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Preview: The Boyle Family

The Boyle Family

Take a glimpse into the lives of John, Kelly, Baylee and Ashlee.

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Fun times at Pebble Beach.


The girls and I went to stay at my Grandma White's house in Pebble Beach, Ca. We went and met up with my Parents and a group of my friends from Utah. We are thinking that we are going to make it a tradition with my friends, to go once a year for as long as my grandma has the house. We have been a few times before as single people, but now we are all married and have kids, so because we don't get to see each other that often we thought it would be nice to get together. And what better place than beautiful Pebble Beach. My parents came and hung out and helped me with the girls. They were going to be there the week after me, but decided to come a week early to see me and the girls. I am so glad they did, we had a fun time with them. Baylee loves seeing her Papa and Grandma McGiven. They always do such fun things with her and spoil her to death, and now with Ashlee they are having so much fun spending time with her. Grandma and Grandpa would get on the floor with her and play with her, and she would just laugh and giggle and make them laugh and giggle, it was so fun to watch. Here are a lot of pictures of our fun time in Pebble Beach.

(image) Here is Baylee at the park in Monterey, she is checking out the big steam engine train they have there.
(image) Baylee loved this little drinking fountain of the lion. She specifically asked me to take a picture with her head in the lions mouth. It was pretty funny.



(image) This is Grandma McGiven Pushing Baylee on the swings at the park in Monterey. This park is the coolest park for kids. There is so much to do, and it is so big.
(image) Here is Baylee with her Papa at the park in front of an old steam engine train. My Dad loves trains, and this was a southern pacific railroad train, which I think is the same company that my Grandpa McGiven worked at which is why my Dad is so partial to trains.

(image) Here is Ashlee just chillin with her Pooh Bear at the Park. It was actually a little chilly so that is why she had the hat on. The funny thing is is that this used to be Baylee's hat, and I have a picture of Baylee that is just like this. I have to find it and compare because I think they look exactly a like. I think the only difference is that Baylee may have been a little older and her head was a little bit bigger.

(image) We went to the Wharf and saw a bunch of seals or sea lions, I can't tell the difference. Baylee thought they were so cool.
There was an old man who had all of his birds and letting the kids look at them and old them. There was little boy who was probably terrified of these birds and he was older than Baylee. Well she says to me, "Mommy that boy is scared, but I'm not scared, I need to show him how to hold the bird and not be scared." So she went right up to the old man asked if she could hold the bird. She thought it was cool. The bird's name was Rosie. She sure showed this little kid not to be afraid. LOL!



(image) Baylee got to be buried in the sand and made into a mermaid. She had so much fun with all of my friends. She got a lot of attention from them being the only kid there.
(image) This is Jamis, Deanna, and Donny in the process of making Baylee a mermaid. It was cute, because this whole trip Baylee had a little crush on Donny, the guy on the right. He was so cute with her. He played with her and read her stories and let Baylee hang on him the whole time we were there. She had fun with all the guys. Deanna's husband Brooks was her pal the whole time too. I think it was because she thought it was cool that Brooks had the same name as her cousin from Texas.

This a guy that was surf skating on the beach. It was really cool watching him. As we were watching him the dolphins came up to swim by him.

(image) This is my group of friends that we met at my Grandma's house in Pebble Beach. Deanna, Baylee Scotty, Brooke, Jamis, Brooks, Deanna and Donny. Jamis' wife Sarah was there too, but wasn't in the picture for some reason. We had a lot of fun with everyone. We just relaxed and had fun at the beach, at the house, ate really yummy food, walked around the Golf Course, stayed up late and played games. We went to the wharf and walked around and went to the aquarium. It was a lot of fun. I miss hanging out with friends. I have been blessed to have great friends.



(image) While we were at the Beach we got to see a group of dolphins. We actually went to the beach twice and both times we saw Dolphins. Baylee was really good at spotting them out. She was so excited to see them, she even asked if she could go swim with them. I think I would have gone out there if the water hadn't been so dang cold.
This is a pelican bird that we spotted. I love pelicans. I think they are some pretty cool birds. They seem to be everywhere at the beach also.

(image) (image) (image) Here is little miss Baylee at the Beach. She absolutely loves the beach. I love her in her little swimsuit here. I think she looks like quite the little California Girl with her swimsuit and her golden hair.

Pre-School and Playing.


