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Free Birthday Ecards - Birthday Greeting Cards

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Strawberry Bavarian Cream Recipe For Oktoberfest Birthday Party

Wed, 17 Sep 2008 01:53:00 +0000

With Oktoberfest just around the corner, who doesn't want to make the the best out of the celebration? Here's what that can make an Oktoberfest birthday celebration a real blast. Try this cool recipe - Strawberry Bavarian Cream Recipe. I am sure there's no better way to strike your guest with shrieking surprise .Ingredients:1 env. unflavored gelatin6 table spoon sugar1/8 tea spoon salt2 eggs, large size1/4 c. water1o oz frozen sliced strawberries, properly thawed1 teaspoon lemon rind, grated1 table spoon + 1.5 tea spoon fresh lemon juice1 c. whipping creamFresh strawberriesRed food coloringDirection:Step - 1: Take the gelatin, 4 tbsp of the sugar, and the whole salt in double boiler and mix thoroughlyStep - 2: Beat the egg yolks with the water and add to the mixture. Add the strawberries.Step - 3: Cook the whole mixture over boiling water and stir it constantly, until the gelatin is thoroughly dissolved and mixture becomes thick - about 10 minutes. Stop boiling if the mixture coats a metal spoon.Step - 4: After removing it from the heat add lemon rind and juice. Pour into a bowl and stir in a few drops of coloring.Step - 5: Let it chill until it becomes consistent of an unbeaten egg white.Step - 6: Beat egg whites till stiff and beat in two table spoon sugar. Fold gelatin mix into egg whites.Step - 7: Whip the cream stiff; fold into the mixture.Step - 8: Pour into a 5-cup mold and chill it overnight.Step - 9: Use the strawberries for garnishing before serving.Send this free Birthday card - VirgoClick for free Birthday commentsSend this free Birthday card - LibraClick for free Birthday comments[...]

Birthday On Oktoberfest - Free Birthdfay Greetings

Tue, 16 Sep 2008 07:21:00 +0000

Have you ever thought of a Birthday on Oktoberfest? Just imagine how the bash would go with a birthday celebration on Oktoberfest. Wait a bit... let me tell you about the bast that I and my peeps had this weekend! Yes... time was frozen with fun for a couple of days; it stood still and those fifteen naive souls were totally enslaved by beauty and tranquility broken by sounds of water splashes every now and then.We had a long drive out to the Miami Beach. We've been planning a drive out for some time but time was not allowing us to make things happen. Lastly, this weekend revealed tons of opportunities to get washed away by waves of fun! I didn't take my Ford, I wasn't feeling like driving. All I need to do was to enjoy the world running backward, paving the way for us to rush forward, away from the hectic schedule of life. We rented an SUV. John has always been a crazy guy. He hardly cares about beauty that this planet offers for us to enjoy! He has always been the first one to step into the discussion, whenever it came to driving - be it a short or a long drive! This time we can't ignore the call of the beach. We drove out to Miami beach and had really a gorgeous weekend after a long span of time.When the sparkles of the fun is still glittering in our heart, I got another big chance to make another real blast this Oktoberfest. It's Alec's birthday on September 20th and I got an opportunity to manage the party. I've planned to make it a two-in-one celebration, an Oktoberfest birthday party! I have planned to make it a beer party too. Alec has a bit higher budget, and he's planning to throw a big party. I'm planning to hold the part alfresco, as they make it in Munich. The guests should rock around with the German tunes and they will be given kazoos to play along. There will be some large kegs of German beer and they are going to be served with some traditional German dishes.I am sure, their appetites will be magnified multiple times with the yummy smell of springerle in the crisp autumn weather; we need to go overboard while planning for the quantities. I have already collected a springerle rolling pin, although its pretty tough to find these days. There's going to be another dessert recipe out of an old Betty Crocker cookbook dated 1969 - Strawberry Bavarian Cream. I am sure this is going to be a great fun for Alec and his guests. Let's see how the birthday bash goes. Wishing you guys a very Happy Oktoberfest.Stay tuned... I will be coming up with the a post on how to make Strawberry Bavarian Cream. [...]

Birthday Wishes - Hot Dog Day Birthday Party

Wed, 03 Sep 2008 09:41:00 +0000

Hey... guess what!! September 9th is Hot Dog Day... the time of the year that leaves us with an opportunity to celebrate the yummiest food. And, just imagine if it your birthday on Hot Dog Day. I am sure people who share their birthday with this big day are really lucky... so are their guests too! and the special thing about the day is that it's also the birthday of Michelle Williams, who is known as bad girl Jennifer Lindley on Dawson's Creek.I don't know anyone whose birthday is on September 9th - the Hot Dog Day; nor I got any event to manage that day yet. But I am sure I could have created a perfect blast on the dinner table if I could get a chance to manage a party on Hot Dog Day.If you know someone whose birthday is on September 9th - the Hot Dog Day, I know you are looking for the most inspirational way to wish him or her on the special day. Send her your best wishes.Stay tuned... I will be sharing a special Hot Dog recipe shortly. Rachel is experimenting on that. [...]

