Falls. The American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls make up the American side and the Horseshoe Falls is on the Canadian side.This beautiful place, just more than an hour drive from our place, is easily one of our favorite places to visit here.Below are snapshots from our latest visit. Kuya and Noah - from the parking lot American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls the Rainbow Bridge -- connecting Canada and the USMommy, Daniel and the Rainbow Bridge  family pic Me and the hubby - with a very nice backdropWe took the same boat trip (from backdrop) earlier that day. It was the first time for us and it was well worth it.  The little munchkin makes snapshots more challenging :) I cannot keep him still for a few minutes Mommy and Daniel - Horseshoe Falls My guapo son It is difficult to take a bad shot Just beautifulScary and amazing - all at the same time[...]



The most difficult part in deciding whether to stay put or migrate was the thought of leaving family and friends behind. Missed birthdays, get-togethers --- and basically just not being able to see people you care about in a jiffy.

The series of farewell meet-ups made me realize how blessed we are because a lot of people care about us.

 Masci Barkada: Bittersweet as this was the last time we were complete :(
Miss you Vers.

Clan! These guys made my UP Engg days memorable.  

 From exams to diapers and breastfeeding... we have gone a long way guys!

My RE Team.  

CAD Beauties

I have to find a couple more pics and I'd post them as soon as I find them. 

Miss you guys!

Really??? Three years?


Oh my! Has it really been 3 years since I last updated this space. I have been a very bad blogger :(

A lot of things have happened in the last 3 years but the major one was our move to Canada. Yup, we are now living in the land of the maple leaf, the Raptors and the CN Tower.

Will be posting more often from now on.

Little Noah with Kuya Lucas


Our little bunso at four months


 "I am so guapo there Mom..." - checking out the Photobook from Ninang Nice

Hay... I just couldn't resist this smile

With Kuya Lucas, Noah's number one fan

Kuya's been requesting to carry Noah for months now... sige na nga...

Happy 3rd Month Birthday Noah


Our little bunso is now three (3) months old.
 Happy :-)
 Sad :-(
 With Kuya, who calls bunso "Noahkiss..."
Adorable dimply smile
Happy third month birthday sweetheart. Mommy is so thankful because you are very healthy (apart from your minor allergic rhinitis that sadly runs in our family). Makes all my pumping efforts whenever we're apart so worth it.
As you know, we all love you to bits...

Lucas's 5th and Noah's 2nd Month Birthdays


Mid-August was very special to our family. Kuya turned 5 years old last August 15 and bunso turned two (2) months old last August 16. Since the events were on consecutive days, we decided to have just one cake for the celebrants.

 My two angels
 Family picture
Lucas with his present from Daddy and Mommy

Fitting before his Christening
Happy Birthday boys :-) We love you very very much.

HRH Prince George of Cambridge


Yup, a follower here. My husband was rolling his eyes whenever I'd switch the channel to CNN or BBC to get royal baby updates. In the middle of the night, while nursing my son no less. My Royal "interest" began when I got hold of my Lola Ima's biography of the late Princess Diana. My Lola was one of Lady Di's biggest fans (she called Camilla "Kabayo" back then). When she's home, she'd bring her stash of People magazines with snippets about Lady Di. And we'd gossip (well, she'll talk and I'd listen) about Diana updates as if we knew her personally.

Fast forward to 2011 and I was one of the many who felt great interest on the details of the royal wedding. I mean, come on, this is as close as we can get to a modern day fairy tale. A future king marrying a commoner, for love! Important to note though that almost all heirs to European royal houses are married to "commoners". Denmark's Prince Frederick is married to Australian Mary Donaldson, Netherlands' Queen Maxima is from Argentina, Spain's Crown Princess Letizia is a former newscaster, Norway's Queen-in-Waiting is also a commoner. Let's not forget Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden who married her one-time trainor. Monaco's Prince Albert married Charlene, a South African Olympian. And the list goes on and on....

But I digress, last week, royal watchers all over the world were agog when Kensington Palace confirmed that Duchess Kate was admitted at St. Mary's, early signs of labor. I am sure a lot were also tuned in to CNN or BBC to get updates. I was! And I am not even from a Commonwealth country.

And so, everyone was pleased when after a looong wait, the Duke and Duchess introduced their newborn son, Prince George Alexander Louis to the world. Here are pictures from
The new Mum and Dad
The little boy who, according to Prince Charles, will most probably be called "Georgie" at one point
Kate, showing how a woman looks like a day after giving birth
~ * ~

Noah Turns 1


Our little boy turned a month old today.

