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Preview: A Tale of Two Sisters

A Tale of Two Sisters

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Honey, I'm home!!


OMG YOU GUYS!!! MY LIFE IS A BLACK HOLE THAT DOESN'T ALLOW ME TO POST ANYMORE! WAHHHHH! (ps if you google BLACK HOLE it's the scariest thing ever. For some reason the existence of a real black hole makes my stomach hurt. I was going to post a pic but not anymore. thanks.)How I have been feeling because I haven't blogged.How I want to feel. Animated penguins have not a care in the world. Anyway, even though I haven't been posting, I still visit our blog everyday. I do my usually stalking of the blogs on our blog roll. And every time I open the page part of me dies because I see a picture of my disgusting horrible FORMER dining room staring back at me. Why I ever decided to potentially burn your eye balls out with those pics is beyond me. I DIGRESS. These days the dining room is way more legit and I thought to myself, "why have I not done, at the very least, an update on the dining room?" Maybe this will spark a RESOLUTION in me blog more!As of today this is what the dining room looks like:A bar for sophistication! A better light fixture, chairs, table,I can't even describe the deep love I have for the zeb rug.Is it ironic to say "bad lighting" in the lighting picture?So I get the feeling that I really like shapes. Circles, squares, ovals, semi-circles, rectangles. It's an equal opportunity room for shapes. I dig it. Although I still want to do more in there (perhaps paint? bring in some warmth with some awesome captains chairs?) It's a MARKED improvement over the pee scented situation we were working with before. And pretty much everything was done on the budg. (I know Joel doesn't think that but it's true!) The light fixture is from Overstock. The chairs are ALL from Craig's List. Half price West Elmersssss. The table is from CB2. The sideboard is Home Decorators Collection by way of Amazon. The rug I won from Danika at Gorgeous Shiny Things. All accessories are from Homegoods, duh.Phew I'm glad we won't need to look at those horrid "before" pics. In other news, I did something very UNlike me the other day. I got a design painted on my nails. I KNOW I KNOW, you think I've gone off the deep end since we last spoke. While your not WRONG, per say, I need to quickly defend myself.Has anyone taken a GANDER at the incredible photos of nails people pin on Pintrest?                                                                                      Source: via Charlotte on Pinterest                                                                                              Source: via Charlotte on Pinterest                                                                            Source: via Charlotte on PinterestSEE!? I mean honestly. WHO are these talented people? AND WHY do they not work at my local nail salon? True story.So now [...]



Wait....somethings happening

Mega Post: Hello, Baby Felicity & I need design help!!


OK so it's been really stressing me out watching people "unfollow" our blog. There is nothing worse to our novice blogger egos then people deciding we are not worth following anymore! And by "our" I mean "mine" because I'm sure Lulu is not breaking out into a cold sweat at the thought. She's always been better under pressure. Me on the other hand...this is bringing me sleepless nights! The problem is I have a lot to say, and not much to say. Ya smell me? So much is going on, but nothing like earth shattering. I feel like if I always talk about Fliss this will become a babe blog and that's not really my thangggg. And if I talk about design stuff, it just makes me feel like a wolf in sheep's clothing [sidebar: that's an amazing little saying...I suggest you say it as much as possible] because I am so not legit in the design department and I can name 9384938904 other bloggers that could take me out back and show me what REAL interior design is all about. Le sigh. I do have a few things I need help on so this post is mostly about decorating. And of course a few pics of Felicity. Or as I like to call her, Bobo Baggins.We have been seriously dragging our feet about making our dining room look good. I have no idea why since you have to walk by it to get to the kitchen. Oh AND you can see it from the living room. I'd like to think it's a little trick we play on our guests like, "Behold our busted dining room! Please over compliment every other part of our house because you feel sorry for us!"  I am going to get real talk with you right now and show you a picture of my dining room as it stands this VERY second. The seventh lair of hell? Perhaps.I believe I see your dreams weeping in the corner...Ummm my dining room literally looks like the place where dreams go to die. It is a dark and dreary hole that smells faintly of cat pee (thanks to the giant self cleaning cat box in there that frequently scares people when it decides to do a half ass cleaning job.) Even though it looks so bad in there now...I do have hope. I just ordered a new dining table, and those chairs are my latest Craig's List find. Half price West Elm dining chairs in awesome condition. Holler. And I also ordered a new chandelier. CB2's Bolt Dining TableOverstock.comJust to let you know, has some SERIOUS deals on light fixtures. I highly suggest you visit their website if you need some fun, funky lighting. So things SHOULD look better in there once I get these new pieces involved. I need to ditch that rug and get a cool side board. But this is my dilemma (and I am hoping my design friends can provide suggestions)...I don't know what colors to work with! It's hard to paint because the wall never really ENDS given its balcony style you know? I also need some fun plush king and queen dining chairs for the end of the table. Help me! I love bright colors. My living room is all aqua and it's kinda been played out.I must say I do love the dining room pictured below. I love the unexpected colors and the drama from the curtains. I can't really do curtains in mine, but hot damn this looks good.I may as well just keep the ball rolling on all the other things I need help with: My little gallery of art/ pics. I live in a 4 story townhouse which makes for a lot of stairwells. Lots of naked wall space. Here is a picture of the staircase going up to the bedrooms...A barren wasteland. Here is what I have gathered for my little gallery:Yeah I pretty much have no idea what I'm doing with this wall. All I know is I like the helter skelter look...different color frames, some art, some pics...but I don't know. It's missing something. Thoughts?OK well here is something I AM sort of happy/proud about. I got these little guys on sale at Kohl's:So cute. I love their noses!And while I liked them just fine the way they were, I decided they need a punch of color. I really love random colors in a space I've decided.AfterOK so they are SO pink. You could probs see them from space. But you know what? I k[...]

Babies and Hearts! Happy Valentine's Day!!


