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6 years old!


I guess my trend is to post once a year lately. I hope to change that soon, since I've become a stay at home mom for awhile!

Lacey is 6 years old today! My goodness, how time flies. I'll have to elaborate more later, but am finding it hard to type with our newest little girl asleep on my chest. Yes, now we have 3! Davis is 2.5 and will be 3 in May, and baby Caroline is 1 month old (a few days ago). Lacey is currently on her way to her first out of town swim meet with her daddy, while me and the little ones stay warm at home. I hate to be missing it, but know that she and daddy will have a blast this weekend! We are having a dress up princess party next weekend.

Anyways, one reason I wanted to start back up blogging is to be able to share posts of my fellow mommy bloggers (although I really don't fit in the category of a mommy blogger since I rarely blog, and only do it to remember things). One such blogger is Danielle, and I'm excited to say she's running a giveaway on my absolute favorite carseat, the Diono Radian R120. And what's even better is that we are in MAJOR need of another one, but are trying to put off buying one as long as possible due to cost. What could be better than a giveaway! You can find her blog here. Please, share and enter to win this awesome carseat!

Swim meet


Lacey had her first swim meet this past weekend and did awesome! She was swimming against 7 and 8 year olds. She didn't pitch a fit or freak out, she was actually really pumped. She was so cute up there, in her goggles and swim cap, the shortest by far. All of the girls on our team were cheering for her and running beside her on the side of the pool. She swam freestyle flawlessly, breathed to the side, and really kept up with the others until about the halfway point. You could tell she got tired but she pushed herself and finished with a good first swim time. All of the team let out a big cheer at the end. Davis was saying 'go! go! go!' Our family was there and we were all so proud of her. No one was more proud than she was though! She got out with her little chest all puffed out and all of the girls congratulated her. When she got to me I congratulated her and told her how happy I was and she said, "Mommy, almost ALL of the girls wanted to give me a high five!" Her teammates support meant so much to her. It was really sweet. I got it all on video of course and she's watched it a few times.

Unfortunately later that day (Saturday) her left eye became really puffy and red. She had had green stuff in the corner that morning and I thought nothing of it. But of course, she has pink eye. She wasn't able to swim her second race (backstroke) on Sunday because of it. Luckily we got some drops called in and she's feeling better today, so hopefully she'll be back at it tomorrow.

And, she turns 5 on Wednesday! My how time has flown. I am taking a half day off work to take cupcakes to school and then take her to get her nails done to surprise her. I'm so excited about it, she's going to be so happy! Then this weekend the kids (cousins) are all going to Pump it Up to play for a bit, and then the family is coming to our house for her birthday celebration. More on that to come.

Davis hasn't been up to much except being a silly boy. He is such a clown. He had a stomach virus the last two days of last week. Of course, he only threw up on mommy and was perfectly fine for daddy! It figures. We are loving the warmer weather and getting to play outside. It's so nice now that he's old enough to go in the backyard with Lacey and play. They also love to play in his room with the train table. Luckily it's big enough that they can play and not bother each other for the most part. They like to push each others buttons, but they really love each other and we catch them being so sweet when we aren't watching!



Quick updates:Had a wonderful Christmas and new years! Nick's parents kept the kids for new years, and Davis actually spent the night. He did really well and they were awesome. Bribery really does work! We stayed at home and grilled out, caught up on some shows, hung out with each other, and fell asleep before midnight. It was a relaxing way to bring in the new year for sure.Lacey started her last semester of preschool. It is so bittersweet. I can't believe my baby girl starts kindergarten this year! I don't talk about it much because I'm pretending it isn't so. But I know she is going to absolutely love it. Davis sure will miss his sissy though. He can't even stand to be awake when she's asleep, he has to go in her room and say "wake UP sissy!!" She has quite the attitude from hanging out with the older girls from the pool, and really pushes her limits. She questions everything and 'because I said so' is once again uneffective. But i've found it best to tell her why I say no, and not just say no. So she knows it's because I care and love her, and not because I'm trying to ruin her life. Hopefully that will come in handy in about 8 years.We are hoping to have her in a swim meet soon, she just hasn't decided which one she wants to do yet. I'm excited!Davis has been increasing his vocabulary, and he is such a big clown. He loves to say 'no', tell you to 'hop up' or 'come on', and tell you to hush. He jibber jabbers all the time and likes to say 'ready GO' just like daddy does at the pool. He will hit you and then look you in the eyes with a sad look and ask 'happened?' He Is such a nut an I think has officially hit the terrible twos. He is a cuddlebug, but rougher than Lacey was. He loves to ride on things, push toys, and play with cars. He also really likes baby dolls and pushing them around. I swear if he could push his Mater bubble machine all day long, he would. We recently discovered his fear of barbies in the bathtub. For some reason he is terrified of barbies, but only in the tub! It's absolutely hilarious and pitiful at the same time. He is also afraid of a little robot we have, and a squishy green frog. Granted, the frog looks like it has teeth... But still. He is afraid of the weirdest things. Still nursing and working on weaning. He is a stubborn monkey, but it's getting better. He's down to once or twice a day, and doesn't have to nurse to fall asleep. Soon we will have an independent little boy and I will miss this time.Lately we've been making a lot of homemade food. I've discovered laceys love of cooking, so we've done whole wheat pizza and bread, cookies and banana bread. We love it![...]

And Christmas has begun!