Birthday Invitation Ideas - A Teddy Bear Birthday Party For Little Erik

Wed, 27 Aug 2008 07:22:00 +0000

Managing birthday parties are not that a big deal for me. We did that a lot. But it's a bit different this time, because I am just out of the track. But that doesn't matter... I've already started off with Erik's birthday party project. Erik is an one-year-old little kid - grandson of Uncle Fred's friend.Planning Erik's birthday party is different too! It's not like the way we arranged things for John's Birthday party. Since I've short time in our hand, I suggested them a different type of birthday invitation. I showed Mrs. Miller (Erik's mom) some really thoughtfully designed birthday invitation samples that hold the right spirit of birthday fun! The one she liked is really great but that doesn't match with the theme that I'm planning for little Erik's birthday party!I am planning for a Teddy Bear Theme birthday party on Erik's first birthday. I'm sure he would like it and the guests too! A Teddy Bear birthday party is just the perfect one for preschoolers; and Erik just turned one.We'll be having a checkered tablecloth with red and white plates, cups and napkins for the little masters.I planned for a picnic basket filled with play food - fruits that will be placed somewhere in the party room.I'll have some stuffed animals all around the party room. that would surely make the little guests really happy!Vibrant colored helium balloons will be hanging all around the party room... preferably out of the reach of our little guests.I was planning to keep the balloons scattered all around the floor but Uncle Fred told me not to do that. Our little heroes will be scared if the balloons start bursting near them. I put my plan before Mrs. Miller. I showed the birthday invitation that I would like to use. Check out this and let me know what you think!Send this free Birthday Invitation cardClick for free Birthday Invitation comments[...]

A Drive Out After Labor Day

Mon, 25 Aug 2008 11:26:00 +0000

I am feeling like some tumbleweed that breaks away from its roots during Autumn. I don't want to work now... want to have a drive out - miles away from the hectic bustle of life, from the strange business calls, somewhere where I can let the world know that I am in love with Christine and Christine with me! May be somewhere near the sea, where I can walk with her hand held and leaving behind the trails of our footprints on the sandy beach washed off with splashes cool brine every now and then.Trust me... my brain is almost fully asleep and my keyboard is dozing. The griller I work with seems to have already slept and the ovens are sparing fatigued glimpses. How can I manage events? Labor Day is right across the bend and still I won't be getting time to move out of the restaurant and have some time for myself. People will be visiting the bars and restaurants more than ever that day.I swear... I'm dead tired. But just with the Labor Day be over, I am going to have a drive out with my peeps and with Christine. Let's see....Stay tuned... I am managing a birthday party on Labor Day. I'm not sure how the birthday bash will go out there but just trying my best to bring things on track! Will tell you more about that...Send this free Labor Day cardClick for free Labor Day comments[...]

Romantic Hugs and Special Birthday Hugs on Hug Month

Tue, 19 Aug 2008 08:05:00 +0000

Hi friends... guess what!! This is Hug Month. So why let the opportunity to hug someone special go away from hand? He or she may be your special friend or may be someone more than just a friend, it's really wondrous how magically a simple hug can work - especially when it comes to birthday. Birthday hugs are those special embraces that can outweigh a million dollar birthday gift.

Are you aware that Hug Your Sweetheart Day is waiting right at the threshold? Yes, It's on August 23rd... not even a week away. And what better way can you walk in to your sweetheart's birthday party floor that day than with some real big birthday hugs for him or her? If you are planning to give her a surprise from miles away, here are some really warm birthday hugs greetings. Be it a birthday or just nothing special like that, don't miss the opportunity to hold your love tight in your arms. I am going to share a big romantic hug with Christy and I'm sure you guys will be amazed to know that Uncle Fred is looking for some really good Hug Your Sweetheart Day greetings to reach out to his honey, whom he left long back in the journey of life!


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John's Birthday Party and His Surprising Birthday Gift

Tue, 12 Aug 2008 07:47:00 +0000

Ahhh... the party was really cool! It was a great surprise for John. He did not know about the party until we told him on the day! It was a real tango of life for him and as soon as he heard about it, he simply turned spell bound, with his eyes opened wide and a sudden splash of happiness could be seen on his face! But a lot more to come for him... his birthday gift! It was a cool gift and he liked it.

I have always experienced a slight brain freeze while buying a birthday gift! I've always offloaded my headache on Uncle Fred and now after Christine came into my life it's an added help. Since her coming to my life, she has always tried to make my life easier; my shopping for gifts has now become easier.

We got a charcoal gray 'Gianni Collani wool-blend sports blazer' for him. It just cost $ 34, I couldn't even think that a brand like this could be so inexpensive. A sudden shriek of surprise made John breathless for a few seconds! And the party started off with that ever-green song. He blew of the candles; cut the birthday cake and the tango started!


