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Preview: Jessica's Journey to being one hot mom!

It's all about her......

So this blog started out being all about me. Then life changed for us and now its all about her!

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Yarnell's Ice Cream




It is a sad day in our household. My husbands favorite ice cream is no longer!
Several weeks ago Yarnell's shut down. :(
So in honor of the ice cream I stocked up on 5 of these containers several weeks ago.
Tonight was officially the last milk shake he'll ever have with Yarnell's.
Sad day!

Fun Misc. Photos


(image) Here is our Little Hog Fan!

(image) Our First July 4th!

(image) Our First Swim (7/16)

Monthly birthdays





Hopefully I'll post these each month instead of 3 in 1 month! Ha!

Back to Blogging!


I have been so bad. I'm sure my followers have all but given up on me. I'm trying though to get better about posting. That being said, I guess I should catch up!

(image) Here we are on Easter Sunday. April 24.

(image) Here we are during the Tornado warnings back in late April/Early May. She slept thru it all!

Another 2 week old picture



This is another photo from her 2 week photo shoot.

Picture of Mary Helen



We made it!


WOW....Well, I know it has been almost 3 weeks but I've been VERY busy. Mary Helen Rose was born at 6:45 pm on March 30. It was a crazy delivery, but we made it. I'll share the details in my next post, but here is a picture right when she was born! (image)

Still here....Week 40


Here is my 40 week photo. Yesterday we went to the Dr for a check up. We still are at square one basically. I have slight progress but no dilation as of yet. Right now I am scheduled to induce next week. We still hope she arrives before that time. Will see I guess.


(image) This is a gift I got last week. It is a homemade diaper bag that matches my decor perfectly. We can't wait to use it. (image)

The car seat base is also already installed. We are just waiting to place the car seat in. I also have all my bags packed in the car. We are pretty much set for her arrival.

This week I've been off for Spring Break. It has been so nice to just relax and enjoy a week off from work. As of now, I may go back a few days next week if she hasn't arrived. The more I work on the front end the longer I can take off on the back end. My plan is around 8 weeks. I will probably go back part time for a few weeks. Will see as we near the middle to end of May.

Hopefully my next post will be a picture of our sweet baby.

39 Weeks




38 Weeks 1 Day



This baby just isn't ready



I keep thinking she has to be ready to enter the world, but she isn't even close!

At my appointment today I was the same as last week! :( Bummer! This means I haven't dilated a single drop yet! :(
I kept trying for anything and he said I might be a little more thinned. He was just saying that though because I was so bummed.

We talked about stripping membranes next week. Will see about that. He also wants to schedule an inducing date. Really just so that I don't go more than 41 weeks.

I'm disappointed but I realize she just isn't ready yet. Plus the longer she stays the healthier she'll be.

So tonight I gotta start walking some. I did for about 10 minutes last night. I guess every little bit helps right?

In the final stretch


As of tomorrow we have 14 more days till our daughters due date.

Wow, I am just in complete shock over it. I mean we are ready but still. We are about to have a B-A-B-Y!

I feel pretty darn good. In fact, I can't complain really. Two nights ago I was up from 1:45-4:45. Couldn't sleep a wink. So I got up and proceeded to finish the remaining thank you notes I had (25). So I am caught up with that. I have one I need to write today though, I got a cute gift last night so I need to get that one done also.

So no sign of baby. I have had two checkups at the Dr. with minimal progress. I have thinned out some but that is all. I go back again tomorrow. I'm really hoping I have seen a little progression. I decided tonight is the night I start walking. I gotta get this baby moving.

I have honestly loved being pregnant. I can't complain about one thing. Morning sickness was minimal, I have slept pretty darn good the entire time, I haven't felt miserable these last 4-5 weeks etc.
My only complaint is I have gained so much weight and my body is so swollen all over. My feet literally look like hobbit feet. I'm not kidding either. I'm also not exaggerating.

