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Abi Duffee's bday


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Finishing up 2012



November 2012 happenings


So, it's about 7pm at night and Trevor and Triston are being really good playing individually. I just so happen to be walking by the living room where Triston was. He was just jumping around 'calmly' on the leather couch, when all of a sudden he mis-stepped and slipped off the couch and hit his head on the corner of the granite table. I knew IMMEDIATELY it was bad. I just didn't know how bad so of course I ran to his side and picked him up. As soon as I turned him over towards me, blood was gushing. I knew it was bad enough to go to the emergency room. Absolutely NO question in my mind. I had to think fast. I gathered Taylor and Trevor and called Jessica and Mark Mortenson and asked if I could drop my other two kids off at their house. I only had the truck, so I needed Mark to come with me and hold Triston while I drove.So, Mark Mortenson came with me to help me get checked in at Baptist East Hospital until Tyson could meet us there.   Tyson was home teaching at the Browns' home, so I just called him on the way over to the hospital. Luckily he picked up because they literally were all folding their arms ready to say a closing prayer. I quickly told him what happened and for him to meet us at the emergency room. We didn't have to wait too too long, cause they took him up to triage. But, it was getting late and Triston was pretty tired.It really amazed us how good and calm Triston was. I really never see him like this.They gave him a coloring book and a cute stuffed elephant, which became is favorite to sleep with.They finally came in to get him numb and stitch him up. He was really good, but of course he cried pretty much the whole time. He was so hot and sweaty from the crying and being wrapped up so he wouldn't move.Here is a picture with the PA who did a great job at stitching Triston up. He received 3 internal and 8 external stitches. 11 total (I think). And he got a popsicle :-)  The hospital was great, but the bill wasn't :-(  Cost about $800-$900 when we got the bill weeks later, but that's okay. Had to be doneHere are the pictures of the stitchesSo, here's a random picture that I took to show Tyson that I really want to get my "black triangles" fixed. For years I've been self-concious about the spaces near my gums, between my teeth. Ever since 2006. Someday we'll figure something out to help fill it in so it doesn't look like I have black pepper or food stuck in my teeth.Another random though... I love this plant! We got this plant when we moved into our new house from Stock Yard Bank Mortgage company and it is so low maintenance! I have watered it maybe once in the last 2 months. Eventually it will die, but it's beautiful and takes hardly any up keep!We went to "All About Kids" twice weekly. Tuesday afternoons was Taylor's gymnastics and Thursday evening was Taylor's dance class. Cohen Mortenson would come Tuesday afternoons to play in the "Fun Zone" with my boys while Taylor did her gymnastics class. Thursdays was a bit of a struggle cause it was crazy crowded. We often saw Lily (bottom right in her pj's) there cause her sister would do night gymnastics. Evening were very difficult also because my boys wouldn't follow the 'Fun Zone' rules, and the were enforced on Thursday nights. I finally decided it wasn't worth it to me and we cut dance classes out totally. Taylor had to decide :-)Here are the 'dud' pictures from Trevor's school photo's :-)  I love them, even though they are hilarious!Below, Triston's pics were so bad we really had to do some retakes :-) He was just not going to smile :-) He was still crying in November while going to school. It took a good 2-3 months for him to start liking school and smiling :-) ha haWhen we moved into our new house, Jessica gave us an new home gift. It was a pancake face kit. I think they are Sesame street faces (Elmo, Grover, grouch???)The kids LOVE them, but they are difficult and time consuming to make.November... the month I love to HATE!!! Hunting Season! Do I need to say anything mor[...]

October 2012 postings


New York Girls weekend with Marcae Rosenvall, Lacey Laird, and Kaydee ShakespearGot a picture in Time Squareand in the subway2nd day I was there I got a HORRIBLE sinus cold. I was on antibiotics, but my nose was like a leaking faucet. It did not stop running. It was quite gross. In fact while the other three girls went to some broadway shows that evening, I took a load of NyQuil and went to bed at 8pm. Good thing, cause I felt a TON better the following day.The one thing I really wanted to do was get up in the morning and go to the set of the Today Show. I love to watch that show and it was neat to experience some of it live.Linny Boyette at the Today ShowWent on a fun bike ride through Central ParkWish I could have gone with Marcae and Lacey to 'Rock of Ages'. They said it was just a big 80's Party. A lot of fun, but pretty bad too. I just wasn't big into spending a whole lot of money on Broadway Shows unless I REALLY REALLY wanted to see it. I'd rather go shopping :-)But I did go to one play... The Newsies. It was good.Gotta Love NewYork Pizza! Yum!DO NOT get pictures with Minnie Mouse or Hello Kitty!!! They cost $5 for one picture! I knew they charged you, so I didn't fall for it, but I had NO idea it was $5!!! Sheesh!Naked Cowboy and Naked Indian appreciate tips. They don't REQUIRE them.found the 'naked cowboy' and got some fun pictures with him :-)Taxi ride in New York City! Seriously CRAZY driving!!! While I was gone, Jon and Glenys came to help watch the kiddo's. Jon & Tyson built a wall with a door in the basement to separate an area for storage. It was so nice to have my own little storage area.At the grocery store in Walmart, I told the boys to give each other loves and it was so cute! They were teasing each other and being cuteI love when my boys are so sweet to each other. They are best friends for life!So cute for church! Their hair (above) is just a bit too stiff and straight up :-) ha haBeen going through my stuff and moving into our house. Had my old wedding pictures out and Triston just LOVED looking at daddy. Daddy was at work and he was sure missing him :-)Looking out the window at the squirrels running around. Max Paxton is pictured in here with my kids. (Dave and Tiffany Paxton came in town to get Dave's tooth worked on and stayed with us for 2 days. It's always so good to have them come in town from Chicago).Grandma and Grandpa Gubler came in town the end of October because Tyson went out to Utah for hunting season with his family. They were 'trying' to help me with my kids, and it was miserable because my boys were not so nice. :-( My mom helped me out so much with cleaning and they both did a bunch of yard work and took the kids on walks or bike rides.Here I am trying to cut the boy's hair as fast as I could outside in our garageThe boys are discovering the empty lot across the street from our front yard. Soon they will be going down that steep hill and exploring deep into those woods.Taylor has a school 'pet' named "Happy", and she got to take him home with her over the weekend to take care of him. Here she is with Happy at gymnastics.Taylor LOVES gymnastics! And probably more than that, she LOVES to get trophies and ribbons :-)Here is Taylor and Reagan Daughtery (her best friend from last years 3 yr old preschool class). They no longer are in the same class, but still go to the same school.Middletown Christian PreschoolHere is the parking lot of Middletown Christian Preschool. Taylor, Trevor and Triston all go there this year. The boys go 2 times a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Taylor goes 4 days a week Monday through Thursday, just half a day from 8-12:15pm. Triston struggled in the beginning and cried a whole lot. Trevor was a perfect angel. But later you find out that after Christmas, they flip flop.Here is Triston's class party for Halloween. He was batman for Halloween this year.And for Halloween, they all dressed up as super hero's! Such fun times! As they get older, it gets really fun taking them [...]

