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Filipino word for gossip (usually a mixture of truth and untruth) passed around by word of mouth. "Wag one's tongue, speak about others and reveal secrets or intimacies."

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"Big Bang" Theory


The "Big Bang" will go on as long as sites are being added. I have no plans to end it. It seems that every time I bring the "Big Bang" to the head of the class it gains momentum. So, for the foreseeable future, every weekend, I will bring this post to my front page in hopes that some of the participants will do the same so that more sites will join. I really believe that 1,000 sites is in reach.*

Teri Slurs Desperately


Medical canister scandal can vindicate Teri HatcherHealth authorities must act quickly and decisively on Cebu's controversial rectal surgery video scandal or Teri Hatcher may get her sweet revenge, a medical sector non-government organization said on Saturday.Nisperos was referring to a remark made in the popular Hollywood sitcom “Desperate Housewives” by character

Canister Scandal


Man’s surgery posted on YouTube Danilo said he felt violated and would file charges against medical personnel at the government-owned Vicente Sotto Medical Memorial Center (VSMMC). He said his rights to privacy and confidentiality were violated. Danilo said he was asleep when it happened. “Mao nay confidential nga nikatag na man diay (This is what they called confidentiality when they spread

Manila Standard Today(?)-2


FROM BORACAY TO GREECE! Most of the time I am out of the country for work. Much to my chagrin, I had never been to the beach. As we reached the villa I was spraying Baygon everywhere. This brilliant apparition was Discovery Shores, an oasis in the middle of the island. Not only do the staff headed by Jun Parreno make you feel at home, the food by chef David Pardo de Ayala is fabulous as well.

Manila Standard Today(?)-3


Fire Malu Fernandez! Boycott Manila Standard Today and People Asia Magazine!! Indeed with such an article that was written by Malu Fernandez, The Manila Standard Today should have stepped up to the plate and fired Malu Fernandez. People Asia Magazine should never have ran that article as well. Just like the spreading of Malu Fernandez’s hateful article has occurred, let us spread one voice to

Brian Gorrell vs. DJ Montano and the 'Gucci Gang'


We can’t know for sure if any of Gorrell’s accusations are true, after all, there is no evidence, just accusations.Brian Gorrell has accused DJ Montano of owing him $70,000, Aussie money that is yet to be returned to him. (Update: Brian has posted some pretty damning evidence if you ask me; I tried looking for it at first, but couldn’t find it.) If Brian Gorrell is making up the story of the lost

Win a Free Spotlight on Your Blog & 100 of EC Credits!


Ladies and Gentlemen! May I have your attention please! As said in his last post, the purpose of his blog is to help us succeed with ours. That is why I am very excited to write about his new feature whose sole purpose is to give our blog additional exposure and more traffic. No, this is not another contest. You will not have to do anything for me. All

Blogging for Money


Penis Worship & New Charismatics


by: S.R. ShearerFascination with the phallus [i.e., the erect male sexual organ (penis) as it appears just prior to penetration of the female vagina] was common in the ancient world. Indeed, "penis worship" is the basis of nearly all pagan worship - even today - and is especially associated with concepts of male domination and male aggression.Sadly, this disgusting phenomenon is making an

Manila Standard Today?


With the recent irresponsible, elitist, bigoted, and discriminating comments made by Manila Standard Today columnist Malu Fernandez in her People Asia magazine article “From Boracay to Greece” in which she makes many belittling comments about Overseas Filipino Workers and Filipinos in general, the response from Filipino bloggers have been overwhelming, and have not been light on the criticism.