Oh my gosh you guys...having a baby is superrrrr time consuming! I know I'm probably stating the obvious, but I never really knew that until lil' Felicity came along.I've been wanting to post for so long, but in the downtime moments I have I'm either trying to make our house look legit, or the sweet sweet voices of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have sucked me in, and I'm zoning out in front of reality TV. (Super healthy, I know.) However, I have gotten my act together enough to keep notes on a couple of funny/weird things that have happened.  But first an update on Felicity...DUDE. She is THE BEST. I am seriously obsessed with her. She will be 3 months old tomorrow. It sort of makes me feel physically ILL how much I am in love with her. I want to eat her face for breakfast. (Too far??) All she does is laugh and smile and put her fist in her mouth. It's great. Likes: pink, ruffles, Homegoods, pooping at really inopportune times, silly voices, having the song "dynamite" sang to her (I attribute this to the fact I sang this one too many times while pregnant). Dislikes: Lady Gaga arriving to the Grammys in a giant egg, the lesbian comb over we give her after baths, hiccups. We have the eerily similar same likes and dislikes. Weird.Lesbian with a comb over. Joel and I are starting to get into a rhythm with the baby now. We both have our specific jobs, and really put the "TEAM" in TEAMWORK. Read: high-fives, chest bumps, motivational speeches; "Go get that nasty diaper, babe!! You own the diaper, the diaper does not own you!! You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take!!!" You know, things of that nature. I usually do dirty diapers, while Joel is the one to make the bottle and prepare Felicity for feeding time. But the other day we were rushing to get ready for church and I needed to put make up on so I asked Joel to change Felicity's poopy diaper. And this was his legit reaction, "But I JUST put my shirt on!" Ummm...I'm not sure what tumultuous activities take place when you change diapers Joel, but when I get in there it's a wham-bam-athank-you-ma'am process. He really feels strongly that changing a diaper requires a full strip down of clothing because "you just never know". He is either super dramatic, or SUPER SMART because he really puts on a show before a dirty diaper which is why I end up changing 90% of them. Joel= sly dog.Felicity is an amazing tool for passive aggressiveness between us too. (That is such a sad sentence to write.) We have gotten into the habit of saying how we REALLY feel under the veil of baby voices. It goes something like this:Me: Hi Fliss! Hi baby!! You're a happy baby aren't you!? Aren't you!!Felicity: Coo Coo, Caaa Caaa!Me: Felicity you are so cute!! You tell Daddy that if he doesn't hang the curtains tonight he is going to be moving to Beat Down City, population: 1!! Oh yes he is!! Yes he issss little one!!Joel: (Staring me down)Felicity: Coo Coo, Caaa!Woopsies! Now Joel has caught on and he does it too:Joel: Hi baby! Hiii my little love muffin!!Felicity: Goo Goo Gagaaaa!Joel: Oh Felicity I love you so much! I love you a lot!! Oh little one, wasn't Mommy acting crazy last night?! She was acting soooo crazy with her Riesling so I couldn't tell her I didn't like the chicken she made! So crazyyy, little girl!!Me: (Weeping silently)Felicity: Coo Gaaaaa!!Pretty awesome. And by "awesome" I obvi mean deadly. Effective but deadly.In all seriousness having the baby here now is just a J.O.Y...JOY! She is the and I want to be more like her. She is easy going, well-natured, and takes pooping her pants in stride. All things I aspire toward. I hope I can blog more then once a month as time goes on. I keep telling myself that once she can occupy her time with toys, it will be easier to blog? Who knows. Until then I'll keep providing quick stories that will help in building my "babies first year diary."Cue brag roll of pics:--------------------------On a mushy note, Joel and I are cel[...]

A Super Long Post About My Awesome Baby


Well friends, it's been 8 weeks since Felicity touched down. And WOOO what an 8 weeks it has been!! It sounds so cliche but the whole thing is totally an adventure. Joel and I have no clue what we are doing, but Felicity seems happy and that's all that counts!In the last week or so she has started to smile!! But like a true diva, it will only happen under certain conditions: Must be well fed. Must have clean diaper. Must be mid-morning. Must have lavender scented candle burning. Must have Fiji water in her dressing room  nursery. If we meet these needs she will light up like a Christmas tree, and it gives me goosebumps every time. It's like getting a really sweet gift over and over again. Joel says it's the first ROI (return on investment) the baby gives you for your hard work.I mean really?! I can't even stand it.It's fun to see Joel with the baby, and life with him now is seriously like being in a FULL TIME musical. All he does is sing things. To Felicity, to me, to the cats. It's pretty awesome. I love how happy he is. He is so cute with the babe, and just like everyone really do fall in love with your husband all over again.A quiet moment. Le sigh.So far I think I'm a pretty OK mom. It's still really insane to me that I am someone's mom. And that I birthed her. HAHAHA. It's so weird say. Felicity has NO CLUE what a spaz I am...and for that she is lucky. I mean eventually she will get her whits about her and the jig will be up, but right now her cluelessness equals my awesomeness. She is my bestie and I just love being with her.1 month photoShe is a really good baby as far as I can see (although I'm bias). She just hangs out and likes to be with the big kids. But sometimes she gets upset. I call her cries "requests" which helps me stomach the fact she can wail like RIGHT IN YOUR FACE! And so I tell her, "Miss Felicity, I've heard your request! Yes, you've made your request perfectly clear! No need to repeat yourself!!"Even though she has been around for awhile now, and provides hours of entertainment (read: blogging material), I want to write about her birth story. I want to look back and be able to read about the details of the experience, you know? I'd like to have the whole thing written down while it's still pretty fresh in my mind.So the day I went into labor, November 14th, I woke up in a serious funk. It was a Sunday, and I was crying about a lot of things. I was upset about being swollen. I was upset about being tired. I was upset that Chick-fil-a was closed. I was just UP. SET. And I felt like everyone around me was having their babies. I was all, "Why does our baby hate us?!?! WHY DOESN'T SHE WANT TO MEET US!?!?!" I went about my day feeling sorry for myself. Around 4:30 that afternoon I was working on a little home project, and was in my garage when all of the sudden...WOOOOOSH! my water broke. I was so convinced I wouldn't know when my water broke because people says it's not like the movies where it's a gush. That most of the time it's a trickle and it's hard to know. But this was from the movies. So we raced to get the go bag and feed the cats, and got to the hospital by 5:30 pm. And what did I do on the car ride? Touched up my make-up, obvi. Because I have priorities, people. And the priority is to not look busted.Once we got to the hospital I changed into that killer gown, and settled into the room. Pretty much the hours of 8 pm to 5:15 am were my labor hours. I started getting contractions, and I could REALLY feel them by 11ish pm. I was in back labor, and I was in pain. They shot me up with The Good Stuff around 11:15 pm so I couldn't feel the contractions. After that things were pretty uneventful. We watched Sunday night football. And by "we" I mean Joel. (If you know me at all, you know that this should have been deemed UNacceptable). We also watched Sarah Palin's reality show. Which is really boring. But Sarah is super cute with her prom hair. (Sidebar: That[...]