September 2012


School started after Labor Day weekend. It's the first year they will all go to school together at Middletown Christian Preschool. Taylor is in the 4 days/week 4 year old class. And the boys are in the 2 days/week 2 year old class. I separated the boys into separate classes and they do very well that way. Triston (above) Trevor (below) Taylor had a playdate at Lily Cannon's house and she just LOVES their kitty! Taylor wishes she had a kitten.Sleeping moments. Love these moments cause they are always so cute and peaceful!There's been a whole lot of campaigning for president this month because it the year that Obama is going for reelection (for another 4 years) and he is going up against Mitt Romney. Of course Obama won because the people in the U.S. are RETARDED! Since we bought a house, we needed to come and get all our stuff from the house in Utah, so the weekend of my birthday was the only weekend Tyson had off to watch the kids while I flew out to make sure we got all the stuff we were taking with us for our new home. Of course my parents came up to help and Tyson's parents and family was there to help load up. We had so much stuff, it is ridiculous! Tyson's gun safe was massive, that it needed 6 guys :-)I certainly LOVE Lowes' carts! Best carts ever!Taylor is in heaven! Loves playing dress up and doing hair. The kids are just playing with her hairclips.9/18/12 We got family photo's by Jessica Mortenson[...]

Summer 2012


WOW! What a busy summer it has been! I have taken a 3 month break from blogging and it is going to be a nightmare trying to catch up with 3 months worth of pictures and stories to update. I have not had much of a break this summer at all. This next week pre-pre school starts for the kiddo's and I am FINALLY going to get a few hours in the week to MYSELF!!! WOOOHOOO!!! I'm so excited I can't even stand it. It's going to be busy though because in just a few weeks we are moving into a house that we finally bought here in Louisville that we can finally call OUR HOME! Taylor has already memorized the address :-) We are all just so elated to move in and have more room to run around in and have some extra space. I'm hoping this will be a good breather for all of us :)Well, so here it goes... on to posting the pictures and updates from this Summer (June, July, August)...JUNE:6/1/12Taylor's first baseball game, and probably last. She thought it was quite borring :-)the boys watch TV (video's) way better in the car, strapped in, rather than at home. They can never sit down and just watch a show for more than 5 minutes.6/2/12We had a big lightening storm and it struck our neighbors tree. She had to get a company to come and remove the tree from her backyard.6/5/126/5/126/7/126/10/12Trevor bites TristonTold them they had to make up and give each other loves :-)Cohen Mortenson was over one day playing in the backyard, getting all wet and muddy, so they all jumped in the bath to wash off. Got a cute picture of all three splashing in the bath :-)6/12/126/12/126/12/12Trevor having a playdate at Cohen's house. They share and do so good when the other twin isn't there!6/14/12Our catepillars were soon to be turning into butterflies!Kingdom Camp at Middletown ChristianTaylor (back left) and her friend from school Reagan Daughtery (front right)6/18/126/18/12The boys are "riding LOW" on their 4-wheelers :-)6/20/12The boys got into my sugar (Thankfully it wasn't much), but they were in BIG TROUBLE!6/22/12Driving from KY to LasVegas and then to Lake Powell (UT)6/25/126/27/12Headed to Lake PowellChip in their teeth.Triston (above) and Trevor (below) have almost identical slight chips on the front mesial incisal edge of their tooth, except they are the opposite tooth. Trevors is tooth F and Tristons is tooth ELake Powell 6/27/12Preparing the mud bath for the "mud monster!"Getting the "mud monster" all muddyThe "mud monster" becomes ALIVE!Trevor and Triston are trying to figure out what just happened :-)The mud monster is after Taylor and grabs herAnd of course Taylor freaks out that the Mud Monster got her :-)Mud Monster comes back to say sorry to Taylor :-)  LOLJULY:7/4/127/5/127/6/12 Headed back to Kentucky with Grandpa Gubler7/9/12 Gma Gubler meets us in Kentucky 7/7/127/10/127/11/12 Grandma helps us make sugar cookies7/12/127/13/127/14/12Trevor gets his head stuck between the stair railings, which we find is very easy to get him out (after quite a few tries)7/14/12 we meet dad at McDonalds during his lunch hour for a play date7/16/12 Sacrament at church7/18/12 Josie Gubler comes to visit for 1 week7/18/127/18/127/19/127/21/12 Visit Schimpfs candy and ice cream storeIt was 50's day at Schimpf's7/22/12 Josie Gubler having book reading timeJosie Gubler and the kids7/25/127/25/12 Mowing the lawn with DaddyThe boys HAD to be with daddy and had a hard time sharing himDaddy's favorite thing is snuggle time. And Triston LOVES snuggling with daddy!July 28th looking at a new house listing... which becomes our NEW HOME7/28/12 The kids watching "Rainbow Brite" on TV. The boys are slowly starting to sit and watch a little TV here and there.AND HORSELAND7/29/12 Triston loves his cheese!T is for Taylor :-)7/29/127/30/127/30/12 Taylor has just grown to LOVE Levi Mortenson! She loves to play with him and especially loves to carry him around. She is such a good friend to him.7/30/12 Taylor LOVES to put her hair (or mom's[...]

