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Preview: Confessions Of The WeddingDIVA

Confessions Of The WeddingDIVA

Introspect And Retrospect Into The World Of A Professional Wedding Planner

Updated: 2018-03-06T08:11:25.868-05:00


The RealityCHECK Series: How Much Wedding You Can Get For $6000


My RealityCHECK Series continues this week using the lovely total of $6000.  $6k to get married?  Yes.  Follow along............. Core Factor:  When your dollars are short, tight, meager, modest - you have to be extremely realistic about what's doable...and what isn't.  Sure, it might be nice to invite everyone you know to celebrate your marriage, but in reality - it's not possible.  I don't

The RealityCHECK Series: How Much Wedding You Can Get For...$1000


I decided to start off the series with the very round figure of $1000.  And yes - you can get married for 1k..more or less.  Seriously.  Here's how: THE CEREMONY: You'll go to the courthouse, Justice Of The Peace or the pastor's study and say "I DO" The cost: Depends on what the current rate is in your region for a civil wedding ceremony or the "love offering" your pastor may ask for.  This

The RealityCHECK Series: How Much Wedding Can You Get For $$$$?


This blog topic has been a LONG time coming. And the following dialogue is why:  Me: "So....what have you and your fiance' discussed as far as wedding budgets/parameters/spending is concerned?" Prospective Client:  "Um...we're looking at $10,000" Me:  "And that's for how many guests and it will include?" Prospective Client: "oh, 300 guests.  And we'd like to have sit-down dinner, open bar

The Morning After.............


There's got to be a morning after If we can hold on through the night We have a chance to find the sunshine Let's keep on looking for the light... Singer Maureen McGovern released "The Morning After" in 1973 and it's always been one of my favorites {guess that tells you how old I am, right?}.  And after all of the buzz and hoopla that has commonly become known as Valentine's Day, I thought the

Requiem For A Wedding - The Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Planning


First up in my "composition": THE PLANNING.  Or lack thereof.  Let's have some "real talk" - shall we? I am a wedding planner.  A professional one who prides herself on the skill set I possess.  One said "skill" is the fine art of actually pulling together the framework, nuts, bolts and all of the other "pieces" needed to make a wedding celebration gorgeous AND efficiently successful.  In

Requiem For A Wedding - Real Houswives Of Atlanta Version


Ah.....Cynthia & Peter's nuptials.  Where do I start?  No, seriously - where do I begin?  If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter {I sure hope you do!}, then you'll know that I'm a fan of the saga known as The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.  The season finale on Sunday evening was the "reveal" of model Cynthia Bailey and her fiance', businessman Peter Thomas' wedding at the Fernbank Museum in the

Being Married....Is A Process


As a wedding planner, I see couples all of the time who are about to take the proverbial "leap into da' land of matrimony".  For some people - it's one of the most serious committments they'll ever make.  That's how it should be - saying "I DO' is a big daggone deal and regrettably, a lot of folks don't see it that way.  I'm a big fan of "relationship help", since there is no MANUAL that can be



I'm not even sure how this post will "evolve", so I'm just going to put my "thoughts" out there...... I've been in the wedding planning industry since 1993.  That's 18 years worth of blood, sweat and tears that have been devoted to discovering, learning and honing my "craft."  And yes - the road has been amazing as well as rough.  I came into the business at a time when wedding planners were

Planes, Trains & Automobiles.....


I readily admit to have racked up some serious airline miles and hotel loyalty points over the years and 2011 will only add to my cache!!  I love speaking, I love sharing what I know and I LOVE "vibing" off of an audience - there's nothing like feeling that energy in the air and running with it!! January 30th "Dessert With The DIVA @ The Maryland Bridal Show Historic Savage Mill Manor/Savage, MD

Paying For Your Wedding


I have a confession to make - I absolutely love the reality tv megaseries known as "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta".  It's my guilty pleasure and judging from my social media comrades on Facebook & Twitter, they can't get enough either!!  Talk about shiggadashery and shiggity (yes, I have a propensity for making up words - don't judge me!) at it's finest - this show has it in spades. Last

My First Blog Contest


Getting married and you're in the Baltimore/D.C. area?  Here's a way for you to enjoy fabulous food, tour TWO great venues and meet some of the region's top wedding professionals - Putting On The Ritz Caterers is hosting their annual Maryland Bridal Show on Sunday, January 30th at the Great Room At Savage Mill  from noon - 3 p.m.  And to add a little "sumthin'" extra to the pot, yours truly will

Why I Cost So MUCH - The Remix


I'm thoroughly pleased with the response and feedback I received on "Why I Cost So MUCH" - my goal in penning that post was to spark dialogue amongst my fellow industry professionals and to get people THINKING!!! After chatting with a few folks online and by the good ole' telly..something else came to mind that made me realize I wasn't finished with this topic - not by a long shot!  So, "Why I

I AM????????


