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Call Me Katie

because that's my name.

Updated: 2014-10-06T18:39:26.912-07:00


Family History


I have discovered indexing. It's so much fun.
People have scanned hundreds of thousands of old census records, marriage records, etc. and the goal is to digitize all of the you log on (
And you pull up an old record (sometimes hand written, sometimes typed) & you fill in the info in a chart at the bottom (names, birthdays, birth place, occupations, etc.)
It's fun (but sometimes challenging) trying to read some of these old handwriting styles.

My Dad told me that my Aunt Peggy was the #1 indexer in the world at one time & she received a Thank You letter from President Thomas S. Monson!
How awesome is that?

I don't know if I'll have time to reach the #1 status at this stage in my life, but I enjoy doing it as much as I can.

I am taking a Family History class at church right now. I think it's like 8 weeks long. The teacher (Sister Pankau) is so passionate about it that I have been inspired to get started.
I want to start by copying all of the info, photos, and journals my parents have acquired over the years. They are major genealogists!!
I'd love to take a branch of the family tree & run with it, searching out the limbs...
Then there's Josh's family which we have barely begun.

I am learning that genealogy isn't just a fun hobby. It's not just a meticulous research project or a cool thing to do if you feel like it.
It's a sacred obligation to search out my kindred dead & make sure they receive their ordinances in the temple of the Lord.
The Spirit has touched me as I have begun this journey, and I am learning that it will increase my testimony and draw the Spirit closer to me.

What is new


Julian plays piano now! And he's in Talented Music at school. 9th grade. High school. Great grades! Seminary class every morning before school. (They are studying the Old Testament this year) ROTC... He is such a sweet person.

Emily is in Talented Theater. 5th grade. Just started playing soccer. Today was her first game. She loves singing & has a beautiful voice! She writes really good stories & draws too!

Joshua still works for Boh Bros. He is a counselor in our ward Bishopric. He & I started the RAVE diet 3 months ago (no foods that came from an animal). Josh lost 20 pounds!
I was so happy that he was willing to make this change with me & we feel great!

I have 2 jobs now. I take care of an elderly lady named Ms. Do-Rae. She's sweet! And I clean my Dad's office building.

Annie is doing great too. I walk her every single day. Josh usually joins us. She's such a sweet dog.





My blog is like my journals. Big gaps of time unaccounted much has happened but I'll just start from here.
Here's a family photo my Mom took recently. :)

My poor pitiful neglected blog


(image) I have been a bad blogger.
And I have slacked off on taking pictures too!
This blog was what motivated me to take pictures! See the above picture of me? I had that mole removed back in November 2009.
I haven't loaded any newer pictures of me onto my computer.
I blame it all on my IPhone. I can load pictures onto Facebook from the phone so it's easy!!!
I guess I figured there weren't many people actually reading this thing anyhow!
But so what! I need to journal better. I shall improve





ONe more Nauvoo post!


So yeah....
I took a million pictures on this get ready! Here are some of my favorites

(image) My sweet niece Morgan!!
(image) My big sis Keli. LOVEY
(image) Randy got this shirt for Josh!!! LOL
(image) My Dad must love ham sammiches.
(image) Carrie is the bomb. Thumbs up for her big time!

Family trip to old nauvoo....



(image) The kids got to swim in the hotel pool. FUN!

Nauvoo is awesome


(image) We went on the Trail of hope walk...
(image) And visited the Visitor's Center...
(image) My Mom and Dad made the whole trip possible for all of us. They're so wonderful.
(image) My hat says "Katie the great"...yeah, I amde it myself. We went to this "Sunset on the Mississippi" musical performance. It rocked.
(image) Here we are at the end of the Trail of Hope. There's a memorial for all the pioneers who left Nauvoo but didn't make it to Utah.