May Happening's


In the beginning of May, Grandma and Grandpa came in town to hang out with us for about 9 days.It was so nice. We had a lot of fun and it was really nice for me to have extra handsGrandpa Jon with Trevor (left) and Triston (right)Trevor in his carseat, holding Grandpa Jon's hand the WHOLE car ride. Grandpa is sitting in the back and reaching his hand forward to hold Trevor. It was the cutest thing ever!Grandma and Grandpa Perrero got the boys a new trampoline for their Birthday (the end of this month). It took all 3 of them (Tyson included) to put it together! It was awesome and the kids absolutely LOVE it!!!One afternoon while the boys were napping, I walked by Taylors room and found Grandpa playing "My Little Ponies" with Taylor. He was in there for like an HOUR just playing with her.Grandpa Jon amazes me! He takes advantage of every minute he has with his grandkids!The next day, Jon was mentioning how he couldn't find his dad's ring (the special ring that his father gave him and that he only wears on special occasions). He remembered taking it off, but can't figure out where he put it. Jon and Glenys searched the house, cleaned the room they were staying in (Taylor's room) and was SICK about it. He had mentioned letting Taylor hold it, and so when I went to pick Taylor up from her last day of school, I asked her if she knew where Grandpa's ring was. She immediately said, "I put it on Minnie Mouse." She has this crazy amazing visual memory that astonishes me. I called Glenys and told her to look for her Minnie Mouse. Glenys said, "Oh YIP! Here it is in her closet on Minnie Mouse's thumb". We were all laughing. Grandpa got a kick out of it.So, I started a boot camp class and made Tyson signed up. Tyson absolutely loves it and even Jon went with us a few times while he was here with us. It kicks your butt and we love it. Now that I'm building muscle, I just need to strip my fat. So, I really need to focus on better eating.Its called Ascend Fitness and Jessica Mortenson goes with me in the mornings. Tyson does the evening classes.We have quite a large group of young mom's in our Louisville 3rd Ward. Once in a while we will post group get-togethers as ladies by ourselves or park lunches with the kiddo's. Its fun and I'm sure I'll get to know them better as I do more things with them.So, Taylor finished up her 3 year old 3 days a week school year. It's so sad. She really was lucky to have such great teachers this year! Miss Kathleen (left) is overall the best teacher EVER! She is so bubbly and positive and motivational. Miss Kathy (right) is more relaxed and easy going.We are going to really really miss them. She loved her school... Middletown Christian PreschoolTaylor also finished up her season of soccer, with her friend Reagan Mills. It was a HORRIBLY HOT DAY on their last game, and it was fun that Grandma and Grandpa Perrero got to come see her play. Taylor really struggled with soccer this season. She started out great and motivated and had fun, but slowly she started whining more and more that she didn't want to come and play. At times, Tyson and I had to go out on the field because she literally wouldn't go out unless we were there. It was quite ridiculous.  We definitely won't be signing her up next season.Tuesday nights we sometimes go watch Dad play baseball. She was playing in the dirt, 'planting a flower' and being so good. Tyson plays with the boys from the Ward. He enjoys getting out, being active and getting to know the men in the ward better.For Mothers Day, I took Glenys out and we got pampered. Glenys got an hour massage and I got an hour facial. That night, Tyson and I went out with my in-laws to King Fish on the river for dinner. We had Emma babysit the kiddo's and when we came back, this is what she left...It was soooo sweet, that she helped Taylor make a Mother's Day gift for me :) It totally made my Mothers Day complete! :)My Moth[...]

