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Created to Learn


I've started a new blog focusing on homeschool and book reviews. Visit me at Created to Learn.

Adventures of Rusty and Ginger Fox


Title: Adventures of Rusty and Ginger Fox Author: Tim Ostermeyer ISBN-13: 978-0-9845040-0-8 Price: $18.95 Publication Date: September 2010 Genre: Children’s Page Count: 149 Publisher: Greater Reality Publications Adventures of Rusty and Ginger Fox by Master Photographer and Author Tim Ostermeyer makes a great asset to any home’s collection of children’s books. Two tiny fox cubs, Rusty and

A Billion Reasons Why


Release Date: Feb. 1, 2011 Practically Perfect Can God’s best include passion and security? Katie McKenna had resolved to live a quiet life, marry a practical Christian man, and leave all her “worldly” desires behind. Since moving to California, she’d made it her goal to live life logically and for the Lord. She has the perfect life—a fulfilling job, a cute apartment, and a wedding to plan

Interview with Cynthia Ructhi


The Interview with Cynthia Ructhi, author of They Almost Always Come Home. Scroll down for the giveway as well. All you have to do is leave a comment. to enter. 1. How would you describe your book? The tagline for the book is “She’d leave her husband…if she could find him.” When Libby’s husband Greg doesn’t return from a two-week canoe trip to the Canadian wilderness, the authorities write off

They Almost Come Home


A new book I can't wait to read! Come back for tomorrow's post with an Interview with the author and info about a very nice giveaway that includes a Day Runner Journal, a mini Coleman "lantern" prayer reminder and much more! ABOUT THE BOOK: (Wausau, WI) – At the foundation of each relationship resides the need to know love can survive even when feelings fade. In Cynthia Ruchti’s debut novel,

Lessons in Sneakiness


I've been reading a devotion for little girls with Scamp several days a week. Today's lesson was on being sneaky only in good ways. I wasn't sure if she really understood the concept, so we went on with the rest of our day. I put her down for a nap a couple of hours later and carried Scoodle downstairs with me for a diaper change. Her supplies are in our bedroom, which is right below Scamp's room



Kiss by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy is one of Dekker's newest books. I'm reading the hard cover borrowed from a friend. When I hear the name Ted Dekker I often think freaky, supernatural thriller. I've read the first two books of his Circle Trilogy that I've thoroughly enjoyed. But, some of his other books like Adam, taken from the perspective of a serial killer, sounds too horrific to me. But,

We Survived HFMD Part 2


Read Part 1 Here.The doctor also instructed us to give her children's benadryl, not the most pleasant idea we found out later. At 2:30 pm I returned home from the pharmacy with a chocolate pedisure and the acid-rinse, um, I mean benadryl. The pedisure was a success. Praise God! There would be no trip to the doctor. But, the most heart-wrenching part was to come when I brought the benadryl in the

We Survived HFMD


Have you ever heard of HFMD (Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease)? Not so luckily I have (through experience). It's a nasty virus that leaves very painful blisters on the inside of your mouth and throat and not so painful blisters on your hands and feet. My husband and I have both had it...twice. His experience left him twenty pounds lighter. So, you can only imagine how afraid we were when Scamp came

And You Thought Your Bed Head Was Outrageous


And you thought your bed head was outrageous! How'd she get so much hair?! Time for baby food. Can you believe she's 4 months already? Learning the ropes of the jumperoo. Party time with a party do.

Mothers of the Bible Speak to Mothers of Today


I'm working my way through the book Mothers of the Bible Speak to Mothers of Today by Kathi Macias. The author takes us through the tribulations of several Biblical mothers and shares with us how God loved and guided them into triumph. I have gleamed wonderful godly truths through this book. From Sarah, the wife of Abraham, God showed me how we can reap the consequences of rushing ahead of God's

Little Mama


Scamp so loves her baby sister and takes many opportunities to play with her. I usually make Scoodle a bed on the couch with a blanket so that she can watch everything that Scamp happens to be getting into for the moment. Scamp typically has a purse filled with needed essentials: baby bottles, baby clothes, dress-up clothes for herself, toy food, make-up, everything that she needs to take care of

TLR's Summer Book Splash


We are hosting are first book challenge at Teen Lit Review. All our readers are invited to participate just by making a list of pre-teen, teen, oy young adult books they want to read and sharing the list with us. I'm going to give away at least one book, hopefully more. I'm going to participate, too. Here's my list I plan to read:Reforming the Potter's Clay by Donald James ParkerThe Book of the

I Like to Move It!