Welcome to the world baby Felicity!


I finally had my baby! HOORAY!!!!!!!What up girl!?! Felicity Carlin Sellier born on 11-15-10 6:26 am 9 lbs 7 oz 22 inWhy yes, I was going for the too much blush slash ill-fitting gown look.Trying to let gravity do its thanggggice chips!ELVIS IS IN THE BUILDINGBig foot?!I traded my makeup for a BABY!!!She is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen.  My little berry!We found a large cardboard cutout our doc, Dr. Fisk, in the hall. My delivery Captain, indeed.A proud and handsome papa!!My babes.All in all I had a easy, semi-fast delivery. We feel so blessed everything worked out, and that we have a happy healthy babe on our hands!!So that is the reason I haven't been blogging! I've been baby-ing!!! Hopefully when things settle down in the next few weeks, I will have time to blog again. In the mean time I have been stalking the blogs when I have the time.  Hope everyone enjoys the Thanksgiving holiday!Much love,Charlie (& baby Felicity!)[...]

Nov 2nd in the National Capitol Area


Watching the election returns and flipping between the networks. SO fun:) Are you watching?

Three Things Thursday- A Halloween Confession!


Truth? I strongly dislike Halloween. Or I mean, I strongly dislike certain parts of Halloween. I loathe dressing up, or when people try to make me dress up. NO THANKS. I think the only time I've ever dressed up past the age of 13 was once. In college. The only reason my roommates convinced me was because I was well into my bottle of Riesling. And by "well into" I mean I had taken it to the face (sorry mom)! Ughhhhh. And don't even get me started on how Halloween is just an excuse for girls to dress like a total Skank-o-saurus Rex.Maybe I don't have the fondest feelings toward Halloween because people have never really bought what I was selling in the ole' costume department. When I was in 3rd or 4th grade I dressed up as....A CARROT. I remember my mom making the costume out of orange and green felt. ORANGE FELT FOR DAYS!! I was basically an orange triangle with a green stem. And I was proud. Mama Nixonsleeve was proud. But much to our dismay, no one seemed to get it. I remember knocking on one lady's door and she said, "Awww, what are you supposed to be? A deformed pumpkin?" Ummm excuse me madame, I most certainly am NOT a deformed pumpkin. I happen to be one of the most delicious and crisp root vegetables in all the land, athankyou. Fast forward to 8th grade when a friend and I dressed up as cats. I will admit, it was a sub par effort on our part. We wore all black, threw on some ears, painted on a pink nose, whiskers and called it a night. BUT at least we were dressed up! My friend Katie and I went trick-or-treating in her neighborhood (some houses gave out FULL SIZE candy bars. Score!), and everything was going swimmingly until we hit one of the last houses. We knocked, a woman opened the door, "Trick or Treat!!", we said. She smiled, looked at us and said, "Aren't you alittle OLD to be trick-or-treating?" We were crushed. Yet flattered. I remember  simultaneously thinking, "I'm only in eighth grade!! But I need to hang out with this lady more often because she obvi knows I'm going places." We told her how old we were and she says, "Well looks like this will be your last year then, huh?!" WOAH, OK PUSHY McPUSHERSON. WE GET IT. We are past our prime. Our trick-or-treating biological clock has expired. JUST HAND OVER THE FULL SIZE REECE'S CUPS AND NO ONE GETS HURT.(Wow. Sounds like someone is riding the Bitter Bus that they are preggers this Halloween season..............) But seriously. Let's take a look at some of my options:Anything that suggests wearing white pumps= no. I'm pretty sure this would make me the least appealing Geisha on the block. Although the socks are a plus. Oh please. I would never insult Lady Liberty like that! She's trying to cover feeling like a loser with a big smile. I applaud her.  (P.S. That bun looks super questionable)I'm also annoyed by the people who try to rep Halloween like it's a real holiday. I mean it is in that it's nationally recognized...but it's not. Because when you're competing with holidays like Christmas (the Supreme Holiday in my opinion) and Easter, trying to justify the day people dress like fools and tools is just sort of redic. I sound so negative BUT ALAS, here are three things I LIKE about All Hallows Eve...1. Kids dressed up.  Ummm...amazing. Next question. 2. Halloween decorations. Pottery Barn could possibly turn around this whole, "Halloween is for the birds" thing I have going on. They have the best, most sophisticated, Halloween decorations around.     3. Candy!!!This is pretty much an open and shut case. Everyone whose anyone likes candy.I hope I don't sound too blah about Halloween. Truth be told it's probably because the thought of getting up every time a little one knocks on my door is just too much for my old pregnant bones [...]

Wordless Wednesday-Weddings!