April Updates


Happy Easter! The Easter bunny came to visit and left some treats and toys at the foot of the kids beds. Taylor even noticed that she got the same chocolate bunny Daddy got about week ago from his office staff. :-) She's a clever little girl that notices everything :-)Trevor (left) & Triston (right)We had a fun Easter party at Laura Browns house with a ton of the young mothers and friends from the Louisville 3rd Ward. The Easter Egg Hunt was in the front yard. Triston (in the yellow shirt) wasn't so interested in picking up a bunch of eggs. He just wandered around holding his yellow egg. He kept wandering off and running up this sidewalk (close to the street). Laura Brown was close by him when one time he wandered up the sidewalk. She tried to help me get him to come back, but he thought it was a fun game to play cat and mouse. In the picture above, you see a navy blue minivan just behind Triston's right ear. He started to run away from Laura and behind this minivan into the street. Laura tried to catch him, but he was a fast little bugger. I saw the whole thing happen. I watched as this white truck was approaching. THANK GOODNESS the driver was going slow, because she knew there were a bunch of kids around. She STILL had to slam on the breaks for Triston and literally missed him by inches (a foot at most if that). It was SOOOOOO SCARY! I probably FREAKED everyone out with how loud I yelled his name as I saw this happening, hoping he would hear me and stop. Laura said she about had a panic attack it was so scary for her. I think Triston was saved by Angels that day. Triston definitely has had many near death experiences ALREADY. Taylor officially knows her birthday is April 9th. On her birthday, she got a package from Grandma Gubler. She got an African doll and some money and chocolate.That same day, we went to pick up a few things at Kohls with the kiddo's and there was this older woman there who was taken back with my kids. She loved them and Taylor was very talkative and sweet to her. She told her it was her birthday and the Lady wanted to buy her a stuffed animal, so Taylor picked out a lamb. It was so sweet of this lady to do that and Taylor felt very special. Taylor also got this amazing Rupunzel dress-up 'wedding dress' and the doll as well from Mark and Jessica & Cohen Mortenson. She is in love with the doll and sleeps with it most nights because she loves holding her hair. The dress is so glittery that when you take it off, you are covered in glitter. Its adorable and Taylor definitely feels like a princess in it.Mom and Dad got Taylor a Dora doll house (It was on an amazing sale). She plays with it sometimes, but mostly the boys like playing with it with their cars :)In the evening, we all got together with a bunch of friends at our favorite park (Creekside Park) and celebrated her birthday. Taylor turned 4 years old and loved her cookie cake with a pink kitty on it.She wanted the piece with the most pink icing on it (of course)Here is Reagan Mills (in the red shirt) and Cami Brown (in the white shirt) with Triston (in the green shirt) and Trevor (in the orange shirt, being held by my friend Heather Mills).Triston and Trevor constantly keep my going. Their room is completely bare now except their beds. Often, I find them stripped down naked, no matter what I do. It is going to get to a point that I'm going to have to duck tape their diapers. The picture above shows that the boys stripped down naked, kicked all their bears and blankets off their beds and pushed their mattresses up on its side. But the worse part of it all.... is that when I walked into the room, I smelt poop! Yep! Poop everywhere, even though you can't really see very well in the picture.  You can say that I gave those boys some bare bottom spankings :-)To this day, I still don't know how Trevor go this black eye (bruise jus[...]

Perrero Clan Header & Background


A friend offered to make me a Blog header and background. She has no idea how grateful I am! It is so absolutely gorgeous! I can't believe how creative and talented she is. I wish I knew how to do stuff like this. I think it would be so fun to do digital scrapbooking. Check out some of her cool things she's done here:

March Happenin's


The first week of March, we had our first big snow storm (and it wasn't much), but it sure was beautiful and fun to play in.This is the street we live down onOur backyard porchTaylors favorite thing was eating the snowAnd throwing snowballs (while the boys run off and then mommy has to run after them...)And making a snow angel. She couldn't WAIT to do this!This is Triston. He was stubborn and wouldn't put a beanie on nor gloves... so he got really coldThis is Trevor. He's got his beanie on and gloves and loved throwing the snow at Triston and TaylorSo, earlier you saw... the boys ran off and they ran over to the neighbors house and the lady tapped on her screen door and looked at me like, "what are you doing letting those boys in my yard?" I was embarrassed and wanted to smack her. How rude and impatient. Whatev, no more cookies from us.The next morning it was super super warm and the snow melted FAST! Taylor of course enjoyed eating the icy snow :)So every night, the boys cry when they go to sleep, so Tyson and I decided to that it's just easier to sit in the room and play games on our phones or facebook, text, check our emails and such on our phone until they fall asleep. They don't cry and it's usually only 20 minutes (usually). It was funny when Triston stole my phone and totally imitated me... immediately went to his room and sat against the pillow up against the wall with my phone :) Super cuteTrevor (above) loves his silk blankets and Triston (below) loves the soft warm onesOne morning, the boys were laughing a ton and when we went to get them out of their room, they walked out buck naked with their blankies :)  They totally unzipped their sleep sacs and their pajama's and took off their diapers. We now know that it is a MUST to have onesies on under their pajama'sAbove is how my family room looks every day. I sure can't wait to get a bigger house and have an actual "play room". And yes, the boys jump on Dad's head every day too :)Poor Taylor got sick and threw up in the middle of the night. She looked awful and pale. Was taking a picture of her and then... she started picking her nose while she was watching TV :) It was quite entertaining :)Trevor likes to curl up into a ball in his high chairTriston makes a cheesy face (above)and stands close to the TV (below)One day the kids were being so good playing in Taylors room. It is just makes my day when my kids all get along and enjoy one another, laughing, sharing and having funOur sweet friends, Laura Brown and daughter Cami gave Taylor their dollhouse. She was in love with it and had fun playing with Daddy :)We brought Taylor's friend, Reagan Mills, with us to the Dinasour exhibit. The line was harendous, but they were troopers. It was fun learning about the different dinasours and it was pretty coolOne nice afternoon, we were out on a walk, when I stopped to chat with my neighbor. Before I knew it, the kids were in the mud (it rained the day before). It was too late, so I let them get as muddy as they wanted. In fact, it was Taylor that was the instigator... that little stinker :)Here Triston slipped and fell in the mud. Instead of helping him up, of course mom takes a picture :) How mean :-ITriston (green shirt) and Trevor (orange shirt)Inistially Triston had a ton of fun rubbing the mud in his hair and face, but then he didn't like the feeling of being so dirtyThis month, the boys have really turned a new leaf and get in sooo much trouble! They are breaking things, destroying anything they touch and laugh when I discipline them. When they are together, its not DOUBLE TROUBLE, its QUADRUPLE TROUBLE!!! NO JOKE!They climb on everything and discovered my seasonings. I can never take my eyes off them because if I do, I'll have a disaster of a mess, so I'd rather monitor them than have a tornado come through my house. Tha[...]