On our agenda tonight:
Installing the car seat in the new car.

37 Weeks!




I am such a bad blogger


Many things to come in the next few days!

Still no baby but we are in the final countdown. I finally entered the month she is due! Woohoo. 22 more days!

I have a shower tomorrow so I'll post a few pics if I can.
My other shower got cancelled so no pics of that. :(

I also need to do another photo of my recent belly! It is getting HUGE! In fact a student said yesterday it looked like I was ready to pop! How sweet of him! :(

More to come I promise!

Few shower pics







I will share more later. Here is a sneak peak.

34 Weeks! Only 6 more to go!




I've got shower pictures to share


I hope to do that tonight. I tried last night and our wireless was not cooperating!

I also have a 34 week photo to share......Exciting I know!

I won!


So a few weeks ago remember I posted a cute burp set I had ordered from Lois Jean's Linen's!

Well, a couple of weeks ago right after it arrived she had a contest. Guess who won!


Check out the Razorback outfit she did for me!!! I hope Mary Helen can wear it to some of the games at the beginning of the Hog Football Season! If not, we may be attending a few Baseball games this spring/early summer! (image)
I love it! So fun!

Mary Helen's Letters arrived today!



Two fun gifts arrived




Two other monogrammed gifts arrived the last few days.
If you can't tell I LOVE monogrammed items.
Thanks Brandon and Kate we can't wait to use them.

32 Weeks 5 Days


Pregnancy Highlights:
32 Weeks 5 Days!
7 Weeks 2 Days remain until her due date!
I'm 81.8% through this pregnancy.
I have 51 days remaining until my due date!
Mary Helen weighs around 4-4.5 lbs. She is around the size of a Honeydew (19 in, 4.5 lbs)

I feel pretty good. I can tell that things are getting near the end though. My energy level is dropping, I get winded walking across our campus, I am more restless at night while sleeping, my belly is making it harder to move, get still, get comfortable etc.
One thing new the last few weeks has been that baby girl seems to be laying or poking around my ribs on my right side. OUCH!
So far though I can't complain. I still have hobbit feet but that's not anything new for me.

Our letters for baby girl's wall should be in soon. I saw a preliminary photo today. They look fantastic. I can't wait to put them up. Hopefully no more than 2 weeks to get them to me!!!

Sweet Gift


Yesterday a lady from work stopped by my office to deliver this:(image) It is a beautiful hand made blanket. The ladies mom actually made it. She told me that her mom is 80 years old and that this blanket would probably be her last one. Her mom has been having trouble seeing and these blankets haven't been easy on her eyes.
The detailing is so sweet. You can tell it took time.
I thought this was just about one of the sweetest gifts ever!

Our glider chair arrived!


Over the weekend we also picked up our glider chair! Woohoo. Remember this is what it looked like. (image) (image)

Here it is in the room! We did go with a slightly different chair. The arms are are a little different but for the most part everything is the same! We are really just waiting on some hand made wooden letters and then also some art work to finish up her room.

Not much longer and this room will be finished!

Shower #2




(image) Over the weekend I had another little shower. It was given by some of my PNP friends.
These were some of the pics from the shower. I also received some toys, a few outfits, as well as a gift card. We had a great time catching up.

Showered with gifts


Today was my first shower. It was given by some of my coworkers. I got some great things. Here are a few pics.

(image) This was the food table. Yum, some great desserts!!
(image) Sorry this is blurry. I got $ and multiple gift cards.

(image) I also got this!!! I can't wait to get back to running. I registered for a JEEP jogging stroller and they got it for me!! Woohoo. MH and I will be out running the streets soon in this! I hope to be back in running shape for the Soaring Wings Half in October!

(image) This was a picture of the room we had the shower in.
I never got many pictures at the shower but I got a few pictures of my gifts. I also got a pacifier, wash cloths, diapers, wipes, etc.

It was a great first shower! Thank you CBC.