We kicked off the Christmas season with our annual visit to Memphis to see Nick's aunts, uncles, and grandparents. We had our usual breakfast Saturday morning, complete with Nana's chocolate gravy and the singing of 'The 12 days of Christmas' one by one. Lacey and her cousin Tyler (3 months younger) got to join in for the first time this year and it was a hoot. Lacey was going for a Grammy with her rendition of '5 golden rings' and Tyler... Well we will just say he was absolutely adorable with his '3 French chickens' routine. Then it was time for gifts, which get opened in a split second and then we have to spend 30 minutes going around to see what everyone else got! Davis was upset at first because he thought we were wrapping the gifts (that was mommys fault, I tried to wrap Laceys toys with him around earlier in the week, major fiasco). But when he realized that the faster he tore paper, the faster he got to play with his toys, it was on. We are lucky he hasn't decided to have a go at the presents under the tree at our house!Then Sunday it was so nice outside, we spent all morning swinging the kids (and ourselves) on grandaddy's big rope swing, pushing Davis around on te big tricycle(he is relentless!) and playing football.I finished crocheting a blanket! It was going to be for Davis, but Lacey loved it so much I added ruffles and it's hers. Picture below!Unfortunately we had to leave and come back to the Birmingham hustle and bustle. We are trying to finish up wrapping and building for the kids, so Nick is supposed to be disappearing for a few hours tomorrow so I can get things done! We are so blessed to be able to spend another Christmas with our whole family, especially my grandparents. I can't wait!And last bit of awesome news, Nick's aunt Maxine, who has stage 4 ovarian cancer, got some awesome news today. Her blood work numbers (CA-125 levels) to check for cancer markers are down 82%!!!!!!!!! It is so evident how God is intervening and moving in their life. We are so blessed and thankful, I don't even have words. We pray that she continues to get better and goes back into remission forever!!Some pictures to complete the post: [...]

Christmas is coming!!


We are so excited for christmas! We picked out our tree last week (and still have yet to put ornaments on it). Davis looks at it every few minutes and says "pitty tree." He loves it! We have been hard at work trying to get the house organized. It's a never ending battle, but slowly (as we purge more and more) we are catching up. It's hard, because I get so distracted when I see something that needs to be done, while I'm in the middle of something else. I'm working on my focus.Lacey has been enjoying swim team more and more. We finally figured out that she cannot swim on days that she has school. She is just too tired and emotional, and it just leads to a waste of time and usually a meltdown. So she swims two or three days a week, and loves it. She especially loves when they get to wear flippers. She is improving by leaps and bounds, especially in the last couple of weeks. Her freestyle is great. She is learning to breathe to her side, and now will count and breathe every three strokes. She has dolphin kick down pat, and is pretty good at streamlining off of the wall (when her head doesnt get in the way). She is improving greatly in backstroke. She can do butterfly pretty well, and is now learning breaststroke. She has the kick down, but we haven't tried the stroke yet. I'm so glad she is enjoying it, she is such a joy to watch. She loves school and reading, and can do addition. We are working on subtraction. She can write and recognize her whole alphabet, can spell most simple words (and some harder words), and can sound out words she is reading. She loves to play cars with Davis, she loves to cook, and she loves animals. She currently has a pet rat named Daisy. We actually had two, but Rose got sick and died a few days ago. Lacey has been pretty good about it, she is sad but she has been saying, "I know God loves having a pet rat." She is definitely pushing her boundaries more and more, and we have struggled with finding effective ways to discipline her. So far, taking things/priviledges away seems to be the best. She is struggling with still being little, yet wanting badly to be big. I keep telling her to slow down, but she doesn't listen! She is still very insightful and will randomly say what's on her mind. It's usually a deep thought. And most of the time, funny. She is such a clown and loves attention. She eats pretty much anything, but her current faves are spaghetti, beef stroganoff, rolls, and steak. She likes to play with trains, ponies, littlest pet shop animals, and her harmonica. She calls it a remonica.Davis is enjoying being the baby/big boy of the family. He has realized that the louder he screams when sissy messes with him, the more attention he gets. We are trying to nip that in the bud, because he seems to like getting sissy in trouble. And sissy really enjoys pushing his buttons. She usually does exactly what she knows will annoy him the most. They have their sweet moments, but most of the time they are typical siblings. I hope that improves as time goes by, and the discipline can be more even. It's hard becase as smart as Lacey is, she doesn't really understand why she gets in trouble for things that Davis doesn't. Working on it!Davis is talking up a storm. His favorite things are singing, screaming, and laughing. Some of his most common sayings:-hold you-love you-thank you-hush Marley-please move (pees moosh)-pretty tree-go outside please-wanna race-wanna ride -stop it-oh man (o maain)-nurse please (nus pees)-help meHe says anything you ask him to, and has excellent pronunciation on most words. Where Lacey had more sentences at this age, Davis has better pronunciation and repeats everything you say. He loves to talk and tell you about what he's doing. He loves chocolate and candy (unlike Lacey). His favorite foods are spaghetti (pagetti) and corn. He doesn't have a lovey, but is obsessed with cars and dinosaurs. He can tell you what most animals say, and knows his body parts. He can take his[...]

The crib is gone!


No more crib for our big boy! Instead of putting the Christmas tree up, we took the crib down. During our drive to Memphis, we were rehashing Lacey's toddlerhood. During the chat we realized Lacey started sleeping through the night shortly after she got her big girl bed with a regular mattress. Davis sleeps ten times better on our bed than he does in his crib (which is already converted to a toddler bed). So, in hopes of getting more sleep in the near future, the big boy bed came out today. Excuse the mostly naked bed, my ambition outwon my need to buy a boy bedding set.

More later on the outcome. Which, I'm expecting, will be nothing. But one can hope!

In other non-news, we had a great trip to Memphis to visit nana and grandaddy for thanksgiving. It was a great trip, relaxing and nice to have family time. Nicks Aunt Maxine has been valiantly fighting her ovarian cancer (which has spread to liver, spleen, and lung) and it was nice to spend some time with her. Lacey is a little worse for the wear. I'm not sure what it is about being around other kids for long periods of time, even good kids, because she always ends up acting out for days afterwards. Back talk and sass seem to have had a permanent spot in our house for months now, but it definitely amps up after we visit with friends.

And our elf on a shelf friends were awaiting our arrival home. Lacey is thrilled, and I think it's going to be a fun tradition. Pictures of them to come!