What we've been up to in February


The great thing about Louisville weather is that you still get some really nice warm days randomly. On sunny days, we try to take advantage of it and get out... even if its just a short amount of time. The kids LOVE the zoo. And most of the time, we can't wait till dad gets home, so I take all the kids to the zoo for about 2 hours (not long), to see parts of it and run around. The boys are getting better at understanding me and obeying me (sorta), so its fun actually letting them run around and giving them some freedom. It gives me a chance to teach them obedience and consequences as well. This is probably the boys' favorite thing at the zoo. They love to pretend drive this junk car. Its kind of a catch-22. Its great that they love it, but when its FINALLY time to go, its not such a pretty sight :) We spend a lot of the time at the play ground at the zoo, and once in a while we'll buy tickets to ride the merry go around (Taylor's favorite).Taylor and Triston in the driver seatTrevor as the passenger, hanging out the windowTaylor goes to 3 yr old preschool 3 days a week (T, Th & F)Its hard to get involved, but I make it a point to help with the holiday parties and be there for her. I'm really lucky that I'm able to do so, cause some of the kids get really emotional when their mom or dad isn't there at the class parties. The kids are just too young to understand why not. Here they are doing the fun craft one of the mom's planned. They painted picture frames and even had their picture taken to have put in it. I was in charge of the snack time for the Valentines Party. As usual, I went overboard, but its hard to know what the kids will eat, so I had quite a variety.Sitting next to Taylor is one of her best friends in her class, Reagan. She also talks about Lily, Sidney, and Caroline a lot.Triston and Trevor have bumps, scratches, bruises and bite marks all over their bodies every day. There's always a new bruise. Here are some of them: Triston hit his head on the corner of something pretty hard. It had a tiny cut in the center, so I knew it was sharp. I still have no idea how he did this.A few days later... here he is with the black and blue foreheadNot only did he have a big bonk on his forhead, but he had a bruise on the right cheek...And a bite mark on the left cheek. (Its hard to see, but stinkin Trevor sure does like to bite his poor brother)And you can obviously see here is another bad bite mark on Triston's thigh. Of course, this was Trevor's doing. These pictures were taken a few days apart. Trevor is usually the one beating up on Triston, but I think Triston is coming around. He's tired of it and pretty much attacked Trevor's face one day. I feel like I am CONSTANTLY referring these boys, but there are still times that I'm not around when things go down. :-)Poor Trevor got scratched up pretty good.Even when I'm holding both of them, they can't keep their hands off each other. This picture shows Trevor putting his hands in Triston's face. Sometimes they go along with it and play fight, but other times they cry at the slightest touch.Its wierd cause they can be tackling and smacking each others face, but are laughing histerically. Those are my favorite moments, although 99% of the time someone always ends up hurt. :-(Here are some funny positions I've randomly found the boys in during their naps. Triston (above) is always trying to get out of his bed, and it looks like he fell asleep that way :)Trevor (below) is always falling asleep at the door during naps because he cries when I won't sit in their room till they fall asleep. I think they look under the door to see me walking around too. Sometimes its so much easier to just sit in their room for 15 minutes until they fall asleep so they don't hysterically cryOne morning, Triston woke up, but [...]

I'm Back!