Two of my friends got married recently...Here are a few pics of their BEAUTIFUL weddings! (And a few of my own wedding--I couldn't resist!) ;) Enjoy!Jenna and John October 16th, 2010Trish and Bennett August 2nd, 2010Charlie and Joel February 14th, 2010Ohhh weddings are the best, aren't they!? Love it!xo,Charlie[...]

A Good Deal From Piperlime!


Happy Birthday, Piperlime! When it's Piperlime's birthday everyone wins!


Since my ever-growing Frodo Baggins feet can't be trusted right now, I ended up getting this lil' guy...


Hurrah! Get over to Piperlime today, and treat yourself! YOU DESERVE IT!!!!





Hello hello! T.A.I.F.!! I hope everyone has an exciting/relaxing weekend planned :) I'm looking forward to carving pumpkins, watching Joel clean out the garage (!!), and going to a Baptism. Pretty relaxed but that's what we need. Hurrahhhhh!

Here's some Natalie Dee to kick off the weekend...


Go forth and have a super weekend! See you next week :)


Three Things Thursday- The Jose Edition!


Time for some Three Things Thursday!1.   Sorry I haven't posted recently! We have been in full Mock 10 Status (I don't know what that means but it sure makes everything sound serious) with the baby preparations. I feel like every free moment I've had has been spent laying on my bed watching marathons of Teen Mom at a doctor's appointment, baby prep class, or hospital tour. (By the by, we keep getting these total Milktoast McGees in our baby prep events. I will tell you about them all at another time.) We also pretty much finished the nursery this weekend, and I'm so excited to get someone with a legit camera to take pictures of it! Joel and I feel proud of the results. It's still missing a few essential pieces like, ohhhh I dunno....the crib mattress but everything else is in order. I can't decide if I want to put up pics before or after the baby comes. It would be a really nice effect to have a baby physically in the room for pictures. Am I only thinking of how I can use my baby as a PROP for the nursery photoshoot, and not how it will bring joy to this dark dark world? Yes. I am already a bad mom.A lot of THIS happening in the NixonSleeve house2. In other news, I met the smartest man in the world a very nice gentlemen yesterday. In window #1 of the Wendy's drive-thru. His name was Jose, and I think I love him. (Sorry Joe-L.) As he was reaching for my money he said, "Should I congratulate you yet?" and I was like, "For what? Downing a largo #10 with Diet Coke?" And he says, "No, for the baby! Is it a boy or a girl?!" Now secretly I was thrown off because I didn't think he could even see into my car that well. But who am I kidding, the belly can probs be seen from the space shuttle at this point. (Sidebar: I now weep thinking of all the times I've worn my bathrobe through the drive-thru because I was too lazy to change for my late night fast food run. And I thought, ohhhh they don't notice, they are too busy asking me what kind of sauce I want. Right? Wrong. They saw me. And they judged me.) Employer of Champions. Judger of bathrobes?So anyway, I told him the gender. (Sorry to all my friends who we haven't told, but if I say, "It's a secret!" to strangers they look at me like I'm a loser. And I'm OK with that because it WOULD sort of make me a loser.) And he says, "Well congratulations! You're baby is going to be magnificent!!" Oh Jose. You slyyyyyy dog. I loved this on so many levels. One- I could tell he didn't use the word magnificent for just anyone. He said it with such GUSTO...I was so happy to be The Chosen One. Two- Magnificent is an extremely under used adjective. Jose and I are going to bring it back...right after our candlelight dinner. Three- He is right. My babe IS going to be magnificent. Truthfully the whole interaction was super precious and I just wanted to rip his little head set off and plant a wet one right on him! Wendy is looking down on you Jose, and she is proud.3. This is a two part process....One- WATCH THIS it's called The Hair Petting Game and it's the most hilarious/disturbing thing ever. It's not gross or bad disturbing, just weird and awesome disturbing. I found out about this YouTube video a few years ago, but randomly thought of it yesterday. I watched it again, and it does not disappoint. Get out there and pet some hair!!Two- Tell me if I'm loco for wanting these...Juicy Couture- $100They just look so warm and inviting and water resistant!!! I feel as though $100 is a good price, but I could be wrong. I need your help ATOTS readers!! Tonight is the second half of our baby prep class. If all goes well we will score a seat next to the Russian Mail Order bride and her albino husband. That always makes for a good time. xo,Charlie[...]

high/low 10.18.10


High: We had a great little trip-ski to Williamsburg over Columbus Day Weekend! Charlie, Mama Nixonsleeve and I were away for a girls weekend for the holiday weekend and this was a brilliant idea that really should evolve into a tradition. Fun, fun, fun. We even ran into a old friend from my high school! Small world--shout out to the Oakies!!! Here are some pics to prove we were there..and not just at the outlets. Great news there, I got some CHRISTMAS GIFTS!!(for other people) Aren't I the best?  A few people are already done on my list. I never start so early so I feel sooo good about this.  Anyhow, we saw a lot of interesting things in Williamsburg.Note the authentic Indians that I snapped a picture of. My hands were trembling, it was the best I could do.  Too bad about the hairy elbow that couldn't/wouldn't get out of the way for the pic. See??....remember The Last of the Mohicans...scary, right? Low: I dropped my iPhone on the ground on the last day in Williamsburg and the screen shattered! Booooo....High: Got a new iPhone 4 when I got home!Low: Lost 7 voicemails when they transferred service to the new phone. Yikes! Hope it wasn't HGTV letting me know I was finally picked for a FREE backyard/home remodeling TV show...hope that call comes this week. High: Koenig, the 6 month old wonder dog, is much, much better following his puppy pneumonia! Hip hip hooray!!! For the loyal readers out there, you may recall...he was on antibiotics for WEEKS after his episode.  Low: Koenig pooped on the floor of PETCO on Sunday...not cool. Like, you never think YOUR dog will actually pull that one on you. It was a 5 alarm fire in my mind and the man who worked there was like, 'why are you even telling me that' because he sooo didn't seem to mind. High: Mr. Lulu had Friday off this past week--which made for a great weekend!taken in a dimly lit Panera...with my iPhone 4 that has a FLASH!A mixed low/high at the same time:While I was out Saturday, Koenig knocked over my favorite lamp in our den...kind of looked like this one. BUT he also texted me while I was driving home to tell me he was leaving a blank check on the table where it happened so I could replace it. Not kidding, he really did text me that.High:   Mary Kay Limited Edition Nail Color in INTENSITY. It's the dark purple color. It is SO awesome--on shorter nails filed square shape. Duh, like I have to tell you fashionable readers that. But the color is so cool--dark at first glance but such a good combination of shiny purple/ metallic. YOU WILL LOVE IT! And their colors have always been long wearing--ask anyone, they are chip resistant which is so essential with the dark colors!xoxoLulu [...]

