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Preview: SkaMama's Bone Hook

SkaMama's Bone Hook

Crochet is twice the cool with half the tool. Join me at, Facebook, and Twitter

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Today, I am one with the meaning of life.

Don't forget to vote!


Julia Vaconsin, don't read this. It's another tasteless plea. Don't forget to vote for your favorite crochet technical editor! Do you like how error-free the patterns are in Interweave Crochet? In some of your favorite Interweave Press crochet titles? It just might be a pattern or book I helped to edit. You have until March 30th, which just so happens to be my birthday and you wanna give me a pressie, right?

Granny Shawlette Pattern Available


The Granny Shawlette pattern, originally published in Inside Crochet Magazine, is now available as a PDF. The pattern is available through my blog or Ravelry and 200% of the proceeds from the sale of the PDF will go to the American Red Cross for relief efforts in Japan. A stylish, yet simple, adaptation of the granny square makes this pattern quick to stitch. Worked in a fingering or sock weight yarn, this flirty shawl is a shallow, wide triangle, the perfect size for a little color and warmth through all seasons.

Pattern Sales for Relief Efforts


For the rest of the month, 100% of the proceeds from my pattern sales will go to the American Red Cross for relief efforts in Japan. SkaMama patterns are sold through my blog or on Ravelry. Plus, my employer will match my contributions.

Best Crochet Technical Editor


Yay! Thanks to all of my fibery friends, I've been nominated for a Flamie Award...Best Technical Editor for 2011! Thank you! Voting begins on March 15th. I'll be sure to remind everyone to vote.

Derby girls like Girl Scout cookies


Apparently, roller derby girls like Thin Mints and Samoas after a good, hard practice on the track.



I'm a walking fashion disaster. If you see me tonight at the Junior High, don't say anything. I know.

salted chocolate chip cookies


Salt & Chocolate


Only 4 days until the Girl Scout cookie boxes arrive; but, I'm in the mood for a cookie now. So, I'm gonna try this Salted Chocolate Chip cookie recipe from David Lebovitz. I had the opportunity to hang out with David Lebovitz at an IACP conference many years ago. He is such a cool guy with a great sense of humor and an amazingly creative baker.

Move More, Eat Less


The NYT reported that new government dietary guidelines encourage Americans to “Enjoy your food, but eat less.” I heard this same advice from Mad TV years ago: Eat Less, Move More.



I wish that I could sound as eloquent when I speak as when I write. I would like to be able to stop a conversation, go back and edit for clarity, maybe look up a word in a thesaurus. I know that if I could edit myself, I wouldn't say "stuff" quite so often during a job interview. Wait, did I really say "stuff" as often as I think I did? If I could stop and review the contents of my words I would know. Sigh, someone needs to invent an electronic interview editor.

Hot & EZ


Posterous is so easy, you just send an email and BAM! you've blogged.

I made this


IMG_2617, originally uploaded by skamama.

My daughter wanted an American Girl doll bunk bed, but it was not only $180, it was also an ugly green. So, I made one instead. In her favorite color - neon pink - and patterns - zebra and birds. I found an unfinished bunk bed, that also breaks down into two single beds, on eBay and an unfinished doll armoire at the local Goodwill.

My son helped me paint. My daughter loves it.


New Class! Crocheted Flowers


Hey all, I'm teaching a class on how to crochet flowers at Serial Knitters next Thursday, Sept. 30th, from 6:30 - 8:30. I would love for you to join me.

Crocheted flowers are quick and fun to make. In this class, you will learn how to make several types of crocheted flowers. We'll start with a simple one-layered flower, then add on to make a blossoming three-layered flower. We'll also learn how to stitch up a flower that is inspired by the chrysanthemum or lily. Take your skills beyond the basics and learn tips and tricks to working in the round, how to read a flower crochet chart, and how to join flowers together. When we've had our fill of stitching flowers, we'll explore the many uses for crocheted flowers and you'll see how to put together a cute flowering head band. If you've always wanted to know what comes next in crochet, this is the class for you. Basic crochet experience required.
Where: Serial Knitters When: Thursday, Sept. 30th from 6:30-8:30

Rude Girl is 11


I am now the Ska Mama for an 11-year old girl. Happy Birthday, Rude Girl.