Ok, its almost the last day of January 2012 and one of my New Years Resolutions is to post AT LEAST every month AND to stay updated on my blog for journaling purposes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I can print out my blog and make a book out of it. Such a fantastic keepsake!Well, I have been out of town for just over 1 month. I got back yesterday and I am OVERWHELMED!!! I can't imagine how my parents must be feeling... and I will explain:Our little family went out west to spend Christmas with the Perrero's. We decided to stay out there and spend time with family until my parents came back from their 18 month mission in Africa at the end of January. So, just before Jan 20th, we drove down to Vegas to be with the Gublers and see my long lost parents. Tyson, of course, had to get back to work and was lonely for a LONG TIME. It's been a good month, but a very tough one too (in different ways). Lets just say.... We won't be doing that again. I never want to be apart from Tyson that long ever again! Nor do the kids :)So, just being gone for 1 month, I am back in Louisville Kentucky and have loads of laundry to do, unpacking in each room (even toys galore), just went grocery shopping, and got to get back into daily life: Taylor in school, gymnastics, make dinners, do the dishes, FHE, deal with jet-lag, cranky boys that won't sleep in their cribs, more adjustments with beds/bedrooms, new Ward calling (Relief Society Enrichment Board... its a great calling, nothing to complain about), help with school party coming up, Visiting Teaching, entertain the twins, go on drives when their cranky and clinging to mom's legs crying hysterically, somehow get rest, facebook, Valentines gifts for Tyson's staff, feed the twins 5 meals a day (no joke), change 6-9 poopy diapers a day (no joke), read to the kids, try not to fall asleep, wish I could sit and watch my TV show 'the Bachelor' Monday nights but I don't have time. You get the idea. I'm just rambling...I think the one thing I am going to miss the most is all the help I got while I was with family. The twins are at a REALLY tough age (honestly, I don't think we've had an easy age yet). They are very clingy, the cry a lot, and have a lot of highs and low low's. When they are happy and playing with each other... I am estatic. I usually let them do whatever they want. I don't care if they tear my house up. It is rare and I thoroughly enjoy every second of it. I do hope that as they get older, we'll have more moments like those. Many people have told me that the first year with having twins is the hardest. Others have said it doesn't get any easier until after age 3. I'm thinking that is more like it. I am not seeing any light at the end of the tunnel. BUT, I look at my little girl, Taylor, and I have hope. Taylor use to be so whiny and needy when we were home (just me and her). She would wake up from naps and just cry for 45 minutes unless I held her until she "fully woke up". But, when that girl turned 3, she started blossoming. She always was my little angel, but boy has she bloomed into a wonderful little girl. She will be turning 4 in April. It sure does go by fast. The one thing I have guilt for is that my boys take SOOOOO MUCH out of me, that Taylor is always put on the back burner. They are pretty overwhelming, there's no doubt about it, but boy do I LOVE THEM! I'm blessed to have them. I try really hard to savor the good moments because I get that advice ALL THE TIME. Its hard not to wish away the years, so I really try not to; although tempted :) So here we are taking off for Utah. The flight is about 4 hours long. It wasn't too bad because we were prepared and brought some liquid Melatonin to give to the boys when the got cranky. That knocked them out for about an hour. It was the last 45 minut[...]

December 2010-TONS of Pictures


Trevor (left) and Triston (right)turned 7 months old on Christmas Day12/29/10Sitting up pretty wellTriston (left) and Trevor (right)Taylor loves her brothers!!!Trevor has a pronounced vein between his eyes. This is one way I can for sure tell between the two boys...The poor guy also has 'pink eye' in HIS left eye.Below are pictures of Triston! 7 months oldGrandpa Jon reading the twins their new book... (A hallmark 'recorded story' of Grandpa's voice 'reading them a story'). Now they will always have grandpa to read them a bedtime story EVERY NIGHT! Such a great gift!The twin boys turned 7 months old on Christmas Day!Trevor 12/25/10TrevorTriston 12/25/10a smile behind that binkieThe boys' FAVORITE present: wrapping paper!Grandma Perrero gave them these cute PJ's on Christmas EveTrevor (left) Triston (right)TristonTaylor playing with her new remote-control "little pony" in a carShe LOVES her new princess umbrella!Doing puzzles with daddyA family favorite... German pancakes for breakfastSanta and his reindeer's treats (Before and After)Taylor's new pajama's from Grandma and Grandpa Perrero Christmas EveAs you can see (in the background), we had a sad Christmas Eve. Taylor threw up ALL DAY! It wasn't until 7pm that she started to feel okay. She got the 24 hour flu, that hung on slightly a few more days after.Poor Taylor got the flu on Christmas Eve!!! She threw up ALL DAY. Thankfully she was feeling better that night so she could open her present up from Grandma and Grandpa Perrero... her Christmas PJ's!On Wednesday Dec 22, we had friends from Kentucky's Dental School come over for a party. It was a blast to see old friends again! Sure do miss them!Dave Rasmussen and TysonHeather Young and Krista ChristensenCute little Sadie MaxfieldSadie and AbbieDave holding Taylor and his daughter, Mia RasmussenDental school buddiesAll the kiddo's are growing up so fast!Abbie, Allie, Sadie, Taylor, MiaMaking funny facesWhite Elephant gift exchangeInside joke!Tired Taylor didn't get a nap todayPlayed the orange game. Got the idea from a friends party, Christy GammellIT IS ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS! I couldn't stop laughing!We also enjoyed an annual Perrero Family Christmas Party 12/18/10Lexi and TaylorAshlyn, Averee and TaylorOur little family of 5 with Santa12/18/10Taylor and SantaTaylor had a blast at her school's Christmas Party on Dec 8th. Here she is with Santa (of course)I got a new camera for Christmas (but started trying it out before so I would know if I wanted to keep it or not.) Well, I love it. Here are some cute pics of the boys at 6 months old...12/19/10Trevor (our little roller) Doesn't like to sit upTriston (sitting up well)Trevor 12/16/10Triston 12/16/10Taylor 12/19/10Sportin her new hair cutSo much SNOW!!! 12/21/10Turned in my coins to help pay for Christmas and bills... $417!Taylor is ALWAYS holding on to my hair! She is obsessed! Its really cute.Brrrrr! 12/16/10Poor girl touched the stove top, 'seeing if it was hot or not'12/20/10Taylor's new hair cut! Amber Hanks (Tyson's sister cuts hair)12/13/10Went out on the provo river for a boat ride and looked at all the pretty christmas lights and drank hot chocolate for FHE on 12/14/10We've had a lot of the kids sick this winter! I HATE WINTER!!!Poor Taylor got pink eye (viral infection) and passed it on to Triston (which became a bacterial infection). Finally got rid of it, and then a few days later Trevor and Triston had it. So, I spent a full day disinfecting every toy, washing blankets, sheets, clothes, bleaching toys... you name it! Used antibiotic Rx eye drops for 5 days and are crossing our fingers it doesn't come back!Triston eating his yummy 'sweet potatoes'!!!The boys' 6 month visit!The wild bunch!THANK GOODNESS FOR BINKIES!!![...]