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Send this free Birthday card
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A Twist in Our Friendship Day Party. Now Friendship Day Birthday Party

Thu, 31 Jul 2008 09:20:00 +0000

The Friendship Day party is something I'm really waiting for quite anxiously. Our plan's fixed and Christine also has almost arranged for the Wild Bunch California White 2004. The most exciting news today is that John is coming to meet me this Friendship Day. Actually he's coming with his plan to celebrate his birthday on August 2nd with me. I just can't explain you how I felt getting the news. He is one of my best buddies since my days at Alexander-Smith Academy and we couldn't even think of having sip on coffee without each other. He had always been a great sportsman - one of the most turbulent pitcher on the field!Now, that he is coming tomorrow is really a great news for me and we can have the Friendship Day party to celebrate his birthday too. Just a couple of days ago, I remember, I wrote about Birthday Celebration on Friendship Day. I couldn't even imagine that I would ever get a chance to enjoy the tango of life. Perfectly said Tom in Forrest Gump: "Life is like a Box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get!" Yes... this is almost exactly how life's been for me. These last few months have brought me an awesome assortment of flavors. Getting a chance to meet Christine at Miami Seaquarium, getting red roses from her, getting her in my life, getting opportunity for a drive out to South Beach, getting my dream of managing big and small events come true - and that too with Christy with me..... and now getting a chance to rock around with all my best buddies on Friendship Day! It sounds like fairy tales to me.Believe it or not it's something like winning consecutive bike races one after another! Now I'm worried lest I develop a habit of winning things! My passion for speed never stopped me dreaming about new things and getting the dreams come true with each sun shine. I can feel I am moving forward at a high pace - that's what I want in my life and I can see very well that within a very short spell of time I can materialize my dream of the country-wide restaurant chain business! [...]

Planning a Blast on Friendship Day

Tue, 29 Jul 2008 05:18:00 +0000

Hey... the good news is that our party is almost fixed! People who know me and my peeps know this very well that they won't be able to find such crazy party animals like us! We just wait for opportunities for parties and we try not to miss a single opportunity. Time's not always the same. With the passage of days we are getting more and more involved with life's more serious matters, which sometimes becomes constraints for us to party!This time we are going to have the party on Friendship Day - August 3rd... this weekend. The good news is that we don't need to take a day off. Rachel told me that she's going to give us a surprise! What can it be other than some special recipes? I am sure because she gave us a surprise with the most delicious Cherry cheesecake on Christine's birthday party at South Beach . Christine said she's going to bring the party wines for us! She said, she can get us the Wild Bunch California White 2004 at much lower cost. I like it. The flamboyant flavors of pineapples, peaches, honey, and some other fruits make the wine taste really awesome and refreshing! With the most aesthetic flavor, Wild Bunch California White 2004 can tango with the Latin rhythm... trust me I know because I had this a couple of time before!I'm really expecting a rocking party. We're saving a lot of money on renting a hall. Uncle Fred's backyard is a perfect spot to party the day long! But folks... I'm sure some of you are also planning a party this Friendship Day, be it just for celebrating this great event or to celebrate your Friendship Day birthday party! I can give you an idea about inviting your peeps over for such a grand party. Click here to see a Friendship Day birthday party invitation greetings. So... hey, just move a step ahead and let your peeps know that you are launching a party this Friendship Day!Send free birthday cards More free birthday comments[...]

Birthday Celebration on Friendship Day

Mon, 28 Jul 2008 05:06:00 +0000

Hey... Have you ever thought of a birthday party on a special occasion? I'm sure many a times you have such 2-in-1 birthday invitations! Yes... my friend Rachel was telling me about a birthday party that she had a couple of years back at when she went to meet her sister at Frankfurt.It was really a perfect blast because the party was actually arranged on Friendship Day, although the birthday was a day before! Just imagine how the birthday bash had been! The party floor was decorated with all yellow flowers and strippers, creating an ambiance that could hold the true spirit of friendship day celebration! Starting from the birthday decoration to everything there could be no better way to add a special fervor top the birthday party than that, said Rachel.I couldn't resist my temptation to express my eagerness to create some magic on the special day - the Friendship Day (August 3rd). "Why can't we arrange for a similar blast?", I asked Rachel. She jumped up with surprises - as if she got a news of winning a lottery! I'm on a mission to create a blast this Friendship Day...Send this free birthday cardsClick for free birthday commentsSend this free birthday cardsClick for free birthday comments[...]