My Guilty Pleasure Song of the Week


I was going to post a Wordless Wednesday about my love for ZGallerie but something more pressing has come to my attention, and I feel it's only fair to share it with you, the ATOTS readers. Since I didn't seem to have an issue just coming out with my J.Biebs U Smile I Smile obsession last week,  I decided I'm going to start a new segment every Wednesday called Charlie's Guilty Pleasure Song Selections That Make Her Loved Ones Hang Their Head In Shame (working title). So without further ado I present to you this week's guilty pleasure...Flo Rida-Club Can't Even Handle Me ft. David Guetta class="youtube-player" frameborder="0" height="390" src="" title="YouTube video player" type="text/html" width="640">Yes. I won't lie to you people, I LOVE this song. Why? Why NOT? Could it be the punchy beat? Catchy lyrics? ("You know I know how, to make 'em stop and stare as I zone out...The club can't even handle me right now...watchin' you I'm watchin' you we go all out...." Move over Shakespeare, Flo Rida is in town.) Who knows. All I know is whatever Flo is selling...I'm buying.See, I sort of have a problem with liking rap/hip hop music. I mean it's not really a problem other then when I start to rap to songs, in the car for instance, and Joel looks at me with eyes that say, "If you don't stop immediately I'm going to pull the car over and make you walk home. Run and tell THAT!" I blame my many years of AAU basketball where perpetual wearing of sports bras, combined with my Allen Iverson bball shoes made for one GhEtTo FaBuLoUs little blonde girl. I'm seeing someone about it, OK? And his name is Doctor...Dre. ZING!!This+This=Woopsies!(Ew, no. Neither one of those lovelies is me. How could you even think such a thing? Everyone knows my chest tattoo is on my left side, duh.)But let me just settle one thing real quick. I am by no means a "clubber". I'm pretty sure the last CLUB I was at was The Old Firehouse circa 9th grade (shoutout to any NOVA people reading). But that doesn't stop me from being obsessed with this song and everything it represents! Was I JAMMING OUT to this song on the way home from work today? Yes. And was my yet-to-be-born-but-totally-with-the-program baby silently judging me in utero being like, "Really mom? Fist pumping?! Really? 'Beating up the beat'? Isn't that alittle 'Snooki' of you, ma?! I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed." Well...yes. But I say pish posh little baby. This is just THE START of the many things I will do that will embarrass you through out your life. Welcome aboard.So am I alone on this one? Help a sister out!-Charlie[...]

Nestables Giveaway Winner!


Sorry it's taken us so long to post our pillow giveaway winner!! We had a whirlwind weekend, and haven't had a free moment! We have much to report about our girl's weekend in Williamsburg but that's for another post. Right now I'd like to congratulate....

CONNECTICUT CUPCAKE!! She won the awesome, lovely, chic pillows from Nestables!!!

Please e-mail us with your address, and we will be happy to send those little puppies to you :) CONGRATS!

Don't worry if you weren't the lucky one this giveaway, we have some AWESOME giveaways coming up in the next few months. You won't be!

We will post on our weekend SOON, but until then enjoy a nice shout out to Natalie Dee. She portrays my life extremely accurately in this cartoon....


Williamsburg, VA Here We Come!!


Happy Friday! In my opinion, this week went by pretty fastttt! We have a great weekend planned here at ATOTS HQ. Me, Lulu and Mother Nixonsleeve are headed to Williamsburg, Virginia for a girls weekend!! Hurrahhhhhh!!!Just some chicks lookin' to score a date.Joel's competition for the weekend. Rawr.It's going to be a blast! I really love Williamsburg. Fun fact to share with your friends: the hubs went to William & Mary, so we have a lot of Williamsburg pride going on in our fam. Here are some pics of our trip down to the 'burg last summer. We went for a triathlon Joel was participating in... The oldest building on William & Mary's campus (I think). Tribe pride!!We get it. You're a stud, we get it. Ummm for the record...nothing makes you feel lazier then watching a triathlon. I mean you post up in one of those travel chairs with the cup holder (for your frosty beverage), and just wait until the people start running by you sweating profusely and ripping off layers for the next leg of the event. And you're just like, "Wow. I need to do something with my life." But then that thought makes you tired, so you just go back to your Glamour article, "17 Beauty Trends That Will Be EVERYWHERE This Summer", and you somehow how manage to move on.And if you're anything like me you create a silent (read: in your head) competition with the people waiting around you. Last year I totally struck up convo with a few people just to be nosey about who they were cheering on. And then I prayed to the Lord above that Joel would beat them. Horrible, right? This girl was there supporting her fiance who, "has a lot of triathlon experience" and I was like "Oh. Great." And then I spent the next 15 minutes willing, attracting, praying Joel would come through the finish line before her man. AND HE DID! And I looked at her and was like, "Ohh...lookie here...seems MY fiance is done FIRST. Hmmm...good luck waiting in the steaming hot sun. LATER LOSER!" (Sike I didn't say that.) (But you bet your assets I thought it.) Nothing like some hearty competition from the comfort of your collapsable chair. Anyhoo, I anticipate this Williamsburg trip will be a lot less competitive, and a lot more relaxing! Among other things, we plan to hit up the outlets which always means PAR-TAY!!!We will come back with pictures and hopefully some good stories. In the mean time, you have until 5 pm today to enter our giveaway!!! If I can get my act together in time I will post the winner tonight ;) GOOD LUCK!!xoxo,Charlie[...]