With his bday cake

 With his Kuya (who adores him...)
Sleeping and awake times are getting longer these days.
Kuya still kisses him like there's no tomorrow.
He still cries the loudest when he's hungry.
He makes this cute sound when he yawns.
He's getting bigger eveyday.
Happy First Month birthday dear Noah. I pray everyday for your continued good health. We love you much much bunso.

~ * ~

What's in a Name?


I just want to share how we decided on Asher Noah for our second baby boy. As most parents know, choosing your child's name is probably one of the most difficult decisions that one has to make. Would my child like his name or would he always think "What were Dad and Mom thinking???".

Lucas's name was pretty easy. We both loved LUCAS and just had trouble coming up with a second name. Good thing Dadi G came up with ETHAN one morning at breakfast. From what I know, he slept at 2 AM that name-searching night (err, morning?). So, LUCAS ETHAN it is.

I've loved the name Noah since I was pregnant with Kuya. But at that time, there was this Piolo Pascual teleserye playing on ABS CBN and his character was named Noah. I thought that a lot of kids might be named Noah due to the show's popularity then. So, Noah was shelved that time.

When we found out that baby no. 2 is a he, JJ immediately sent me an SMS saying "ASHER LEE". I remember thinking, "Nyikes. Saan ba niya nakuha ito?". I told him,  "I like biblical names and mukhang hindi papasa si ASHER LEE." So imagine my surprise (shock is more like it) when I googled "Asher" and this came up:

Nyak. So much for insisting that we can't have Asher because I want a biblical name. I guess you cannot get more biblical than the name being given to the tribes of Israel.

But I really wanted Noah and JJ was gracious (pretending to be gracious???) enough to say we'd go for Noah instead. We spent months coming up with second names. Aiden and Jase were pretty strong candidates. But JJ was not too keen on Jase. Lucas daw might ask why Noah has daddy's name and he doesn't. Okay. So Noah Aiden... but still, it doesn't sound right to me. I wanted JJ to have a say in this too.

I started bringing up Asher Noah. JJ said, "But he'd be Asher in school...". And I am like, "Well, look at Lucas. He is Ethan in school right?". Still, no final decision yet. We decided to make a poll and asked our friends to vote. Asher Noah won hands down but still we were undecided.

Then came June 16. I gave birth na and it was time to write our baby's name in the hospital's forms. No turning back now. I told JJ, "Asher Noah it is..." and looking at our little boy, the name just felt right. And at least Daddy's also happy :-)

Here he is now at more than 3 weeks...
~ * ~

And We're Four


Lucas is officially a new Kuya :-) Our second baby boy, Asher Noah, was born last June 16, 2013 (Father's Day). Crying lustily... Noah has thick hair, like his Kuya He weighed in at 3.586 kilos (7lbs and 14oz). JJ said Noah is bigger than Kuya because of my penchant for cola during my second pregnancy.  June 14, 2013 (Friday)I went to the office and around 930AM, I started feeling a little pain in my lower abdomen. I timed it and noticed that it was coming every 30 mins. Come 11:00 AM, I was still feeling it. I decided to leave the office and call JJ. I picked him up from his office (yeah, I was able to drive pa) then we decided to go to the hospital. You see, with Lucas, I didn't know that I was in labor already and I was  6cm dilated when I got to the hospital. From what I have been reading, labor after the first pregnancy usually is faster. I was afraid of giving birth in the car or at home that's why the hospital was our immediate option. When we got there, I was strapped to a fetal monitoring system and another machine that tracks my contractions. After a while, a doctor came to examine me. Surprise! I am just 1 cm dilated :-( I was sent home and was asked to walk around and come back again in 6 hours if I continue feeling the pain and if said pain intensifies. We had lunch and decided to watch a movie, so we'll be near the hospital in case the pain progresses. Unfortunately, I didn't feel anything during the movie. Pain just stopped. False labor. June 16, 2013 (Sunday)Saturday afternoon, around 5PM, I started feeling a little pain on my lower abdomen. But given what happened the day before, I just wrote down the time and duration of the contractions. They weren't that painful really because I was able to prepare dinner pa. But the pain continued and I noticed around 12MN, it started to intensify. Again, given the Friday experience, I still waited before I woke JJ up. Around 230 AM, it has gotten really painful. JJ's first question was, "Kaya mo pa mag-drive?". Me: (What???) "Hindi na no!". JJ: "Ah yan na nga yon... lika na...". We dropped Lucas at my in-laws first and I tell you, the short drive from my in-laws to the hospital was a painful one. When we got to the ER, the nurse on duty was poised to ask me questions. But the manner by which I replied to his first query ("how many weeks na po kayo?"), a terse-are-you-really-gonna-interview-me-pa-I-am-in-pain "38 weeks" reply made him call the lady nurse and ask her to bring me to Genesis asap. The OB-Gyne-on-duty checked me and said that I was 6cm dilated already. Wow. Same with Lucas but I honestly didn't feel the same pain then. This one was more intense. I was already crying when the anesthesiologist came in to help me. Numbness was such a welcome relief. (I think I broke several of my husband's fingers during the wait for the epidural). But, it was really painful. After the epidural, everything was easy breezy.  I was fully dilated in an hour or two and we were transferred to the birthing room already. We just had to wait for baby's head to come down. After a while, my OB decided to have me practice pushing. While I was "practice-pushing", the baby's head came down with every push, to the delight of my doctor. After three (or was it four pushes), Asher Noah, our darling little bunso was out. He had a loose cord coil which made it more challenging for him to descend. He was immediately brought to me for him to latch and it was such a great feeling when he did. After a few minutes, the pedia took him for the clean-up. I stayed in the birthing room for another two hours. Hubby decided to fetch Kuya from my in-laws while I was recovering. A little after  two hours, I was brought up to my room already. Little Noah had to stay in the hugger[...]