I can't believe I have to wake for work tomorrow, I almost felt like we were on a permanent holiday! Working for a doctors office thatis closed on thanksgiving and the day after... It feels a bit like heaven. Only 4 more weeks till christmas! And after our black Friday shopping, we are DONE! Nick and I are working on Dave Ramsey's total money makeover, so after much discussion we decided that christmas this year is just for the kids. I'm a huge buyer and love to go overboard, and it's just not going to work this year. Last year we didn't even buy each other anything because we had so many to buy for. So, like I'm sure is true for many families, Christmas will be smaller this year. But much more Christ focused and family centered. I'm very excited about it!

Fall 2011


Pictures finally! From fishing at emmas birthday, to the Auburn Ole Miss game, to new pjs and the school Halloween festival. This fall has been a whirlwind, and a blast! Davis 18 month stats: 21lb 7oz, 32 inches tall, 19 3/4 head circumference. Still nursing, speaking in phrases, and learning new stuff everyday!Lacey 4.5: 39lbs, 41.5 inches tall. Super smart, learning to read, spells great and loves to sound out words. Still dramatic and sweet.[...]

Preschool, dance, and everything in between!


A few more months have passed since I last updated, as well as the whole summer! We had a great summer this year. Lots of playtime at the park, in the backyard, and at home. It was busy as Nick's coaching amps up during the summer, but everything went fairly smoothly.

We went on our beach trip that we won on Rick and Bubba recently. We went to the Caribe and had a BLAST. They had awesome pools and water slides, which made up for the day we couldn't really hit the beach because of the jellyfish! Nick, me, and Lacey all got stung. Lacey was such a trooper, she never cried just kept saying 'Wow, that stings.' Davis loved the sand and the water. As is typical for him, he's pretty much happy doing anything as long as we are outside. My dad came with us to help out with the kids, and that was such a blessing. I think he had a great time, and we sure tired him out! Nick and I got to go to dinner one night alone, and by about 8:30 we were ready to get home and go to bed. We all went out to dinner the next night, which with Davis was for sure interesting!

Lacey started preschool last week. She is going to a new preschool, Mountain Brook Community Church, and so far seems to be loving it. We love our teacher and the director (who we already knew from the last preschool). She's really hoping to learn to read this year. She also starts dance tonight at Corky Bell, and I've never seen her so excited! I can't wait to watch her dance, she's already such a beautiful dancer it will be great to see her with some instruction.

Davis is the epitome of a boy. He rolls dolls on the floor like cars making the 'vroom vroom' sound. He roars like a dinosaur, and loves to scare you by hiding behind things and 'jumping' out roaring. He is SO sweet and is such a mama's boy. He is still nursing, and hopefully he will quit before kindergarten! :) He loves water, cars, dinosaurs, and animals. He loves dogs and most of the time is very gentle with them! He also loves babies, I'm pretty sure he isn't aware they are small humans. He likes to carry sissy's doll around in her carrier. He is beginning to talk a lot, and is very smart like Lacey. He loves to tell you when the toilet paper is 'all gone' (usually after he's unrolled it). He runs around the house calling Lacey's name, and occasionally calls her sissy. He of course has mama and dada down. He says puppy and Bent Bent (for Bentley), says all done/gone, thank you, chicken, i love you, nurse please, and many others. He pretty much tries to repeat everything you say. He is obsessed with singing. He hums and sings all day long! He can do the beginning of the ABC song, and also sings 'rain rain go away'. It's so sweet listening to him and Lacey sing.

I started a new job, working for a Dr.'s office and pretty much loving it. The hours are great, the staff is great, and the pay is great. Not much to complain about!

We are planning a surprise anniversary party for Nick's parents this weekend. It's their 30th and we have lots of family coming down to help celebrate. I'm very excited, me and my SIL are planning it. We are pretty much ready for it. I'm making the food, BBQ chicken and pork, this afternoon and then we'll be ready! I can't wait, I think my in laws will be very surprised and happy!

1 year old!


Wow I can't believe the last time I updated was when Davis was 3 months old. I am so bad at this. He is now turning one tomorrow! I can't believe how fast time is flying (I know, I always say that).

Davis has turned into the funniest, most opinionated little boy I've ever met. He is exactly like his sister in some areas and exactly the opposite in others. He is still nursing (and at this rate, will never quit) and is getting so big. He can stand along for minutes at a time, and take a step or two, but still doesn't walk. He definitely could if he wanted to. He loves to drum on things, and loves music. He sings and dances whenever you turn any on, or sing to him. He LOVES mama, daddy and sissy. Especially sissy. He laughs whenever she's in the room, and now I have to separate him from her when it's time for bed or he will stay up trying to get her to play with him for hours on end. He loves to be chased, and anytime you walk near him he thinks you are going to chase him and runs away. This makes for a ton of bathtub fun! He still doesn't sleep through the night and never has (just like his sister). Not too worried about it, because I know one day he will! I'm just enjoying my nighttime snuggles while I can.

He loves to swim, and can go under water and kick a couple feet to swim to you! He jumps off the stairs and kicks to us. He splashes like crazy anytime he gets near water. He puts everything in his mouth, but hasn't swallowed anything yet. He just likes to hold it in there. He has quite the temper, if you take anything away from him or tell him no. His little face just crumples. Now when he gets mad, he will lean forwards and try to bite whatever is in front of him. Luckily, he's not lightning fast yet and hasn't gotten any of us. Trying to curb that behavior! He says uh-oh, ball, baba, mama, dada, woof, and dog. He is a lot more physical than Lacey was at this age. He can throw and roll a ball to you. He also is super quick to figure out how things work. Once he finds a new toy, he starts pressing buttons and pulling things, and it only takes him once to figure out what it does and how to make it do it again!