Baylee is now 3 years old. She just had her Birthday last Tuesday. And now that she is 3 that means that she has started Pre-School. She was so excited to start. Her teachers name is Miss Terri. Baylee gets to go with her best friend Addi. To get Baylee to leave her teachers house when we went to meet her was to bribe her with getting her a back pack for school. She was so excited and on our way to the store she new exactly what kind of back pack she wanted. So that is what we got. She got herself a pink backpack with all the Disney Princesses. We love you Baylee and Daddy and I are so proud of you.
(image) (image)


Baylee with her best friend Addi when I went to pick them up after school.

Ashlee is growing so fast as well. She is already trying to sit up by herself. She seems to have really strong core muscles. (image) She loves to laugh and play. Especially with her big sister Baylee. They absolutely love each other. Ashlee is grabbing things and playing with them and putting them in her mouth. I love my girls. They are so fu(image) n to watch grow up.

Ashlee is all smiles now.


(image) I love this picture of Ashlee. She is so sweet and loveable and I love her little dimples she's got going on.

(image) John loves to sit and relax and have Ashlee or Baylee chill with him. I love this picture of Ashlee doing just that. I love my family.
(image) Baylee absolutely loves her baby sister. She dotes on her and loves to hug and kiss her non stop. She is a great helper too. She will help with changing her diaper and feeding her and puts her binky in her mouth when she cries and just plays with her. Sometimes I feel bad though because Baylee doesn't realize how rough she is being with Ashlee and I feel that I have to constantly tell her not to do something, and all it is is Baylee thinking she is doing something good and fun with her sister. I love these little girls to death though, and I am so grateful that I get to be their Mommy.

(image) Look at that cheese grin. Isn't it the cutest thing in the world. She makes me laugh. I love making her smile like that.



(image) I love it when John holds Ashlee. Almost everytime she gets fussy John will pick her up and talk to her very calmly and she always seems to just calm right down and relax and chill with her old man.
(image) This is Ashlee after her bath. She really seems to like taking baths. That is another thing that seems to calm her down when she is fussy. I think that she likes the warm water, and then she likes the massage she gets after her bath.
(image) I love how she is really starting to smile, laugh and coo. Baylee loves it also and thinks it is so cute.

(image) Ashlee likes to hang out in her boppy chair. Especially outside. I can take her out and just sit her on our table outside and she will lay there so peacefully and enjoy being outside. I can usually go swimming with Baylee and she will just chill and usually fall asleep. The second I bring her inside she will get fussy.

(image) She is really showing her personality now. She gets excited and will play and kick and laugh.

Part 4, Julie and her kids!


My Sister Julie and her kids came to visit us from Utah. We had such a blast with them. Baylee loves her cousins so much and has such a good time with them, she also loves her Aunt JuJu. McKell is especially special to Baylee. Baylee loves McKell so much, because McKell plays with her and reads to her and teaches her new things. Baylee even calls her Kell now. She misses them so much and can't wait to see them when we go visit them in Utah in July. The kids went swimming a lot, especially Mckell and Baylee. They both are little fishes. We went to the Zoo, and to Peter Piper Pizza to play games and just hung out. Mckell was fascinated by the lizards here and would always say she wanted to catch one, so now Baylee wants to try and catch them every time she sees a lizard. We especially loved playing with little Caitlyn. She is such a sweetheart and doesn't take any guff from anyone. Just ask Baylee. Baylee loves being a big sister but she can be overbearing sometimes and Caitlyn wasn't going to have that. It was funny to watch her. Here are some Pics.