When U Smile, I Smile J.Biebs!


Hiyaaaaa! Happy halfway-through-the-week dayyyy! Sorry I haven't posted in a few days.I blame this character:Make that a fajillion and one, athankyou.Yeah I haven't posted because I've been listening to "U Smile" on loop. It's super time consuming being serenaded by The Biebs all day, you know? If you haven't heard it I suggest you RUN to your nearest YouTube and listen. Anyhoooo I managed to pull myself away from J.Biebs long enough to have a really fun weekend! Friday night we went to a friends house for dinner. We had amazing cheese fondue, and I am determined to get the recipe and share it with all of you. It looked easy to make, and it was tres delicious! Saturday Joel and I had a cute little date day. We went to breakfast and played mini golf! The next Tiger? Yikes, I hope not.For the record, we TIED! And by tied I mean I kinda cheated, but whatever. Semantics. But I did have a hole in one, and it was pretty amazing. Anyway it was just really relaxing to be outside, enjoying each other. Hooray for married dates! Saturday night we hung out with friends and fam. It was pretty chilly so the men made a fire and a bunch of us just sat around and talked. Glorious! And Sunday we had a super top secret meeting with our tech-savvy, and creative friend Nicole. Big things are in store for ATOTS, thanks to her! ;)Nicole and me. Yay for 'Skins pride at top secret meetings!! (They won because of us, duh.)I also made these delicious little items...Umm no I didn't take this picture. ViaPumpkin Chocolate Chip Spice Bars! I found the recipe over at Blissfully Content, and they are to die for. So good, and totally easy. They are guaranteed to get you in the fall spirit. Just pair them with a Pumpkin Spice Latte, and you will be in HOG HEAVEN! (You can thank Mother NixonSleeve for that little saying.)(I know I do. Daily. And twice on the weekends.) Ingredients:2 cups all purpose flour1 tablespoon pumpkin pie spice1 teaspoon baking soda3/4 teaspoon salt1 cup unsalted butter, room temperature1 1/4 cups sugar1 large egg2 teaspoons vanilla extract1 cup canned pumpkin puree1 package (12 oz.) semi-sweet chocolate chips Makes- 24 bars 1. Preheat the oven to 350. Line a 9x13 pan with tin foil. 2. In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, pie spice, baking soda and salt. Set aside.3. With an electric mixer combine butter and sugar until smooth. Add egg and vanilla until combined.4. Now add the pumpkin puree (The mixture should appear curdled. No worries!)5. Slowly add the dry ingredients. Mix until combined.6. Fold in the chocolate chips. Finally! Spread the batter in your prepared 9x13 pan. Bake for 35-40 minutes.  Done and done. Enjoy!! OK so listen to how weird this is. Last week, on the same day, Lulu and I both received Jury Duty Questionnaires for our county. I don't know if Fairfax County is just randomly sending these out but no one we know has gotten one besides us. HOW WEIRD WOULD IT BE IF WE WERE PUT ON THE SAME CASE?! The thought literally makes me sweat. In a good way. We make jury duty look good. Damn good.Obvi we would have to act like we didn't know each other, which I have a feeling would be really easy hard. BUT we do have different last names now so as long as we ignore each other in the jury box, I bet peeps would be none the wiser.What if we get a really amazing celeb case?!?! Or like a triple homicide?!?! (See I would like that because I'm weird and morbid and like crime shows...Lulu would probs prefer a high profile case involving Jessica Simpson.) Either way this has AMAZING written all over it. That's all I've got for you on this little Wednesday. Tonight we[...]

It's not done...but here's a progress report. With Pics!!


Lulu project update:
Tried my best this weekend!! I always underestimate the time required on these little d-i-y adventures!! 
Just in case you are trying to picture this in your mind's eye, this is the corner of my kitchen, the closet is next to the pantry and the kitchen table. Opposite side from the counters, cabinets appliances etc

This is just a preview....not done yet!!! But you can get the idea:)

I wish I could zoom in so you could see how good the paint looks in person! Anyhow, rearranging and different accessories in the near future.Oh, and to the right of the german shepherd pic--is a mirror!! To reflect the light--makes it seem more sparkly in there--but it didn't photograph well...


Nestables Giveaway!!


Hello all!! T.A.I.F!! Are we ready for the weekend? Yes, yes we are.I have a wonderful Friday treat to share with all of you...A Tale of Two Sisters is hosting a GIVEAWAY! Yay for free stuff!!We've hooked up with a wonderful, awesome shop on Etsy called Nestables to giveaway TWO of these beautiful pillows!!!Oooh lala!Chic right?! We love them...and sort of wish we could keep them for ourselves. But if anyone deserves these puppies it's YOU ALL! OUR LOYAL READERS!! And be sure to visit the Nestables shop on Etsy. They have ADORABLE items! (I got pillows for the babe's room here!)Here's how to enter:1- Become a follower and put a comment in this post telling us you are. (Do this if you're already a follower too, duh!) That's ONE entry.2- Add us to your blog roll, and put a comment in this post telling us you did. That's ONE entry.3- Repost about this giveaway on your blog and put a comment telling us you did. That's ONE entry.SOOOOO just be sure to leave a comment for every way you've entered. THREE WAYS, so you have up to 3 chances of winning!THIS IS SO WONDERFUL!!! The giveaway will be open until 5 pm NEXT Friday (the 8th). The rain we had yesterday definitely made way for BEAUTIFUL weather here in D.C.! We are looking forward to a relaxing weekend, and we hope you are too!!BE BACK MONDAY! xoxo,Charlie[...]