Lacey is becoming quite the little lady. She is 4 now and thinks she's 16, but that's nothing new. She is very athletic, can do 10 real pushups, use a bat and hit the ball (better than mommy), run around with a soccer ball, and dance. She loves to 'work out' with me. She loves playing with Davis' toys, especially trucks and stuff. Just like her mom! She colors completely in the lines. She is learning to spell and can write all of her letters and numbers. She can sound out and spell most any small word, and write it too. She plays with her leapster (handheld video game) and knows more about how it works than I do! She is in preschool 2 days a week and loves it. I hope she's learning how to be a little less bossy! :)

Nick is still coaching and loving it. Summer swim team is about to start, so he is about to be super busy! Hopefully I'll get to see him more this summer, but I doubt it since last summer I was on maternity leave for part of it. He got invited to be the Southeastern Zone Coach so for a week in July I will be on my own! Luckily, we won a beach trip on a radio station so we get a free trip in August! I'm super excited, it will be Davis' first time at the beach! I think that's all that's new with us lately, hopefully I"ll be able to update more often!

3 month birthday!


Happy 3 months Davis! I can't believe he's already 3 months old. Time sure has flown!

I got to go to the beach this weekend, sans family. It was weird and fun at the same time. A nice vacation, but I missed them like crazy! Nick called Friday night to check on me and said 'It's so weird not having a break!' And of course I said 'Um YEAH I know!' He did such a good job with them this weekend, it's nice to know if I need to go somewhere I can, even though Davis is still so little! Nick missed me like crazy and it's really nice! It's definitely different becuase usually he is the one out of town with swim meets. It was a kind of bittersweet return, because Davis looked SO MUCH BIGGER (he's hit his 3 month growth spurt) and it made me sad. But it was also good, because he doesn't just want mommy all the time. I'm so used to having them (Davis and Lacey) depend on me that it's nice yet kinda sad, I feel a little useless! But I'm really glad that Nick's relationship with both of them is great, and they can turn to him for comfort and bedtime as well! It's so cute to watch Davis light up when he hears daddy's voice!

Unfortunately practice starts back for Nick next week, so no more afternoon workout sessions. I'm not sure what we're going to do, because the kids can only be in the gym childcare for 2 hours total for the day, and he works out for like an hour and a half! I guess we are going to have to go to the two different gyms, although I feel terrible about putting them in childcare that long even though they seem to love it. So we'll see. I need to workout at home, but there's just something about sweating in my own house that seems sorta taboo! And, there's so many distractions (*workout video going strong* *oh my, look at the dust* *adhd kicks in and I'm dusting while video finishes playing* = no workout ). So we'll see!

Nick's sister gets married in 2 weeks, so we'll be going to Auburn for that weekend. She is having a tailgate reception, so that should be fun! Hopefully everything will go smoothly (and my mom will be able to come watch Davis during the wedding) and we'll have fun! I'm SO looking forward to football season so I can dress the kids up in their Auburn gear and watch Lacey shake her pom pom and say 'Warrrrrrr Eagle, HEY!' It brings a tear to my eye! Hope Davis likes football!

2 month appointment


Our two sweet kiddos!


Davis had his 2 month appointment today! Well, mommy thought it was yesterday and when we got there, they reminded us it was the 29th, not the 28th. Oops! Of course I'm sick so that made it even worse! Feeling better today though.

His stats are:
12 lb 6 oz 70%
23 1/2 inches 90%
Head: 16 1/4 inches

So far he's thin and tall!!! Woohoo, we need him to be taller than his extremely big sister! LOL

We took him swimming the other day and he loved it! He pretty much slept the whole time and floated, but when he was awake he loved kicking his legs (just like in his VERY messy baths!). Lacey has learned to dive down for rings, is starting to be able to get her arms out of the water for freestyle, and pretty much has half of backstroke down pat! She kicks great and floats on her back, she can go at least halfway across the pool by herself! Now to work on the arms. I'm so proud of her! She loves to go underwater and have 'tea parties' with daddy. So sweet!

This weekend we're going to Memphis for Erica (Nick's sister) and her fiance's family wedding shower. Not sure how that's going to go seeing as Davis got 4 shots today and we are about to take a 5 hour drive! Hopefully he will be fine and sleep most of the way, but he is NOT a fan of the carseat. Luckily I'm just riding with Nick's parents so at least I can sit in the back with him!

8 weeks!


I can't believe Davis is already 8 weeks old. I'm not sure why I'm surprised, since time has absolutely flown by with Lacey. I mean, she's 3 and a HALF! She only has 2 more years until she starts school. She's actually starting preschool this fall, and Nick is SO not happy about it! Even though she will only be going for 4 hours 2 days a week, he says he isn't ready for her to go to school. But I think when summer swim team is over and he has both kids all day, it will be a nice break!

Lacey has decided she wants to be a doctor, painter, princess, and mechanic when she grows up. Don't ask me why a mechanic, but she says she wants to fix people and cars! And the other day she told my friend Candace (who keeps her while Nick is at work) that she wants to be a doctor so that " I can go to work with my mommy and see what she does, and so I can keep her company and she won't be lonely and I won't be lonely." What a sweet little princess!

And she's still in love with her brother. He smiles and coos now and it totally makes her day (and ours too). Whenever he wakes up she jumps up and down and shouts 'Davis is awake!' I'll get back to you when he starts getting into her toys and we'll see if she still feels the same! She has her moments of jealousy, usually when I'm nursing him. She'll say 'Mommy, daddy can hold Davis for a minute so I can sit in your lap.' To which I have to reply 'Honey, after Davis finishes eating. Because daddy can't nurse him.' It usually suffices, except for a couple of times where she reminds me that daddy DOES have 'nickles' too. Unfortunately, his don't make milk or I'd follow her lead and let daddy do it sometimes!