Part 2, Ashlee Ann Boyle


Ashlee Ann Boyle, born May 9, 2010 at 4:02 p.m. Weighed 8 lbs 5 oz. Was 20 in long. On Saturday I decided that I really needed to get Baylee's room done. I felt that she felt a little displaced and I knew that it would be worse when the baby came, so I needed to get her her own room and make it special for her and something that she would have that is her own. So my mom came over and helped all day. A few days before we went to Target and Baylee got to pick out her bed sheets, She picked out purple Tinkerbell sheets. Then we picked out a really cute quilt/bedspread that was purple with cute flowers and butterflies. We got her a cute ruffled purple lamp and nightstand and then got some really cute butterfly and flower decals that we stuck on her wall. So my mom and I worked all day Saturday and got Baylee's room done. She loved it. Well I was determined to finish that room and we did then got showered and went out to dinner with John after he got home from work.Well I was way tired and went to bed and woke up at 1:30 in the morning with hard contractions. I woke John up and we timed them for a little over an hour. They were 3 and 4 mins apart and lasting for over a min. John thought we should go in. I was a little hesitant because I didn't want to go and be sent home. But we did decide to go in. So John and I both showered, I shaved my legs and got all nice and ready. We got Baylee up and took her over to my Mom's house, called John's mom to come down and we went to the hospital. We got there, they checked me and I was dialated to a 4 and 70% effaced. They said they didn't like to addmit unless I was a 5. So they had me go walk around for an hour and said if I got to a 5 during that time they would admit me. Well John and I walked around got something to eat. They were really strong the entire time. Got back to the room they checked me and I was a 5. I was so happy. They immediately gave me my epidural, which only worked on half my body until the doctor came in and readjusted some things, then it was heaven the rest of the time. I couldn't feel anything. You could have cut my legs off and I wouldn't have known. But then things really slowed down and Wasn't progressing much after that so they put me on the pit and things started moving again. The Doctor came into to check on me about 3:50. Said it was time to go. My oxygen was low though so they put me on oxygen and had me push once to get her engaged. Then waited a few minutes and wanted me to start pushing slowly. Well apparently I pushed to fast because Ashlee popped right out then. This delivery was such a pleasant experience. When I delivered Baylee it was really hard and traumatic. I was put on bedrest for 6 weeks after. This go around was a walk in the park compared to Baylee. I just want to thank my amazing husband John for all of his love and support, my mom and John's mom for all of their love, support and help. They were all lifesavers. I love them all so much. And to Baylee for being such a sweet big sister and mommy's little helper. I love you Baylee.[...]

Sooooo Much to Catch Up On Part 1.



This is Baylee with her swim teacher Miss Suzy. Baylee is a fish when it comes to swimming. Her first week was a little hard. It was the week that we had Ashlee. Her Grandma took her on her first day and she did Awesome! Then the rest of the week she cried bloody murder. I felt so bad. I thought I was a horrible Mother for subjecting my daughter to something so soon after having a baby. It was a survival swim class. But by the second week she absolutely loved it and really has developed some good skills. I think she became a little too confident. She is a little daredevil when it comes to the pool. So we have to keep a good eye on her. I think that if we work with her on what she learned she will be swimming absolutely on her own in just a little bit. She would try now but I don't quite trust her on her own just yet.

These are some cute pics I took of Baylee just messing around trying to be a photographer, at which I am not. But nonetheless I thought some of them turned out cute.
Here is Baylee at the Hospital waiting to hold her brand new baby sister. She was so excited! She loves being a big sister and is such a great helper. Some times too great, HA HA!
Also a picture with her cute little cousin Jayden. Jayden got a new little splash pool and brought it over to share with Baylee. They were so cute and had such a good time.

Some Baylee Funnies.


Well I thought that some of you might get a good laugh at my expense from my sassy frass daughter. I guess this goes to show that she really is listening to me.

Anyways, I have been trying to teach Baylee about obedience and that it is important for us to be obedient because that is what Heavenly Father and Jesus want us to do. Well it has now turned into everytime she wants something and wants me to do it for her and I say no to her. She says "Mom, listen" then points her finger to me and quietly says "Jesus wants you to be obedient Mom." I guess thinking that I need to be obedient also to all of her demands. What a smarty pants I have on my hands.

Secondly, I have also been trying to teach her about speaking kindly and using our nice words like, Thank you, and Please and saying Sorry if we need to, and not yelling. Well, the other day I was driving and some idiot pulled out in front of me causing me to slam on my breaks. So I started yelling, "You Stupid, Idiot driver. " And immediately Baylee scolded me and said " Mom don't yell at him like that, you need to use your nice words and ask him to PLEASE MOVE and to PLEASE NOT DO THAT." I immediately started to laugh and said you are absolutely right Baylee.

The Mouthes of Babes. They really are special litte beings. I am so grateful to have Baylee as my daughter. She really keeps things into perspective for me. She makes me laugh every day. Both John and I can't believe how big she is getting. She is such a special and beautiful little girl. She is so excited for her little sister to come into to this world. She loves every little baby she sees and tries to help out so much. She is going to be an awesome big sister. Well I hope you got a good laugh or two.

If you give a mouse a cookie...


