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Comments on AVB: When All Else Fails... Hack-A-Barry!

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I dont care who's inching us into socialism. Its w...


I dont care who's inching us into socialism. Its wrong.

One thing I do know is that it will accellerate when a Democrat is president.

Bush has been a disgrace to small-government fisca...


Bush has been a disgrace to small-government fiscal Republicans.

@daedalusbut is that not under the current watch o...



but is that not under the current watch of a Republican controlled White House?

@Black Disapora:How many banks might fail, and how...


@Black Disapora:

How many banks might fail, and how many depositors will have to be rescued by the FDIC to make them whole again?

We could be talking about millions of depositors.

That's a lot of dough.

I wonder aloud if that total is less than the 700 billion under Paulson's control. Paulson means well but I seriously think he's in over his head.

I forget his name, but I'd like to bring back the dude who ran the RTC. He cleaned that whole mess up for less than two billion.

@Uppity Negro

This morning the Government is now in the business of buying commercial paper.

Incrementalism anyone?


Thanks.. See, there is hope for you.. Ok, just messin with you!

Ezra: "Is anybody even reading this thread any mo...



"Is anybody even reading this thread any more...?"


What that says about me is still being debated by scientists.

Just to clarify the b-a-r-a-c-k thing... @Daedalus...


Just to clarify the b-a-r-a-c-k thing...

@Daedalus: How can we be offended that you spelled his name wrong? I was just confused. I have a vague memory of you being corrected on the spelling several times and then you started your "know what that mean" thing. After about the 17th time you joked about correcting yourself it got so that I couldn't remember why you were doing it. That's all.

I think your sense of people being offended all the time is projection. (Ironically, I fear saying this because you might be offended.) You seem not to notice the ways in which blacks do talk shit in general and how AB talks shit about Obamam, but if we find fault with your criticism you feel we're being too sensitive.

You have to remember that all the ways you think Obama is going to suck for the country are the ways that we think Bush/Cheney already has sucked for the country. And, we have a lot of evidence. We're not going to automatically know why Obama is dangerous or stupid or extreme as a liberal just because you feel the truthiness of it in your gut.

I like that you and Spool are here because I truly want to know what makes the Right tick. Forgive us if it's not always clear...

Is anybody even reading this thread any more...?

In the end it seems Obama-bashing doesn't work. Hi...


In the end it seems Obama-bashing doesn't work. Hillary Clinton did it and not only did it not work for her but it also took the sting out of it. People are facing some serious problems and throwing mud at the opponent makes the McCain-campaign look like the only thing they really care about is winning no matter what. That's not putting country first.

Daedalus said..."I disagree with your premise its ...


Daedalus said..."I disagree with your premise its just us, its the world economy that is being dragged down by this."

You're right, it's not just us. I didn't realize that I gave that impression--read my comments again.

For my mea culpa, I did read person when you said "party," although you meant political party.

Party: A person: “And though Grainger was a spry old party, such steps couldn't be his” (Anthony Hyde).

I hear you about letting the banks fail. Yet, I don't think that this is the same animal as the dot.coms.
Now, it's financial institutions that are failing.

Back then, it was mostly investors and stockholders that got hurt. This thing that we're facing now could potentially touch everyone in the country--nowwithstanding a person's previous habits of frugality and prudent investing and saving.

At this point, we don't know the depth or the extent of the problem.

How many banks might fail, and how many depositors will have to be rescued by the FDIC to make them whole again?

We could be talking about millions of depositors.

That's a lot of dough.

As you know, credit is at the heart of our economy.

Already banks are showing a reluctance to lend money to other banks, and some businesses overseas are turning down many of our American credit cards.

I know that many financial advisors are saying that too many safeguards are in place for there to be a depression--and maybe they're right.

I just wouldn't want to bet my life savings on it.

If not a depression, then a serious recession could be on the horizon.

That, too, could exacerbate things for awhile.

Tent cities are growing around the country. They represent people who have lost jobs, homes, and maybe their hope.

averagebro/play cousin: I never said TJ was Ed Bra...


averagebro/play cousin: I never said TJ was Ed Bradley. He's just good looking like Ed Bradley. LOL! Seriously though. He needs to start kicking out the jams because he's about to lose his #1 spot in The Black Snob's Ed Bradley Award for Journlistic Hotness to someone who is good looking, but also gets their hands dirty and does some real reporting. (Michael Ware's broken nose is really hurting his chances this year. But I'm liking what I see out of a few of CNN's lesser known black male reporters.)

I still find TJ Holmes "I'm too sexy for CNN" the hotness though.