Anyone out there?


I see visitors coming and going on my blog (from the live traffic feed), but I don't post much on my blog these days, so I was just wondering... Is there anyone out there?
I wonder how accurate those 'live traffic feed's' really are?!
Also, Do you FACEBOOK or BLOG more these days?

November Happenings


11/25/10Changing the boys' diapers. I swear they have a poopy diaper 9 out of 10 feedings! SHEESH! :)Taylor, Triston (sucking on his lips) and Trevor11/27/10The boys turned 6 months old Nov 25Time sure if flying fast!Trevor (left) and Triston (right)Pictures taken 11/28/10These boys are so much fun!They love to smile and laugh and to play.They need more attention than I can give them. They just love to smile and play with anyone who wants to love and hold them.The boys are looking more and more alike as their hair grows in.11/28/10Here they are in their bumbo seats.Triston taking a bath11/4/10All about Triston:He is our chub-a-lub! I just LOVE this boy! He is always happy, fun to play with, easy to put down for naps, sleeps more than his brother, and bigger.Triston didn't use to be the easier baby. They switch back and forth.Triston spits up still. He can roll back and forth, but doesn't care to. He is pretty content. Triston is the younger brother, but bigger. He likes to bug Trevor and is always touching his face, poking him and pulling Trevor's ears and hands (whatever he can grab). He seems to always be happy, babbles a lot and loves when people come into the room. He is a smily baby. He has a HUGE smile! That boy has a big mouth... literally and boy will he let you know when he is upset! He is LOUD!!! He looks just like his daddy. Such a handsome boy!Trevor taking a bath11/4/10All about Trevor:Trevor doesn't like to sleep as much as his brother. He tries to eat as much as Triston, and sometimes does. Trevor is the older of the twins, but a little smaller. We see more of the "Gubler" side in him. He always has funny facial expressions and smirks. He is kind of whiny, but still a really really good baby. Trevor hates laying on the ground. He always is rolling back and forth, but whines the whole time. I can't wait for that boy to start sitting up. When he can sit up and see the world, he is sooooo happy. He could careless about his brother. Triston would be poking and grabbing at him, yet Trevor seems to just ignore him. Trevor is so fun and happy too. I love this boy!Trevor is above (sleeping)11/28/10(They look soooo much alike at 6 months old now)Triston is below (sleeping)We finalized their bedroom. It is so cute!Fall has come and gone.Winter hasn't even started and we are in single digit temperatures now!SHEESH!!!Enjoying the snow, but not the cold weather!11/28/10Taylor got so cold, she didn't want to stay out to make a snow man.11/25/1011/12/10My precious little girl is growing up so fast!11/15/10All about Taylor:Taylor has turned into a momma's girl! With all the hunting Tyson did this fall, she got really close to mommy and we spent a lot of time together. She is growing up to be momma's big helper. The girl is really smart! She loves to be involved in a project and focus on something. She likes to have something to do all the time... she doesn't want me to say... "Just go play". She needs a project. She has been singing her ABC's for quite sometime now and has mastered them. She is always spotting letters everywhere we go and relates them to a word. For example... she sees a STOP sign and says... 'look mom! S is for sssssSummer.'Taylor loves to play with her brothers now that they interact with her more. She is extremely energetic, runs around yelling, screaming, singing, and dancing ALL DAY.She whines a lot; however, because she always wants to be by my side. She is miss independent, yet, when we are at home she doesn't leave my side! (VERY DIFFICULT FOR MOMMY).She has been a good little talker on the phone when daddy calls. She actually says stuff about her day. She poops and pee pee's all the time on the toilet, but not always at [...]

Deer or Dear?


Another Deer for the year. Hopefully no more!!!
Wish I could say, I am the DEAR of his life, but that just isn't the case during the fall and winter months. :-) ha ha
Glad its HOPEFULLY over, cross our fingers.

First Foods


The boys are just over 5 months old and I decided to start feeding them vegetable puree's. I've been dreading this day, because I really don't need anything additional on my plate, but I've noticed the boys getting more hungry and interested in feeding from a spoon. Well, we started with sweet potatoes. MMMM..... MMMM! Yeah right.Triston was first and did pretty good... descent for something so foreign.Then, Taylor wanted to feed Triston. And yes, she gagged him a few times :)What a good big sister! Taylor is starting to get a little better with the boys (slowly) and becoming mommy's big helper (sorta) :)TristonNow it's Trevor's turn. Trevor was NOT a trooper! He was not so happy about the sweet potatoes, let me just tell ya[...]

Halloween Pics


Taylor at her school, "Kids Village"Daddy, Triston and Taylor(Grandma Perrero had Trevor) Taylor at her school, with her class performing a halloween program for the parents.I got the whole thing on video and will post it on YouTube soon. It is the cutest thing EVER!Trunk or Treating with cousin AvereeTaylor as a Mermaid and Averee as Tinkerbell.Taylor's mermaid costume... Mommy and Taylor (being funny and hiding)Triston (Thing 1) and Trevor (Thing 2)Went to a Halloween party dressed as polygamists. I was the lucky pregnant wife that got to go with my hubby to the party :) ha haThe 'guys' all dressed up at the halloween partyThe Gals[...]