A couple of weeks ago, my friend Jamie and I wanted to take the kids to do something a little different besides just taking them to the park. So we looked up on line for some free things for the kids to do. We found that every Monday and Friday, Barnes and Noble does story time for free. Along with that, they usually do a craft with the kids right after. This time was a little bit more special because they were going to read the book "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" plus have the mouse there for the kids to meet. So we thought that would be fun. So here are some pics of the event. The girls Baylee and her friend Addi got to sit and listen to the story, do a craft, get a cookie and meet the mouse and get pictures with him. Baylee absolutely loved it. It was fun to get out and do something a little different than the park.




(image) (image)

Where is Baylee?



I was getting ready for the day and I had put a movie on for Baylee to watch. When I got done I noticed that Baylee wasn't around and it was very quiet. Usually when she is very quiet in means she is doing something she shouldn't be. Well I couldn't seem to find her and I started to get a little scared. Then I noticed that there seemed to be something under her clothes basket. She knows that she isn't allowed to have her binky unless she is in bed for the night. Well I noticed that she had her binky in her mouth and she must have been trying to hide from me so I wouldn't see her with it. Well she ended up falling asleep under there while she was hiding from me with her binky. I thought it was so funny and had to take a picture.

Christmas 2009


This last Christmas we went up to Utah to spend it with my family. We had such a nice time. We were very busy visiting everyone from my Mom's family and some from my Dad's Family. Baylee had such an amazing time visiting with all of her cousins. She was playing non stop with cousins everyday. She misses them so much. For the first week that we were back, everyday she would say I want to go to Utah and visit Papa and Grandma or Aunt JuJu(Julie) and Kell(McKell), Sydney, Ireland, Hallie and Madi, Brady and Easton. She literally would spout off everybody's names. So it was nice to see everyone. I also realized that I have become a true arizonian or however you say that. I froze my butt off in Utah and could not wait to get back into the warmth.Here is Baylee with her Daddy sledding. They are so dang Cute! I love pics of Baylee and John. Here is Baylee all bundled up for sledding. She loved the snow. This was her first time in the snow. Another cute pic of her bundled up. She loved the first three runs down the hills, then she got plowed by someone and wasn't liking the sledding anymore. Baylee absolutely loves her twin cousins Brady and Easton. Brady and Easton are about 10 months older than Baylee, but they all play so well together. She miss her Brady and Easton. That is what she calls them. "I miss my Brady and Easton." This was them playing RING AROUND THE ROSIES. Again Baylee with her Brady and Easton and they're new little cutie Luke. Luke is such a good little baby. He has such a sweet disposition about him. Baylee loved giving him hugs and kisses. And he would just lay there and smile. One of my highlights was being able to spend some time with my cousins from my Dad's side of the family. We rarely get to see them and it was fun to spend Christmas eve with them. We all went caroling to my Grandma's Rest Home. I was very emotional. My Grandma is on hospice and they really don't know how much longer she has to live. So it was good to see her and for Baylee and John to see her. I really don't know if we will see her again. I love her so much! Here is Baylee with Santa Claus. She loves Santa. This was also her first time with the whole Santa thing. She was not shy at all. She went right to him gave him hugs, would say "HO HO HO Merry Christmas!" and tell him what she wanted for christmas. No coaching at all.Here is Baylee opening her Christmas PJ'S. Again Opening her PJ's with Daddy.I love this house. This a Doctor's house in my Grandma's neighborhood. He Decorates his house every christmas. It is so fun.Here is how we discovered Baylee watching TV. She loves cheese balls.Thankyou to all of our Family and Friends for making this last Christmas so much fun. John was able to go skiing with my BIL Adam. They had a good time up at Park City. We had a friend hook them up with some sweet tickets. I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted too. It is just so hard because there is so many things to do and people to visit that you just get side tracked and are visiting. [...]