More pictures coming whenever I can get the chance to get downstairs! I started back to work (7-3 now) 2 weeks ago, so not much time when I get home! It's funny how my laundry has tripled... but not because of the baby! He never spits up so really, he could wear the same thing for 2 days! But now that Nick has 2 different teams with about 6 different practices a day, he goes through SO many outfits!! Argh.



Davis Aaron Lambert
May 24, 2010
9:36 AM
7lbs 15oz
21 1/2 inches long

How did that happen?!


5 more days. Shew! Although with the lack of 'labor symptoms' I've been having, I'm not sure if he's ever coming out. By the grace of God I'm still feeling pretty wonderful. I did hurt myself (again) on Mother's day, but pregnancy wise I'm fine.

At 39 weeks pregnant, ALWAYS listen to your husband when he tells you not to do something. Especially if that something is jumping in a pool. I just thought he was afraid I might create a tidal wave. But nope, he was afraid I'd get hurt. Me? Get hurt jumping into water? I mean, I just mowed the grass Friday and moved some furniture! But, he was absolutely right. So I'm limping around again, halfway hoping the baby decides to wait until next week to come out, because if he decides to come in the next few days then I need and epidural like, 2 days ago!

I think Lacey is getting bored waiting, but she sure is enjoying playing with the baby's stuff. She loves to get in his crib, lay on his changing table and have her pretend poopy diapers changed, etc. She is especially loving being able to put her dolls in the swing and bouncer! I think she's getting a tad jealous of all the presents that we've been getting for the baby. But we've been letting her open everything and ooh and aah over it, so I think it's helped. Plus, she knows that when baby brother gets here she has a present that is ALL HER OWN and it's hiding out of reach in baby's closet. She likes to go in there and look at the bag and try to guess what it is!

Mother's day was very nice this year. I don't need anything so I was happy not to get a present. I just wanted to be taken care of! Nick got up and made chocolate chip strawberry pancakes, which were great. Then we lazed around and he decided to take us to the pool so I could lay out for maybe the last time in a while! At which point I hurt myself. Then we went to his parents to eat dinner, and enjoyed their company. And then home to cuddle, paint my nails, and relax! It was SO nice. Lacey drew me a picture of a dinosaur (her favorite) and wrote her name, and it was the best present! And she was able to keep it a secret all week, which was a huge surprise and she was so proud of herself!

So now we continue on daily life until the new little one comes and changes it all up! I did get day shift which I am SUPER excited about. I mean, it's about time, I've only been looking for almost 2 years now! If baby doesn't come by this weekend then I think we're going to try and go out with some friends Sat night (gosh, it's been FOREVER) to eat Mexican. And hopefully just relax with Lacey, if it's nice go to the pool, and hopefully he will cut the grass! :o)

4 more weeks!


Time sure has flown by! Only 4 more weeks until this 2nd little booger is due. And it is coming up fast!

We haven't been doing much, but at the same time have stayed so busy! We had 'bubble down' day at the pool where we take the winter cover off so everyone can enjoy the sun. I worked a ton of extra last week so that i could spend all weekend moaning about how tired I was attend a Junior League yard sale type event this weekend. We've had doctor's appointments, naptimes, and swim 'lessons' with daddy. My little baby girl is becoming QUITE the daddy's girl. Don't get me wrong, she still loves some momma... but it is just so heartwarming to see her clinging to her daddy. Especially when it's in the middle of the night. And I can roll over, whack daddy, and say 'Hey, she wants YOU this time!' Ahh... bliss!

I've done some spring cleaning, gotten the baby's nursery ready, and started working on our 'yard' (aka: weeds). We bought a new car (hello big Chevy Equinox!) and sadly traded Nick's jeep from high school. We aquired a new dog... but only temporary while his sister looks for a place to live where she can keep him. We installed an electric fence together, and only almost killed each other ONCE! It was actually a really nice bonding experience.

We've visited grandparents, and played with Emma and Lacey's new cousin Nora (who, somehow, is almost 4 months old). Lacey has gotten bigger and smarter, and has learned to use her watercolors to paint in the lines. And how many people can say that they can leave out water, paints, and paintbrushes 24/7 and their 3 year old can paint to her heart's content, and she WON'T MAKE A MESS! Not many, I guarantee you. She is awesome and she (so far) can't WAIT to be a big sister.

She has learned to hold her breath well under water, and can even go down and jump off the bottom and come back up, even when it's 4 feet deep! Her and daddy play 'tea party' and she can hold her breath for 8 seconds! The water is still too cold for mommy... but soon I'll play party with her too!

All in all, time is just passing so fast! I'm trying to enjoy these last few weeks as just the 3 of us. Lots of cuddle time, reading books, laying out, and taking baths! LOL Cause this time, I realize what a change a newborn brings... and while I'm ready for it, I'm not rushing it!



I am in absolutely excruciating pain. No joke. I went to the gym for my normal workout class, Bootcamp. About 45 minutes into the class I stepped out to get a glass of water and tripped over a non-slip mat (stupid, I know). I just kinda stubbed my foot and caught myself, but I landed all wrong. I'm pretty sure I ripped my groin to pieces. I know everyone wants to know, but dang it, it HURTS! You'd be surprised at all the things you use your groin to do. Rolling over, getting in the car, heck even just walking. It's excruciating. I couldn't even get in my car today, I was almost in tears. I really hope this gets better soon because my house is going to look like a wreck (hey, we're halfway there already!). I've finally gotten into a rhythm on the baby's room... now that's on hold. And if I can't work out for 9 more weeks (and 6 after birth) I'm going to die! Okay okay, a tad melodramatic... but I enjoy eating and I'll be a blob by the end!

In other news... I finally got to rest this past weekend. Saturday we made it to a track meet for some of Nick's swim kids. Brought back lots of memories! Then we got to nap in the afternoon! Woohoo! My sisters, mom and I got together Sat night and ate pizza, drank (virgin for me) daquiries, and watched The Hangover. It was so much fun to have a nice girls night with my family!