A few posts ago I commented about how I sing certain songs to the kiddos, and my friend Lu stated she sings I Like to Move It from the movie Madagascar to her son. I've been singing it to Scoodle ever since! But, today I decided to mix it up and add new words. I started with "I like to burp it, burp it" while I was burping Scoodle. Then, for Scoodle's part she sang (well, I sang for her) "I like

New Summer Look


I finally had the chance to get my hair done since the baby has been born thanks to the help of my two wonderful sisters-in-love, Beth and Shan. They watched my girls while I was pampered for three hours. It always takes that long to get my hair highlighted and cut. I wanted something different and decided to go shorter. I haven't had my hair this short since Beef and I got married.Before...

Baby's 2 Month Check-up


I just got home from Scoodle's 2 month check-up. I took both girls, and it was a bit stressful with my rambunctious 3 year old. She's been testing me more lately, and it's been a challenge to remain calm and kind. Both girls are in the bed, so I'm getting a few minutes to collect myself and relax.Scoodle's appointment went well. She's 12 pounds and 13 ounces. Scamp was 10 pounds 13 ounces at 2

Swimming in the 'Boro


We went swimming today. You don't know how much of a feat that was with two little ones. Well, maybe you do. You may understand the exhaustion of what used to be a relaxing day at the pool when my hubby and I were still DINKS -- double income, no kids.:) I would not have been able to manage this without the help of a dear friend, Ashley. She's a high schooler that lives down the road from us.

Swimwear Giveaway


Christina from LWH is hosting a great giveaway. A giftcard for free clothing. I would use the giftcard on a new swimsuit. I so need a new one this summer since having my little one several weeks ago, something with a little more coverage if you know what I mean. And Layers Clothing that is giving away the giftcard away is the right kind of place. There goal is to provide stylish yet conservative

My Best Friend's Wedding


One of my closest friends, Janice, got married a couple of weekends ago. We had a full week of activities with showers and rehearsals. This was at the rehearsal dinner. Scamp has to take a purse filled with her most needed essentials everywhere we go. This pirate hat and princess top just happened to be handy for this occasion.Beef was one of the groomsmen in the wedding. He cleans up well, huh?

Singing Songs


I have a favorite song I sing with each girl. Funny, but you think the songs would be sweet lullabies. They aren't. Scoodle's is Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. We bounce and dance to the chorus, and Scamp even tries to sing it. Scamp's song was Hot Stuff by Donna Summer. Scoodle likes that one, too. I have know idea why I chose those particular songs. They aren't necessarily my favorites, but they

Mothers of the Bible Tour


(Homeland, CA) - If you've ever wished for a real live interview from an experienced mother found in God's Word, you'll be thrilled with the message of Kathi Macias' new book, Mothers of the Bible Speak to Mothers of Today. Thankfully the trials, heartaches and transitions mothers face are not new to this generation. Traveling back in time with Eve, Hannah, Sarah, Mary and others, readers will

Scoodle's Newborn Pictures


My friend, Karie, from my MOPS group offered to take Scoodle's newborn pictures. She did a fabulous job. Just look how precious my baby is. Karie posted the pictures at her photography blog, In The Orchard.

Good Friday Tornadoes 2009


Our house still stands. My family is fine, but this is what happened to our neighborhood on Good Friday as a tornado, one of several, hit our city. These houses were less than a quarter mile from us. Beef saw the funnel cloud out our back window only minutes after Scamp and I arrived home from a lunch date with my family. It was a close call, a scary close call, but God kept us safe. I had no

Who's Who?


Same outfit, same swing, same baby? The top is Scamp, and the bottom is Scoodle. Now I can really see how different and the same they look.

Introducing Baby Scoodle


With a new face and a new name, please welcome 3 week old Baby Scoodle. At close to 8 pounds (7 pounds 9 ounces at birth) she's one sweet ball of precious, literally. Her preferred method of sleeping is a tight ball on her mama's shoulder. With jet black hair like her mama and big sister at birth and her powerhouse burping skills like her daddy she's a laughing delight, and big sister Scamp