More Pics


Trevor 10/23/10Triston 10/23/10Triston 10/27/10 5 months oldTriston- 5 months oldTriston 5 months oldTriston on top of TrevorTaylor taking pictures of TristonTaylor playing with her brother, TrevorTriston, Taylor, and TrevorTriston, Taylor, and TrevorGood Morning!Triston, Trevor, Taylor, and Tyson (Daddy)My T-named family :)Taylor at "Jump On It"Heather Young told me about this place and its close by! Taylor LOVES it!But then she gets really grumpy and throws temper tantrums when we have to go :(Uncle Sean and cousin Alora came up to Utah for a few days and we got to spend some time with them. They had fun playing in the leaves and hiding in them too :)This is Taylor's school teacher, Miss Julia! She is so great! We love her!Found Taylor in my bed taking a nap like this!The little stinker got into my stuff... :)Cute little outfit given to Taylor by Aunt Aimee and Cousin EliseOur first snowfall for the season10/27/10I'm not ready for winter :(Aunt Elaine came many many times for a few hours at night to help me with the boys. She was such a life savor too.Tyson's deer he shot during the rifle hunt.[...]

Vegas Trip


We finally made our first trip to Vegas with the boys. It was a blast! It was fun to see all Taylor's cousins and get together and play, bbq, and swim in the freezing cold pool :)10/15-10/17We were trying to get out of town, but didn't want to put the boys in bed because we were almost ready to leave. Surprisingly, they both fell asleep in daddy's arms... a once in a lifetime experience (probably because of the washer and dryer running)Trevor (left) Triston (right)Some of the cousins gathered for a pictureTaylor wanted to be like the boys and took off her shirt too.It feels like summer again in VegasTaylor and cousin Annie taking a bathPickin the fall leaves off Gma and Gpa Gublers tree'sAlthough it was a ton of fun hanging out with family, it just wasn't the same without Gma and Gpa Gubler at home. They are currently serving a mission in Africa and we sure miss them.[...]

Random pics


Trevor (left) and Triston (right)10/12/10Triston 10/13/10Trevor 10/13/10Triston (left) Trevor (right)10/13/10Triston (left) Trevor (right)10/7/10Triston, Taylor and Trevor hanging out watching some cartoons :)Taylor reading Trevor a book. This was so cute when I found Taylor had climbed up next to him and started "reading" to him :)Taylor's first 'official' hair cut. Aunt Amber evened out her hair.10/09/10Cousin Averee playing with Taylor's hairSnip SnipLook how much they cut off! We saved it in Taylor's book, of course :)And the results...[...]

Babies Change So Much!


Trevor has changed the most in the last 4 months(mostly due to his hairloss between 3-4 months old)PICTURES OF TREVOR:Trevor (few days old) in the hospital5/26/10 (one day old)6/2/10 (8 days old)7/10/10 (6, 1/2 weeks old)7/26/10 (2 months old)8/21/10 (almost 3 months old)9/19/10 (3+ months old)10/2/10 (4 months old)10/6/10PICTURES OF TRISTON:Triston (few days old in the hospital)5/26/10 (one day old)7/26/10 (2 months old)8/25/10 (3 months old)9/12/10 (3, 1/2 months old)10/4/10 (4 months old)10/6/10TWIN BOYS GROWING TOGETHERfew days old5/29/10 (4 days old) when Taylor saw her brothers for the first time6/3/10 (9 days old)6/19/10 (3, 1/2 weeks old) Finally Home Sweet Home6/25/10 (1 month old)7/12/10 (6, 1/2 weeks old)7/26/10 (2 months old)2 months old8/16/10 (2, 1/2+ months)8/21/10 (almost 3 months)9/4/10 (3, 1/2 months old)(just before buzzing their hair)9/8/10 (3, 1/2 months old)9/19/10 (almost 4 months old)9/25/10 (4 months old)10/4/1010/6/10 (The latest pics at 4 months old)[...]

more pics


Triston, 4 months oldswaddled tight for bedtimeTrevor (left) Triston (right)Trevor loves tummy time, especially on his brother, Triston :)Such love!I am such a mean mother, posting this picture :)Taylor does love her brothers sometimes :)Taylor and TrevorDaddy with Triston (left) and Trevor (right)[...]

New Do


My new do as a brunette

September Happenings-The Twins


Bundled up in mommy's new running stroller!9/24/10Trevor (left) Triston (right)Taylor tornadoe'd through the boys toys in our family room.Our house is quite messy now with 3 under 3 years.Trevor (left) and Triston (right)getting harder to tell them apart (in some pictures), with their new buzzed heads.9/25/10Triston (left) and Trevor (right)4 months oldGetting harder to tell apartTrevor (left) and Triston (right)9/23/10TristonTriston always would put his whole fist in his mouth, but today he found his thumb9/23/10Triston 9/29/10Trevor first found his thumb9/22/109/18/10, TrevorUncle Kelly says Trevor looks so much like Elmer Fudd with his new buzzed head :-/LOL9/19/10TrevorTristonTristonTristonTrevor (left) Triston (right)Trevor (left) and Triston (right)9/18/10Triston (left) and Trevor (right)9/14/10Triston 9/12/10Because we buzzed their heads, Cousin Chelsea painted Triston's toes blue to spruce him up. This helped them know who was who :)9/8/103, 1/2 months oldTrevor (left) Triston (right)9/4/10Tyson says this is him (left) and Jeff, his brother (right) LOL :)[...]