Helmet Cam


If I could, I would probably practice derby every day. So when I'm feeling like I need a little derby action to quench my thirst, I watch a helmet cam. This one rocks.
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Felting 101 & Embroidered Felted Backpack Pattern PDF


I've added a new page to the blog with lots of information about felting (aka fulling), including tips for successfully felting knit or crocheted projects. Even if you're not new to the crafty art of felting, you might find something interesting in the article Felting 101. To give felting a try, check out these felted crochet projects, including my new pattern for an embroidered felted backpack, just in time for fall.
New pattern! Embroidered Felted Backpack, $5 (image)
Perfect for toting anything from your current craft project to books and groceries, this backpack is simple to crochet and fun to finish. The fulled bag closes with a drawstring cord, pulled through grommet-set holes, and a magnetic snap. Use our flower graphic as a guide for an embroidered embellishment or add your own design.
Yarn used in photo: Brown Sheep Lambs Pride (100% wool)
Suggested yarn weight: worsted
Yards needed: 1300-1500

Pike Place Market Bag, free!
Yarn used in photo: Patons Classic Wool
Suggested Yarn Weight: worsted
Yards needed: 900-1000

Seattle Slouch Hat Crochet Pattern PDF now available


To slouch or not to slouch, I think that was the question. With this pattern, you decide how much slouch you want your hat to have. If you say, “No way, José!” then go ahead and choose the Slouch-less option. If it’s “Like totally slouchy, to the max!” then check out the Super Slouchy option. For the rest of you who think that a little goes a long way, the Slightly Slouchy option is probably best for you.

The Slouch-less option gives you a lacy hat with a close fit from crown to brim.
The Slightly Slouchy option offers a comfortable hat with a longer, slightly looser fit in the crown and body, tapering to fit your head size at the brim.
The Super Slouchy option allows you to create a hat that is roomy in the crown and body, but still sized to fit you at the brim.

Pattern includes a chart and options for additional customization.

Yarn used in photo: Gray: Zitron Noblesse (70% merino wool, 30% silk), Blue: Austermann Smaragd Classic (100% superwash wool), Purple: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (80% cotton, 20% merino wool)
Suggested yarn weight: DK
Yarn amounts: 125-200 yards
Difficulty level: Easy
Sizes: Small (Medium, Large) 17 (19, 21 1/2)” circumference at the brim to fit head size of 18—20 (20-22, 22—24)” in circumference. Samples are shown in medium with (-2)” ease.

Black & Blue & New Do


New Hair do
The back.
Ouch. Derby bruise.

Knitgrrl Guide Winner!


And the winner of The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design is Phoebe!

Phoebe, please send your mailing address to me at and we'll have a copy sent out to you.

Seal Rock Vacation


Watch out, kids, the Holetz family went camping this week. We went to beautiful Seal Rock Campground in the Olympic National Park on the Hood Canal. Photos say it best.Madrone trees, tiny crabs, big crabs, baby seals and their mamas, hiking up a big mountain, roasted banana boats, oyster beds, sea stars, clamming and campfire clam chowder, tidepools. [...]

Bonebat Show Film Festival: A Comedy of Horrors Update


Films have been selected for the Comedy of Horrors, presented by the BoneBat Show. Check it out, 14 films! Plus there's a live band and prizes. Can't wait to get all of those prizes out of my guest room.

If you haven't been to the Big Picture yet, you're in for a luxurious treat.
The bar

As seen from the bar

I think this is where the band is going to set up

Hope to see you there! Scroll down for tickets on sale here. Only $24 until 8/13 and $28 after 8/13.

