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Random stuff about the "Dubyas" - W's WhedyWinterWinnie

Updated: 2015-09-16T14:55:25.015-07:00


It's been a long time...


since my last post..been really busy with life. i should make a come back with blogging...

left Hawaii end of Oct to go to San Diego...stayed there about 3 weeks
spent time with my cousins and finished our pcsing paperworks.
Left San Diego about 2nd of November and drove there to Michigan

Yes, it was a road trip! Very tiring but much needed family time.
My husband just came back after 15 months of being apart. (he was deployed in the middle east)
hopefully ill be able to post pictures...

Been here for about 4 months now. Though i lived here before it's a lot of adjusting to do..
I'm currently stay at home mom and taking classes online. Winter's activities (kumon and gymnastics) is what makes me busy. I go to Y to workout and Yoga. Waiting for a phone call for a job offer. Hopefully soon!

Ill update again and pictures in the next 2 weeks :)

I'm here...


i know i know i'm behind again...and i dont know when can i catch up with all the updates i have to post..slowly i will though lol
Hope everyone is having a great week!

Great Aloha Run


We started our day at 5am in the morning... transportation was provided to go to the start line... My cousin told me to pose for my 1st mile ok...and the 2nd mile mark! haha I did it!! 8.5 mile run..ok walk! lol...but fast walk! LOL There..Mi Familia!.."the family that runs together..stays tired together!! "LOL...i can't think of any..We ordered pizza right after the run...Then we all took a nap..a power nap! LOLI'm so proud of myself..really..looking forward to more run in the future. I'm working on doing a marathon is so much fun..and that shirt is so rewarding!!'s like getting a trophy!I have more updates to catch up u see i am improving haha'till my next post...Hope everyone is having a great week![...]

Keiki Aloha Run


Keiki Great Aloha Run
The course takes participants around the Neal Blaisdell Center (NBC) and McKinley High School. The course is approximately 1.5 miles and is for children 12 & younger. After the run, children and their adult participants enjoy a fabulous Circus Party hosted by KRAFT Hawaii, including t-shirts, goodie bags, ono snacks, keiki activities, and a free entry into the Sports, Health & Fitness Expo.
(image) Winter poses before the start of the race...
(image) Auntie Reina & Ninang Charing
(image) with Mommy!
(image) Winter being serious to get to the finish line..
And there...she did it!!!(image) With Uncle TJ & Auntie Princess after the race.

There were activities like magic show, tattoos, bubbles & more but the most fun of all were all the free treats! lol...bottled water, bananas, apple with dippers from mcdonalds, donuts from love's bakery and ice cream from meadows gold. Winter had so much fun! Pictures were from my phone, i forgot my camera! lol. My cousin brought hers but it's dead haha. I was gonna go home and get it but i might not make it on time to come back. It's so often that I dont have a camera that's why. I've known to be a camera a whore lol...

im slowly catching up with all my updaptes...hehehe. thanks to everybody that visited here. Have a great week everyone! =)




My sister got married 24th of January. It was a simple beach wedding & had a reception aftewards. It was only family members but as to both my family & my bro in law's family are huge. It looks like there's a lot of us lol. I bought her dress from Macy, shoes from Aldo..both were very affordable price. She made her own hair & make up. Bouquet was made by her sis-in-law.

Here are few pictures to share...

Magic Island - 01.24.09
(image) (image)
(image) (image) Lunch buffet afterwards @ the Prince Kuhio Hotel

(image) Cake made by the Mother in law

Red Velvet cake was delicous!!
(image) Bro in law's Ohana

more updates....Hope everybody had a good Easter! God bless



Here is the time i have put aside to update my sorry it took me a longgg time It's been so long that i dont even know where to start.. I'll just start with the beginning of the month - JanuaryThere were so much that had happened...January is my birth month, celebrated it without my husband again but at least i spent my day with family & friends. I worked that day but i get off work at 1330 so I still have a lot of time to celebrate my day...nothing happened at work coz no one knows it's my birthday and besides everyone's busy as we had our new GM the following week. That's another story..It was a very long day for me, very busy!!!anyway here are some pictures to share ...After work late lunch with madam Janis at E & O Trading Co., (Southeast Asia-themed restaurant which closed down after couple of weeks lol) but thanks Madam for the treat!) Next dinner at Tsukiji in Ala Moana Mall Here is my BFF cousin Charing - we have the same bday - 1 yr apart Here's Winter after her shave ice...lolNope my day isn't over yet...went to my sister's bachelorette party ..well didn't really go, i went to show off my face coz i have to work the following morning..and this was like 11pm already..oh i was rushing because my cousin was waiting outside with Winter LOL Here's a shot for my sister! LOL i didnt drink.. took an empty shot glass for picture purposes only lol And here are her local Japanese friends lol love them thoughSoo...ran outside to get my cousin so she can join the party lol...That's how i celebrated my birthday!..Another year! Another year to be thankful. [...]



working on updates...i dont know where or how to start LOL

i'm still here though, i will try to be back!

just hard to keep up when i do not have enough time, so much stuff to do!

please bear with me as i am gathering stories & pictures for my next post

Have a great weekend to everyone!