Christine's Ideas of John's Birthday Gift

Tue, 22 Jul 2008 05:01:00 +0000

I'm sure you now know who's John! If you're a regular reader of my blog you know that he's one of my best buddies. Since my days at Alexander-Smith Academy, John has always been with me in my good and bad times! We shared our shoulder whenever required. John is a real good sportsman - almost in every sense of term. He's a baseball player and an extraordinary pitcher.Now, time's again thrown me into confusion! I'm looking for ideas for a awesome gift for him. August 2nd is John's birthday. He's turning 29 this year and is planning for a big party at his backyard garden. It's really a great spot for parties.Christine was there with me yesterday morning; she shared her ideas about the birthday gift for John. We talked about it with all-time-great one-stop solution for my problems - Uncle Fred, who will be coming up with an exhaustive list within a short spell of time. Christine came up with something really a wonderful idea. She knows John very well; he lives life on the edge. His passion for speed matches mine and we often have a race – on bikes, although Christy doesn't like that. She says she is really scared, when my Trek Y5 Bike flies off at a speed more than that of light! She can't afford to lose me' - she says, and insisting me to sell it off. I can understand her love for me; I love my Trek Y5 either! Also give me an idea on what can I do to make Christy love my Trek Y5 too!Now let me tell you what Christy wants John's birthday gift to be. She was talking about a 16 ounce Pub Pilsner. She showed me a pic of the thing... it's really cool! We can personalize one as a special keepsake and John would love it - I'm sure! She also suggested another special gift for him, if budget permits. An engraved baseball mounted on a specially designed wooden stand will be another shriek of surprise for John on this birthday!Stay tuned Uncle Fred is going to come up with his ideas too shortly. Who knows... you might find his idea beneficial if you know someone close who's a really sport lover. You can purchase these gift for him or her.Send free birthday cardsMore free birthday comments Send free birthday cardsMore free birthday comments [...]

Mediterranean diet in a birthday party can chant a magic spell on your guests!

Thu, 17 Jul 2008 05:22:00 +0000

Well I just found something really interesting and couldn't resist myself to share this with you. As this blog is a birthday blog I thought of posting this here as it will benefit you when it comes to birthday recipe. I just found the web buzzing with something -- mediterranean diet. Most of us were with a wrong notion that the lower in fat a diet is, the better it is for our health.Modern research denies it, belying the long-held belief that low-fat diets are best!As usual I was in the net the last night when I suddenly landed on a page that says researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, carried out a study with 322 obese subjects. The outcome of the research was that the so-called Mediterranean diet (a diet characterized by heavy fats, fruits and veggies) beats out the low-fat diet when it comes to health benefits.So guys, when it comes to choosing a birthday recipe next time there's no harm picking the high-fat Mediterranean diet. Just keep in mind that recent study that was published in the British Medical Journal reports that Mediterranean diet "helps reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 83 percent."Now you can plan for a 'Mediterranean diet' themed birthday party where the recipes can be based on Italian and Greek flavor. Just imagine a birthday party where guests will be served plenty of foods, having health benefits such as vegetables, fruits, olive oil, whole grains, fish, legumes and saturated fats, meat, dairy etc. and not just only a birthday cake and some snacks. A moderate consumption of alcohol would just be a perfect blast!Send free birthday cardsMore free birthday comments Send free birthday cards More free birthday commentsSend free birthday cards More free birthday comments[...]

Free Birthday Cards With Flowers - Free Ecards For your Love

Mon, 14 Jul 2008 08:11:00 +0000

Ever wondered how many time in your life you got to listen to the commonest forms of birthday wishes -- 'Many Happy Returns of The Day' or something like 'count your blessings, not your wrinkles'? I am sure you will be lost in a couple of seconds... so don't start counting now how many times you got such messages wrapped in typical birthday greetings!Here's something new that I want to show you if you are looking for your most imaginative messages for your soul mate's birthday on July 18th. Wondering why I mentioned July 18th and not any other day? It's because July 18th is Chrysanthemum day and there's no better way to reach out to him or her with your aura of presence than these awesome Chrysanthemum day greetings. Let these vibrant flower ecards convey your messages on his or her birthday.Let me not hide and seek... candidly speaking, I don't know anyone whose birthday is on July 18th. So I just thought of sharing my discovery with you guys. I am sure these Chrysanthemum day flower cards will be the best pick on the day if you are looking for something special to reach out to your beloved. There are many but I am just showing the once that I liked the most and Christine too!Send free flower ecards for birthdayMore free flower comments Send this free flower ecards for birthdayClick for free flower commentsSend this free flower ecards for birthdayClick for free flower comments[...]

Matt's Birthday Bash Made a Blast

Fri, 11 Jul 2008 09:18:00 +0000

July 7th was a grand birthday party for us! Matt and I have been friends for year - since when we worked together at Azul's. I still remember those days, we used to wait tables and now he's a senior head waiter in a hotel in Florida. I'm also serving the same hotel as a senior staff supervisor. Till date we are good friends and can't even think of a party without being together at the floor.Matt is a go-getter sort of a guy with a devil-may-care attitude and it's probably for this that I like him. He’s a chick magnet, a smart guy who sometimes drinks limitlessly and ends up being troubled by the bouncers. It's really safe to drink with at home rather than at the bars!But this time the party was really cool! We had lot of Grgich Hills' Chardonnay and yummy recipes at the party. We were there with him since that morning and arranged the party. With just a few guests (only some of our friends) were in the party and it was really rocking one. Matt's mail box was waved by loads of birthday wishes and birthday greetings. Some of them are really awesome!I had a cool recipe for Matt that really moved every single guests with a shriek of surprise. Chicken Pepperoncini. I got it from the net - some times back; but I don't remember. I made it in many parties before and each time it made a blast! This time I just made a chance to make that for Matt. It's really a fantastic dish that's one of Christy's faves too![...]