Now please continue your discussion! Don't mind me!

Vinindy: That's much further south of the suspende...


That's much further south of the suspenders than anything either spool or daedalus have said calls for. "Klansmen"? Come on. (Besides, as far as I understood, daedalus is black.) If anybody equates their civil contrariness with the rhetoric of bullying hatemongers, they're identical to the righties who look at Obama and somehow see a radical Marxist Islamic manchurian candidate.

If people don't like to be kept honest by the presence of dissenting voices, that's THEIR problem, not the dissenting voices.

Okay, I'm done defending conservatives. Hopefully I will never feel compelled to do it again. XD

@uppity negro. Here is just one example. I wont go...


@uppity negro. Here is just one example. I wont go into details because its all over the web but check out The Fairness Doctrine. Nancy Pelosi said it is one of her goals is to pass it (its true) and remove control of the airwaves from the marketplace.

One more freedom removed. One more unecessary regulation that does nobody any good.

Seriously, do you want me to appear on the Tom Joiner Show every time he spouts all things Obama? Nope. I dont want to go either.

Take a look at the bill and see what I am talking about. This is not extreme right-wing drivel either. This is real.

I didnt say it was nobodys faut, I said it was not the fault of any one party. Just like the internet and laws governing it, before they (the laws regarding DCMA etc..) got passed the net was the Wild Wild West as innovaters ran circles around the legislators. In this case with CDS - the financiers did the same thing.

I disagree with your premise its just us, its the world economy that is being dragged down by this. Whats even worse is the Europeans hampered enough with socialism, decided to do the same foolishness with their own housing markets (really) and some of them, even bought our mortgage backed securities.


The banks should be allowed to fail. The FDIC is already insuring most deposits and let the rest of the chips fall where they may. The economy can right itself without intervention.

It did during the dot-com crash. It will this time too.

The knowledge that the government is always there to bail you out when you do something stupid (like take these loans in the first place) doesnt really solve the problem of personal responsibility and frankly, is one step closer to socailsim.

@Vinindy I have never called you (or anyone else here) any names although I have been called many things. I am not going to either. (smh)

Pray for me.

Daedalus said..."FYI: The problem with Mortgage Ba...


Daedalus said..."FYI: The problem with Mortgage Backed securities and Credit Default Swaps is not the fault of any party. Seriously its not. Alot of people all over were asleep at the switch on that one."

I agree: being asleep at the switch is how trains are derailed, as well economies.

Now, we know why CDS were created: to manage a problem--to make risky, sub-prime mortgages as investment instruments palatable to investors that wanted better returns on their money with minimum risk.

Those who offered these swaps knew that they weren't going to set aside sufficient reserve capital to cover their bets.

Had they done so, this crisis would have still been a crisis, but it wouldn't be of the magnitude that it now is.

One observer has noted: the mortgage defaults, as bad as they were and are, did not have the exposure to bring down our economy to the same extent as these Credit Default Swaps.

Now, the economy is doubly exposed: thousand of empty homes, and securities that are, in a word, unsecured--which has lead to a tightening of credit, which has led to layoffs, which will lead to more mortgage defaults, which will lead to a slumping economy, and possibly a deep recession, or a depression that may take years to recover from.

These damn things (CDS) should have been regulated, just as insurance in generally is regulated, but for congress being lobbied by those that profited from this scheme.

They were allowed to create these "side bets" to escape the regulatory scrutiny that insurers would have faced.

And they would have been required to have capital reserves in case of defaults.

Now, their reckless actions are threatening to take down the whole country.

I'm sorry, I don't accept your premise that no one's at fault.

You betcha (Sarah Palin tone) our goose is cooked, and our frog is boiled.

@Dok very well said and I agree. @vinindyKlansmen?...


@Dok very well said and I agree.


Klansmen? Wow that's a stretch seeing as though I think you may not know them. Comments like that really offend people. I know it would offend me to be called a klansman just because most of the time I don't agree with someone.

@AB Red, of course!!@daedalusReal talk, how would ...



Red, of course!!


Real talk, how would incrementalism (like the word) be at work with an Obama-biden white house? What freedoms would we be giving up? It seems to me that with a Bush-Cheney White House we gave up many more in a shorter period of time since the McCarthy era. Given Palin's interpretation of the Constitution, it seems as tho those two wouldn't mind continuing much of the policy that was enacted during the last 8 years...

Avg Bro - like many of your readers and posters, I...


Avg Bro - like many of your readers and posters, I may stop reading your blog because of spool32 and daedalus.

I can't understand why you keep allowing klansman to come to your picnic? you have enough diversity of opinions among colored folks than to put up their crap. If I want to listen to people like them I'll watch foxnews.