Sunday we slept late and lazed around. I finally got started on the baby's room, moving furniture, touching up the dresser, and separating clothes. I felt accomplished!

Lacey got to go to MMA (mixed martial arts) practice with Nick yesterday, and had a BLAST. It's all she can talk about! So we went to watch him today too. I love that she enjoys going, and I know he does too! He also took her swimming today and she swam by herself some! She told me she went underwater and held her breath and swam like a frog! Hopefully this summer she can get some lessons with one of the coaches (2 have already said YES!) and learn how to swim for real! Cause she knows what she can get away with with mommy and daddy, so she likes to cling. But put her with anyone else and she takes off! Silly girl.

She has also taken to wearing my shirts as 'dresses'. She is thrilled that she is finally tall enough. Mommy= not so thrilled at the extra laundry! And, come warmer weather, I'm going to have nothign to wear if she keeps it up! She especially loves my silky sleeveless type shirts... you know, the really nice ones. Ah well, she looks cute!

Hopefully my crotch will heal and I'll be able to quit walking like I have a stick up my behind. Unfortunately the worst part is no one can tell me when or if it will! We'll see!

Too smart for her own good!


This weekend was beautiful (finally)! Saturday we got to hit the park with daddy and play for about an hour! Then we went to Nick's parents to help with some yardwork, and out to dinner at Mexicalli. Mommy has been craving cheese dip since the very beginning of this pregnancy... and finally gave in!

Sunday we got to play outside most of the day. Lacey really didn't want to come in at all, so when we came in to make lunch we left the screen door cracked so she could run in and out! We got to sit out back on the patio and relax in the sun, watching the dogs run around and play fight, and Lacey singing to us from her slide. We 'fixed' her new bike (lowered the training wheels) so she could ride it. She jumped on, rode back to us, and promptly said 'Daddy, can you take my stabilizers off so I can ride like a big girl?' STABILIZERS?! What ever happened to training wheels?! She is way too smart for her own good! I like when she doesn't know what something is called, she calls it by what it does! So smart!

Hopefully this summer we can get her enrolled in a couple of days of preschool. I know she would LOVE it, it's just hard to do it when I work evenings. Even just 2 days a week, would basically be 2 days where I don't see her at ALL. And I just am not willing to do that yet. So when I'm on maternity leave with this new munchkin, it's preschool time! It will be nice, because she won't be stuck inside with sleepy mommy and a newborn, and I'll get 2 days of just me and the baby (if he's anything like his sister, it won't be restful!). I think she's really going to enjoy it. And hopefully if I can get day shift soon, we can keep it continued throughout the year! Obviously if she loves it, even if I don't get days, we'll keep her in it. So we'll see!

Daddy's home again this weekend, so hopefully it will be another nice one! We need to finish some major spring cleaning before this baby comes! Luckily we finally got his dresser so I can start sorting and putting away clothes. I can't WAIT until the big consignment comes (end of March!) so I can finally get the rest of the stuff we need. Nothing big, I'm just ready to be done buying!

Dear Lord, please let us continue to have this wonderful weather and perfect health! No more winter! We're ready for spring, warm weather, and new babies to come!

I miss my baby :o(


I miss my little girl. I'm having to work a double shift today and tomorrow, so Lacey is having a hard time. She has been really clingy with daddy today, pitching a huge fit when it was time to go with the nanny tonight, so that daddy had to keep her with him at work! My poor sweet girl.

I'm going to clock out right now so I can go home and see her!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyy!!!!!!!

Watching baby brother being born...


Lacey decided the other day that she wants to watch baby brother come out. Not see him afterwards, but watch him come out. One problem- she thinks that he comes out my bellybutton! LOL It was really cute, I told her that mommy might scream a little but it wasn't scary, and she asked me if I screamed when she came out. I said yes, a little and she said 'OOH! Did it hurt my ears?' Adorable!

I did BodyStep yesterday, and BootCamp today. Tomorrow I'm going to try BodyAttack. I'm excited, I've wanted to do attack for awhile but was told it was too intense for me. My instructor for step said that was nonsense, so I'm going to try it tomorrow. We'll see how it goes! I still feel really good during class, and am in MUCH better cardio shape than I thought. So that's nice! I just have to make sure to eat enough calories and get enough rest in between.

The shower this past weekend went great! Lots of people came and we had a great time. Although I ate too much junk food and felt horrible that night.

And then Nick came home from Nashville Sunday. He had 3 of his kids WIN at the championships! I was SO proud of them (and him). He's only been coaching them for 6 months... and he's had such success! I love watching him do something he so obviously loves to do. It's very rewarding.

This week is sort of an off week for him, which is nice. He didn't have early morning practice yesterday morning, and doesn't have a meet this weekend. The weather is supposed to be nice, so hopefully we'll have a nice weekend just hanging out! I really need to get the baby's dresser from my mom's house and put up all the clothes... but we'll see.

That's about it! More later!



So throughout this pregnancy I've been SUPER good about exercising. It makes me feel much better (for the most part) and makes me feel less guilty when I eat some oreos or ice cream (or both!). I usually do walking/jogging on the treadmill, and then strength training with weights. I've wanted to do a class for awhile now, but have been too nervous to go. I saw another pregnant girl in the BodyStep class at the gym, so this week I got up the nerve to go! It was great! Of course the first day (Monday) I felt totally uncoordinated and probably looked like a bumbling idiot. But it was fun, and it was an hour of intense work. Then Tuesday I went to the BootCamp class. Still lots of cardio, and more weights. And then step again Wednesday! I am so proud of myself. Although today I feel like crud, I am chalking that up to the fact that I need some rest (was planning on doing Mon Tue Wed workout, rest Fri and Sat anyways) and that I had to stay at work REALLY late last night and didn't get much sleep. But anyways, hopefully this weight will come off like with Lacey and maybe I'll at least get into a tankini this summer! Fingers crossed.