Kuya and his new "playroom"


Our main reason for moving to our new home is the need for more space. With our second baby boy coming in a few months, the stroller, car seat , play pen, my rocking chair and tons of other baby-related stuff would have to be unpacked. Also, we wouldn't want to displace Kuya just 'cause we have a new baby. We prefer to stay as a unit in one room. So, we moved...

Kuya loves our new place and he'd be the first one to say "Let's go home to the building..." whenever we are out of the house. I think the main reason he adores the new place is his new "play room".

The "play room" is actually our second bedroom. Since Ate prefers to sleep in the living room at night, the second room became a storage place for all his toys and our other stuff.
See here? He used all the available space in the room for his train tracks.

With his latest creation

He told me it was a building :-)
We're glad Lucas adjusted quite well with the move. JJ was worried that he'd have a difficult time adjusting to the new place. Thank heavens for Thomas and Friends, they made his transition seamless.
Oh! He sleeps on his own bed now :-) Still in our room but at least that's a little move towards his "independence".

SBCA: Sto. Nino Day Celebration


Lucas with SBCA's Nursery Class dancing to the tune of Bahay Kubo and portions of E-heads' Toyang. Yes, hindi sila sabay sabay but that didn't make them less adorable :-)  This is Take 2 already. Take 1 is for the parents to watch the presentation and Take 2 is for documentation.  Lucas Ethan with Lucas FelipeLucas with Germaine We're so happy because Lucas danced during both takes :-) Family Day last year, he only participated during the first take and sat and played with his classmates during the second take.  Our cutie pieWith DaddyWith Mommy [...]

KUYA Lucas


This little space has been dormant for quite a few months now. A lot has happened since my last post but the most important news of all is that our little Lucas will be a KUYA soon. Yes, we're pregnant with baby no. 2 :-)

I am 26 weeks on the way today. Much as I'd wanted to announce the pregnancy the very moment we found out, I was afraid I'd jinx it so I kept quiet (an effort really!). Unlike my first pregnancy, this one's more complicated because I was put on bed rest for almost two weeks total during my first trimester. The incident made me keep the pregnancy a secret for a little while longer. Thankfully, we got past the dangerous first tri and I can't believe that in a few weeks time I'd be on my third trimester (final stretch!) already.

With the second baby coming and all, we also decided to move houses. It's been two weeks since we moved out of Daddy G and Mommy E's home and all the challenges and continued learnings of living on our own will have its own post one of these days.

Lucas's first year of school flew by so fast. We were planning to enroll him to an Arts and Crafts class at Cradle to Crayons but it looks like we have to reconsider given the updates on Beda's minimum age requirement per preschool level. We found out that Lucas can skip Junior Kinder and move on to Senior Kinder next school year. However, he'd have to take a bridging program this summer to help/arm him for Senior Kinder. Jj and I are still mulling this over. Bottomline is, if skipping a level will stress out our four-year old, we'd rather say No Thanks to the opportunity. But nothing is final yet as we're to attend the school's orientation on the program next week. So, we'll still see.