My Brother Gary just finished PT school. He is now a Doctor. I am so proud. Anyways, He got a job in Texas, and on their way to moving to Texas they decided to take a detour through Arizona to say good bye to Me, John and Baylee. Also my brother Sean and nephew Tyler. Well As they were here I decided on the very last moment that I would drive out with them to help them drive and help my SIL get the house situated and moved into. I was there for 10 days. It was a lot of fun. They have a beautiful house, and Baylee had a blast getting to know her cousins Broox and Cooper better. And she loves her Uncle Gary and Aunt Katie. We have been home now for almost two weeks and Baylee is still asking me about Uncle Gary and Aunt Katie and where they are and what they are doing. This is their beautiful house. I know that Katie my SIL was so excited because they finally had a house with their very own big backyard for the kids to play in. Which they did a lot of while we were there. Baylee learned to play T-ball and actually was pretty good for a two year old. I think though we might have a switch hitter on our hands.This is Baylee with her cousins Broox and Cooper. They look so much alike I think. Baylee was so attached to these boys. A little more than I think they would have liked. They were like brothers and sister. One minute they would fight and the next they were best buds. It was pretty funny. I am sorry but I love this picture of my Bro. Remember he is a Doctor. Gary cracks me up. He didn't want Katie to take a picture of him as he was making cookies. She told him to pose and this is what he did. You have to know my brother to know that this picture is hilarious. So please don't be offended. This is Baylee and Cooper. I think that they look like twin brother and sister. They are so cute. Baylee sure learned a thing or two of mischeviousness from this little guy. This is my cute SIL Katie showing off her own mailbox and house. They have worked hard and sacrificed a lot for this time of owning their own home. I am so happy for them, and it is a beautiful home. I hope that they will be soo happy. Love you guys! We miss you tons! When I got back my Dad came into to town the same day and spent a week with us. Baylee loves her PaPa McGiven. They have such a good time when they are together. Baylee would not let him out of her sight. Everytime he would leave she had to follow, and when He wasn't here she would put down her head and sulk and was so sad when Papa wasn't with her. We miss Papa alot too.[...]

The Celebrations.


For Baylee's Birthday we had John's family, and My brother Sean and Nephew Tyler come over Saturday night for a BBQ and swimming. We had Hamburgers, 7 layer dip and chips that my brother made. It was really yummy. We also had Veggie and Fruit Platters and then opened presents and had cake. Everyone went swimming and visited. It was a nice time with everyone.Then on Monday the actual day of Baylee's birthday, John and I wanted to do something special with just our family. So we took Baylee to her favorite swimming spot. It is in Chandler. It is a community pool where they have a big play area for kids and toddlers to swim. They have slides, splash pad, whirlpool, lazy river, Big slides for older kids, Olympic size pool with diving boards, all sorts of things for kids to play in and be able to cool off from the heat. The water in the toddler area is pretty shallow and so the kids are able to swim and walk around pretty easily and play. Baylee absolutely loves this place. So we spent a few hours swimming and then went out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and then went over to Paradise Bakery to get cookies. Baylee is like her Daddy and loves to eat cookies. So all in all we had a blast celebrating Baylee. We love her so much and are so glad that she is in our family. Here are some pics of the celebrations. Here is Baylee With her new tricycle that John and I got her for her Birthday. She has been loving it. It is a Little Mermaid bike. It makes all these fun noises and even blows bubbles. She isn't quite tall enough to reach the pedals. I think in a few short months she will be able to ride the pedals instead of having to push herself around. Here is Baylee running through the splash pad that they have at the pool. She loves to watch the water come up and spray out of the fountain and then run away. Here is Baylee going down one of the slides. She loves to hang on the bar over her head and then drop down and slide. Here are her and John playing with the cords that you can pull down and water comes pouring out of a spout above your head.Here is a view of the Big play area at the pool. As you can see it really is a fun place for kids. In the summertime this place is packed. I think we went at a good time. It was after John got off work and it was going to be closing in like 2 hours. So it was fun with not a whole lot of people. [...]



(image) TJei looking through Baylee's view finder that her Uncle Quentin gave to her for her Birthday. She loves this little thing. She gets such a kick out of looking into it and seeing the neat pictures.
(image) Here is Baylee getting posing for Daddy infront of her cake. TJei kept trying to get Baylee to smell her cake so that she could push her face into the frosting and get it on her nose. Too bad it didn't work, because I had the cake in the fridge so it was nice and cold and set.
(image) Here is cute little Mia posing for a picture. Baylee loves to play with her cousins Mia, TJei and Davis.
(image) Here is cute little Davis. He is quite the Ham in this picture. We love Davis, it took Baylee a long time before she would say his name. She would always call him baby. I think it was because he couldn't walk yet, so she thought of him as the baby. Davis is walking now and Baylee loves to play with him a lot more now that he is so mobile.
(image) Here is a picture of Baylee's cake that I made for her. Baylee isn't really into all the Dolls or Barbies or any other charactures yet. So we just did some girly colors and sprinkles and Wrote Happy Birthday Baylee. She loved eating it.