More Nauvoo


(image) Aren't we the coolest group of people you ever saw? Yep.
(image) Look at my Dad sitting in the back seat of that 15-passenger van with all of the kids!!!! He is a glutton for punishment.
(image) Madie and Julian
(image) Stick pull!!! Julian is strong!!! He can beat me. Here he is with Hunter!
(image) Roadside picnic!

Trip to nauvoo


I have over 300 pictures of this do I pick just a few???Well, my Dad treated our family to a trip to nauvoo!! He rented a 15-passenger van for all of us...and we still had to bring my mom's SUV too. there were 17 of us on the trip. It was so AWESOME!!!!!We went to the temple. It was so beautiful.I love my sweet husband!!!Me and my Mom. She's the best.We went to Carthage jail, where the prophet Joseph Smith was killed.There's the Helms!!! Randy and Carrie.My Mom does this every time she sees a locust shell. LOL She cracks me up. Sometimes she hangs them from her ears, or wears them like a brooch.In old Nauvoo, they have all of the old buildings, some are still functioning like the olden days!!This was at the blacksmith shop. It was so cool- we all got rings made out of nails. very groovy.Pioneer games!! Josh on stilts...Emily in the "mini Nauvoo" village.Handcart races!!!The pageant was the best. It was phenomenal!!!![...]

Summer 2009


There's a new "spray park" by our local playground! The kids love going there and running through the water. It's hot as heck for me, but they're happy. I just find a shady spot under a tree and read a book...once I thought I'd just stick my foot in the water and a huge blast of water shot me in the backside.There's a snow ball stand with a play area for LITTLE kids...but that doesn't stop Julian and Emily. LOL...We kept Madie and Hayden for a week while Keli went to Girls' Camp. She was the camp director or something. Our 4 kids got along for about 2 and 1/2 days...and I had them for 6 that was interesting!!! But they love each other.OH- see the dog in this picture? Poor thing. So this lady was giving him away on Craigslist. His name was Rosco and he was a dachsund mix. Well, we had him for like 2-3 weeks. He bit Annie in the face (our other dog- see how depressed she looks in the picture?) and then he bit my little 7-year-old cousin. I brought him to the pound as soon as that happened. It was sad.Me and Carrie love taking our friend Patty out on "girls' days out"...but since school let out we haven't been able to. I'm pretty excited for school to start back up next week, but I am going to start subbing again too. HOWEVER, I will definitely take some days off...I love going to the temple and spending time with my sisters and my Mom during the school year.That would be Julian and Hunter enjoying one of my Mom's AWESOME country meals out at the camp. All of the veggies came from the garden- potatoes, squash, purple hull peas, butter beans, okra...and then she made some fried chicken to top it off. We thought we'd died and gone to heaven.Me, Madie, Ella, and Robyn picking peas. OH, and Annie...she's so sweet!There we are shelling the peas. That's my favorite part. See that huge tub of peas? We filled at least 2-3 of those. Robyn and I stayed up til 2am shelling. Everyone else gave up and went to bed, but we weren't going to stop until every one of those peas was shelled!! Our thumbs were ACHING. LOLEmily helped me wash my car in the driveway one day...I went inside and when I came back out I found that she had made a little "pool" for herself. LOL...I laughed so hard.My Mom gave Emily a Haircut!!! She did a really good job too. I might ask her to give me one soon. My hair has gotten soooo long and of my blog buddies (Kristina) emailed me and asked if I had died. LOLNope. I'm still kickin'.This summer has flown by.Let's see- what's new?Well, I was called as our ward's Primary president which threw me for a loop!It's a lot of fun, and I have been trying hard to be worthy of such a great responsibility.I started an Ebay business and became practically obsessed with it...I have pretty much put that on the back burner though. It was taking over my life. I spent at least 50 hours a week doing it, probably more! I made about $1200 in 60 days I was hooked.We spent some time in Mississippi at the camp...And we just went on a trip to Nauvoo, Illinois. My Dad treated our family to that vacation! It was so awesome. I am so happy that my children got to experience that. I have been so fortunate- that was my 4th visit to Nauvoo. And I'd love to go back! It's just wonderful.[...]