That's it for now. Hopefully, I can post updates more often in the coming days.
Have a blessed Holy week.

Another Milestone


... and NOT the good milestone kind.Monday: Lucas had a small mosquito bite-like thing near his upper lip. I decided not to put anything on it because it is quite near his lips and whatever I put on the bite might accidentally find its way inside his mouth. My big mistake here was not warning him NEVER EVER to touch it.Tuesday: I came home from the office and Lolo G reported two things: (1) Lucas has a swollen left cheek and (2) Lucas Felipe, one of his friends from school, punched him on the cheek. I was honestly a bit hesitant to believe him because Lucas Felipe seems like a sweet boy when I met him and well, he's a lot smaller than my Lucas. I already suspected that the swelling might be from the bite.Wednesday: Just to confirm, we brought Lucas to school to talk to his teacher. For one, I am thinking that if someone punches Lucas, my son probably provoked him. If not, then the teacher should talk to the other boy's parents to inform them of their son's behavior. When we talked to his teacher, we were assured that no punching happened. They probably were just playing. My son, in a separate conversation, confirmed this. (Oh, how I felt was worthy of another post). If no punching happened, the swelling must be because of the bite. To cut the long story short, Lucas, JJ and I ended up waiting at the school clinic for the pedia. After the check-up, we were asked if we can see his pedia that day. Cannot do because his pedia does not have clinic hours on Wednesdays. She told us to go to the ER and that the doctors there will call our pedia anyway. NO EXPLANATION WHATSOEVER. We brought Lucas back to class and Lolo G just brought Lucas to our cousin pedia after lunch that day. Ate Mai prescribed antibiotics but Kuya Larry said that if the swelling increases, we must bring him to the ER asap. Thursday:  By 1:30 AM, we woke Lucas up for his medicines. We weren't sure if the swelling increased so we just packed up and decided to bring him to the ER. When the doctor-on-duty saw him, confinement was her immediate recommendation saying that the swelling was within the dangerous triangle zone sorrounding the nose area and that infections there might affect the brain :-( Quite scary stuff. So, Lucas was admitted in the hospital for the first time. Preparing him for IV treatment was really challenging (there were 3 nurses plus me and JJ) but everything was a breeze from there. What's positive here was that apart from the swelling, Lucas was his old self. Chatty, malikot and he still eats.Friday:   Still under observation. Not much change in the swelling on his face. I guess medicines were yet to take effect by this time.Saturday: An ENT was sent by his pedia. He recommended that the abscess be removed via incision (minor surgery). Due to our son's age (resistance, possibility of trauma), the procedure will be done while Lucas is under general anesthesia. We weighed the pros and cons of having the abscess removed surgically and if we just let it run its course naturally. The doctors we consulted said that the best option really is to have it removed surgically. This will mean faster healing for my son. Sunday:  By 9 AM, we were already at the surgery area. JJ accompanied him inside and he was only sent out after Lucas fell asleep, before the surgery began. The procedure lasted for less than an hour. When Lucas was inside the recovery room already, JJ called and asked me to go to the recovery area as Lucas was looking for me. I was happy to see my baby and I guess he was glad Mommy's there because he stopped being fuzzy and fell asleep after a few minutes. 8:58 PM Sunday: My son ate his dinner alr[...]

Little Vallesteroses


It's been said lots of times but I will dare to say it again. When it comes to our children, time really does fly so fast. Case in point: Here's my Lucas. All grown up. (Well, okay. He's just 4. But still, I cannot help but compare him to the 6-month old baby who looks at me then like I am his next meal (which, at that time, I admittedly am in  a way...)  Last October 1. Bonding with cousins @ Rub Ribs Our littlest. Eugene's look-a-like, Alexa Kuya Lucas and our little princess ~*~Fast forward to October 26. We took advantage of the long weekend by driving up to Tagaytay to celebrate our birthdays. We had lunch at Tootsie's and had dessert at Bag of Beans. Kuya Einar, Kuya Enrico, Lucas and Alexa @ Tootsie's  Alexa's chubby kagigil cheeks. Another case on how fast they grow, this pic and the one of her above were taken just three weeks apart. See how she grew?  The boys on our way home from the fun trip. I still remember when JJ and I were just bf/gf. Kuya Einar was around Lucas's age and Kuya Enrico was just weeks old when i first met them, look at them now. Binata na. Hay. Can we selectively stop time? [...]