Wow the conversation is breaking down here...Spool...


Wow the conversation is breaking down here...

Spool and Daedalus are crazy but that's why we love 'em. They're AverageNation too.

@Daedalus: Sorry if I offended you.

We should feel lucky we live in a country where we can even have this conversation and vote for one of two guys that are both flawed, but at least have the passion to try to change the country. How does our bickering help?

If Obama goes the Keating 5 route they're both short-changing the American people. Obama should get tough on the issues, not dig up dirt.

Meanwhile... what DO we do about the economy????

This is the real reason everybody is on edge isn't it.

@AB Regarding my not having intellisense when typi...


@AB Regarding my not having intellisense when typing here and the furor that results from not spelling Barack's name corectly (a sin).. As you wish. I wont joke about it anymore.

The hypersensitivity black people have regarding all things Barack cracks me the hell up though.

Regarding your question on what will Barack do because of his association with Ayers and or other radicals, I cant answer that question directly. Nobody can.

Nobody in his right mind, (Right wing or otherwise) thinks that Barack is going to unlesh the flying commie-monkeys on America. Thats silly.

Instead ultra-leftward thinking in a democracy, works slowly and has a cumulative effect. Its kind of like boiling a frog slowly. In this case by the time you realize something is going on, you are either boiled or in this case, living in a socialist republic. That frankly is something I dont want to find myself in. As someone who employs other people, I am a tad more sensitive than those who are insulated (or think they are) by employers, HR departments and 401K's.

Here's an example of how allegance can cause one to turn a blind eye to foolishness and foolish behavior.

You pointed out in a post about how people are voting for Obama "because he black". You were 90% right and it was a good post. This sort of "thinking" also lead to the congressional black caucus turning a blind eye to Raines. One senator saying that to investigate/reign in Fannie was some kind of lynching. (Did he quote Clarence Thomas) simply because Raines was black.

Now tying this back, (Im going to try to simplify this) there may end up being more tolerance for ultra leftward views, actions, and being asleep at the switch when ultra-left things happen that are destructive to this country, standard of living and way of life.

Being tolerant of ultra-left things happening like hurling moltov coctails at mansions under construction by the ELF is just as bad as tolerating abortion bombings. Both are wrong and both views have more productive ways of manifesting themselves and neither is worthy of the destruction of property.

If McCain hung out with an abortion clinic bomber, and Pastor Hage baptized his children I would feel the same way.

Incrementalism is what I fear. Freedom is easy to give up. Wars are oft required to get it back. With Obama, Pelosi and Reed in charge its enough to scare anybody, Democrat or Republican.

FYI: The problem with Mortgage Backed securities and Credit Default Swaps is not the fault of any party. Seriously its not. Alot of people all over were asleep at the switch on that one. Like the whole slew of laws that had to be created to police the net and protect intellectual property, Credit Default Swaps were created out of thin air and right under the noses of people who didnt understand it. How many years did it take for the law to catch up to Napster? Right?

As for deregulation, McCain stood on the floor of the Senate and called for an investigation into this morgage crisis in 2005. Its on tape.

Its time to take off our Race Colored Glasses and look at Barack for what he is. If you can live with it, cool.

I remember a few years ago another high-flying smooth talking Democrat with alot of promise named Kwame Kilpatrick. We turned a blind eye to his foolishness too. Only now is our hindsight 20/20.

I'm not saying that Barack is anything like Kwame, but turning a blind eye because of allegance has cost Detroit dearly.

@ uppityOk, okay. Of course I had to test you, you...


@ uppity

Ok, okay. Of course I had to test you, you've never commented on sports before. You pass. Enjoy the Cyber CapriSuns. Grape or red!??





Nope....I was 13 yearr old kid growing up in chic...



I was 13 yearr old kid growing up in was something that had to with Rodman in a Bulls game I think. he's like one of those people that have been put in the annals of sports memory.

Come on now. just cuz I rarely comment on ur sports post doesn't mean i'm ignorant of all things b-ball.

Whoa. Where do I begin.@ daedalusPlease refrain fr...