Lacey has turned on some 3 year old attitude, MAJORLY. It's so funny to watch, but also slightly obnoxious at the same time! Singing/screaming at the top of her lungs, and then making a huge deal out of pouting when, after 30 minutes and my poor ears are ringing, I tell her to please sing quieter! Stomping around when I even dare ask her to pick up her toys or clothes. 'Hhmph'ing all over the place when asked to do things or not to do things, etc. What a little drama queen!

Baby boy has been super active these past couple of days. He really likes step class (or maybe he's annoyed by the music). They play aerobics music obviously, and he really gets to jumping around! And of course he enjoys jumping around when I'm trying to sleep, just like his sister.

Lacey is so ready for him to be here. She talks every day about how she is going to tell him it's okay when he cries and make him happy, and help me change diapers and clothes, and help me do his laundry. It's nice that she's at the age where she likes to help do chores... if only she would do what I ask her! She likes the grown up chores like vacuuming and laundry... but picking up her toys is a nightmare! Just like any other kid!

I'm hoping this weekend is nice. I know it's supposed to be cold... I just wish the warm weather would come and stay! Saturday morning I'm going to a consignment sale to hopefully find a few things that we need, and I'm helping host a friend's baby shower on Saturday, so tomorrow I'll be cooking and getting ready. Then going to a co-worker's shower on Sunday. I really want a quiet weekend at home, but looks like that's not happening!

27 week appointment


I had my 27 week appointment today which meant... the dreaded glucose test! The orange drink wasn't SO horrible... at least I was able to keep it down. I should know by Monday if I passed. If not, I have to go take the 3 hour. YUCK! I had to take it with Lacey twice, because the first time I threw up! So fingers crossed that this time, I pass with flying colors. Baby boy is measuring right on track, and doc says everything looks great! I go back in 3 weeks, and then we start twice a month appointments! As Nick told me today, we only have 6 more paydays before this baby comes! Crazy!!!

I got to stay home from work last night and it was amazing! No rushing through my day, knowing I have to get all this stuff done before 1pm so I can rush and leave for work! We got in a nice leisurely workout, a little park time... both me and Lacey got a bath, got to make some cookies. Then we went to visit daddy at work, and came home to make dinner and eat together! It was SO nice. I hope soon after I have this baby, before my maternity leave is up, I can find day shift. Although I love being home during the day with my family... we would save so much money not having to have a sitter, and I would be able to be home for dinner and bedtime!

Today Nick was talking to his friend on the phone, going on about how we finally got to the point where we can relax some at home, knowing that Lacey is playing nicely and won't get into anything. And then telling him how our world is going to be rocked again, but it's going to be awesome! He was just saying how he is just SO excited about this new baby... even though it means sleepless nights, double the crying, back into diapers, etc. It was a nice conversation to listen to, warmed my heart! Although I will be the one with the sleepless nights! LOL

Now we just have to get the dresser and glider for the nursery, and we are pretty much all set. I'm much more laid back about getting 'stuff' this time... mainly because I know if we don't get it before the baby, we can always get it afterwards! I can't wait to see how this little man adds to our family and all the fun we have!

Oh and it was actually nice and warm out today, we got to take Lacey outside with her soccer ball and baseball stuff. She is actually really good at baseball! I think she hit the ball more times than her daddy did! And of course she's good at soccer... I was totally a star, she better be too! LOL It was great fun, especially when daddy hit the ball in the backyard, and we spent 15 minutes chasing the dogs around trying to get them to let go of the ball (okay, we were also throwing it to them too). I can't WAIT for spring and summer!!!

3 years old!


Time has for sure flown by! Our baby girl turned 3 on Feb 1st! It seems so old, like we are more than halfway to *gasp* school! We had a nice little family party for her, going to her favorite place (Cracker Barrel) to eat and then back to our house for gifts, cake, and ice cream. She has been the biggest joy in so many ways. Some days she gets a little wistful, telling us 'Mommy and Daddy, I don't want to grow up!' When asked why, she says 'Cause then I won't be your baby!' We, of course, reassure her that she will ALWAYS be her baby. How mommy is still her mommy's baby, and daddy is still his mommy's baby! Then she skips off on her merry little way, content in the fact that she will always be OUR little girl! For so long she was a 'BIG girl'... but now if you call her that she says 'Mommy, I'm still a little girl though!' Yes baby, you sure are.

Christmas was a blast, of course. Every year gets more exciting as we get to start more traditions! We made a construction paper chain this year, and got to leave out milk and cookies. She is such a gracious child, and she ooh's and ahh's over everything she gets, whether it's a new bike or a pair of socks. It makes us happy as parents because she really seems to appreciate everything she gets!

We did get to find out that we are adding a SON to the mix!! We are absolutely overjoyed, as this will not only be our first boy (duh) but the first boy to both of our families in awhile! I have sisters and nieces, and Nick has a sister. So a boy will definitely be interesting! Lacey has named him Parker John Smith Lambert... it was just John Smith from Pocahontas! We finally convinced her to try out another name, and were discussing the fact that Parker is on our list... so she latched on! Silly girl! At least she's open to discussion though, although according to her John Smith just HAS to be somewhere in the name! We'll see honey.... She is really excited about him though and can't wait until he gets here! It's not myself I have to stop from buying things for him... she's the worst about throwing stuff for baby brother in the cart! It's really cute.

So for now it's just getting ready for May! I'm enjoying every minute of being pregnant (for the most part) because it'll probably be my last. And we're trying to enjoy every minute of being a family without a newborn! Not that I can't wait to meet our sweet baby boy... but I for sure know how much a newborn changes things, so we're definitely enjoying our relaxing and freedom that we have with only a 3 year old! So in some ways, May can't get here soon enough... but in others, I'm okay if time would pass a little slower. Ask me again at 38 weeks, I'm sure I'll be singing a different tune! But for now, all is good!