My Lady in My Arm - When The Red, White and Blue Flashes Dazzled Up Miami

Mon, 07 Jul 2008 09:06:00 +0000

First off... sorry for being so late! Wishing you all a very Happy Independence Day - though belated, I'm sure you won't mind.So guys how was your July 4th celebration? America's birthday bash, for me, was just a perfect blast with my peeps around me - Fred, Matt, Rachel, John, Tim, Natalie, and Christine - obviously. The good news is that Rachel's mom is absolutely okay! We had a grand 4th of July party, right when the Miami and her beaches suddenly came to life this July 4th! Starting from the picnics in the parks around, to the dinner cruises on the inspirationally beautiful Biscayne Bay the world seemed to have regained her long lost glory!We had a short drive out towards 8th Street and Ocean Drive around 7:00 p.m. this 4th and found people went gaga over the music of Julio Iglesias, the Junior. Ahhh... I could feel myself away from the cacophonies of bustling life after long time! How could we head home without watching the fireworks? We found the first glaring flash across the dark sky at round 7:00 and the world came to life! With passage of minutes the darkness was almost gone and I found Christy in my arm when the galore of glaring multicolored hues dazzled up the Miami beach. I could not feel when and how we came closer to each other; it just happened and I could feel her warmth. Just as I thought I should whisper those there magical words that our heart have been silently sharing since when Christy gave me those red roses, Uncle Fred surged softly between us and said, "I know, you are nauseous and tingly all over -- both of you. That means either you are in love or having small pox"! It reminded me of Woody Allen and my peeps roared with laughter! Fred is still young at heart - his wrinkled eyes winked at me.Anyway, there nothing better than this to celebrate the nation's birthday - especial when my lady was in my arm and the world got adorned with all red, blue and white. The bad news is that till today I didn't say her 'I Love You'. I just can't sketch my love in words either, I just want to let the world know I love her. I just can't say how much much I love her!Stay tuned... today's Matt's birthday. And I'm gonna strike him with the sudden shriek of wonder with a special birthday gift.Send this free birthday ecardsClick for free birthday commentsSend this free birthday ecardsClick for free birthday comments[...]

Pet Birthday - A Dog Birthday Cake Recipe That Rocked Rex's Birthday party

Tue, 24 Jun 2008 05:09:00 +0000

Yes guys, I'm ready with my pet birthday recipe post! And I'm sure many of you have returned back to find how top make the lamb cake for your pet's birthday. Let me tell you something... I am not canine specialist but an avid dog lover. I found this pet birthday cake - lamb recipe on the net while looking for some special treat across the net.Here's the list of ingredients:Minced Lamb - 350 g4 eggs - large sizeFlour - 1 cupParsley - finely chopped1/2 tsp baking powder1/2 cup Corn oil1/2 cup oatmealGrated Carrot - half cupHere's how to make:step 1: Get prepared - preheat the oven to 350° and grease and flour the cake tinstep 2: Puree the minced lamb meat in a blender with the eggs and corn oil. You can also use a food processor.step 3: Add the vegetables to the meat mixture and blend together properly until they are mixed completely.step 4:Mix flour and baking powder together in a large mixing bowl and stir in oatmeal properly until the blending is properly done.step 5: Make a well right in the center of the flour and gently stir in the blended mixture; mix it well.step 6: Pour the mixture gently into the greased cake tinstep 7: Bake the cake for about 50-60 minutes.step 8: Remove the pet birthday cake from the ovenstep 9: Let the cake cool down to the room temperaturestep 10: For 'icing' the pet birthday cake you can use a spread, made from either cream cheese or yogurt. Spread the top of the cake with 'Icing' before serving.Note: Never use chocolate in any dog diet. [...]