2 Years Old Already.


I can't believe that Baylee is 2 years old already. It really seems like it was just yesterday that we were at the hospital giving birth to her.

John and I feel like the luckiest parents to be able to be Baylee's Mommy and Daddy. To this day John always says to Baylee "Can you believe you're my kid?" Sometimes it is still surreal that we are her parents.

Baylee brings so much Happiness and Joy into our lives. She is such a sweet spirit in our home. She really has developed, I think the best little personality. She makes people laugh all the time. Baylee is such a people person. We can go to the store or to church and she sees people walking and pipes up "HI" and she will wave at them. People constantly are saying what a cutie she is.

Baylee is also extremely smart and picks up on things very fast. Baylee loves to play with all of her Grandma's and Grandpa's, Cousins, and Aunts and Uncles and little neighborhood friends from church. She loves to go to the park, She loves swimming as you can see from the post before. She loves to go to the puppy store and see all the dogs. She loves to read. She has some of her books memorized and so as I am reading she will read along with me, or she knows what is coming next in the book. She loves to learn new things, She loves to color and look at pictures. We have pictures of the temple and of family members and of Jesus Christ and she will go around to every single picture and say who or what it is. Most of all she loves to spend time with her Mommy and Daddy in our little family.

Baylee, Mommy and Daddy love you so much! We are so lucky to be your parents, and feel so blessed that Heavenly Father sent you to us. We love watching you grow and playing with you as you explore new things. You are such a sweet and special little girl. Happy Birthday to our 2 year old.

She is training for the Olympics.


One of our investments for our house has been a swimming pool. It is a great thing to have one you live in a 400 degree oven for 5 months out of the year.

Well since it has been so hot out Baylee and I have done quite a bit of swimming. Baylee absolutely loves the water and is not afraid at all. We changed her from swimming with floaties to an actually swimsuit that as a floating device in it. A great tool for kids to have.

Since having it she really has learned to swim with her arms and put her face down and hold her breath. She will swim for quite a while doing it over and over. She loves to swim, I think we might have an olympic medalist in our future. Just Kidding! Well I thought I would get some video of her swimming. There is also a video of her singing. So many people have wanted to see what she sounds like and how big she is getting. I can't believe she can do alot of the things she does do and she isn't even 2 yet. The kid amazes me. She must get it from me. HA HA!

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Bare with me there is another video I thought I would share.

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Oh how I have missed you.


When Baylee was first born she would not sleep in her bed or bassinet. So my Sister Julie told me about the best (in my opinion) baby bouncer called "The Boppy". She said that her kids would take naps in this little bouncing chairlike thing. So I decided that I would go out and buy one to try it out. Well Baylee loved it! In fact she actually slept in this thing for all of her naps and at bed time for the first 2 months of her life. After that we got her to sleep in her bassinet/crib and then she would take her naps in her Boppy. Once she got older she would just like to lounge around in it. Well when my brother-in-law and his wife had their baby, we let them use it because it worked so well for Baylee. I think they would agree that it is an awesome thing to have for babies. Well we just recently got it back from them and as soon as Baylee saw it she was so excited and she has been sitting in it ever since, and the other day I found her sleeping in it. Oh how she missed her Boppy.

She's a Hoot!