Lucas's 4th Birthday Party


Here are the highlights of Lucas's 4th Birthday Party. It was a family-only party (much as we want to invite all our friends, we just have to meet our set budget...) that our little boy obviously enjoyed.Family picture before his party started Lucas and Kuya Migs Our pamangkins as game participants Uh oh.. no  more chair?  Lucas's chocolate cake from Shopwise Jollibee was extra kulit that day. He had tons of funny poses with the kids Lucas's favorite part of the party  Happy 4th Birthday anak. Love love. [...]

Lucas's 4th Birthday


Our little boy is now four (4) years old!

He was quite content with his chocolate cake. I guess, as long as it has lots of candles :)

 He asked Lolo G to light the candles 4 times... of course, we sang Happy Birthday all those times

 He was looking forward to his gifts... we've been giving him hints on what he's bound to get

From Ninong B, Flynn the Fire Truck

Happy 4th Birthday sweetheart. Daddy and Mommy love you very much.

Lolo G and Lola E's Olympic Babies...


I find it quite amazing that all four (4) of Lolo G and Lola E's grandkids are born on "Olympics" years.

If they will go by where the Olympics was held the year they were born, our Kuya Einar will be named Sydney. Kuya Enrico will be Athens. Lucas will be Beijing and our little Alexa will be named London.

SYDNEY: Einar (February 20, 2000) 

ATHENS: Enrico (July 20, 2004) 

BEIJING: Lucas (August 15, 2008)

LONDON: Alexa (July 11, 2012)

Wonder if the family's next little one will wait until 2016's Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro...

Arts and Crafts


Since we minimized Lucas's TV time, it was imperative that we give him something else to do. Lola E started with watercolor painting which Lucas enjoyed. After a few days, I searched the net and inquired from fellow N@wies on the best sites for arts and crafts apt for preschoolers. I got a lot of good sites (Thanks Clarice!) and I'll definitely try the activities I found one of these days.

At the moment, we are working on alphabet crafts. I found a lot of good ideas from Here are the letters that Lucas did last week:

A = Alligator
B = Bee
C = Carrot
D = Dragon

Lucas had fun doing the letters and now looks forward to his "Arts and Crafts" sessions with Lola E. Last Saturday, when we went out and dropped by National Bookstore to buy more stuff for his afternoon activities, he was very excited and kept on getting glitters and colored pencils :-) Earlier today, he requested that we make a robot.

Lucas and his masterpiece for the day

Looking forward to more of your artworks sweetie pie :)

Thank you Lola for patiently teaching Lucas :)

Lucas's First Day in School


To my delight, Lucas's first day in school was a complete success :) There was a little challenge when the little boy refused to wear his shoes and leave the bed while repeatedly chanting, "I am still sleepy Mom...". I just gave him a few minutes and proceeded to the task of putting his shoes on. After that, he was okay and gamely ate his cereals for breakfast.Lola's garden. While waiting for his school bus.He got his lunch box at Alexa's birthday party last weekend. The front sticker says "Girl Power". But he likes it more than his Cars lunch box so we let him use it. JJ just placed Thomas and Friends stickers all over to make it, err, more manly.I rode with him in the schoolbus as we want him to get used to it. JJ just followed in our car. We got in school early but lots of little kids were there with us waiting.  In fact, we were sorrounded by little kids saying hi to their classmates. They looked excited to be back in school (which I think is a good thing). It was nice to note that the place was pretty secure with a very nice ladyguard looking after the kiddos.The preschool area opened at 7AM and Lucas's Teacher Millet was in their classroom already. To test our little boy, we left Lucas to his teacher's care though we can stay for a while longer. He was completely alright when we left and said goodbye without tears :) Yey! I was honestly prepared to bribe my way out of a dramatic goodbye scene (capsule Thomas was ready!).We had breakfast nearby while waiting for his class to end. I kept on asking JJ if he thinks Lucas is doing fine. I think he wanted to roll his eyes when I asked the same question twice or thrice during the meal :) And come 9AM, our boy's smiling face tells us that the day went splendidly. Whew! We survived the first day :)Here he is on our ride home.We're so proud of you little boy.[...]