RIP Francis M.



There's so much stuff to blog about but i just can't find the time
to put it up all together and type...
Been busy with the whole month of January

  • My cousin & my birthday (yes we do have the same birthday a year apart) literally ate the whole day with friends & families after work
  • My sister got married (i will definetely post pics on that later)
  • bingo day & bowling day with fambam (lol)
  • and of course countless hula shows for my other sister

Thank God it is February..another month down for me..couple more days and im halfway done with this deployment...i miss my hubby and i cant wait to see him again...i just look at the brighter side and i know we are all going to be together as family before i know it

and yes busy February again

  • Superbowl XLIII yesterday, didn't really care who will win but that was a good 4th quarter....& the commercials were cool too with our 3D glasses, thanks to foodland hehe
  • with my sister dancing for the Probowl for the 5th year...a whole week of practice from 6pm to going on Friday for the practice..see some players & Enrique if im excited to him...NOT! lol..well just the heck of saying "oh i saw them!" lol
  • and of course busy preparing for the Great Aloha's going to be on President's Day the running/walking for the 1st time. I've always wanted to do this but I was never here on the island around this time of the year (well except for the year that i just gave birth) it's 8.15 mile foot race..goodluck sa ken! hehe
  • oh and V-day..the 14th..there is Keiki Aloha Run-- a 1.5 mile run for ages 12 & under..Winter is doing it and other cousins!
  • This coming weekend my Uncle's birthday - we have a Bingo birthday bash for him..imagine there is an entrance fee to play but that includes food & 10 games which u can win up to $100 per game..haha we have a crazy family!
  • & on the 3rd weekend our FamBam is going to have a Bowling League!!! LOL

Sooo that's what's keeping me busy besides going to work everday at 5am every morning! & of course my precious daughter Winter!

But i still love life..and there's so much to be thankful for all the blessings..can not complain.

Hope all is well...Ingats everyone...till my next post =)

Happy New Year



Yes, im still here...sorry for not able to post that often now
Busy with work as usual...I don't have all the time in the world now like i used to do when I was a stay at home mom...8-10 hours of sleep, nap time, watch TV whenever I my soap operas, all the other series, sports and more..internet 24/ barely have time to watch anything on TV and internet just to check email from the hubby.. is good..getting enough hours still
I was sick this week with a bad cough and missed 2 days from work...i lost my voice!!
and add my rashes on my skin that i had to go to see a dermatologist
I hope this next week will be better

I was very happy with the outcome for Winter's birthday party on the 20th of December. (sorry for the late update)...Her party was at Farrel's ice cream parlour & restaurant in Windward are some pictures

(image) Honolulu Zoo Sundae (about 40 scoops i think)

(image) some of her gifts

(image) Thanks to my sister Reina for taking the time to do these

(image) & took her to the glow putt afterwards

Thank you to all our family and friends that came to celebrate Winter's 3rd birthday. It was very meaningful that everyone came. Thank you for all the presents too!! She loves all of it and I think she had too much gifts of toys that it will last a year before she will be able to open and use them all lol.

More updates...I promise.

Happy New Year to all...Let's start 2009 being optimistic with every aspect of our lives.

Hope Everyone will have a blessed 2009!

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Hello everyone..I know I have been MIA for a while now..
I am very busy with work..Holiday Shopping & Winter's Birthday is coming up

I think I am pretty much done with shopping, but I haven't started wrapping up anything and/or mailing gifts to cousins who are in the mainland
I still have to do that, I know it might not make it before Xmas but at least
for them to get it before the end of the year

Winter's birthday party is almost set. I can't believe that she is turning 3..
Sadly, Daddy won't be home..sighs...5 months down..9 more to go..sighs again..
it is crazy, sometimes I just want to break down & cry..but that's how it is..gotta deal with it.

Ok enough of the complaining..I will try to update and put up some pictures after her party. If I dont get to post anything sooner...


Enjoy time with your family & friends

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Love & Aloha,






Rob Pattinson ... Bite Me ... Please!