Whoa. Where do I begin.@ daedalusPlease refrain from any further mentions of "B-A-R-A-C-K (do you know what that mean?)". It's pretty childish, and I think it undermines any legitimate points you're trying to make here. I'm not sure who exactly it was that corrected your spelling, but it wasn't me. Even if it was, I think the joke's run its' course. Lets just agree to not have that happen again, and stick to sharing opinions, not 2nd grade games.@ uppityTJ Holmes is a joke. We both know that. Sorry Black Snob, you know it's true.And yeah, it's odd that nobody other than Fox News has bothered to dwell on Ayers. Maybe that says something about its' newsworthiness. I've read more than enough about the issue in various mainstream publications throughout the year. None deemed it a big enough issue to raise it to Rebb'n Wright levels. The only folks still talking are guys like Hannity. Oh yeah, and Palin too.You were right about Bubba Wells, but I'm wondering, did you Google that or did you just remember it from being a sports fan? I'm holding off on the Cyber CapriSuns upon further review.@ WilmaThat woman is really getting on my nerves. But then again, that's her job. She doesn't bring any other skills or experience to the table.@ sisinMD/EZRAI am hoping Daedalus drops this one. I won't tolerate it here any longer. I hope you both stick around in spite of this distraction.@ spoolSurely you have something to say in your candidate's defense. Just don't drop a bunch of news links to conservative websites. Tell me exactly how you feel the Ayers connection poses a threat to the American people. No talking points, just tell me what you feel could happen. Do you think Barack will unleash terrorists to rape and pillage American suburbia? Will Ayers becoming secretary of education? Will Obama pipebomb your house? Please, enlighten me on exactly what's so scary?@ cincoI wish they'd stay on topic too, but it's clear that one guy wants to change the subject.Re: comments, I just don't have time to moderate. I sincerely appreciate your opinion as a longtime commenter, and hope you're willing to overlook this limitation.@ anonymousI don't filter comments here by making people register, which is why we allow Anonymous comments. I want a diversity of opinions. I have an actual Day Job and a growing family, so I can't control the boards 24/7, but when I see something out of bounds, I eventually get around to deleting it.I don't always agree with all the comments here, but as long as they're in bounds, I allow them. A blog full of folks singing the amen chorus wouldn't be very exciting. I'd also like to think that we can learn more from others' opinions than just talking with folks we agree with. This is constructive.When things veer over the line and become destructive, I always intervene. It might not happen immediately for reasons already mentioned, but I always do.@ DOKI mostly agree. As long as things remain respectful, I don't block comments.@ poopyman"Smear job", huh? It's downright humorous to hear McCain say that, given the issues with deregulation and S&L scandals that currently have the Dow below 10,000. I would love to hear him address this tomorrow.[...]

@dok;I'm not afraid of the views/opinions shared h...


I'm not afraid of the views/opinions shared here. As long as views are presented as opinions, no problem from me. Only when opinions are presented as facts to I take issue. My point in mentioning it is many blog owers do moderate and or eliminate anyone they feel worthy of doing such action against. Going to the point of deleting or not even allowing a person's opinion to be listed. I've also seen what happens when everyone is allowed to post whatever they feel like posting. I don't come here to view credit/debit links; porno links; or any nonsense. That was the intent of my post.

I welcome the differences we all bring to the table I try to remain respectful as well as tolerant in most of my responses.

I am neither threatened nor intimidated by the knowledge or intelligence of others.

@daedalus/ezraJesus DID in fact turn over the tabl...



Jesus DID in fact turn over the tables at the temple, he told the SyroPhonecian woman that "I came only for the lost sheep of Israel" and effectively called her a dog (Matt. 15) and he called the Pharisees a "brood of vipers" not to mention, his "radical" thought got him executed, Roman style.

@ezra. I spell B-A-R-A-C-K the way I do because ab...


@ezra. I spell B-A-R-A-C-K the way I do because about two months ago my spelling was corrected and, thats the way she spelled it. Humor.

The "do you know what that mean" part is more humor - aimed at a song using the lyrics "I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T Do you know what that mean?"

Its a little humor howver as we all just like God, we must spell Barack's name correctly and of course not speak his name in vein right? Thats a sin.

@anonymous To quote Spool32 "your a coward."


(I guess you're not a Jesus admirer Daedalus.)

I can only assume that the tolerance and understanding that Jesus had for those who disagreed philosophically with him is also intellectually bankrupt in your eyes?

@cinco who is also "sick" myself and spool32:

All this time I thought that Democrats were the most tolerant of differing viewpoints of anyone who has ever lived at any time in history on this planet. Indeed. Read the above comment about Jesus.

@ezra on Socialism: Even China had to start abandoning socialism and as a result has unlocked the potential of its industrious people, building some of the worlds greatest cities in less than 30 years.

Dont worry everyone. God, Barack Obama or both, will get me sooner or later. Its all good.

I'mmmmmm just waiting on my Cyber Capri Suns...alw...


I'mmmmmm just waiting on my Cyber Capri Suns...always wondered what they tasted like.