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The Turner Family

Updated: 2018-03-05T17:25:19.719-05:00


It's been a long time!


Somehow we got very busy once we had a toddler around! Here are a few pictures just for fun. Anyone still checking? Leave me a comment!

Mary helping James with his homework.

Mary likes to pretend she has hair.

This guy cracks me up daily.

Yes to VBS


The four big cousins went to VBS and the mommies to the littles to Old Town. Win-win! 

More beach


I cannot stop...all the pictures are my favorite.

Beach Cousins


Just a few pictures of the cousins at the beach. We had so much fun!

Little Mister


Loved squeezing this precious guy!  Cannot get enough of him!
And Mary liked to snuggle Clover. She has been looking for her since she left.



The boys ( and little miss) are loving the pool this summer. It is especially fun with friends (and the promise of cake).

Loved celebrating with this cutie.  My kids adore her and get really sad to think they are moving soon.  

 Pink birthday! The boys were super excited about the Elsa and Anna plates. 

You are so cool! Mary loves to follow this sweet girl around.
Meanwhile she did not want to share this toy. Sorry Will!


Friday Flashback


These four kiddos in 2010(I think) and now.  Such sweethearts!

So happy to spend a birthday with one of our favorite dudes. How are these boys 7?
And no party is complete without my boys crazy poses.  It makes a mother proud.

We'll be lucky to be invited back. Just kidding. I hope.

Goggles go with Everything!


My little fashionista. She finds these every morning.

Camping or Glamping?


We went cabin camping for the first time last weekend.  So much fun! 

Highlights include
*Campfire stories about George Washington fighting the redcoats with his lightsabers.
*Cooking our meals over an open fire. Nothing smells better then sausage and coffee on a cool morning.
*swimming in a heated pool. My water babies love to be in the water.
*boys telling me about how fast they went on a zip line.
*eating lots of junk food and s'mores
*spending a weekend away from the hustle and bustle...priceless

I went with James on the "jumping pillow". Between that and letting him eat unlimited chocolate hostess treats , my super- mom status is intact.

Now to plan our next adventure!

Happy Birthday!


Today James turns 7!  I almost cried as we sang him happy birthday this morning. How is he 7?

Love my sweet and spunky guy!

Who wants a cupcake?


My girls weekend trip to NYC was really an eating tour of the Big Apple. Cupcakes? Yes please! Eclairs and Cannolis from Little Italy? Of corse. Pizza and chocolate themed restaurants? Yes, yes yes! Thank goodness we walked everywhere or I may have come home with more then just Statue of Liberty gifts for the kids.
So much fun and so many memories made! The only question remaining is where to in 2016? 

Cherry Blossoms and Star Wars


Just another day. I'm convinced the neighbors think we are crazy. We routinely put on costumes to walk the dog.

Egg Hunt


Mary's first egg hunt and Easter basket.  She was pretty proud of herself when she found her 5 pink eggs, and even more smug when she found the goldfish inside.

And, you can tell you have brothers when your Easter basket looks like this.
Happy Easter from our family to yours.



Things I learned today:

*taking 6 kids 6 and under to Chuck e Cheese is a little nutty but also totally awesome.

* Skee ball with 5 players (including an almost 2 year old) is down right dangerous. I almost got knocked out, several times.

* 3 tickets = 50 (according to Luke)

* some stickers and sweet tarts is a huge brag worthy prize.

* getting to see our friends on a random Thursday and eat pizza rivals  "that time we had ice cream twice" 

So much fun was had I needed 2 stiff drinks. Forget the pizza, give me some carbonated cola!

Cousins invade DC


Some of our sweet cousins came to  visit us for their spring break.  American History Museum, picnic on the Mall, Mount Vernon, a Nat's game and lots of kids running wild in the woods. It was fabulous. 
Come back soon cousins!!!

Happy Birthday baby girl!


It's her birthday!
And she is cute as ever!

But this sticker is a little silly.

You want it?

No? Maybe I can find a better spot.

Just right.

Armed and Dangerous


I may be armed with several cans of spray paint. Watch out, it is a little addicting.

Table:Natural wood end table updated to cream top and orange bottom.
Lamp: new shade and painted base shiny aluminum.

Candlesticks: wood candlesticks updated with dark grey. Used this color on new towel rack in bathroom. (Not pictured )

Some sweetness. She is moving all day long!
Loving this spring weather!

What she wore Wednesday


Some cuteness to brighten your day.
Happy Wednesday!

A Visit from Jorgan


Perhaps one of the sweetest babes ever, at least according to this Auntie.
The boys were crazy excited everytime they saw him. Poor guy got a lot of enthusiastic (read: more like a wrestling move then a hug) from James and Luke.
We miss him already!
Looks like we need to plan a trip down south to pay him a visit!

Have you ever...


...walked by the bathroom and seen this?

Acrobatics while brushing teeth.  Usually John helps boys in the evening so imagine my surprise when I just walked by and saw this. And this:
I did what any mother would. I laughed as quietly as I could and grabbed my camera. Because this is funny stuff.
He had no idea I found thus funny. Luke, however, watched me taking pictures and gave a copycat performance.
Yup, I watching.
Here's to clean teeth.

Robot Valentines


Happy Valentines Day from our family to yours.

Such sweet Valentines this year, especially the homemade sentiments from the boys.

And our new R2D2 operation game that made one if my children cry because he didn't want to hurt him. Because he is almost part of our family if you are 6 and LOVE all things robot. After a quick talk how you can't really hurt him, those noises are him "giggling" all was well and a fine motor activity disguised as a game could continue.

Happy Valentines Day


This is my early Valentine from James.
 At first glance it is not very valentinesy.  Finally I asked for an explanation....mainly what exactly was the assignment from your art teacher.

James (6): We were studying abstract art. I don't remember the guys name but he used lots of big blobs of color. Blue mostly, he was sad.  This is my picture of a robot who wants to destroy valentines day.  I made it with pastels. (Insert pause) oh but don't worry, I killed him with my arrow so we can still give out valentines.

James the brave warrior of love. 

Pink Sunshine


If sunshine was pink it would look like this.
And a few funny ideas from the boys while watching pairs figure skating:

Luke: that looks just like mommy and daddy! Mommy, do you know how to do those tricks?

Me: No Luke, but maybe you and Mary can learn to do that when you are older.

James: I would rather do REAL ice skating.  Like the ice skating we did with Eli and Caroline.  That is just dancing in ice.

Stair Climber


She is so proud of herself, and giggles with glee the entire time.  She also wants to be right in the middle if whatever the brothers are doing.  Especially if it looks remotely dangerous.
The boys continue to grow up more each day.  And both are really coming into their own personalities.