Conversations with Lucas


Lucas: I love you mom!
Mom: I love you too!
Lucas: I am not too. I am Lucas!

Mom: If you will have a baby brother, what would you like to call him?
Lucas: Uhhmm. Thomas!
Nyay! Well, at least hindi Salty or Duck...
Mom: If you'll have a baby sister?
Lucas: Dora!
Hahaha! I made him choose from three names na lang. So far, consistent naman siya sa name na pinipili niya.



The 2012 French Open Men's Final is bound to make history, no matter the outcome. On one hand, Novak could be just the third player in history to hold all four major titles at the same time. On the other, Rafael could break Bjorn Borg's (and his!) record of 6 French Open titles.

Lucky for Rafa fans, it was the Spaniard who went on to win his record 7th Roland Garros title.
 An anti-climactic double fault from Djokovic sealed Nadal's fate.

The clay-court maestro

Next stop, Wimbledon!

Who Let the Dog Out?


Apparently, NO ONE let it out. Someone just threw a coconut at it. And that SOMEONE happened to be my dear son. So what happens when one does that? That someone can escape unscathed or that someone can get BIT. Sadly, the latter was what actually happened :( I've asked myself countless times how could that incident happen? We were just there. But they said boys will be boys and that one cannot be in the same place as your kid 100% of the time. I know that. But still, it was heartbreaking.
It happened last Holy Week in Tarlac while we were visiting my Tito Boy and Tita Susan. The dog, thankfully, is one of their pets. But to be sure, we brought the little guy to the nearest hospital and had him administered with the anti-rabies vaccine. Funny thing, after his initial drama over the dog bite, he was more upset over the fact that we CAN go home to Manila sooner than planned. Kids.

He was okay hours after the incident. He was off running and playing with his cousins again once we got back from the hospital. Understandably, he was a little wary of the dogs during our entire stay. His anti-rabies shot was completed middle of May. Now that it is over and done with, I'd like to share some things that I've learned:
1. After the bite, clean the wound with detergent soap.
2. Have the first anti-rabies vaccine as soon as possible. Rush to the nearest hospital or Animal Bite Center.
3. Within a week from the incident, the doctors will recommend that you take the human rabies immunoglobulin. Lucas was given Berirab. This one's expensive and the dosage depends on the weight of the patient. Lucas was given two vials. Given the cost, we had to verify with JJ's cousin if we really had to give it to Lucas. Unfortunately for our pockets, Kuya Larry said it is much better to have it. Better safe then sorry right?
4. If you're from the South, you can go to the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) for the succeeding anti-rabies vaccines. The cost is 50% less compared to hospitals. You just have to be there early to line up. You may reach RITM at 809-75-99 for any queries.
5. You can get the vaccines for free. Contact your municipal health centers. I inquired from the Muntinlupa City Hall and the procedure goes like this:
 - Go to your Barangay Health center and secure an endorsement
 - Go to the City Health Center to secure approval
 - Once you secure the City Health Center's approval, you may proceed to the Bayanan Health Center where they administer the vaccine or RITM if the Bayanan Health Center runs out of the vaccine.
But please, if you can afford to pay for the vaccine, please go to RITM instead of availing the shots for free. Other people who cannot afford the shots might need it more than you do. Please also note that the procedure is different per municipality.

So there. Hope this post helps.

Thomas and Friends CapsuleToys


or Gashapon as I believe they are also called.It will be an understatement if I say that Lucas likes Thomas and Friends. Obsessed is more like it! But the toy lover in my husband indulges our son's love of toys. Apart from the Plarail and wooden series, Lucas also loves to play with those small Thomas wind-up toys that come in capsules. Wind up Thomas, James, Scruffey, Annie and several trucks Wind up Percy and Plarail DuncanPlarail Percy and Wind up PercySome of Lucas's wind up toys: Dodge, Hiro, Percy, Bertie the Bus, Percy, Annie, boats and KevinAs you know, getting the nice toys from the machine comes with a bit of luck and well, trying so many times. For this reason, we have lots of excess characters including:1 James1Thomas with snowplow4 Annie2 Scruffey1 Toad1 Bertie the Bus1 Turntable (from another series)1 Kevin (crane)Several track accessories (tunnel, tracks, etc.)In case you are collecting too and have lots of excess characters , let me know. We'd be more than willing to trade if you guys have something that we do not have yet (which is a lot! andami palang iba-ibang series). If you want to buy, we also sell at cost :)[...]