Pet Birthday - Rex Turned 4 This June : animal birthday cards

Mon, 23 Jun 2008 05:09:00 +0000

Ahh... after a long time I took Rex a walk the last morning. Believe me, he was so happy to see Elsa and Fred. I was not making out time for him, but I thought I should scoop time out of my busy schedule that day. June 21st was his birthday and each year I try out something special to celebrate his birthday. I'm sure if you are having a pet, your are looking for some great ideas to celebrate pet birthday.Well, true that I didn't send birthday invitations this time, as I did last year but I did not miss inviting the people he loves. Uncle Fred and Elsa topped the list. That morning we met Fred and Elsa. The two wonderful creatures of the planet were so happy meeting that morning in the Henry Reeves Park, it seemed that two lovers met again after a decade of staying away from each other. Fred and I was loving to see them rolling on the lush green bed of the park, chasing each other, leaping and jumping over one another and sometimes sharing some silent words with each other. "I think Rex is inviting Elsa," said Fred. It seemed he was saying that he is not going to blow of the candles until Elsa comes. I asked Fred to come over my pet birthday party with Elsa. We invited Christy, Rachel, Tina with her cute little pug (Rocket), Jason with his silky yorkie (Caspar) and Dale with her beautiful border collie (Nova). It was a small pet birthday party, yet it was a real blast with so many gorgeous non-political creatures around me!It was a great pleasure celebrating a pet birthday party - a pet owner would best understand that! Giving your pet's best buddies some really yummy treat is more than fun. Now I'm sure you will want to know what was that really rollicking treat that Rex, Rocket, Caspar and Nova enjoyed. It was an yummy pet birthday cake - lamb recipe! Stay tuned to know how to make this lip smacking pet birthday cake. It's just a matter of 15 minutes and you will just wonder how a simple cake recipe can give your pet birthday party a distinctive dimension![...]

A Birthday Gift that Can Create a Million Dollar Magic Spell On Your Sweetheart

Wed, 18 Jun 2008 05:02:00 +0000

Friends... here I am once again with loads of things to share! Well, I can't find what to start off with but there are things that I would really like to share with you guys.ummm... let me tell you how we enjoyed these days. I mean we celebrated the our success of managing the events -- wedding and birthdays in a way that we could never thought of. Yes... and there's nothing better we could have enjoyed it than by freaking out to Biscayne National Park. Just a couple of minutes from downtown Miami, the mangrove creeks, isolated island wafted off our weariness. Rex was so happy being with us -- miles away from the monotony of life! Christy and her heart danced with joy amidst the glory of was coral reefs teemed with the tranquility of the turquoise marine life! And my soul danced with a romantic tune with my lady wrapped around my arm having smacks on my life-time favorite dessert - 'Sundaze Lady in Red'.My words get exhausted to describe how we felt having the thrilling ride on a53-foot glass bottom boat with my lady in blue! The breathtaking beauteousness of the southern Biscayne Bay seemed to have multiplied a thousand times with Christy in my arms! Can you imagine... we haven't yet uttered those three magical words to each other?I bought Chrity a gift! That's not too expensive, and I would suggest you to try it as a birthday gift for your love. Believe me... that can make a real big magic! Just a sterling silver Lip Shell Pendant made Christy stuck with the sudden shriek of joy! Trust me... this is my personal experience. A gift like this on her birthday will be more precious than a two thousand dollar diamond ring! Instead give her a million dollar magic hug and whisper those three magical words in her ear.Don't worry if you are away from her on her birthday! You can still spread the fragrance of your presence around her. I am going to show you some really awesome that can convey your birthday wishes and messages in the most romantic ways!Send This Free Birthday Card More Free Happy Birthday Greetings Send This Free Birthday Card More Free Happy Birthday GreetingsSend This Free Birthday CardMore Free Happy Birthday Greetings Send This Free Birthday Card More Free Happy Birthday Greetings[...]

Get rid of Friday the 13th Phobia - Friday the 13th birthday cards

Fri, 13 Jun 2008 10:19:00 +0000

Get rid of Friday the 13th phobia... it's 21st century. Well it's true that I cant tell you when and where this Friday the 13th phobia rooted from. I know it's all about a history that might span us centuries back! I am sure today - this friday the thirteen, millions across the globe are going to be paralyzed with the friday the 13th scary thoughts and friday the 13th phobia. I know peeps who postponed shifting to their new homes, canceled purchasing a car and even didn't mind canceling prospective business trips.What if you're becoming a mom or a dad this Friday the 13th. Let not all these meaningless Friday the 13th superstitions overpower your mind. Let these friday the 13th reach you with the coolest wave of happiness. Well, I've not yet found out an appropriate friday the 13th birthday card, but I am sure any friday the 13th good luck card might become an apt friday the 13th birthday card and would make a new born's birthday really special. To all who are becoming parents or grand parents this Friday the 13th grand congratulations from me, Christy, Rex, Uncle Fred, John, Rachell and Matt.Send out these cool friday the 13th ecards to your pals to make their day! Friday the 13th birthday cards [...]

