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Thoughts of a small town mom

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Friday Foto Finish Fiesta


I love how this bug looks close up. I was playing around with my camera when I took this shot. I'm not sure what kind of bug it was though. It was about 3-4 inches long. Pretty gross.


Busy Bee


So i've been extrememly busy. Busy as a mom can get. I'm now working at a local hospital 12 hour shifts and all of the other mom stuff that I do. Hannah is in daycare and life is great. Well except for bills, bills, and more bills...the reason i'm working again. So not much to say. No one reads this anyway so why do I bother. Oh wait in hopes that I can be witty someday and write something interesting that will get comments from people.

Stimulus disappearance


So we got our stimulus check in the beginning of May. We have no clue where it went. It's gone. Probably to groceries and gas. I'm going to have to start working more as we don't know how we are going to make some of our upcoming bill payments. I guess my life as a mostly SAHM will be short lived. It was fun while I had it though. Although if I do 12 hour shifts at the hospital I won't have to work too much. Oh bother life sucks.

No bottles, no brains


So I woke up late this morning and was rushing around the house trying to get things ready for Hannah to go to daycare and me to go to work. I left the house on time and pulled into daycare when I realized I left the breastmilk at home. luckily my parents live on my way to work. I had to wake my dad up and have him go to my house to get the milk to take to daycare. Thank god they were home.

Arguments in My Head


To avoid a hormonal confrontation tonight I argued in my head. Yes it does sound strange, but it took care of what may have been a huge hormone triggered argument. You see...I took on a new job as an occasional rehab tech at a local hospital. I then went on call at the nursing home I work at. Well I haven't had work at either that amounts to much but that's OK. My dear husband is getting frustrated with this...or at least that's the vibe I get since he hasn't said anything. On Tuesday I have an interview to be an occasional CENA at the hospital too. From the sounds of it I pretty much have the position they just have to interview me to make it formal. Well here's my dilemma. In my mind I want to and think I should put in my notice at the nursing home. you the time I work the two days I might work a pay period...which I haven't done since April mind paycheck is gone to the government, daycare, gas, aflac,and union dues. I'm left with approximately a whopping $4. So I don't see the point in continuing as an on call a the nursing home. Now mind you I was stewing about this all day. I was going to talk to my dear husband yesterday but him being sick changed my plans. Well he gets home from work today and I mention that I had talked to my brother about the cookout we were going to have with him and his fiance on Monday...that blew the handle off the teapot. Apparently he doesn't remember the conversation we had about this. So that is when the arguments in my head started. First and foremost about the conversation that was supposed to be casual about the job which I made no mention of except for in my head. I was irritated that he didn't want anything to do with our daughter when he got home. He took care of the dogs, did the dishes, sat down and read the paper and watched TV. All without acknowledging the little girl I was holding in my arms because if you put her down she woke up screaming. OK...I had been dealing with this all day I was ready for my potty break and I was ready to do dishes and I was ready to get dinner started. Well to sum it up i had to potty so bad that I got up put our daughter in her bassinet went potty changed her diaper and put her in her father's arms so I could make dinner at 8 o'clock at night....2 hours after my dear husband got home. Man I love him.....

From 1 to 2 children in 1 day


Yesterday I went from taking care of 1 to 2 children in one day. My husband tells me last night he's burning up. Well he was. He was such a big baby about it too!

What should I do?

Go to bed

What is wrong with me?

Your sick

Do I have a bladder infection?

Is your urine cloudy or stinky?

No...Did I get it from my dad?

Did you share a drink with him?


Well what did you do that for when you knew he was sick?

I don't you think I have a bladder infection?

No I think you have what your dad has


So he ran a fever all night long. He kept breathing on me and so on and so on. Now by the time morning comes his temperature is 101.2. His alarm goes off and he asks me if he should call in to work. I told him he was not going to work like this. Then his dad calls and asks him for help at the farm. I tell his dad he is sick he doesn't say anything I hand the phone to my husband. My husband puts on his clothes and heads to the farm against my suggestion. He comes home worse and lays back down. I tell him i'm going to town to get him some theraflu. He says no wait till afternoon so I can come with. Ok...whatever you say. Afternoon comes along and he's worse. I go to town without him. I get home and he's passed out in front of the tv. Oh boy this is going to be a fun afternoon. I make him some homemade chicken noodle soup, wake him up and give him some meds. He passes back out. So this went on for the entire night. Meanwhile I've got my darling little Hannah, 2 chocolate labs, a house to take care of and a husband who is of no help. Who can blame him. He looked like death warmed over.

Today he is off to work and life is normal. Now I can only hope and pray that Hannah and myself do not come down with whatever awful bug he exposed us to.

Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta



I like this one because it's peeking through the weeds on the lake and you see the landscape in the background. It's very serene and peaceful.
Friday's Foto Fiesta

Scaredy cat...errr I mean dog



So we finally got some much needed rain this morning. It was accompanied by some nice spring thunderstorms. I was sleeping right through it which is pretty unusual for me. Well sleeping until Kaylee woke me up. Kaylee is my 90lb chocolate lab. She was pacing the floor. So I call her up on the bed with me. She proceeds to jump up and lay on my pillow. I'm like oh no your not that is my pillow and i'm going to take advantage of Hannah sleeping and get some more shut eye. Yeah right! So I move the dog and she's practically laying on top of me. By now the storm is going pretty good. We are getting some good lightening strikes too! Well Kaylee starts shaking and panting. She did this through the whole thing. My other dog Chase slept throught it. So did my little girl!

2 faced baby in India


I just read an aritcle about a girl in India with two faces. Apparantly they believe she is the reincarnation of a hindu goddess. This is such a sad story. I can't imagine what people would think of this child in our country. They would see her as disgusting or as strange or odd. But, the people in india are worshiping her. It's amazing how two different countries can have two different views on how things are viewed. I know in our country lots of things are viewed as taboo. We even see our disabled people as abnormal and strange. This is sad especially when a lot of these are normal in the mind but just are different physically. I can only imagine the shame and ridicule this child would experience if she was in the US. It's very very sad. People should stop discriminating against physical abnormalities and look at the inner person. The inner person may be someone you really like and can get along with. You might just meet people with an amazing inner strength. I know I have. I have 2 parents who are disabled and many friends who are disabled. Let me tell you some of them see things in a much different perspective than what an average person would see things. It's kind of nice to see this other view through other people. These are my thoughts for today...

Nascar isn't what it used to be



I used to love watching nascar. I've even attended a couple of races. I've always supported the chevy drivers. I usually root for Gordon or Johnson. Now I just can't seem to even watch a race. It's the same thing every race. No crashes, no fighting, just around and around we go usually with some toyota winning the race. I just can't watch it. It's boring. What happened to nascar? It seems like the winners are easily predicted and everything. I would much rather go to a local track now a days and watch a local racing series. Hmmm.