Baylee is such a Hoot! This girl makes me laugh constantly. I love her so much. I can't believe how big she is getting. She is so dang smart and picks up on things so very fast. It really amazes me. I can't believe that she will be 2 years old the end of August. Baylee is talking so much and speaks very well, she loves to sing. She will sing her abc's, I am a child of God, Twinkle little star, Old MacDonald, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, Lullaby, and Jesus wants me for a sunbeam. She can say a lot of her shapes and she can count a little bit, I am still working on her colors. She loves to read and even has some of her books semi memorized and will read them with me. She knows her animals and sounds and loves to play with puppies and see and learn new things. She is very much like her father where she loves to tease. She is a very good swimmer for her age and loves to be outdoors. She is now really starting to climb up things at the park and other places. She loves to color and play with play dough. Most of all she loves to play with her Daddy and get chased around the house, and play with her Papa who she absolutely adores and misses. She wishes he would move from Utah. She loves all of her Grandmas and Grandpas but when Grandpa McGiven comes she loves to follow him around and he plays with her on the floor and will read to her all night and slips her treats all the time, he takes her swimming and they will go back and forth teasing each other. My Dad laughs hysterically when Baylee is around. Baylee has been able to spend a lot of time with her Papa and Mama over the last couple of months so she gets extremely sad when Grandma and Grandpa McGiven leave. She always ask to talk to them on the phone. She is always asking when Papa and Mama are coming back. Baylee also absolutely loves to play with all of her cousins and friends from church. She seems to be a pretty coordinated little girl. People tell me all the time how amazed they are at how fast she learns and how smart she is for her age. Here are a few Pics of her that explain her personality. I tell you she is a Hoot! She loves to laugh and tease. She loves her little baseball cap and loves to where it around the house. She is our little tomboy. She loves adventure. Baylee has loved slides ever since she was real little. She loves to try new things and doesn't really seemed to be frighten by a whole lot. At least not yet. But she loves to go to the park and play. When ever there is a slide she has to go down about 100 times. Especially at the water park. She loves to go down all the waterslides, and will do it herself. This is Baylee being like her Dad. She likes to relax either with Mommy or Daddy or by herself in her little couch. She makes me laugh. She likes to be free and independent.[...]

Congratulations Sweety!...Sigh of Relief.


Well It is final. John is now a graduate apprentice. What a sigh of relief. John put in his bid for his new Journeyman's position on thursday. They told him that he had a choice between construction or Maintenance in EHV (Extra High Voltage) in the west valley. John was a little unsure of where he wanted to go, but he gave them the word this morning that he would like Maintenance, so John starts his new position has a Jorneyman on Monday. He gets his pay raise Aug 13th. CONGRATULATIONS SWEETY!!!

I just want to tell John how proud I am of him. It really has been a long road. There were times that he wasn't sure he wanted to continue, but new that he had too. He knew that despite all the headaches he went through he was not going to let them get the better of him.

John is such an amazing person. He works his tail off and is never happy unless he can walk away knowing that he gave it his all. And he always did. I will admit that sometimes I would tease John about always taking too long when he would do a project. But John is the type of person that has to do it right and do it good and like a professional. And he will do it that way no matter what. He is a perfectionist, and he does it like that at work. He truly amazes me with his ability to work with his hands and at how smart he is. I know that I am not the only one who sees that in him to. So many of his supervisors would tell him how impressed they were of John and his work ethic and the hard work that he would do. They were impressed with his precision and how fast he would grasp things. There were many that actually told him that he was the best apprentice that they had seen go through the program in a long time and that he would go far.

I just hope that John remembers that. Sometimes it is hard when you feel that there are some people who aren't in your corner and you seem to dwell on that instead of the positive things. I just hope that John knows that I am in his corner always, and that I love him so much! Thank you for being the wonderful husband and father that you are. Thank you for always trying to do your best. Keep up the good work sweety, you can only continue to go up. I didn't mean to sound like I was boasting, but I really am so proud of John and all of his accomplishments. I just hope that he can now relax a bit and enjoy this time knowing that he is done.

Ring Around The Rosies and Lots Lots More...


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These are McKell, Sydney, Hallie, Baylee, Brady and Easton playing ring- around- the- rosies. These kids had a ball. They played for ever, running around Great Grandma White's house. It was especially fun to see the twins. Baylee and them became great buds. Baylee was out jumping on the trampoline and I think it was Easton who saw her and ran over saying "Baylee, my Baylee, I want to jump with Baylee." It was fun to see Hallie too. We hadn't seen her since she moved away from Arizona, but they picked up right where they left off.


This is all the kids falling after playing ring- around- the- rosies.


This was hilarious! There was no noise in the house and we thought it a bit strange. So I went looking around for all of the kids. I found them in the upstairs guest suite, in the bathtub, just like this. They were all just in there talking and laughing. Good think none of them figured out how to put on the water.

This is sweet little baby Caitlyn. She really is the sweetest little baby. I don't think I heard the little girl cry once until like the last day I was there. It was fun to see her. Baylee loved her too pieces. It was a task trying to keep Baylee from mawling her. Baylee loved to rub her head and give her kisses and hold her.


Here is Julie my sister with her little girl. I hope Julie knows how much we love her and are glad she is feeling so much better. We will miss you all so much. We had a blast playing with all the little cousins. We wish we could see and spend lots more time with everyone.