Mrs. Taylor's Guests Rocked WIth Lobster Finger Sandwiches

Thu, 12 Jun 2008 04:54:00 +0000

Ahh... it was a real fun watching out the movie and having Budweiser and lobster finger sandwiches. It was a fun not because of the fact that the movie was good, but because of Christy's company. I like that kind of woman - like smart Casey, who makes a life and death decision, to thrive with the consequences, when her grandfather Charlie falls ill. So that day was full of fun with Christine, Rex, lobster finger sandwiches, chilled Budweiser and staring Jordy Benattar.I like lobster finger sandwiches. And that was the recipe that moved the guests of Mrs. Taylor. What I simply like about it is that it's as easy to make as it is to make people rock! I never knew about it until I found it in the net. Here's how to make it i 5 easy steps. This makes 12. Read on...Ingredients: 1/2 cup whole egg mayonnaise 1 medium-large lobster, meat removed, finely chopped 1 medium sized lime, 1 tablespoon juice and rind finely grated 1 cup alfalfa sprigs 6 slices white sandwich bread 6 slices wholemeal sandwich bread 45 g butter Direction:Step 1: Take a bowl and pour the lime rind, lime juice and mayonnaise. Sprinkle salt (as desired) and pepper in a bowl. Combine them well.Step 2: Place 3 slices of white and 3 slices of wholemeal sandwich breads on a flat surface and liberally spread the lime mayonnaise mixture. Top that with finely chopped lobster.Step 2: Butter both sides of the sandwich breads (both white and wholemeal) properly. Place wholemeal bread slices on white topped slices, and white bread slices over wholemeal topped slices. Press them gently.Step 3: Put alfalfa sprigs on the sandwiches and liberally spread remaining mayonnaise mixture onto any one side of bread slices that are remaining.Step 4: Place the breads, mayonnaise side down over alfalfa sprigs. Also spread white breads over wholemeal bread slices and wholemeal over white breads. Then press gently to secure.Step 5: Trim off the crusts from sandwiches and cut each sandwich into 3 fingers. Place on a platter and cover it well with plastic wrap and refrigerate until required.[...]

Christy and Me Rocked Mrs. Taylor's Big and Rich Birthday Party. We're Watching Charlie and Me

Tue, 10 Jun 2008 07:49:00 +0000

Well... I am really not getting time these days. So you can't see my posts so frequently. Today again I'm here with loads of things to share with you. It's too hot here in Miami and this is the time of the year when we guys who work in restaurants have to face hard times. As I told you I'm concentrating on managing parties too these days, it makes my schedule too hectic. It's been a real blast, working with Christine. Yes, we got two opportunities to manage weddings and one for managing a birthday party. Starting from giving ideas on wedding invitations wordings and wedding announcements we did almost everything for wedding. I was in a bit lack of confidence, but it was all due to Christy's coolest encouraging words that sprinkled some grains of inspiration in my soul. I couldn't have taken up the challenges so easily. These were real big deal. Good news is that we succeeded! I just went one more step ahead with my dream project with this success. Christine told me that we should celebrate the first success together. I'm hoping for a drive out again... taking my lady wrapped in my arm. But today we just planned to stay back home and watch the movie - charlie and me. Wondering why watching charlie and me with Christy instead of something like 'Hazards of the Heart' or 'Lady And The Highwayman'? We just got a DVD of Charlie and Me as the birthday party favor from Mr. Taylor. There's nothing better than watching Charlie and Me instead going out in the hot to some DVD parlors, hunting for something romantic. Well, we took the overall responsibilities of Mr. Taylor's wife's birthday party. Starting form arranging for Mrs. Taylor's birthday cake to birthday party decoration we did every thing and believe me it was a perfect blast. We started off with wishing Mrs. Taylor by sending a couple of awesome birthday ecards to her early in the morning that day. Our motive was to strike Mrs. Taylor with delightful wonder. We though as soon as she would open up her mail box she would find our beautiful birthday greetings popped up. The start up was successful too.The Big and rich birthday cake was really a big blast. They couldn't believe that the big and rich, creamy and yummy birthday cake was such inexpensive. The party was awesome and we just rocked and made people rock around the party floor! The moments suddenly seemed frozen in times when we let the guests open the Grgich Hills' Chardonnay and Stags Leap's Californian Cabernet Sauvignon!!!! Stay tuned I would be talking about a recipe that we tried out and it really moved Mrs. Taylor's guests. I gotta a go now and get my DVD ready. Christy would be knocking my door early in the morning. I'm also planning to walk Rex in the morning... it's been long time we didn't have stroll in the park. Have a great day! [...]

We Avoided Alene's Birthday Bash To Celebrate Love Conquers All Day At South Beach

Wed, 04 Jun 2008 05:12:00 +0000

I know I am going little off the beat and not posting much in the blog. You can understand... I am more in love with Christy than before she gave me the red roses. If you are in love, I'm sure you understand what's going on in my heart. Let me tell you what we did Love Conquers all Day (June 3rd).Love Conquers all! True - and I just realized that very well, when Christy gave me the bunch of red roses at the park. My heart that was skipping beats right before she gave me the flowers started swinging and bouncing happily than ever! Love truly conquers all!Just as we planned to go for a drive out to South Beach once again, Christy's friend Alene - called her and invited us on her birthday on Love Conquers all Day. Well, that was really an awkward situation, but Christy was smart enough to manage it. How could she attend Alene's birthday party, when she had already been invited by her cousin, who just passed out from Grayson County High School? And she is going to fly off to Texas for a couple of days.For the first time Christy and I both felt bad telling lie to somebody, who we know really love us and wanted us to share the special moments of her life. We couldn't ether afford to miss our special moment, celebrating Love Conquers all Day at South Beach - a moment that we could feel would be frozen in time!Christy and I sat back before the computer to send a birthday ecard to Alene. We picked some beautiful free birthday ecards and sent a couple of them. Check out our cool picks. [...]