The Truth Behind Derby Tights and Knee-Hi's


Amy says I've been quiet on the blogfront lately. Amy says I should talk about derby. I do what Amy says.

So, what is up with the iconic roller derby tights and knee-hi's? Are they edgy, cool, and sexy? Yes, they are. But, they are also a practical tool in the modern roller girls arsenal.

The first day I went to a derby practice I didn't want to come off looking like a roller derby poseur, so I wore black shorts, a black tee, and some subdued knee-hi's, like so,

Notice that Jackie, the more experienced derby girl next to me, is wearing tights? That's because she knows about "rink rash", or "track rash". Rink rash is the red burn you get, usually on your hip or buttocks, after falling on the track. Rink rash usually looks like this. Now, if you fall and you're just wearing fishnets, you'll end up with a pretty little pattern to your burn, like this. Tights offer a layer of protection that helps minimize the rink rash; you can even wear them under your fishnets. After my first taste of rink rash, I learned to wear tights pretty quick. Next time I'll be sure to share a photo.

New Pattern Coming! Seattle Slouch Hat


With an unexpected burst of creative energy last week, I designed a new hat pattern with customizable options. The Seattle Slouch Hat

To slouch or not to slouch, I think that was the question. With this pattern, you decide how much slouch you want your hat to have. If you say, “No way, José!” then go ahead and choose the Slouch-less option. If it’s “Like, totally slouchy, to the max!” then check out the Super Slouchy option. For the rest of you who think that a little goes a long way, the Slightly Slouchy option is probably best for you.

The pattern is offered in three sizes to fit older kids to grown-up's with larger noggins, like myself. Included are a few additional customizing options to make the hat longer, shorter, or a little less lacey, if so desired.

The pattern is in testing and will be available shortly. Stay tuned. 

The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design


Get your copy here!Wow! I am so impressed by Shannon Okey's latest foray into self-publishing, The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design: How to Keep Your Knits About You. Let's start with the cover design by Franklin Habit. Talk about cute overload. Leave it to Shannon to think of Franklin, creator of the chain-smoking, whiskey-toting Dolores (the sheep), when she needed a cover illustrator.If you've ever heard Shannon speak, you know that she is enthusiastic and informative. If you haven't had the pleasure of her wisdom, rest assure you'll feel like you know her after reading this book. In The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design, Shannon shares her in-depth knowledge of both the knitwear and publishing industries and how to bring them both together to work for you.I've worked in publishing for a few years now, as a writer, editor and designer, and I still learned and re-learned a lot from Shannon's Guide. Shannon takes designers, beginners and experienced alike, from the basics, like professionalism, legal issues, and dealing with social media to the nitty-gritty of writing patterns and making sales.With a wide variety of designers in the world, the biggest question is always how to stand out and make the sales. Shannon will help answer those question and so much more. If Shannon's extensive experience isn't quite enough for you, she goes behind the scenes to interview 32 of the industry's top designers and professionals, including Ysolda Teague, Marnie Maclean, Vickie Howell and Debbie Stoller. You'll read about their experience in the industry along with their tips on how to become a professional yourself. No worries if you're not specifically a knitwear designer. Shannon's information reaches beyond the needles to help fiber and fabric-related artisans and craftsman attain their goal of selling their work professionally. Whether you're a designer on a mission to make a business of your work or you're just interested in how the publishing side of designing knitwear happens, you'll love The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design: How to Keep Your Knits About You.Since I loved this book so much, I want to share it with a lucky reader. Please leave a comment and I will make a random drawing for one person to receive a free copy of the The Knitgrrl Guide to Professional Knitwear Design: How to Keep Your Knits About You.To read what others are saying about this book, check out the Knitgrrl Guide blog tour schedule here. In case you've noticed that I was originally scheduled for yesterday, just know that I immediately re-read Chapter 1, titled What Does it Mean to Be Professional, and studied the lesson on making sure to always meet your deadlines.[...]