Finally, some updates. I don't know why I have such a hard time writing sometimes. I read everyone else's, and I think of stuff I need to write down... and never do!

Lacey is fully potty trained, night and day. Days since about September, nights since October. I am SO happy to be saving diaper money to go towards... well, more diapers come May!

Everything is going well with the pregnancy. Almost 14 weeks, I have a checkup tomorrow to hear the HB (which we hear at home with the doppler already) and hopefully we'll get to schedule our ultrasound to find out the sex! Hoping to find out before Christmas, mainly because it would be a cool Christmas present, but also because my sister is due Dec 23 with a girl, and if we find out it's a boy I can go ahead and give her my girl clothes so she'll have them!

Nick is having a great swimming season with the kids, he is so proud of how well they are all doing! And I'm proud of him, since he's really proving to himself and the other coaches that he really deserved his promotion.

The other day at dinner we were saying the blessing. Nonni started with 'God is good...' And Lacey chimed in 'And people are craazzyy!' Just like the country song! We all died laughing, and blamed it on Nonni because she loves to sing that song with Lacey!

All in all we've just been pretty busy with family and work and just hanging out and enjoying each other. Friday night I'm going with a few friends to see the new Twilight movie, New Moon. Then next week is Thanksgiving and we will go to Memphis. Then Dec 5th is Nick's grandparents 50th anniversary, also in Memphis. Then Christmas in Memphis Dec 18th, then real Christmas! I love the holidays!!! I love to travel, and I especially love going to Memphis. Not only is Nick's family amazing, but it's so nice and relaxing. His gparents have a nice flat house, and Lacey just takes off. She doesn't want any help doing anything, and there's so many people around to entertain her, I can just relax! She has an absolute blast, and it's so fun to watch her interact with everyone. Plus, Nick's cousin's son Tyler and Lacey get along great, so they usually just play all day! I can't explain how comfortable a feeling it is to go up there, so I love to go any chance we get!

Time is going by so fast now! I can't believe we almost have a 3 year old (and believe me, she thinks she's about to turn 13) and a new baby!

I know, I know


I still have yet to post about anything since before the wedding! I'm such a bad blogger. I hate that I can only write from work, so I can't post pictures, so I haven't written at all. It's time to write a little!

The wedding went WONDERFULLY, I couldn't have wished for a better day! The honeymoon was a delight, we went to Puerto Rico and relaxed, snorkeled, and spent lots of money.

Then we got to go to our friends Brian and Suzanne's wedding the next weekend, at the Port o Fino in Pensacola, the nicest place I've ever stayed. They had a beach wedding, and poolside reception. It was gorgeous!!!!!!!

We've just been working on finding me a day-time job, and all the fun married name changing stuff. I finally did find a job, and should start soon!

Lacey is getting so big and smart! Today she woke up with an ear infection, right before she was to leave for Memphis with Nick's parents. I rushed her to the doctor, so luckily she still got to go to Memphis. I'm sure she's having a blast as I type. She is 2 years 7 months and is 30 pounds even. Sassy, and totally into everything princess. She has to wear a 'beautiful spinny dress' every single day! I went to Kids Market on Monday and luckily found lots more dresses, and dress up costumes. We were running out!

And the biggest news, we are going to welcome baby #2 in May 2010! We found out about a week ago and have our first appointment tomorrow to make sure all is well and it's not all in my head (and on the pregnancy test). We told Nick's parents and grandparents today, they are excited, if not a bit surprised about how quickly it happened. Everyone has been asking if it was a honeymoon baby. I have to say yes and no! Because it didn't happen on our honeymoon... but quite possibly at our friend's wedding! Hoping for either sex, just a healthy baby! Now to tell my parents and grandparents. They probably won't be surprised, this will be the 4th grandbaby for them! I'm sure they will be hoping for a boy along with everyone else! But especially my family, we have all girls!

I think that's it, summed up. My pictures from the wedding are on their way. We'll see if I actually get a chance to post them!

For the record, Lacey wants to name the baby Hailey, regardless of sex. She also has thrown out 'daddy' when we ask her, but when we remind her she already has a daddy named daddy, she hits her forehead and says 'Oh yea!'

The Hangover


Nick and I went to see The Hangover last night, it was absolutely HILARIOUS! We wanted to go see a movie last night, and there was nothing else on. We had wanted to wait until it was on video, but it was the perfect movie to see so close to our wedding. I loved it, I can't wait until it comes out!

Saturday Nick's mom, me, and Lacey went to Mississippi to Nick's cousin's wedding. It was really pretty, I'm happy they are married now! I was kinda mad at first when they got engaged. We got engaged in December, and they got engaged in April, and we had already picked out our date. Then we get a phone call from someone in the family saying that they were getting married August 8th. I was like ummm hello? You can't make the family choose whose wedding to go to! And we had just recently sent our save the date cards! Luckily when they realized it was on our date, they changed it to August 1st. We have 3 weddings this month! Phew!

Sunday we went to my grandmother's to celebrate her 80th birthday! They found a really nice dollhouse and tons of Polly Pocket dolls/clothes/cars, at a yard sale, so Lacey and Emma had a blast playing with it. We had a lot of fun, I'm glad we're getting to celebrate her 80th, although with her back surgery and subsequently being housebound, I'm not so sure how happy she is about it. I really wish she was coming to our wedding, but she says she can't because she is embarassed about being in a wheelchair. I think it's because she's in too much pain to ride in the car... because I wouldn't care if we had to wheel her down on a stretcher! I'm a little bummed, because I really wanted my grandmother to be there (my other one passed away a few years ago). But that's okay, I guess she can watch the video.

Not much left to do on the wedding front, just the last minute stuff! Oh, and packing for the honeymoon. We are going to have more people there than I originally thought (I think, judging by the people who have told me they are coming) so we may run out of food, but I say the more the merrier! I'm so excited! All the girls are spending the night with me Friday night, so that should be a lot of fun.

4 days!