Christine Surprised Me in Front of The Little Big Man - Fred

Wed, 28 May 2008 10:03:00 +0000

Well, at the very outset let me say you guys sorry for the delay. I was away again from the hectic bustle of life. Okay you will now understand why suddenly I went off, where and with whom!Let me continue with what happened when my car screeched to a halt in front of the park gate and my vision was attracted to that wrinkled faced little big man - Uncle Fred. I was multiple time more confused than ever seeing the little big man, Fred standing right there with his walking stick.Christy almost jumped out of my Ford and rushed to Uncle Fred. I was feeling unusual and only the murmuring of the leaves of Henry Reeves could break the silent, when suddenly I heard Christy shouted, "Hey Fred... here's he, whom I wanted you to show." Fred seemed to be a bit surprised too but I could see bright smile on his face too! I couldn't believe that it was a real life... I felt like a dream. The best dream I've ever liked to dream of. Christine hold my hand and pulled me near that little big man - Fred. She smiled at me and gave me the bunch of roses. She asked me, "Mike, can I be a partner of your dream project... the project of building a restaurant chain across the world?" This was the best day of my life!It was that smile... exactly that smile that I have been looking for in Christy's face since I first met her at Miami Seaquarium on April 15th, 2006.The echo of her tinkling voice is still over flooding my mind... but she never said "I love You".I can see her golden brown hair rippling down on my face .I am more in love with her than I was actually. I never knew love speaks so much!I'm re-shaping my dreams of restaurant business with Christy... nothing can keep us away!Stay tuned for my next post; meanwhile check out these free birthday cards: [...]

Christine Confused Me

Fri, 23 May 2008 07:08:00 +0000

Christine, my "Houdini", took out two beautiful stems of orchids and presented them to Rachel's mom. We thought she would also give the red roses to her, but she did not. She told me that she knew that red roses were meant for reaching out to a special person. That made me a bit more confused. I could also feel the wave of happiness in my heart... at least I didn't have to tell her that I've fallen. I thought she was smart enough to get it and brought the roses for me. I could feel that I was getting more and more impatient but could not ask for those roses from her either. She seemed completely careless about it and went on talking to Rachel and her mom. Were the roses really for me or had someone else entered into her life? Why wasn't Rachel asking anything about the roses? I was lot more interested in the roses than I was about hanging around with the three most talkative women in the world!Send This Birthday Ecard to Your Special Person More Special Birthday CommentsIt took almost an hour for them to wind up their medical session. Ahhh.... now it was the time, I thought. Christy turned back and walked straight to my car. The more I studied her, the more confused I became. "Hey Mike... lets go," she said. It was becoming really tough for me not to say anything. I couldn't find words to ask her what those roses were for. I picked up my drink and went towards my car. I could hear the crunching of stones just beneath my sneakers. I could feel my heart skipping beats. Who's that very lucky prince to win Christy's heart? I was sure that it wasn't me. A faint shiver ran down my spine... I felt, when I heard, "whuzzup Mike... why are you lost?" It was Christy. "Lets go, I wanna give this to somebody." "Who's he?" I asked her. "You can see him in Henry Reeves Park. Let's go there," she said. That was the first time that I drove so recklessly! As my car screeched to a stop in front of the park, I noticed Uncle Fred with his walking stick. Now my confusion had to be magnified a thousand times. Christy's face brightened up a glowing smile, seeing Uncle Fred. Stay tuned to know how Fred did that all.[...]

Christine Shows Us a Magic

Thu, 22 May 2008 07:10:00 +0000

Hello friends... there's good news. Rachel's mom headed back home yesterday. Things are cool now! There's funny news for you, too! Rachel wanted us to be there with her when she brought home her mom. I planned to be there with flowers to welcome her home. I gave Christine the charge to bring flowers for her, because I was a bit busy. Christy and I have been friends for over a year and I know she handles things like this in very creative ways. This probably was another significant part of Christy's character that has attracted me more and more with the passage of time. I knew that she would come up with something fabulous for Rachel's mum. She did!She brought a bunch of red roses for her! What better way could she make all of us so surprised and yet so confused? I was about to fall down with laughter but I resisted that... somehow! I pulled her a couple of yards away and whispered to tell her that red roses are given to someone who's special, and not for someone's mom. She smiled and said, "Yes Mike, that I know...". She whispered in the same tone as me. I was still confused and found myself doing nothing but staring at her to understand what actually she wanted to say. Someone special - Rachel's mum!Well, the suspense was killing me. "Hey Folks... and here's something I learned from Houdini," she said and took out two beautiful stems of orchids that were hidden amidst the roses. She gave the flowers to Rachel's mom. It was really a pleasant surprise. But what was the rose bouquet for? Just be with me to know what she replied when I asked her about those.[...]