Three Things Thursday!!


Time for another round of Three Things Thursday!!1. Ummm...I hit a low point in my life today. Like really low. I fear that if I tell you what I did, you may not look at me the same again. BUT ALAS, at ATOTS we are open and we communicate and we here it is.Iworesneakerswithmyworkoutfittoday.It's so weird someone was able to catch this shot of me going to work this morning.AHHH!!! That's right. Before you go defriending me on Facebook, or unfollowing the blog, allow me to explain. It was/is raining super hard here in D.C. today. Like borderline monsoon. One- If I had worn flip flops I'd be destined to fall because I'm cheap, and only wear the $2.50 ones from Old Navy. (You know, the ones that practically have Crisco on the bottom when you try to walk on wet surfaces.) Two- Since my feet are too phat (with a PH) for all most of my flats, I had no other choice. Three- My rain boots are still at my parents house and the best traction shoes I had were sneakers. Pink and white sneakers. That's hot.And let me just say, I was trying to like own it with them on...but people just DON'T LET YOU. THEY JUDGE YOU. (Prior to this I've always been one to judge but I say, "JUDGE NO MO' lest you be judged!" because until you have walked a few city blocks in a sharp-working-woman's-ensemble-complete with-athletic-kicks, you cannot talk.) It may not be pretty, but she will get from A to B WAYYY faster then you.It's so funny how people can't hide their disgust either. More than three people gave me the once over, and their faces were neutral until they got to my sneaks. Once they saw my shoes their nostrils flared ever so slightly, and their neutral mouth position totally turned into a frown...and they looked back at me with a "we could have been friends, but now you've reduced yourself to just a quick hello in the hallway before I book it away from you and your 'sensible shoes'" look on their face. Tear. Oh and I forgot to wear deodorant today too. So in other words I smell like a German barkeep, and I look like I've just stepped off the set of Working Girl. Super.2.  I'm pretty sure Joel is super pumped that I've been using a lot of my afternoon down time to make our house more homey. And by "super pumped" I mean "super annoyed" since a lot of this homeyness requires frequent and plentiful trips to TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Michael's. Woopsies! Those hurricane vases don't buy themselves, amIrightladies?!? As I was justifying explaining to Mother Nixonsleeve yesterday, I just really love a good holiday display, you know? And since the Pumpkin and Harvest Febreze flows like wine around here lately, I thought I needed some decor to match the smell of our house. Here are a few fall/Halloween things I've done at my house. (Please keep in mind a couple of things: I am probably the least crafty person you'll ever meet. I try but I fail. Frequently. And I am a first year married person who has no clue what they're doing. So everything sort of looks like a 5th grader made it.) Enjoy!Total Effort= 1% It kind of shows though...I made these by just taping (so I can reuse) the leaves onto the candle holders.Woops I forgot to light the black candle. This is in my foyer. As you can see, I'm really pushing leaves this year. This is about as creative as I can get without having to take a nap first. I will build and learn about these types of home decor projects over the years. I think I like the Spooky one the best. Although Joel said it is, "A little crafty, that's all. But nic[...]

I'm doin' it.


I am soooo doing this. I already have the built-in-kitchenclosetdeskdumpingarea and I'm starting the new look for it tonight. Now, functionality isn't super important here on this project.'s never the primo reason for doing anything really. It's hurts to be beautiful..and all that jazz. But anyway, it's that upstairs I have a home office already--and it's fully equipped so I am making over the kitchen desk for organizational fabulousness. (ie stop drowning in last week's mail)Here are my inspiration pics. But oops first I gotta know, which one do YOU like best? That's a legit question...that's what we do here in the Greater DC area...the National Capital Area...we VOTE! Ha, so comment after you decide, one vote each...votes will be tallied sometime tomorrow or the next day and yeah, serious votes only please. We got standards here at ATOTS.OK, here's the kinda look I want.Desk #1: Right off the bat space #1, love the chinese chippendale chair. But that's not the space. I like the space because the clean, white design and the hidden storage on the top. My closet has the same doors. Desk #2 OK-space #2 has the pop of color that I love. And the white accessories. Plenty of space on the writing desk AND symmetry with the bulletin boards. I like, I like.Desk #3 Desk #3: Brilliant choice to have a mirror with the lamp reflecting. LOVE this and I love the use of space on the doors. But all white, needs more color? I dunno. Yet. Desk #4 Space #4: I love everything about this little space. The chair distracts me (in a good way) again, because bright shiny things usually do...but the turquoise goes in my house and so does the dark khaki on the walls.Desk #5 Desk #5: Ummm...I'm note sure what is so great here. Other than it's functional and the colors all flow...blah..Desk #6 Desk # 6: Come to mama!!!! I L-O-V-E this and it underscores the need for fantastic wallpaper in strategic places! Love the color, the size, the smart use of the doors, the floating shelves. They did SO great on this one.Desk #7Space #7: Small and to the point, great wallpaper again.Soooooooooo....what say YOU?xoxoLuluPS- Yes, I will post before/after pics because I aim to truly inspire. [...]

Natalie Dee Wednesday



Weekend Recap!