Ten fun things to do at the camp


#1. Kick back on a hammock and read a book!!!Or- hey,#2. chew your toe nails:Don't worry about the fact that you haven't showered in 2 or maybe 6 days...and you've been going barefoot....chew away!!! LOLAWWWW- #3. bond with your cousins!!!! That's the best one of all....#4. Harrass the poor dog! Yippee!!! What could be more fun? LOLI love Ella!!!#5. Play with bubbles! Thanks Aunt Keli!!!#6. Ride a huge stuffed fish...... LOLAlice is so adorable!!!Or #7. throw an awesome Easter egg hunt:#8. Sit on the side of a hill and watch a bunch of your crazy relatives purposely fall off a zip line into a huge mud hole! Top that!#9. Load as many family members as possible onto one 4-wheeler so they don't have to walk 20 yards back to the camp. LOL#10....and the best of all!!!! Be a REAL kid and do real kid stuff- like playing in a patch of dirt for hours on end!!! YAY!!!!I can list at least a million more....I might just have to keep adding to this list. I haven't even scratched the surface yet!!![...]

The Zip line


(image) As U can see:
Randy hooked up a zip line-
from the wench on his truck to a tree at the bottom of the hill, above a huge mud hole....
the above picture is Randy going down it, backwards and somewhat upside down....he is a daredevil!!!
(image) I lost count of how many times Julian went down that thing. I closed my eyes almost every time.
(image) Someone would go down in a 4-wheeler to bring people back up the hill...I'm surprised no one got stuck in the mud.

(image) But a few people did fall into the puddle!!!
I think it was on purpose, though.

Easter at the camp


(image) Hey!
We had the most awesome week out at the camp....there's Annie and me (above)...she loves the camp!
Easter was the best, then Spring Break vacation came right after. It was non-stop fun.
I have about 5 gazillion pictures to I might have to narrow them down a bit.
I took these next 4 pictures- they're my favorites!!!!



I've been pretty busy lately.I hardly have any new pictures to show for it though!There's Josh washing some golf balls he found in the woods.Josh was in a tournament Saturday. He won a hat.Conneen got rid of some of her clocks. She has a huge collection. I might just take up collecting clocks myself!! These look pretty cool.Annie is the most loved dog on the planet.Carrie, Patty, and I went out on a Girls' date this past Monday. It was SO much fun!!! We went to IHOP for brunch, then went to see "Race to Witch Mountain" which was cute. We were the only 3 people in the whole theater so we could make loud, obnoxious comments through the whole movie. That always makes it sooooo much funnier. We were laughing our hineys off.Last weekend it rained and rained and rained....This is normally a ROAD::::We were in Josh's truck, which rides pretty high...I would not have driven a car through the water! Several people in small cars got stuck trying to drive through it!See these people:We went to the temple that night (last Friday) and by the time we got back home, the road to our house was CLOSED. We had to take a one-hour detour to get to our house from the back way. We actually live in a relatively high spot, but we have to go THROUGH the low area to get in and out of town.[...]

Valerie's wedding


We had a blast at Josh's little sister's wedding last weekend.It was so lovely.Here's Emily dancing with her uncle Andrew's girlfriend Carrie: Josh's aunt Peggy and his Mom, Laurie:Josh and his little sister, Valerie (the bride!) OH, I asked Julian to get a shot of me and Josh dancing (since we hardly ever get the chance!) and this was the best he could do??? LOLSince I'm almost always the one behind the camera, the pictures of me usually end up something like this, but it is kind of sweet. Me and my girl, Emily- (she gives the BEST hugs): Josh's little brother Andrew, escorting their Mom. Oh yippee- another great shot of me! LOLJust kidding, I totally posed like that on purpose.The food was GOOD. Valerie's husband is Italian, so the food was Italian. YUM!!! Emily and Julian chowin' down: They had a Mother/Daughter dance- I had never seen that done before. It was so sweet!!!Valerie and her new husband, Anthony! They are so cute. Her step Dad James walked her down the aisle. He looked so handsome: Papa & Grandma Odom:Valerie danced with Emily- that made her day!My gorgeous guys! Mother and son: :0)Emily had a few dances with her Uncle Andrew! She had so much fun. He's such a sweetheart. Here's Emily joining in on a line dance of some sort. She cracks me up! [...]