This year - I have decided to go ahead and let my "real voice" speak to all of you.  If you've ever met me in person, you'll notice that I am very down-to-earth, I don't do fantasy, I call things the way I see them, I'm quick with a humorous quip and I'm always smiling.  That's my authentic self - "straight shot/no chaser"  so since the whole idea behind this blog was to allow me the opportunity

Why I Cost So "MUCH"...


Simple title. Complex issue. It's a question I get asked over and over and over again - my response is generally more internal than external. See, wedding planners are are different cup of chicken soup that other industry providers. The services we provide are on another level and at their core, are the REASON someone's dreams and visions can come to stunningly, logistical life. Notice I did use

Confessions Of The WeddingDIVA: The 30 Day Rule......


Confessions Of The WeddingDIVA: The 30 Day Rule......: "Happy New Year!!!! Are you one of those lucky people who got engaged over the holiday season? You're not alone - lots of gentlemen got on b..."

The 30 Day Rule......


Happy New Year!!!! Are you one of those lucky people who got engaged over the holiday season? You're not alone - lots of gentlemen got on bended knee to "pop the question" and many ladies said "yes"!! But before you head out to the store to buy a wedding magazine, flip through websites to pick out a flattering color palette or get on the phone to call potential vendors, I'm going to ask you to



is one of the things I most enjoy. With that in mind (and by popular demand!), I'll be offering a "Weekend Of Learning" Seminar Series in February that focus on two core issues which challenge planners and other wedding industry professionals - Fees/Pricing & Contracts.The bottom line is simple - you have to be clearly structured when it comes to what you charge AND you need to be able to get it

It's Been A Long Time.......


since I last posted to "Confessions" - 4 months to be exact! So much has happened and things have literally been a whirlwind around the offices of TeamDIVA!!!Today marks the Winter Solstice (6:38 p.m. to be exact) and with it, comes the SHORTEST day of the year. After today, we'll watch our nights grows shorter, our days grow longer..which can only mean one thing: Springtime will be right

Upcoming Seminar - Fee Structures For Wedding Planners


I absolutely, without a doubt, enjoy teaching. It's my way of "paying it forward" and sharing what I know with others. Because this has been such a hectic travel year, I've only been able to offer 1 Power Course..BUT, I have news to share!If the notion of how much to charge for your services as a wedding planner has ever confused, befuddled or stumped you - I've got a workshop for you! "Making

On The Road Again...........


(at the NACE Experience 2010 Gala in Austin with my dear friend & colleague, Vince Dreffs) (Eventology '10 attendees working on my "FirstImpressions" exercise) (Eventology 10' attendees literally had each other's "backs" during my session!)(doing what I love to do.....) (explaining my theories at Eventology '10)(the amazing ballroom at the Palais Royale in South Bend - site of the Bella



is one of my FAVORITE songs at the moment! This slickly produced, bass-intensive collaboration from Diddy/Rick Ross/Nicki Minaj and Dirty Money has the kind of groove which keeps the speakers in my new ride on full blast!!I'm saying "hello AND good morning" to all of you - my loyal followers/readers! I know it's been a minute since we last chatted, but things have been BANANAS in my world! I have

Double Sweetness...


Recently, I was sent some samples of the most decadently delicious chocolate I've ever had. The Madelaine Chocolate Company reached out for my opinion and thoughts on their product, so here we go :)The company has premiered a new line called "Duets" - wonderful rich chocolate, melded with another flavor to create a sumptuously creamy concoction. These "minis" are perfect as favors for weddings

"I DO Brunch" Recap - The Design Teams


(stationery by Just Ink On Paper/escort cards by Write Style Invitations) ("corset" cake by SugarBakers) ("corset" centerpiece by Intrigue Designs) ("birdcage" design by Bella Fiori Couture) ("topiary" wedding cake by Sweet - A Bakery & Cafe)This year's Brunch had a twofold thematic - design and culinary. For some reason, the notion of a classically elegant English Garden resonated deeply within

Indianapolis and Eventology


The earlier part of last week found me in the Circle City - Indianapolis, gearing up for an intense two days with fellow industry professionals at Eventology 10. This information-packed conference, hosted by the fabulous Katasha Butler of KSherrie +Company, was an excellent chance for wedding creatives to get together and immerse ourselves in the "science" of the wedding business.I was honored

"I DO Brunch" Recap - Our Vendor Partners


I've decided to break up the "I DO Brunch" into separate "recaps" - there was so much going on and so many amazing participants, one post simply will not do! So to start it off - allow me to introduce you to our Vendor Partners.....The Brunch is a pure vehicle for professional enjoyment - as planners, we just don't get to enjoy the "fruits of our labor" because we are too busy managing the