The weekend= great success! I hope everyone had a nice weekend too! Friday night we stayed in, ordered pizza and watched LOST. We just started Season 5 and I vowed that this season I will not read the spoilers. Usually I do because the stress of not knowing what happens makes me hate the show. Literally. I will just give up and read Glamour, and it makes Joel annoyed. It's the weirdest reasoning, but if I can read the spoilers I'm more excited about the show. I guess I don't love surprises?! Wahhhh! We shall see how long it lasts...Saturday night we had the garden party and I think my outfit did the trick. It was an optical illusion, the all black, and I felt good in it! It was a great atmosphere, great food and great company!! We had a wonderful timeeeeee.Sunday was my baby shower and it was so awesome!!! It was at my Aunt Kate's house, and we made out like bandits! Everyone was so sweet and generous to us. Our baby is all set with tons of cute clothes, toys and books! Here are some pictures...Yes I made them black & white because my face needs all the shading help it can get. Bloastsville, USA Population: Charlie Nixonsleeve. Awesome!Me and Elizabeth!Lulu and our cousin JeanWe got some great books!!Mother Nixonsleeve and LuluSome of my girls!My fellow preggers gal, KathleenHooray for baby items!These are just a few pictures, but you get the idea! It was really great. Thanks to everyone for making it so special :)Lastly I just wanted to quickly shout out to Christina over at Christina's Adventures! I won her giveaway a few weeks ago, and this weekend I got the prize in the mail. It seriously made my week. Not only did she include the pillows I had won, but a personalized mug, and bag. SO CUTE!!! Things like this make me want to be nicer. Read her blog! She has a lot of awesome, crafty ideas!This is what I saw when I opened the box...The pressy inside! :)See you ladies and gents tomorrow!!xo,Charlie[...]

This Week On "Charlie In Charge"


Hello beautiful people!! T.A.I.F!! I hope everyone had a great week. I started my modified work schedule this week, and it feels great. I only work 5 hours a day now, and spend the rest of my hours stalking the Michael's craft store dollar isle elevating my feet. Truthfully this is what I NEEDED, my friends. Having my cankles elevated in the afternoons has helped my Frodo Baggins feet immensely. Here are some things I've been up to this week:1. Planning my outfits for this weekend...I have two pretty major things to attend this weekend. On Saturday night the school Joel teaches at will be hosting their annual Garden Party. It's this great event for parents and faulty to eat, drink and enjoy the beautiful campus. Last year it was so cold and rainy! My dress barely made an appearance because I was wrapped in a coat all night. (Sidebar: I tried to find a pic of my dress from Anthropologie and I had no luck. But I did find these two gems....    Sign me up for these beauts post pregnancy!! via Anthropologie )This year it is essential to look good, but also FEEL good. And because of Canklegate 2010, I am limited in my outfit choices. I will not, under any circumstances, be wearing CRC (cankle revealing clothing).  It's definitely a dressy event and most women will be in a skirt/dress. BUT this is what I'm going with:The Garden Party by charlie25 featuring a knit maternityI'm hoping that great hair, makeup and accessories will take away from the fact I'm wearing pants. (Anyone reading this who will be there Saturday-- avert your eyes!) I'm secretly happy that I'm wearing pants. With a skirt you have to worry about looking tan, shaving, etc. (Soooo I guess I'll just be super pale and hairy and getting the last laugh? Yes.) Sunday afternoon is my baby shower and I'm so excited!! But I am all confused about what to wear! I will definitely be sporting pants (black) but I wanted to wear a colorful, fun top. I have a lot of black shirts and honestly that's so morbid for a baby shower! (At least for ME to be wearing. If anyone is planning on wearing black to the shower I salute you. And I am jealous of you.) So I am currently on a mission to find a baby shower approps outfit. Any thoughts? I have this shirt (which looks way better on/in person): If it ain't broke, don't fix it.It's flattering, comfortable and with the right accessories will get the job done. But like Ariel says,  I WANT MOREEEEEE!!! I'm not looking to break the bank, but if anyone knows of shirts that fit the bill let me know!2. I've been pushing fall in a big bad way...I just want it to be cooler already! Yesterday was the first day of fall (how do I know this? Because my dotmine planner told me! HEYOOO), and we put up our fall wreath!! I had been promising myself that I would have it up for the first day of the season! It's from Pottery Barn and I pretty much love it.I tried to take a picture of MY door, but it didn't look as good! ViaI also hit up Bath & Body Works and got a few little items. Creamy Pumpkin Hand Soap "Leaves" CandleIf you know what's good for you, you will go purchase these things too. They are delicious smelling and they will get you in the fall spirit!OK and then something bad happened. I got alittle crazy with my fall scents obsession. I had read (here) about this limited edition Febreze called "Pumpkin Harvest & Fall", and I couldn't stop th[...]

Lulu Review 9.23.2010 quick and easy


Lulu ReviewS'MORES-CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE- CUP CAKES:Stars: 4 outta 4 These are WONDERFUL little desserts!!!  When I heard this recipe from Charlie, I'm gonna be honest, I was driving my car and committed it to memory. No writing it down or asking for specifics. (no distracted driving here! ha ) When I got home I was playing in by (y)ear. See the complicated ingredient list below.Step 1: Fill muffin tin with cookie dough. Did fill some all the way, some half. Just testing things out. One quick call to Charlie to confirm I was on the right track...had I imagined the muffin tin part of the conversation? That could happen. Again, I didn't write down directions. Step 2 & 3: Add little mini-marshmallows and  graham crackers. Charlie did tell me 2 marshmallows each, but Mr. Charlie (aka Joel) recommended extra marshmallows. So I went crazy there. And ummm, I was spastic and tried putting whole graham crackers on top.  Step 4: Final step. Add chocolate squares. Ha, I put big huge pieces because I thought they'd melt and cover the top but I was wrong! Chocolate always seems to melt all over everything in the car but somehow in the oven at 350 it didn't spread out. Weird.Action shot: While baking @ 350 for 11 minutes.Fresh from the oven. Final product: Delicious! A true quick & easy recipe. Hahahaaa even though the center's collapsed under the weight of the toppings...they are still amazing! Now that I think about it, I could have should have crumbled the crackers and chocolate. But oh well. I was picturing an actual s'mores so the layered thing was what I was thinking. I would make them and serve them warm when having COMPANY--because I know they'd be a crowd pleaser. But, I'd also add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Oh snap. That would be the ticket.So, I guess this little recipe is going viral!  I got in from Charlie and she got it from Emily over at My Heart Shaped Life. And I think she got it from another fabulous blogger out there in our circle of friends!! WOOHOO!! Who will make this recipe next??xoxoLulu[...]