14 year wedding anniversary


March 18th was our 14th wedding anniversary!
(image) Carrie and Randy were so sweet to babysit for us , so we could go out on a date to celebrate...
We had a wonderful time- dinner at "New Orleans Food and Spirits" (Yum) and then went to see a play at Playmaker's Theater- "The Mousetrap"-
It was AWESOME and sooooooo funny.

These are the flowers Joshua brought home to me! How sweet! The card was the best part.

regional science fair


Recently Julian won 1st place in the Science Fair at his school, so
he was able to move on the regional competition.
It was a fun day! He got to skip school, and I drove him to SLU.(image) During the lunch break, we went to the mall and Julian bought some new clothes- that's why he's wearing a different outfit! LOL
We went to Dillard's and they were having a HUGE sale.
He got 4 shirts and that zip-up hoodie for $11. You can't beat that!


St. Patrick's Day Party!


Carrie and Randy threw a St. Patrick's day party.It was so much fun.She decorated like crazy and made green punch. Randy grilled up some yummy hot dogs.We played Pictionary. That was the best part!!! Robyn and Cori: Emily: Julian: Josh got to pull out his old Army hat: My Mom: Randy at the grill: Carrie was decked out! Awesome! [...]

Time Out for Women!!!


(image) I had such an awesome weekend. My Mom treated everyone to a Time Out!
Pictured above: Conneen, Robyn,Carrie, Mom, me, Keli, and Christy!!!
It was in Houston, TX at the Marriott hotel. My Mom drove all of us there. Road trip!!!
Fun times!
There were awesome speakers and singers...Mary Ellen Edwards was my favorite- she was so funny! I even bought her book, " a good way" afterwards.
We went out to eat at this place called "Americas"...but it was Italian so I have no idea why they named it that....weird!
I really enjoyed it. The singing was the best- Kenneth Cope and Jenny Jordan Frogley were soooooooo good.

Josh loves golf


Josh loves golfing.
Not so much.
But I do love nature and walking, so I tagged along with him.
(image) I have to admit that I really like watching him swing that club. H-O-T.
(image) He plays 9 holes almost every day after work. He walks- that's at least 3 miles. It was a good work out.

(image) I can be such a poser! LOL

(image) Cutie pie:

(image) It was such a beautiful day.

(image) Josh is really good, by the way. His score was only 3 over par.
Yeah I learned all the golf terms. I'm cool like that.

my mom is so funny


Carrie, my Mom, and I went to see "Madea Goes to Jail" yesterday.
It was funny. My mom loves Tyler Perry movies, LOL
So I tried to get a picture of us, but Carrie's face was cut off...(image) Then my face was cut off....
(image) Then- PERFECT....but hold on! Look at the face my Mom was making!!! ROFL

Orpheus parade


the cast from Reno 911 was on one of the floats-
(image) Emily was crackin' me up big time-

(image) Joan Rivers was on this float....
Maybe you can see her if you click on the picture:

(image) Julian was just so thrilled to see the celebrities:::

Some of those floats are really awesome....

(image) See the Superdome in this picture?

Emily's baptism


I'm pretty bummed because I didn't get a lot of pictures at Emily's baptism, but it was wonderful.It was Sunday, right after church. Emily looked like an angel!Joshua performed the baptism. It was a very special day!!! Afterwards, we went to my parents' house. My Mom made Emily's favorite meal- tacos. Then we had cake and ice cream. Emily got even more gifts!Her birthday lasted all weekend long! Emily and me. My sweet babies! [...]